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It’s Time to Detoxify From Object Addictions

Dear Ones,

Let us address object addiction. Perhaps some of you laugh at the thought of sitting in a circle and stating, “My name is Jim and I am addicted to objects.” But such is the case in many of your financial traumas.

If you create your reality – and you do, what is going on?

Most likely you never thought about an object addiction, you merely purchased the latest gadget because it made you feel wealthy or it was something to ‘show’ for your work efforts. How long did that feeling last?

If that object – such as house – makes your heart sing whenever you think about it, you purchased from your heart. But if a few showings of your new home was all that you needed to display your wealth and power, you purchased from a societal need to prove your worth.

As a child, do you remember how exciting it was to receive the toy advertised on television, only to put it aside once you had played with it for a few hours? Do you watch your own children and grandchildren moving through that same phase after you have stood in line for hours for the’ toy of the season?

And so all of you were trained to want the latest gadget not because it gave you joy, but because you could then run up and down the street showing everyone what you had acquired.

Do you remember in 1960’s and 1970’s when you gave up all types of possessions to live happily in a commune? Or that your favorite clothing was a pair of torn blue jeans and a t-shirt? When did that change? When did you change? That is the addiction we are speaking of.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, the majority of your possessions were those that held some meaning for you – including the music that made your heart sing. You wore what you had. And you said and did things that made your parents shudder. But you were you. In the ensuing forty years, you have ‘bought into’ your parents’ view of the world – a house, a car, the right furniture, clothes and activities. Such a life was correct for your parents, but is not correct for you.

There is nothing wrong with any of the items you have purchased in the last forty, as long as those purchases were from your heart. Do you love sitting on your garden bench listening to the birds? That was a purchase from your heart. Do you love showing your car to your friends? That was an outer-directed purchase to prove your worth.

You baby boomers are unique individuals with unique needs and interests. It is time to return to your heart roots. And to do so, you need to detoxify from your object addictions. So how do you detoxify? Determine why you purchased an item. Was it to impress others or because it gave you joy? If it was to impress others, you will find, if you have not already, that your interest in new objects lasts for shorter and shorter periods of time, just as is true for any chemically dependent person who needs larger fixes to maintain her original high.

Which returns us to your bill paying dilemma. Perhaps you have placed yourself in this situation to allow yourself to detoxify – that you have hit ‘object bottom?’ How silly – but then, perhaps not. Why would so many people, most importantly baby boomers, have placed themselves in this position at this time? Did not something similar happen during the Vietnam war? A few teenagers decided the war was not a war they could believe in. Eventually, that radical thinking moved around the world until not only the war ended, but society shifted in terms of sexism, racism and a myriad of other areas. What if something similar is now happening?

It is! And just as was true in your youth, you are in the middle of it. Does that mean you should throw away your objects and live in a tent in the forest? Of course not. It merely means that it is time to review what parts of your life is important to you and remove those that are not. Start living the life you want, instead of the life you think you should.

How does that help those of you having difficulties paying your bills? Sell and barter those items you do not want. And accept, finally accept, those that you do. Perhaps bankruptcy is the best route for you. Perhaps not. Perhaps downsizing is. Perhaps not. It does not matter where you live or what you own as long as those objects are from your heart. Those items not from your heart will no longer be easy for you to maintain. This is a shift of Universal proportions. Everyone is affected.

Review your objects. Review your need to fit into a society that no longer speaks to your heart. And then live, finally live, the life you have so long dreamed of. It is time. It is your right. And it is your responsibility. You are the New Age prophets. Live that life so that your children and grandchildren will accept and expect that they will live from their heart and not society’s rules. So be it. Amen.

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