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Where is Your Silver Bullet to Eradicate Fear From Your Life?

Let’s find out what my source would like to relay today:

Yesterday we discussed how easy it is to relieve yourself of fear, and thereby stress. Today we wish to address an issue that many of you have perhaps not yet attuned yourself to. Fear and stress permeate your being. You wake up in the middle of the night concerned or fearful about this and that. During your day, your fear is increased with your daily activities – from worrying about getting to work on time, to how will I pay for the cable bill this month? Even those of you who are retired continue your chain of worry and fear, “What if my retirement funds are reduced?” “What if I become ill now that I am so old?” and on and on.

We told you quite directly yesterday that you no longer need to include fear, and thereby worry and stress, in your repertoire. But those of you who have such finely tuned skills in those fear areas are having extreme difficulties letting go of something you don’t want. Just believing that you no longer need to feel fear is just ‘not working’ for you. You want that silver bullet that will completely eradicate fear from your life…and you want it now!

Eliminating fear from your life will be a process. You did not become fearful overnight – it has been a learning process of eons. Therefore, you won’t eradicate fear overnight either. But we will tell you without a doubt, if you include eradicating fear from your life as one of your creations – so it will be.

Let us explain. You have your New Age software fully installed. It is a work of marvel and it’s most important element for you at this time is that software includes your new creative abilities. Use them. You cannot create too many items. You cannot be too creative. You are the New Age creators. So start creating. And create in multiples. Go ahead – create a new home, a new income stream, a new love – but most importantly for this post, create a life that doesn’t include fear. At least the level of fear you have lived your entire life on earth. Initially creating a new home with your new software will be a bit easier than eradicating your fear – not because it has to be, but because you have not honed your home creation skills to the extent that you have honed your fear skills. Creating a home is a new exercise. Eradicating fear includes a long history of society shoulds and have tos.

So allow yourself to create a life that doesn’t include fear (doesn’t the thought of becoming a ‘fearless wonder’ sound like fun and oh so daring!), but allow yourself to decompress a bit in the process. Your fear creation may result in some fear remaining for a time – but more in the appearance of  a large spiral – it shows its unattractive side fewer and fewer days of your life and for shorter periods of time. Until there is a day, in the not too distant future we will add, that you no longer need, or better yet, want to include fear in your repertoire.

Now some of you are countering that such a ‘smiley face’ life would be a bit unrealistic and almost certainly boring. We beg to differ. Without fear you could and will create what you truly want, instead of what you should want. And the New Age is about creations of joy, not creations of what you think you should have. So be it. Amen.  If you would like to receive my blogs as they are posted, please click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by e-mail – line and complete the subscription by providing your e-mail address.


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