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Fasten Your Seat Belts – It’s Going to be an Interesting Weekend!

Dear Ones,

Yes, we are teasing you a bit for did your heart not drop  when you read that title? “Oh dear – this is the weekend I am going to be with family and friends and it’s going to be terrible.”  Nothing could be further from the truth.

There will be energy surges throughout this Thanksgiving weekend and the result will probably be some erratic behavior. Now you are thinking, “So what else is new?” And we laugh along with you for that statement is true on so many levels.

The behavior we are discussing is the potential for extremely rapid shifts in your feelings from great love to anger to resignation. You may be crying one moment about how much you love everyone, and the next sharply telling everyone to put on their coats so you all can go shopping. Your feelings, and therefore your behavior, will be a bit like the yo-yo you used to play with as a child.

Many of you fear that such erratic behavior will create dissention during your Thanksgiving gathering. Such might be true – but it is much more likely that the energy surges will create a great deal of laughter. Everyone will be “off” just a beat or two. You will say something and your cousin will respond in a fashion that has nothing to do with what you just said. Both of you will be surprised and giggle at the silliness of the interaction.

Even though there will be many energy surges this weekend, those surges will not equate to pain as has been true in the past. Is that not why you were a bit frightened to read this information? You so want your holidays to be about love, and yet there is that ongoing fear that continues to be reported in the media about holiday depression and anger. Such is no longer the case. Of course, it can be if you wish to continue to play with Old Age pain. But you are not the only entity on earth affected by these energy surges. This is a shift of Universal proportions.

Perhaps, like Brenda, you are having difficulties believing that pain is no longer part of the holiday season.  She keeps thinking, “But given this set of circumstances won’t there be pain or anger?” Even though pain might remain, it will be such a mild case as to not be noticeable.

Do you not see how silly your thoughts are? We have told you for months that the New Age has arrived. That pain is no longer fashionable. That you can create whatever you want, whenever you want it. And yet you continue to believe that these new patterns will only affect a few or will happen sometime, somewhere in the future.

The irony of Old Age holidays was that much anger and pain was displayed and discussed, yet everyone looked forward to the holidays because that was when you thought you would be surrounded by love.  A bit like “bait and switch” in the retail world – bring the customers in by advertising a sale item that does not exist.

We will tell you that such “bait and switch” holiday seasons are no longer. Will you feel great love for everyone you are with? Perhaps, perhaps not. But you will feel an acceptance of the differences between you and those who usually irritate you. That is a new thought for the holidays is it not? “You are different from me, but those differences are interesting, funny, silly or just different.”  Rather than, “You have to think like I do or I will become angry.”

This holiday weekend will be bumpy in terms of energy bursts which will encourage – and at times even force you – to shift your behavior patterns. The same is happening to everyone. Your perspective will shift as is true for all of those you associate with. So laugh this weekend and have fun. You have waited eons to do so.

Despite your interest or need to be angry, you will find it extremely difficult if not impossible. Anger is an Old Age reaction to fear. When you are no longer afraid, you no longer need to be angry. What you will feel this weekend – a feeling that will grow throughout the next few months – is an inner security that is not conducive to your old holiday behavior patterns or beliefs. A shrug of the shoulders will be much more evident than angry, flashing eyes.

The New Age is truly here. It is time for you to allow the new patterns that are arriving daily to resonate throughout your being. Have fun. Play. Burn the turkey. Bump your head on the oven door. And laugh. Life is so fun. Not life can be such fun – but life is so fun. So be it. Amen.

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