What’s Your Candy Store Routine?

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Dear Everyone,

I don’t know if the same was true for you, but the past few days certainly produced an energy wallop for me! Let’s see what information is available for us today. Brenda

Dear Ones,

Brenda was accurate on two counts: A great deal of new energy arrived during the last new moon period and not everyone was affected in the same fashion. Let us explain how free will plays into the bursts of energy now affecting the earth and therefore, the Universe.

Some of you have opted to run full speed into each energy burst – a bit like a child running into a candy store. “What’s new? What’s fun? What do I want to do with this new energy?” Others of you are more cautious and refuse to even enter the candy store until you have determined that no food pathogens exist within the store. Others of you are not at all interested in entering the store  – you prefer pickles to candy!

Are any of these actions incorrect? Of course not. The New Age arrived as a result of your subconscious invitation. Your key “work” is done. Now you are using your individual selection processes to determine how far into the New Age energies you wish to immerse yourself now or in this lifetime.

At the same time, you are sensing that something new is about – nothing that you can pinpoint – but a sense that all that was before is no longer, and something new is about to replace it. That is as true for those of you rushing into the candy store, as those of you who prefer pickles. Something “big” is in process.

Those rushing into the candy store are feeling physical nuances that are difficult to classify because each of you is streaming the energies in different patterns. Perhaps you wish to strengthen your feet so energy is pulsating through your feet to the extent that you have difficulties walking. Others of you wish to strengthen your heart, so you might have heart palpitations.  Yet others might wish to be more concrete in the world and therefore, your sleep is disrupted numerous times nightly to ensure that you are grounded. No one knows better than your inner being in which parts of your body to focus the energy bursts. Allow your body to shift a bit here and there for it knows what you need at this time – just as it has always known.

Those of you standing outside the candy store waiting to see if it is safe to enter – most likely will be having physical indicators that are more about fear than allowing the energies to flow.

And those of you not at all interested in entering the candy store might find that you feel disjointed or whatever term you wish to use that indicates that you know that there is an “elephant in the living room” you refuse to acknowledge. A bit like someone married to an alcoholic who refuses to acknowledge that such is so.

The impact of these energy bursts are not that difficult to understand. It is little different from your psychological studies of the past few decades. If you acknowledge and embrace what is happening, you will find your niche in the New Age. If you fight what is happening, you will feel a discomfort that is impossible to deny without denying your very being.

Now where does free will enter into this continuum? Does this message not appear to indicate that comfort is available only if you accept and relish the energy bursts? In a fashion, that statement is accurate. For “going with the flow” is the easiest method of moving through these energy bursts. A bit like baby boomer parents accepting the need of you baby boomers to unique attire and thoughts during the societal upheavals of the 1960s and 1970s. If you remember, it did little good for your parents to rant and rave at you as you ran out the door to meet your friends at some love in or peace march.

Nor did those of you baby boomers who refused to be part of those societal shifts emerge without some changes, even though you may have fought those changes every step of the way. Today, even in the deep South of the United States, it is not unusual to observe a Caucasian male holding hands with an African-American female. Such was not possible forty years ago.

These energy bursts are changing your society daily. More importantly, they are changing you daily whether you opt to participate, merely observe or kick and scream. It is happening and you are an instrumental part of that change.

At the same time, you are not required to welcome that change. Perhaps it is not in your best interests to do so. Allow that to be true for you, as well as for everyone on earth. Allow yourself the freedom to move in the time frame and direction that is correct for you. There are no dictates. There are no rules. This is the New Age. The Age of freedom and love – including self-love. So be it. Amen.

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