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Jealousy is a Wonderful Cover for Not Moving Forward

Dear Ones,

It is time to address jealousy – an issue that has long been a part of your culture and therefore your personal life. Even though the start of 2010 on January 1 is merely a “marker” created by society, it remains important to most of you in terms of starting over. A new year brings thoughts of new goals and fresh starts. With that in mind, we wish to encourage you to finally eradicate your jealousies.

Jealousy is a valid concept when someone has something you are not capable of attaining. But since you are able to create the life you want, the concept of jealousy is as outdated as the thought that women must stay in the home and answer to their husbands.  Yet, a mere fifty years earlier such were the societal expectations. Enter you baby boomers and those thoughts shifted.

It is time for you baby boomers to once again create new guide posts for those who follow. Just as was true for race relations, gender biases and war stances, jealousy stunts your growth. How can you move into the life you dream of if you continuously think about that which you do not have? Jealousy stifles your creativity and your being.

No one wishes to be jealous, just as no one wishes to have a painful life. What rewards do you achieve by being jealous? Jealousy allows you to remain stationary. If you truly believe that what someone else has is not achievable, you are able remain in a holding pattern for decades.

Jealousy is a wonderful “cover” for not moving forward. “I can never have what he has, so I might as well be satisfied with what I have.” Compare that thought to the following, “I like some of what he has, but I would like to change it a bit as I create my life. I am thankful that I was able to observe his life because it has stretched my creative possibilities – without his example, I would have never thought of such a life.”

Jealousy can be defined as standing still. Creativity is growth and freedom.

Speaking in baby boomer jargon, jealousy is a “cop-out” because it stops you in your tracks. Creativity allows you to fly. So the question becomes, “Do you wish to fly or would you rather sit there and whine?” It is your choice – and it always has been. It is just that jealousy was a perfect fit for the Old Age because it was yet another method of controlling society.

First, jealousy encourages you not to grow and thereby, not to shift society. Secondly, jealousy encourages you to fight with others, rather than looking at society as a whole. Most importantly, if you are capable of creating the life you want, what need is there for the societal parameters that best protect those establishing those parameters – whether that be government, the church or your family?

It is time to create the life you want. Deep within you, you already know that the person or life you are jealous of is not quite right for you. If you doubt that statement, please play a game with yourself in the next few days to determine if you truly would wish to be a Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Oprah clone. With the internet you can observe their lives quite easily – do so. But as you do so, tweak it a bit here and there. Shift locations to one or more that are right for you. Include people and /or things that speak to your heart. And then realize that the jealousy you have been feeling is a springboard to creating your perfect life. Those you are jealous of are not your rivals. Instead, they are wonderful marks along your path of creativity. Do you understand that you would not be jealous of them if they did not have something that you wanted to create?

A different way of internalizing it is that those people you are jealous of paint with a color you are not familiar with. That is, you were not familiar with it until you saw them painting with it. You have your own paint tray. Add that color to your paint tray plus any other color you want. Than create the glorious painting of your life that you were meant to paint. Change your perception of jealousy to one of new dimensions that you would like to add to your current lifetime. Then know without a doubt it is time for you to create it. So be it. Amen.

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To a sparkling and creative life for us all! Brenda

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Allow Your Children and Grandchildren the Freedom to Fail

Dear Ones,

Many of you have children who do not seem as loving as you would like. Yet we continue to state that you baby boomers are building the bridge to the New Age for your children and grandchildren. Such thought appear to be a dichotomy.

Have you ever thought that your children’s displays of the lack of love for others is more about their inability to leave the nest than an actual lack of love? Even though that statement is a generalization, it is not that far off for many.

The rebellious teen-age years of your youth is a somewhat new concept for earth. Did your history books not discuss how teenagers in past generations were considered full adults? Your generation was the first to dedicate a five-year span to rebellion. That span has been extended to the point where adulthood is a far vista for many of your 20, 30 and even 40-year-old children. You have allowed the rebellion and yes, selfishness, of your teen years to extend far beyond what your parents accepted as “normal.”

Why would you do something that both inhibited your retirement and your children’s adulthood? Very simply – you truly are “love children” and continue to hold dear, “love not war.” Do you see how those concepts played into your child-rearing practices?

Are such actions bad? Not at all for those actions have forced you to review how you disseminate love, and your children to wonder who is responsible for their lives. In a sense, you have placed both generations in a prison – you continued the victim and caretaker roles far beyond what was necessary. But you did so because you had so much love within you that could not be displayed in the work-a-day arena or with your parents in the same fashion as is now true for your children.

Please rest assured that you have imbued your children with love. A love that  is merely waiting to be displayed in the work and family arenas. But before that love can be displayed, you must negate your victim role. Now is that not a silly statement for when we first mentioned victim and caretaker roles, you assumed you were the caretaker. Not at all. You baby boomers are the victims. Not because your children are mean or cruel, but because you have encouraged them to remain attached to you far beyond what is necessary – and such attachments have increasingly curtailed your freedom.

Your children have more freedom than you do by far. They fall or fail and you rescue them as you have done since their birth. They, in turn, have become “helicopter parents” thinking that child rearing never ends. There are many “Peter Pans” who now have children of their own.

This discussion is about love – which of course is the theme of the New Age. The piece that you baby boomers, and now your adult children, need to adjust and adapt is the ability to let go. You have perhaps read of love as a concept that allows total freedom. Such is true. But that is not how you raised your children. Because you needed to display your love somewhere, you targeted your children. They, in turn, extended that love even further. So that the three generations are so enmeshed in love, they no longer have the freedom to grow.

Did your parents not push you out of the nest shortly after or even before you reached your mid-twenties? Did you not expect to find a job and maintain it with little or no assistance from your parents? Yet, do you not continue to assist your adult children with loans, baby-sitting, vacations, homes and whatever else they desire?

It is time for all three generations to fly. Such is not possible if you baby boomers continue to hover over both following generations. Allow them the same freedoms to fail and start over that you were allowed – a gift far greater than any financial or personal assistance.

Freedom is a key to the New Age. And love is not possible without the freedom to create the life you want. Allow your children and grandchildren that freedom. They are fully aware of your love. In fact, they often chafe under your love for that love comes with attached strings most important of which is, “You must take care of me emotionally and by doing so, negate some of your areas of interest, your freedom to be.”

Is it a power struggle? Most definitely. Are you in control of their love? Not at all. Love does not include power struggles, care taking or victim hood. Love is the freedom to be. Encourage – some of you may even need to force – your children and grandchildren to leave the nest.

Now is this not a cruel blog for the most loving holiday season of the year? Some of you will breathe a sigh of relief. “I can let go. My children are as capable of caring for themselves as I was at their age.”

Others of you will kick and scream at the thought. Not because you necessarily want to keep bailing your children out, but because you feel that without those ties you will not have any way to express your love.

Enter the New Age. The Age of love and freedom. Your love and caring has initiated the New Age. Now allow yourself, your children and your grandchildren to enjoy it by cutting those attachment strings, so that all three generations have the freedom to be. That is when all three generations will finally understand and embrace love…and the New Age. So be it. Amen.

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What Will 2010 Be Like?

Dear Ones,

Today’s channel will be brief. Perhaps some would call it a tease. For many of you, including Brenda, are wanting to KNOW what 2010 will be like for you.

Our first giggle is that somehow you feel that December 31st is a dividing line between yesterday and tomorrow. It is a human-made dividing line no more concrete than the lines that currently divide countries or states or provinces. There will be changes in the coming months, but those changes will not be connected to any particular year or season in the Universal sense.

Our second humorous thought is that even though we have stated emphatically on several occasions that you are all individuals and therefore are all moving or shifting at your unique pace, you expect someone, maybe even us, to provide you with an overall picture of what your life will be like in 2010.

We do not have the space in this blog or even in a 10,000 page book to detail all of the intricacies of your next 12 months, nor would we wish to for that would take away your free-will, your need to create a life that is most appropriate for you.

But we will tell you generally what is going to happen in the next few months. How you react to those conditions is entirely up to you.

First of all, humanity will be much more interested in heart-related activities than has been demonstrated in the past. Secondly, everyone, including you, will be searching for your niche – the place that feels the most comfortable for you. Now how are those two thoughts different from what has been true for your entire life on earth? Combining your need for heart-related activities with your uniqueness will create a world that you have never quite imagined.

Think of how different your life in the past few decades would have been if you had followed your heart, rather than your intellect or societal dictates. Then imagine how fearful such a life would have been given the parameters set up by your society.

Until now, you truly did not have the freedom to follow your heart. The few of you who tried to do so, were labeled by society as odd and eccentric – maybe even outcast from your selected group.

As the energy bursts continue, and we might add, strengthen, you will be more and more inclined to follow your heart. Let us give you an example that is perhaps a bit more understandable.

When you initiated your college coursework or training beyond high school, you did not necessarily believe you would be able to master the courses or skills required. As you delved further into the program, you found yourself not only mastering the skills, but  joyfully enmeshed in them. Do you not remember noting similar skills in the outside world and comparing your skills to those who held jobs in the field – or glowing at the possibility of practicing your skills on a job that you loved?

Such will be the same for you as you delve further into the mastery of living your life according to your inner dictates, rather than societal givens. At first, your heart skills will seem awkward, even unpleasant. You will try this and try that…and sometimes you will fail. But your overall interest will be so strong – much like a toddler learning to walk – that you will succeed in your desire to live and act from your heart.

Now what about those people who do not wish to live from their heart at this time or in this lifetime? Nothing will change other than you will have less interest in communicating with them because they will be in a different course of study. No more and no less.

Overall, the next few months will produce a sense of urgency for you to move from your heart, if you are not doing so already and if that is the direction your inner being wishes to move.

Those people who do not wish to ride the energy bursts, who wish to try to ignore them, will find their lives quite bumpy. A bit like those infants who have no interest in crawling or walking by the time they are twelve months old. No one specifies that walking is required to live on earth – many people are not capable of doing so for various reasons – but most parents of such a one-year-old would be quite concerned about their infant’s lack of interest in walking.

And so it will be for most of you. You do not have to follow your inner being. You always have the freedom of choice. But your inner being will clamor – again if that is your role in this lifetime – for attention until you heed its messages. And those messages will be about exploring love from your definition of love. So be it. Amen.

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Your Fame is Undergoing a Paradigm Shift

Dear Ones,

We have noted your exhaustion and your almost superhuman movement into the New Age – a bit like salmon swimming upstream to mate, despite all of the odds against success.

Many of you may be thinking that you are not exhausted, you may even feel exhilarated. That exhilaration is more about a job well done or initiated than peace and harmony. Do you remember the joy of completing the final test in your most difficult course and knowing that you had done well? Such is your feeling now. You have birthed the New Age. Many of you have also birthed new sources of information for those who follow.

Birthing the New Age alone is a cause for celebration…and exhaustion. Similar to the feeling you had following the birth of your perfect little baby. Yet, many of you have continued beyond that point to create new sources of information for others. You are beyond exhaustion. And just as is true for small children, many of you are now a bit cranky because you need a nap. We have discussed this area before, but today we will do so in a different context.

Even though creating sources of information to help others better understand the shift may have been joyful, the results are not as exciting as you had imagined. A bit like thinking you wrote a bestseller only to find that your book is selling moderately well.

Please review what you have achieved. You helped create the New Age and you have created a new source of information, despite financial upheavals and physical disruptions both of the earth and on the earth. In a sense, you have created a masterpiece in the midst of chaos. Do you not see the miracle of your creative efforts?

Ah, but now you are thinking, “So show me the money” whether that be the emotional reward achieved by the large number of books sold, or the physical reward of becoming a multi-millionaire as a result of that bestseller.

Every segment of your society is rapidly evolving including your reward systems. It is time to use your feelings as your ratings base rather than the adulation of others. Are you proud of your achievements? No other reward is necessary in your new inner-directed world.

At the same time, you can create whatever you want, whenever you want it. So if you crave adulation, you will have, it but on a different level than before. Please remember the Old Age super stars who shortened their careers with drug usage, sexual addictions, gambling and similar issues that curtailed their fame. None of those super stars felt as positive about themselves as you did about them. They could not accept fame because they did not feel they deserved it.

You are shifting that paradigm. You are creating in a different fashion. You baby boomers have had decades to understand yourself. Secondly, and most importantly, you are building your success in layers starting with your inner most being and moving outward – rather than starting with outer-directed success and trying to manage the feelings that go with it, as was true in the Old Age. And thirdly, as you are building your new fame model, the earth and the Universe are shifting about you.

You are asking too much of yourself if you expect instant success. In essence, you are trying to live in the New Age with an outer-directed success model. The two are not compatible. Nor do you have the energy to maintain two separate models. Allow your fame to build from within. And allow your financial rewards to arrive from a number of sources, rather than the traditional outer-directed, “I must work to create something wonderful before I can be financially rewarded.” It is time to know, “I will play at something wonderful as long as it is fun and I will be financially rewarded to the extent that I allow myself to be.”

This is a New Age with new rewards and new ways of creating. Allow yourself to know that. Then create what you are pining for from within. The rest will fall into place. Most of all, remember that play is a key New Age word. Work is of the past. If you find yourself working to create something, stop and take a nap, read a good book or do whatever makes you giggle until you return to a play mode – and all of your desired rewards will occur. So be it. Amen.

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What’s Your Candy Store Routine?

Dear Everyone,

I don’t know if the same was true for you, but the past few days certainly produced an energy wallop for me! Let’s see what information is available for us today. Brenda

Dear Ones,

Brenda was accurate on two counts: A great deal of new energy arrived during the last new moon period and not everyone was affected in the same fashion. Let us explain how free will plays into the bursts of energy now affecting the earth and therefore, the Universe.

Some of you have opted to run full speed into each energy burst – a bit like a child running into a candy store. “What’s new? What’s fun? What do I want to do with this new energy?” Others of you are more cautious and refuse to even enter the candy store until you have determined that no food pathogens exist within the store. Others of you are not at all interested in entering the store  – you prefer pickles to candy!

Are any of these actions incorrect? Of course not. The New Age arrived as a result of your subconscious invitation. Your key “work” is done. Now you are using your individual selection processes to determine how far into the New Age energies you wish to immerse yourself now or in this lifetime.

At the same time, you are sensing that something new is about – nothing that you can pinpoint – but a sense that all that was before is no longer, and something new is about to replace it. That is as true for those of you rushing into the candy store, as those of you who prefer pickles. Something “big” is in process.

Those rushing into the candy store are feeling physical nuances that are difficult to classify because each of you is streaming the energies in different patterns. Perhaps you wish to strengthen your feet so energy is pulsating through your feet to the extent that you have difficulties walking. Others of you wish to strengthen your heart, so you might have heart palpitations.  Yet others might wish to be more concrete in the world and therefore, your sleep is disrupted numerous times nightly to ensure that you are grounded. No one knows better than your inner being in which parts of your body to focus the energy bursts. Allow your body to shift a bit here and there for it knows what you need at this time – just as it has always known.

Those of you standing outside the candy store waiting to see if it is safe to enter – most likely will be having physical indicators that are more about fear than allowing the energies to flow.

And those of you not at all interested in entering the candy store might find that you feel disjointed or whatever term you wish to use that indicates that you know that there is an “elephant in the living room” you refuse to acknowledge. A bit like someone married to an alcoholic who refuses to acknowledge that such is so.

The impact of these energy bursts are not that difficult to understand. It is little different from your psychological studies of the past few decades. If you acknowledge and embrace what is happening, you will find your niche in the New Age. If you fight what is happening, you will feel a discomfort that is impossible to deny without denying your very being.

Now where does free will enter into this continuum? Does this message not appear to indicate that comfort is available only if you accept and relish the energy bursts? In a fashion, that statement is accurate. For “going with the flow” is the easiest method of moving through these energy bursts. A bit like baby boomer parents accepting the need of you baby boomers to unique attire and thoughts during the societal upheavals of the 1960s and 1970s. If you remember, it did little good for your parents to rant and rave at you as you ran out the door to meet your friends at some love in or peace march.

Nor did those of you baby boomers who refused to be part of those societal shifts emerge without some changes, even though you may have fought those changes every step of the way. Today, even in the deep South of the United States, it is not unusual to observe a Caucasian male holding hands with an African-American female. Such was not possible forty years ago.

These energy bursts are changing your society daily. More importantly, they are changing you daily whether you opt to participate, merely observe or kick and scream. It is happening and you are an instrumental part of that change.

At the same time, you are not required to welcome that change. Perhaps it is not in your best interests to do so. Allow that to be true for you, as well as for everyone on earth. Allow yourself the freedom to move in the time frame and direction that is correct for you. There are no dictates. There are no rules. This is the New Age. The Age of freedom and love – including self-love. So be it. Amen.

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It’s Just About Time for Your Nap

Dear Ones,

So many shifts. So many changes.

Just when you feel as if your life is moving in one direction it shifts to another. Do not fret. Do not fear. You are all shifting dramatically for a reason. We have long told you of the arrival of the New Age – of your role in that transition. And so it is.

You are shedding many pieces of your life – that is, the life you have known for eons – and new pieces and people are arriving.

You of the MTV and McDonald’s generation have been trained to expect instantaneous results, so it is difficult for you to believe that your body requires a lull in that shift. You might have read that this New Age shift is a process, but your experiences in the last few decades created the expectation that you would merely step off a train platform and be immediately whisked to the airline gate of your final destination.

Such is true to a certain extent, but there is also a necessary resting period so that your physical being can catch up to your emotional/spiritual being. Have you ever taken a very long airline flight anticipating the joy you would feel once you reached your destination, only to be too tired to care that you had arrived? Such is the case for you now. Your body needs to adjust to the changes that have occurred in the past two weeks.

We discussed in one of our earlier channels that for the next few months, new moon days will usually bring about new energies for your being and the function of full moon days is for the adjustment to these energies as these new energies became part of your being. And so it is now.

Perhaps you feel a bit out of sorts, or down, or sad or perhaps not. Maybe you feel energetic and ready to “conquer the world.” But within a few hours, you will feel the need to slow down, to reassess and most importantly, to rest. Allow that to be. Such a need is as natural as needing to rest after a long journey. Think of yourself as a child who requires a bit of a nap before playtime begins again.

Do not fret, you will not require a long nap and all that you wish to complete for the holiday season will easily be completed. Just allow yourself to rest  in between your spurts of energy. We will close for now. Brenda is tired. It is time for a nap. And so it is. Amen.

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