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This is a Strange Day Indeed!

Welcome Dear Ones,

This is a strange day indeed. Oh not in the sense that you will ‘meet the man of your dreams,’ but rather that the energy patterns are so erratic.  Let us help you move through this shift and the many others that are yet to come.

You are no longer expected to perform in a certain fashion. So for those of you who are mortified at your actions or reactions, allow yourself to know that as the Universal energy shifts, so do you. Perhaps you are angry at someone for no apparent reason. Perhaps you feel like playing rather than cleaning. Or perhaps you to tired to do anything. All and more are perfectly understandable given the wide range of energy bursts that have occurred in the past 24 hours.

If you were ill or an infant, such reactions would be accepted. But now that you are ‘all grown up’ and know how to act, you are mortified that you are finding it more and more difficult  to fit into the patterns established eons ago. Have you ever thought that perhaps your ambivalence, your anger, your disinterest in following the rules  is a sign of growth?

Let us explain. As a child, adults encouraged you to have a short attention span and little need to watch your words or actions. Eventually, you were trained not to go there, not to do that, not to get a swollen head – to behave, conform, perform – according to the policies established by society to reign you in, to control you. And so you have been controlled for eons. Now that you are finding yourself slipping out of that control you are frightened.

You have always had guidelines to follow. Granted, some of you relished breaking the rules. But eventually, you fell into patterns established by others to create a homogeneous society. An Old Age  goal was a homogeneous society – you have completed that lesson with flying colors. You are now starting new lessons with new goals – not the least of which is the freedom to be a unique individual.

This is a difficult transition for you. Part of you wishes to fit in – the rules are safe and comfortable. Another part of you is ‘sick to death’ of doing this to please your boss and doing that to care for others even though you are exhausted. You baby boomers are the bridge between the New Age and the Old Age. Your children will walk across that bridge and your grandchildren will blow it up.

But you baby boomers have the most difficult role. Not because future generations will not also have extensive lessons to complete, but because you started this life in one pattern or set of rules and you will complete it in another. Such extensive change has never before been observed or required on earth. It is a shift of Universal proportions. Yet it is a shift that you adventuresome baby boomers are relishing – at least subconsciously.

Remember your rebellions of the 1960s and 1970s? Did you not shock your parents and society? Those times were a precursor to now. You are shifting the patterns that have anchored your society for eons. And you are doing so in less than one generation. No wonder you are tired, crabby and do not even understand yourself. Where is that angel everyone loves? Where is that person who keeps tabs on everyone and everything? Why do you feel like screaming whenever someone asks a favor of you that is important to them but just adds to your stress? Why do you feel like walking off your job? Why are your kids driving you crazy? Know that such shifts in your personality merely indicate that the energy bursts are occurring. And they are occurring to everyone whether others are willing to acknowledge it or not.

Allow yourself to be free of restraints as you shift with the times, just as you allowed yourself that freedom as an infant. It is a sign of the changes you are undergoing and nothing to be concerned about – anymore than you were concerned when your infant allowed himself the freedom to be. The New Age has arrived and you are merely shifting to meet the new lesson plans. Will your angelic demeanor return? Perhaps. But only if that demeanor was based on truth and not a need to care take or please others. So be it. Amen.

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