Did You Feel the Hurricane This Week?

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Dear Ones,

Brenda thought she was going to channel how pride has evolved in this New Age. We will address that issue at a later date.

A much more important issue for those of you following her posts is your personal drama this past week.

Some of you may not have noted a great deal of trauma in the last few days. Such does not  indicate you are not part of this New Age movement. You are merely at a different place than those who are ‘going with the flow’ of these New Age energy surges. Do not be concerned. You will catch up at a later date – and you will do so with a bit less trauma than those who are the scout masters of the movement.

The majority of you reading these materials have opted to be pioneers, rather than scout masters for a variety of reasons – not the least of which is you wish to explore your new world with a bit more information than is true for the extremely limited knowledge held by those affected by this week’s hurricane.

This week, those of you who are the New Age scouts have been through a hurricane of vast proportions. At times, you found yourself in the eye of the storm – it seemed as if the world around you were exploding and yet,  you were completely calm and accepting. At other times, you were part of the storm – ranting and raving and thrashing about. Now what is the distinction between those two activities and why were you involved in both?

When you were in the eye of the storm,  you rested physically and at the same time allowed the new energy bursting forth to become part of you. You have had similar experiences in the past, it is just that this week was more dramatic than most others you have noted. Perhaps you found it difficult to concentrate or you were obsessed with something that means little to you. Or you needed to be outdoors no matter what the weather was. With those activities, you were grounding yourself to earth. A bit like animals who gather together prior to a major storm. You knew something was different, something was amiss. But you did not understand what that something was. You were irritable, unreasonable, cranky and most of all, exhausted. Would you not display many of the same characteristics following a difficult  medical procedure? What occurred this week was yet another major energy thrust into your being. Two years ago, you could not have maintained your physical being on earth with such a dramatic input of energy. As each energy surge occurs and becomes part of your being, you are able to withstand greater and greater surges of energy. And of course, each energy surge is designed to broaden and enhance your creative skills.

There is also the issue of what occurred during the times you felt you were part of the hurricane. Perhaps you unreasonably lashed out at someone or something – which surprised even you. Or perhaps you could not find anything to laugh about. Or perhaps those people who you have ignored for a long period of time irritated you yet once again – bringing back all of the anger and rage you thought you had rid yourself of.  Perhaps your dreams were hurtful or angry. Perhaps you decided that none of your physical dreams were possible. Or that you were all alone and the world was not a wonderful place to be – a bitter feeling about life in general. Somewhat like what you would feel if your home and community were destroyed by a hurricane.

What does all of this hurricane, eye of the storm activity mean for you? We will tell you that you have again shifted in such a dramatic fashion that it will take you several weeks to decompress. Do you not remember that astronauts returning to earth must decompress prior to returning to their earth lives? Such is true for you. You entered the brave new world, the New Age several months ago. But the energy thrust you received this week was the difference between being an astronaut who merely circles the globe and one who lands on the moon.

You have completed an extremely brave and commendable activity this week. Allow yourself to rest. Give yourself accolades for a job well done. And once the dust has settled – which might take a few days or even weeks – note how your direction is a bit different from what was true prior to this week. Oh, perhaps not enough to be noted by those who are not that close to you, but different enough to be noted by you and those who are on the same ‘wave length’ or search.

We will discuss what you are finding and feeling a bit later. For now, know that you have completed an extremely difficult transition and yet again, you have done so extremely well. We continue to marvel at your bravery. We continue to marvel at your physical strength. Most of all, we continue to marvel at your commitment to this New Age transition. So be it. Amen.

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What a week!!!!! Brenda




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