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It’s Time to Play with Your Inner Voice, Your Private Compass

Dear Ones,

Let us talk of joy. Now many of you have felt joy over the years. Perhaps you felt joy at the birth of your child. Or a new job. Or a loving relationship. That is well and good. But the joy we are speaking of is different from any of those items we mentioned.

The joy we wish to describe is tied to freedom. Freedom has long been forced aside by your society. Of course, you speak of the freedoms of living in the United States  and the freedom to marry or live with who you want. All true. But also tainted by the fabric of your Old Age society.

In your youth, how often did you dream of a particular career path or community or relationship only to have that joy, that anticipation doused by the rules of your society, your family and your community. Your freedoms were and continue to be ‘colored’ by what society contends is the right path for you.

Please remember the bravery of Henry David Thoreau. His societal role was to manage his father’s lucrative pencil factory. He instead chose a life of contemplation and writing. Those writings influenced millions of people including Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. That is not to say that if you wonder into the woods your musings will alter the world, but rather that you must listen to your heart to determine your correct direction.

How many of you felt somewhat uncomfortable prior to marrying the person you eventually divorced? It was your ‘wake-up call’ to listen to your inner being, rather than financial concerns or the disappointment of those who felt it was the perfect union. How many of you accepted a promotion to a job you did not like as well as the job that allowed you to be promoted?

So many of your daily decisions – and thereby, life – are based on rules and regulations established by others instead of your inner being. The result is not freedom – it is compliance, care taking and victim hood. None of which is congruent with joy.

Joy is the freedom to choose. And freedom is joy. Even though those two statements sound a bit like goobly gook, both are true. You cannot have joy without freedom – freedom is the key to joy.

Your society has established so many rules that it has become extremely difficult for you to find your freedom. Smoke screens of ‘shoulds’ pervade your life. It is time to feel what is right for you, rather than to think what is right for you. Or perhaps even more common to most, to ask someone, anyone what is right for you.  Others can help you with logic, with rules and with ‘shoulds.’ But they certainly cannot feel or hear what your inner being is softly telling you. Nor do they want to, they have their own  inner being directives.

Your inner voice is usually very soft. Especially at this point in your earth’s history. You are not used to hearing that voice – or if you hear that soft, gentle voice – trusting it. After all, do your parents, your friends and your society not know what is best for you?

We are being a bit ‘over the top’ with our assertions. But we want you to start learning to listen to your inner voice. It will take practice. And it will take courage. For your inner voice will not always seem logical or even correct. A bit like, deciding to turn right even though your GPS system is indicating you should turn left. The only way you will learn to trust and utilize this extremely valuable compass that is your inner voice – the compass that will lead you directly to freedom and thereby, joy –  is to play with it a bit.

You expected that we would set up a regimen of dos and do nots – that you would know when you had accessed your freedom by the exercises we provided.  There are no exercises. There are no rules. Freedom is freedom. If you opt not to follow your inner voice, that is your freedom to be.

But if you decide to play with your inner voice, we will laugh along with you as you do one seemingly silly activity after another only to find that you have moved into the joy you are now looking for. So be it. Amen.

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