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You Are the Change Agents of the Universe

Dear Ones,

Please know that this New Age transition will not be an easy process. Of course, that thought strikes fear in the hearts of most of you for you have shifted so many areas of your life already. You may have lost friends, family members, housing, jobs, financial security and thousands of other losses that have created a sense of panic. Is the New Age not about joy? What does this trauma contribute to a sense of joy?

You baby boomers elected to be born during one of the most tumultuous period in earth’s history. And you did so because you are the change agents of the Universe. You love change and upheaval. That is, you love both as long as they do not affect you directly.

You are letting go of eons of behavior patterns, and yes, people. Not because you had to, but because you elected to. If you had wished to experience the New Age following this transition, these energy shifts, you would have been born after the year 2000. Such is not the case.

Creating the New Age is only possible if you let go of the Old Age. Do you understand how difficult this transition actually is for you? You were born with one set of parameters, only to discard all that you have been taught for eons; while trying to embrace a new set of concepts that feel right, but have not yet been tested.  There is or will be a grieving process for all that you held dear in the Old Age.

You baby boomers are revolutionaries and with such a title you must be aware that you will give away much that used to be dear to you in order to create your new world.

Will the remainder of your life on earth be filled with pain? Not at all. In fact, such a thought will be counter-intuitive in the next few weeks, if it is not so already.

Your revolution – the New Age – is about excepting and expecting joy. Which means that those people, those pieces that do not provide you with feelings of joy will no longer be important in your life. It is that simple. And yet, that extremely complicated. For many of the items that no longer give you joy are not yet noted as such in your conscious being. Much of what you yet do daily is the result of teachings from the past.

Perhaps you lost your job – a job you never really liked, but at least it paid your bills. You would have never dared walk away consciously, but this downturn has forced you to. And the same is true for many items and people you are grieving for. We will tell you, without a doubt, that those items that provide you with inner-directed joy will not be removed or discarded. But those items that are the result of outer-directed joy – societal shoulds and have tos – most certainly will.

This is a transition beyond anything your physical mind can currently grasp. You are shifting mid-stream, mid-age, from Old Age ideals to New Age joy. Nothing that was, will be.

You do not yet know what your future will necessarily be like. You merely know that something inside you is pushing you to move in certain directions – a bit like an infant learning to walk. Do you suppose that  infant knows why he wants to crawl, then hold onto to furniture and then race into his parents’ arms – only to fall over and over again until the task of walking is mastered. There are tears. There is pain. But the need for that infant to walk over-rides any other feelings.

Such is the push for your movement into the New Age. Of course, there will be pain. Of course, there will be grief about letting go of many things you felt you needed to survive. But your instinctual need to complete your movement into the New Age will overcome any pain you encounter. You will fall. You will cry. But you baby boomers will bounce back up again and again to bring about the New Age.

You are no different from past revolutionaries who, despite the pain involved, felt the need to break away from Great Britain, communism or whatever other grouping was historically considered the foe. The difference is that prior revolutions were about physical movement and outer-directed politics. This New Age revolution is a first – it is inner-directed and it is about feelings, not politics or land masses.

There will be nothing concrete for you to note when your revolution has been completed. You merely will be more interested in joy than pain. A very nebulous concept indeed. But one that you will move towards in thousands of different ways until you have reached the summit.

And you will know that you have completed your task when joy is more enticing to you than pain. So be it. Amen.

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