What Path Have You Selected and Why?

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Dear Ones,

Even though we are not particularly interested in answering individual questions due to the amount of general information that needs to be relayed to those of you who wish to help introduce the New Age, we wish to address a question received today about the energies surrounding October 21.

Each of you may be on a different path and time frame, but all are moving in the same general direction.

Some of you have elected to transport yourself via a smooth highway.

Others have opted for a circuitous route for a number of reasons, not the least of which is your need to clear issues before you step into the New Age.

Or your pain  may be similar to receiving extra credit for lessons you have completed.  If you are part of this group, please know that there is no need to receive extra credit for issues that have to do with pain or anger or any of the unpleasant emotions that seem to be coming your way. You have completed your pain lessons with flying colors!

How are you to determine if your pain is extra credit work for a lesson you have completed or a need to complete a specific lesson before you can move forward? Merely ask yourself what you want and why?

That thought may appear far too simplistic, but  the New Age is about freedom and joy. Neither of which is possible if you depend on others for answers that only you can provide.

For those asking the question today about October 21, your pain and fear were real . We are merely reminding you that you create your own reality – a concept you have forgotten during  eons of society’s proddings to follow the rules necessary to complete the Old Age lessons.

So again, “What was your wish during that period of pain and why?” Was that pain a lesson you needed to complete – which is likely if you feel more free now than you did prior to your days of pain – or was it because you are such an exemplary Old Age student that you wish to obtain an A+ in a class you have already completed?

There is no right answer to our question – that is, we can give no correct answer. It is your life and your lesson. But we wish to add that you no longer need to learn your lessons in pain – the New Age has arrived. Even though you may have elected to take the bumpy road, you can shift to a new path whenever you wish. And that path is the road that leads to joy.

If you believe that you need to look at issues you have ignored in the past and the only way to complete those issues is in pain, we will remind you that such a belief is similar to counting on your fingers during a math test when everyone else is using a calculator. You can certainly count on your fingers, but why would you want to if  a calculator is available?

Do not make your New Age transition more difficult by trying to insert Old Age pain into a joyful process. But then your movement into the New Age will not necessarily be as easy as you would like. The New Age is not the Old Age with a few twists and turns. It is the New Age. You will not be comfortable with pain, as you were in the past. Perhaps you question that thought. We will remind you that the Old Age lesson plans included pain for a reason, just as  New Age lessons are to be in joy for specific reasons.

You have lived in the Old Age for many lifetimes. The Old Age is comfortable, just as might be true for someone married to an alcoholic. We suggest you question your motives when and if you are in the pain mode. Is your pain about moving from a marriage to an alcoholic to dating another alcoholic because it is comfortable?

Or have you neglected to move into joy  because you expect and accept pain, but have not yet allowed yourself to believe that lessons not only can be learned in joy – it is the New Age requirement? So be it. Amen.

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