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Fasten Your Seat Belts – It’s Going to be an Interesting Weekend!

Dear Ones,

Yes, we are teasing you a bit for did your heart not drop  when you read that title? “Oh dear – this is the weekend I am going to be with family and friends and it’s going to be terrible.”  Nothing could be further from the truth.

There will be energy surges throughout this Thanksgiving weekend and the result will probably be some erratic behavior. Now you are thinking, “So what else is new?” And we laugh along with you for that statement is true on so many levels.

The behavior we are discussing is the potential for extremely rapid shifts in your feelings from great love to anger to resignation. You may be crying one moment about how much you love everyone, and the next sharply telling everyone to put on their coats so you all can go shopping. Your feelings, and therefore your behavior, will be a bit like the yo-yo you used to play with as a child.

Many of you fear that such erratic behavior will create dissention during your Thanksgiving gathering. Such might be true – but it is much more likely that the energy surges will create a great deal of laughter. Everyone will be “off” just a beat or two. You will say something and your cousin will respond in a fashion that has nothing to do with what you just said. Both of you will be surprised and giggle at the silliness of the interaction.

Even though there will be many energy surges this weekend, those surges will not equate to pain as has been true in the past. Is that not why you were a bit frightened to read this information? You so want your holidays to be about love, and yet there is that ongoing fear that continues to be reported in the media about holiday depression and anger. Such is no longer the case. Of course, it can be if you wish to continue to play with Old Age pain. But you are not the only entity on earth affected by these energy surges. This is a shift of Universal proportions.

Perhaps, like Brenda, you are having difficulties believing that pain is no longer part of the holiday season.  She keeps thinking, “But given this set of circumstances won’t there be pain or anger?” Even though pain might remain, it will be such a mild case as to not be noticeable.

Do you not see how silly your thoughts are? We have told you for months that the New Age has arrived. That pain is no longer fashionable. That you can create whatever you want, whenever you want it. And yet you continue to believe that these new patterns will only affect a few or will happen sometime, somewhere in the future.

The irony of Old Age holidays was that much anger and pain was displayed and discussed, yet everyone looked forward to the holidays because that was when you thought you would be surrounded by love.  A bit like “bait and switch” in the retail world – bring the customers in by advertising a sale item that does not exist.

We will tell you that such “bait and switch” holiday seasons are no longer. Will you feel great love for everyone you are with? Perhaps, perhaps not. But you will feel an acceptance of the differences between you and those who usually irritate you. That is a new thought for the holidays is it not? “You are different from me, but those differences are interesting, funny, silly or just different.”  Rather than, “You have to think like I do or I will become angry.”

This holiday weekend will be bumpy in terms of energy bursts which will encourage – and at times even force you – to shift your behavior patterns. The same is happening to everyone. Your perspective will shift as is true for all of those you associate with. So laugh this weekend and have fun. You have waited eons to do so.

Despite your interest or need to be angry, you will find it extremely difficult if not impossible. Anger is an Old Age reaction to fear. When you are no longer afraid, you no longer need to be angry. What you will feel this weekend – a feeling that will grow throughout the next few months – is an inner security that is not conducive to your old holiday behavior patterns or beliefs. A shrug of the shoulders will be much more evident than angry, flashing eyes.

The New Age is truly here. It is time for you to allow the new patterns that are arriving daily to resonate throughout your being. Have fun. Play. Burn the turkey. Bump your head on the oven door. And laugh. Life is so fun. Not life can be such fun – but life is so fun. So be it. Amen.

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Did You Feel the Hurricane This Week?

Dear Ones,

Brenda thought she was going to channel how pride has evolved in this New Age. We will address that issue at a later date.

A much more important issue for those of you following her posts is your personal drama this past week.

Some of you may not have noted a great deal of trauma in the last few days. Such does not  indicate you are not part of this New Age movement. You are merely at a different place than those who are ‘going with the flow’ of these New Age energy surges. Do not be concerned. You will catch up at a later date – and you will do so with a bit less trauma than those who are the scout masters of the movement.

The majority of you reading these materials have opted to be pioneers, rather than scout masters for a variety of reasons – not the least of which is you wish to explore your new world with a bit more information than is true for the extremely limited knowledge held by those affected by this week’s hurricane.

This week, those of you who are the New Age scouts have been through a hurricane of vast proportions. At times, you found yourself in the eye of the storm – it seemed as if the world around you were exploding and yet,  you were completely calm and accepting. At other times, you were part of the storm – ranting and raving and thrashing about. Now what is the distinction between those two activities and why were you involved in both?

When you were in the eye of the storm,  you rested physically and at the same time allowed the new energy bursting forth to become part of you. You have had similar experiences in the past, it is just that this week was more dramatic than most others you have noted. Perhaps you found it difficult to concentrate or you were obsessed with something that means little to you. Or you needed to be outdoors no matter what the weather was. With those activities, you were grounding yourself to earth. A bit like animals who gather together prior to a major storm. You knew something was different, something was amiss. But you did not understand what that something was. You were irritable, unreasonable, cranky and most of all, exhausted. Would you not display many of the same characteristics following a difficult  medical procedure? What occurred this week was yet another major energy thrust into your being. Two years ago, you could not have maintained your physical being on earth with such a dramatic input of energy. As each energy surge occurs and becomes part of your being, you are able to withstand greater and greater surges of energy. And of course, each energy surge is designed to broaden and enhance your creative skills.

There is also the issue of what occurred during the times you felt you were part of the hurricane. Perhaps you unreasonably lashed out at someone or something – which surprised even you. Or perhaps you could not find anything to laugh about. Or perhaps those people who you have ignored for a long period of time irritated you yet once again – bringing back all of the anger and rage you thought you had rid yourself of.  Perhaps your dreams were hurtful or angry. Perhaps you decided that none of your physical dreams were possible. Or that you were all alone and the world was not a wonderful place to be – a bitter feeling about life in general. Somewhat like what you would feel if your home and community were destroyed by a hurricane.

What does all of this hurricane, eye of the storm activity mean for you? We will tell you that you have again shifted in such a dramatic fashion that it will take you several weeks to decompress. Do you not remember that astronauts returning to earth must decompress prior to returning to their earth lives? Such is true for you. You entered the brave new world, the New Age several months ago. But the energy thrust you received this week was the difference between being an astronaut who merely circles the globe and one who lands on the moon.

You have completed an extremely brave and commendable activity this week. Allow yourself to rest. Give yourself accolades for a job well done. And once the dust has settled – which might take a few days or even weeks – note how your direction is a bit different from what was true prior to this week. Oh, perhaps not enough to be noted by those who are not that close to you, but different enough to be noted by you and those who are on the same ‘wave length’ or search.

We will discuss what you are finding and feeling a bit later. For now, know that you have completed an extremely difficult transition and yet again, you have done so extremely well. We continue to marvel at your bravery. We continue to marvel at your physical strength. Most of all, we continue to marvel at your commitment to this New Age transition. So be it. Amen.

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What a week!!!!! Brenda



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You’re a Courageous New Age Explorer

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you have not yet thought about your energy shifts in this fashion but you are New Age explorers. The only difference between you and Christopher Columbus or the Vikings is that you are exploring your inner realms.

To many of you, exploring your inner realms  appears to be a much more sedate venture. We beg to differ. You are as courageous as any explorer you can envision.

Please remember that the vast majority of those who explored the physical earth did so in groups. Granted their fellow explorers might not have been friends or relatives, but others were available with whom to discuss fears and concerns. Very seldom did one individual brave the elements to explore a portion of the earth.

Each of you is accessing these shifts in a unique fashion so not all of you are ‘on the same page’ at the same time. Do not let this thought frighten you. That is how it should be  – you are truly unique individuals and these shifts are about freedom.

You are moving the earth into the New Age and you are doing so in millions of unique ways – all of which lead to the same ending, but with somewhat different routes. Perhaps an easier analogy would be the one we used a few days ago about infants learning to walk.

Even though most infants learn to walk, all do so a bit differently and in their own time frame. You cannot make someone want to learn to walk, nor can you push anyone into the New Age. Some infants initiate their walking process with crawling, others skip this stage. Some run almost immediately, others wait for a period of time to be that adventuresome and on and on.

And so it is with you and these energy shifts. Some of you are already running. Others of you are thinking, just thinking about crawling. And others of you are wondering if you are interested at all in walking. There is no group action such as was true for the three boats that sailed from Spain under the direction of Christopher Columbus. And on each boat was a crew with the same thought in mind – reaching the destination plotted prior to leaving the shore and then returning to their home base.

You are explorers of extreme bravery for yet another reason. As was true of the earth explorers, you are not quite sure what you will find, but you have a large enough knowledge base to understand that your life will never be the same. Let us explain. The earth explorers fully expected to land at certain points and then return to their home base with the riches they sought – whether that be gold, new lands or just new experiences. They did not expect their life to be that different once they returned, other than they would be a bit older, wealthier and perhaps not all of their family members would yet be alive.

You, on the other hand, know without a doubt that your life is shifting. You note on a daily basis how your interactions with others is changing – that what you once accepted as a given because you were taught by society that such was so, no longer interests you. You are once again the belligerent ‘flower child’ of your youth. The difference is you wanted your world to shift in your youth. Now you are not so sure.

Granted, you do not particularly like your job or your company, but that job pays your bills. Then one day you have an urge – like an infant deciding she needs to learn to walk – to leave that job. How exciting from a ‘flower child’ point of view and how terrifying from the adult baby boomer point of view. Despite your fears, despite not knowing where you are going or why, you leave that job. Do you see your courage? Do you not deserve accolades as rich as any given to any earth explorer?

We have often pointed out that love and joy are keys to the New Age. It is time to love yourself. And at this point, one of the easiest and most appropriate methods of doing so is giving yourself accolades for even considering learning how to walk, how to adjust these energy shifts to best meet your needs. You are extremely brave. Allow yourself to know that and to remember that as you move through these energy shifts.

Baby boomers you are explorers of the greatest magnitude. We applaud you and hope that you will allow yourself to do the same. Do you not remember the grins and giggles of your infant when she first learned to walk? We are hoping to observe the same of you baby boomers as you dare to explore your new and exciting inner world. Go in peace and go in laughter. It is time and it is your role. You are a New Age explorer of the greatest magnitude. So be it. Amen.

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You Are the Change Agents of the Universe

Dear Ones,

Please know that this New Age transition will not be an easy process. Of course, that thought strikes fear in the hearts of most of you for you have shifted so many areas of your life already. You may have lost friends, family members, housing, jobs, financial security and thousands of other losses that have created a sense of panic. Is the New Age not about joy? What does this trauma contribute to a sense of joy?

You baby boomers elected to be born during one of the most tumultuous period in earth’s history. And you did so because you are the change agents of the Universe. You love change and upheaval. That is, you love both as long as they do not affect you directly.

You are letting go of eons of behavior patterns, and yes, people. Not because you had to, but because you elected to. If you had wished to experience the New Age following this transition, these energy shifts, you would have been born after the year 2000. Such is not the case.

Creating the New Age is only possible if you let go of the Old Age. Do you understand how difficult this transition actually is for you? You were born with one set of parameters, only to discard all that you have been taught for eons; while trying to embrace a new set of concepts that feel right, but have not yet been tested.  There is or will be a grieving process for all that you held dear in the Old Age.

You baby boomers are revolutionaries and with such a title you must be aware that you will give away much that used to be dear to you in order to create your new world.

Will the remainder of your life on earth be filled with pain? Not at all. In fact, such a thought will be counter-intuitive in the next few weeks, if it is not so already.

Your revolution – the New Age – is about excepting and expecting joy. Which means that those people, those pieces that do not provide you with feelings of joy will no longer be important in your life. It is that simple. And yet, that extremely complicated. For many of the items that no longer give you joy are not yet noted as such in your conscious being. Much of what you yet do daily is the result of teachings from the past.

Perhaps you lost your job – a job you never really liked, but at least it paid your bills. You would have never dared walk away consciously, but this downturn has forced you to. And the same is true for many items and people you are grieving for. We will tell you, without a doubt, that those items that provide you with inner-directed joy will not be removed or discarded. But those items that are the result of outer-directed joy – societal shoulds and have tos – most certainly will.

This is a transition beyond anything your physical mind can currently grasp. You are shifting mid-stream, mid-age, from Old Age ideals to New Age joy. Nothing that was, will be.

You do not yet know what your future will necessarily be like. You merely know that something inside you is pushing you to move in certain directions – a bit like an infant learning to walk. Do you suppose that  infant knows why he wants to crawl, then hold onto to furniture and then race into his parents’ arms – only to fall over and over again until the task of walking is mastered. There are tears. There is pain. But the need for that infant to walk over-rides any other feelings.

Such is the push for your movement into the New Age. Of course, there will be pain. Of course, there will be grief about letting go of many things you felt you needed to survive. But your instinctual need to complete your movement into the New Age will overcome any pain you encounter. You will fall. You will cry. But you baby boomers will bounce back up again and again to bring about the New Age.

You are no different from past revolutionaries who, despite the pain involved, felt the need to break away from Great Britain, communism or whatever other grouping was historically considered the foe. The difference is that prior revolutions were about physical movement and outer-directed politics. This New Age revolution is a first – it is inner-directed and it is about feelings, not politics or land masses.

There will be nothing concrete for you to note when your revolution has been completed. You merely will be more interested in joy than pain. A very nebulous concept indeed. But one that you will move towards in thousands of different ways until you have reached the summit.

And you will know that you have completed your task when joy is more enticing to you than pain. So be it. Amen.

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It’s Time to Detoxify From Object Addictions

Dear Ones,

Let us address object addiction. Perhaps some of you laugh at the thought of sitting in a circle and stating, “My name is Jim and I am addicted to objects.” But such is the case in many of your financial traumas.

If you create your reality – and you do, what is going on?

Most likely you never thought about an object addiction, you merely purchased the latest gadget because it made you feel wealthy or it was something to ‘show’ for your work efforts. How long did that feeling last?

If that object – such as house – makes your heart sing whenever you think about it, you purchased from your heart. But if a few showings of your new home was all that you needed to display your wealth and power, you purchased from a societal need to prove your worth.

As a child, do you remember how exciting it was to receive the toy advertised on television, only to put it aside once you had played with it for a few hours? Do you watch your own children and grandchildren moving through that same phase after you have stood in line for hours for the’ toy of the season?

And so all of you were trained to want the latest gadget not because it gave you joy, but because you could then run up and down the street showing everyone what you had acquired.

Do you remember in 1960’s and 1970’s when you gave up all types of possessions to live happily in a commune? Or that your favorite clothing was a pair of torn blue jeans and a t-shirt? When did that change? When did you change? That is the addiction we are speaking of.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, the majority of your possessions were those that held some meaning for you – including the music that made your heart sing. You wore what you had. And you said and did things that made your parents shudder. But you were you. In the ensuing forty years, you have ‘bought into’ your parents’ view of the world – a house, a car, the right furniture, clothes and activities. Such a life was correct for your parents, but is not correct for you.

There is nothing wrong with any of the items you have purchased in the last forty, as long as those purchases were from your heart. Do you love sitting on your garden bench listening to the birds? That was a purchase from your heart. Do you love showing your car to your friends? That was an outer-directed purchase to prove your worth.

You baby boomers are unique individuals with unique needs and interests. It is time to return to your heart roots. And to do so, you need to detoxify from your object addictions. So how do you detoxify? Determine why you purchased an item. Was it to impress others or because it gave you joy? If it was to impress others, you will find, if you have not already, that your interest in new objects lasts for shorter and shorter periods of time, just as is true for any chemically dependent person who needs larger fixes to maintain her original high.

Which returns us to your bill paying dilemma. Perhaps you have placed yourself in this situation to allow yourself to detoxify – that you have hit ‘object bottom?’ How silly – but then, perhaps not. Why would so many people, most importantly baby boomers, have placed themselves in this position at this time? Did not something similar happen during the Vietnam war? A few teenagers decided the war was not a war they could believe in. Eventually, that radical thinking moved around the world until not only the war ended, but society shifted in terms of sexism, racism and a myriad of other areas. What if something similar is now happening?

It is! And just as was true in your youth, you are in the middle of it. Does that mean you should throw away your objects and live in a tent in the forest? Of course not. It merely means that it is time to review what parts of your life is important to you and remove those that are not. Start living the life you want, instead of the life you think you should.

How does that help those of you having difficulties paying your bills? Sell and barter those items you do not want. And accept, finally accept, those that you do. Perhaps bankruptcy is the best route for you. Perhaps not. Perhaps downsizing is. Perhaps not. It does not matter where you live or what you own as long as those objects are from your heart. Those items not from your heart will no longer be easy for you to maintain. This is a shift of Universal proportions. Everyone is affected.

Review your objects. Review your need to fit into a society that no longer speaks to your heart. And then live, finally live, the life you have so long dreamed of. It is time. It is your right. And it is your responsibility. You are the New Age prophets. Live that life so that your children and grandchildren will accept and expect that they will live from their heart and not society’s rules. So be it. Amen.

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What Path Have You Selected and Why?

Dear Ones,

Even though we are not particularly interested in answering individual questions due to the amount of general information that needs to be relayed to those of you who wish to help introduce the New Age, we wish to address a question received today about the energies surrounding October 21.

Each of you may be on a different path and time frame, but all are moving in the same general direction.

Some of you have elected to transport yourself via a smooth highway.

Others have opted for a circuitous route for a number of reasons, not the least of which is your need to clear issues before you step into the New Age.

Or your pain  may be similar to receiving extra credit for lessons you have completed.  If you are part of this group, please know that there is no need to receive extra credit for issues that have to do with pain or anger or any of the unpleasant emotions that seem to be coming your way. You have completed your pain lessons with flying colors!

How are you to determine if your pain is extra credit work for a lesson you have completed or a need to complete a specific lesson before you can move forward? Merely ask yourself what you want and why?

That thought may appear far too simplistic, but  the New Age is about freedom and joy. Neither of which is possible if you depend on others for answers that only you can provide.

For those asking the question today about October 21, your pain and fear were real . We are merely reminding you that you create your own reality – a concept you have forgotten during  eons of society’s proddings to follow the rules necessary to complete the Old Age lessons.

So again, “What was your wish during that period of pain and why?” Was that pain a lesson you needed to complete – which is likely if you feel more free now than you did prior to your days of pain – or was it because you are such an exemplary Old Age student that you wish to obtain an A+ in a class you have already completed?

There is no right answer to our question – that is, we can give no correct answer. It is your life and your lesson. But we wish to add that you no longer need to learn your lessons in pain – the New Age has arrived. Even though you may have elected to take the bumpy road, you can shift to a new path whenever you wish. And that path is the road that leads to joy.

If you believe that you need to look at issues you have ignored in the past and the only way to complete those issues is in pain, we will remind you that such a belief is similar to counting on your fingers during a math test when everyone else is using a calculator. You can certainly count on your fingers, but why would you want to if  a calculator is available?

Do not make your New Age transition more difficult by trying to insert Old Age pain into a joyful process. But then your movement into the New Age will not necessarily be as easy as you would like. The New Age is not the Old Age with a few twists and turns. It is the New Age. You will not be comfortable with pain, as you were in the past. Perhaps you question that thought. We will remind you that the Old Age lesson plans included pain for a reason, just as  New Age lessons are to be in joy for specific reasons.

You have lived in the Old Age for many lifetimes. The Old Age is comfortable, just as might be true for someone married to an alcoholic. We suggest you question your motives when and if you are in the pain mode. Is your pain about moving from a marriage to an alcoholic to dating another alcoholic because it is comfortable?

Or have you neglected to move into joy  because you expect and accept pain, but have not yet allowed yourself to believe that lessons not only can be learned in joy – it is the New Age requirement? So be it. Amen.

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It’s Time to Play with Your Inner Voice, Your Private Compass

Dear Ones,

Let us talk of joy. Now many of you have felt joy over the years. Perhaps you felt joy at the birth of your child. Or a new job. Or a loving relationship. That is well and good. But the joy we are speaking of is different from any of those items we mentioned.

The joy we wish to describe is tied to freedom. Freedom has long been forced aside by your society. Of course, you speak of the freedoms of living in the United States  and the freedom to marry or live with who you want. All true. But also tainted by the fabric of your Old Age society.

In your youth, how often did you dream of a particular career path or community or relationship only to have that joy, that anticipation doused by the rules of your society, your family and your community. Your freedoms were and continue to be ‘colored’ by what society contends is the right path for you.

Please remember the bravery of Henry David Thoreau. His societal role was to manage his father’s lucrative pencil factory. He instead chose a life of contemplation and writing. Those writings influenced millions of people including Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. That is not to say that if you wonder into the woods your musings will alter the world, but rather that you must listen to your heart to determine your correct direction.

How many of you felt somewhat uncomfortable prior to marrying the person you eventually divorced? It was your ‘wake-up call’ to listen to your inner being, rather than financial concerns or the disappointment of those who felt it was the perfect union. How many of you accepted a promotion to a job you did not like as well as the job that allowed you to be promoted?

So many of your daily decisions – and thereby, life – are based on rules and regulations established by others instead of your inner being. The result is not freedom – it is compliance, care taking and victim hood. None of which is congruent with joy.

Joy is the freedom to choose. And freedom is joy. Even though those two statements sound a bit like goobly gook, both are true. You cannot have joy without freedom – freedom is the key to joy.

Your society has established so many rules that it has become extremely difficult for you to find your freedom. Smoke screens of ‘shoulds’ pervade your life. It is time to feel what is right for you, rather than to think what is right for you. Or perhaps even more common to most, to ask someone, anyone what is right for you.  Others can help you with logic, with rules and with ‘shoulds.’ But they certainly cannot feel or hear what your inner being is softly telling you. Nor do they want to, they have their own  inner being directives.

Your inner voice is usually very soft. Especially at this point in your earth’s history. You are not used to hearing that voice – or if you hear that soft, gentle voice – trusting it. After all, do your parents, your friends and your society not know what is best for you?

We are being a bit ‘over the top’ with our assertions. But we want you to start learning to listen to your inner voice. It will take practice. And it will take courage. For your inner voice will not always seem logical or even correct. A bit like, deciding to turn right even though your GPS system is indicating you should turn left. The only way you will learn to trust and utilize this extremely valuable compass that is your inner voice – the compass that will lead you directly to freedom and thereby, joy –  is to play with it a bit.

You expected that we would set up a regimen of dos and do nots – that you would know when you had accessed your freedom by the exercises we provided.  There are no exercises. There are no rules. Freedom is freedom. If you opt not to follow your inner voice, that is your freedom to be.

But if you decide to play with your inner voice, we will laugh along with you as you do one seemingly silly activity after another only to find that you have moved into the joy you are now looking for. So be it. Amen.

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