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Power to the People!

Dear Ones,

Yes, the phrase, ‘Power to the People’ is even more true today than it was in your teens and twenties. More importantly for this piece, power to you.

Now you have long assumed that power meant a bigger title or a larger bank account. Which has been true for eons – but no longer. Power is shifting as rapidly as you are – the result of the energy shifts that have been bombarding the earth, and therefore you, for the last few months. Even though there will be many more shifts in the power arena, who would have ever suspected even a few years ago that a president of the United States could be elected without pummeling his opponent once his opponent took his ‘gloves off?’

Didn’t you expect President Obama to fight back when Hillary Clinton tagged him with various unpleasant features? Or even now, that he would spend his first years in office trying to drag the prior administration down? A few years ago, such a stance would not have been considered masculine. Did not your presidential candidate, George McGovern,  try something similar with the result that he was considered a wimp, not a true candidate? True men fight back. At least that used to be the case. We are not saying that President Obama has completely shifted the power structure, we are merely stating that he has started the process.

And so it will be for you. Have you recently found less and less interest being around those people who wish to manipulate others? Or are cruel? Or just make you feel dull and heavy? The very people, relatives and employers that you catered to in terms of doing what they wanted, so that you could reap the rewards they promised.  You were willing to accept insults, pay cuts, anger and fear just to maintain the contact that you felt you needed to survive.

Are you starting to surprise yourself with your ambivalence or total disinterest in catering to the needs of such people? Why do you suppose that is so? Blame it on the energy shifts. Blame it on your age. Blame it on anything you want. But we will tell you that just as you were belligerent about the rules laid down by society, your parents and the government in the 1960’s and 1970’s, you have returned to the stance of, “I don’t need the pain associated with your rules.” That is truly power to the people.

Just as plants turn to the sun, you are dramatically turning to love and peace and away from the darkness that has been your existence for the last few eons. We wish to add that you created that darkness for specific reasons – you have always created your reality – but those reasons are no longer pertinent. You have completed yur fear and pain lessons. It is time for love, joy and peace – your sunshine lessons. And just as was true in the 1960’s and 1970’s, you do not necessarily have a plan or even a direction other than you want to turn towards the sun. That is your power to the people and it always has been. You just negated it for a few decades to study your parents’ lives to better understand what you do n’o want and why. So be it. Amen.

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