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You’re a Courageous New Age Explorer

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you have not yet thought about your energy shifts in this fashion but you are New Age explorers. The only difference between you and Christopher Columbus or the Vikings is that you are exploring your inner realms.

To many of you, exploring your inner realms  appears to be a much more sedate venture. We beg to differ. You are as courageous as any explorer you can envision.

Please remember that the vast majority of those who explored the physical earth did so in groups. Granted their fellow explorers might not have been friends or relatives, but others were available with whom to discuss fears and concerns. Very seldom did one individual brave the elements to explore a portion of the earth.

Each of you is accessing these shifts in a unique fashion so not all of you are ‘on the same page’ at the same time. Do not let this thought frighten you. That is how it should be  – you are truly unique individuals and these shifts are about freedom.

You are moving the earth into the New Age and you are doing so in millions of unique ways – all of which lead to the same ending, but with somewhat different routes. Perhaps an easier analogy would be the one we used a few days ago about infants learning to walk.

Even though most infants learn to walk, all do so a bit differently and in their own time frame. You cannot make someone want to learn to walk, nor can you push anyone into the New Age. Some infants initiate their walking process with crawling, others skip this stage. Some run almost immediately, others wait for a period of time to be that adventuresome and on and on.

And so it is with you and these energy shifts. Some of you are already running. Others of you are thinking, just thinking about crawling. And others of you are wondering if you are interested at all in walking. There is no group action such as was true for the three boats that sailed from Spain under the direction of Christopher Columbus. And on each boat was a crew with the same thought in mind – reaching the destination plotted prior to leaving the shore and then returning to their home base.

You are explorers of extreme bravery for yet another reason. As was true of the earth explorers, you are not quite sure what you will find, but you have a large enough knowledge base to understand that your life will never be the same. Let us explain. The earth explorers fully expected to land at certain points and then return to their home base with the riches they sought – whether that be gold, new lands or just new experiences. They did not expect their life to be that different once they returned, other than they would be a bit older, wealthier and perhaps not all of their family members would yet be alive.

You, on the other hand, know without a doubt that your life is shifting. You note on a daily basis how your interactions with others is changing – that what you once accepted as a given because you were taught by society that such was so, no longer interests you. You are once again the belligerent ‘flower child’ of your youth. The difference is you wanted your world to shift in your youth. Now you are not so sure.

Granted, you do not particularly like your job or your company, but that job pays your bills. Then one day you have an urge – like an infant deciding she needs to learn to walk – to leave that job. How exciting from a ‘flower child’ point of view and how terrifying from the adult baby boomer point of view. Despite your fears, despite not knowing where you are going or why, you leave that job. Do you see your courage? Do you not deserve accolades as rich as any given to any earth explorer?

We have often pointed out that love and joy are keys to the New Age. It is time to love yourself. And at this point, one of the easiest and most appropriate methods of doing so is giving yourself accolades for even considering learning how to walk, how to adjust these energy shifts to best meet your needs. You are extremely brave. Allow yourself to know that and to remember that as you move through these energy shifts.

Baby boomers you are explorers of the greatest magnitude. We applaud you and hope that you will allow yourself to do the same. Do you not remember the grins and giggles of your infant when she first learned to walk? We are hoping to observe the same of you baby boomers as you dare to explore your new and exciting inner world. Go in peace and go in laughter. It is time and it is your role. You are a New Age explorer of the greatest magnitude. So be it. Amen.

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