It’s Just About Time for Your Nap

December 1, 2009 at 2:15 pm Leave a comment

Dear Ones,

So many shifts. So many changes.

Just when you feel as if your life is moving in one direction it shifts to another. Do not fret. Do not fear. You are all shifting dramatically for a reason. We have long told you of the arrival of the New Age – of your role in that transition. And so it is.

You are shedding many pieces of your life – that is, the life you have known for eons – and new pieces and people are arriving.

You of the MTV and McDonald’s generation have been trained to expect instantaneous results, so it is difficult for you to believe that your body requires a lull in that shift. You might have read that this New Age shift is a process, but your experiences in the last few decades created the expectation that you would merely step off a train platform and be immediately whisked to the airline gate of your final destination.

Such is true to a certain extent, but there is also a necessary resting period so that your physical being can catch up to your emotional/spiritual being. Have you ever taken a very long airline flight anticipating the joy you would feel once you reached your destination, only to be too tired to care that you had arrived? Such is the case for you now. Your body needs to adjust to the changes that have occurred in the past two weeks.

We discussed in one of our earlier channels that for the next few months, new moon days will usually bring about new energies for your being and the function of full moon days is for the adjustment to these energies as these new energies became part of your being. And so it is now.

Perhaps you feel a bit out of sorts, or down, or sad or perhaps not. Maybe you feel energetic and ready to “conquer the world.” But within a few hours, you will feel the need to slow down, to reassess and most importantly, to rest. Allow that to be. Such a need is as natural as needing to rest after a long journey. Think of yourself as a child who requires a bit of a nap before playtime begins again.

Do not fret, you will not require a long nap and all that you wish to complete for the holiday season will easily be completed. Just allow yourself to rest  in between your spurts of energy. We will close for now. Brenda is tired. It is time for a nap. And so it is. Amen.

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