Your Fame is Undergoing a Paradigm Shift

December 9, 2009 at 6:31 pm 1 comment

Dear Ones,

We have noted your exhaustion and your almost superhuman movement into the New Age – a bit like salmon swimming upstream to mate, despite all of the odds against success.

Many of you may be thinking that you are not exhausted, you may even feel exhilarated. That exhilaration is more about a job well done or initiated than peace and harmony. Do you remember the joy of completing the final test in your most difficult course and knowing that you had done well? Such is your feeling now. You have birthed the New Age. Many of you have also birthed new sources of information for those who follow.

Birthing the New Age alone is a cause for celebration…and exhaustion. Similar to the feeling you had following the birth of your perfect little baby. Yet, many of you have continued beyond that point to create new sources of information for others. You are beyond exhaustion. And just as is true for small children, many of you are now a bit cranky because you need a nap. We have discussed this area before, but today we will do so in a different context.

Even though creating sources of information to help others better understand the shift may have been joyful, the results are not as exciting as you had imagined. A bit like thinking you wrote a bestseller only to find that your book is selling moderately well.

Please review what you have achieved. You helped create the New Age and you have created a new source of information, despite financial upheavals and physical disruptions both of the earth and on the earth. In a sense, you have created a masterpiece in the midst of chaos. Do you not see the miracle of your creative efforts?

Ah, but now you are thinking, “So show me the money” whether that be the emotional reward achieved by the large number of books sold, or the physical reward of becoming a multi-millionaire as a result of that bestseller.

Every segment of your society is rapidly evolving including your reward systems. It is time to use your feelings as your ratings base rather than the adulation of others. Are you proud of your achievements? No other reward is necessary in your new inner-directed world.

At the same time, you can create whatever you want, whenever you want it. So if you crave adulation, you will have, it but on a different level than before. Please remember the Old Age super stars who shortened their careers with drug usage, sexual addictions, gambling and similar issues that curtailed their fame. None of those super stars felt as positive about themselves as you did about them. They could not accept fame because they did not feel they deserved it.

You are shifting that paradigm. You are creating in a different fashion. You baby boomers have had decades to understand yourself. Secondly, and most importantly, you are building your success in layers starting with your inner most being and moving outward – rather than starting with outer-directed success and trying to manage the feelings that go with it, as was true in the Old Age. And thirdly, as you are building your new fame model, the earth and the Universe are shifting about you.

You are asking too much of yourself if you expect instant success. In essence, you are trying to live in the New Age with an outer-directed success model. The two are not compatible. Nor do you have the energy to maintain two separate models. Allow your fame to build from within. And allow your financial rewards to arrive from a number of sources, rather than the traditional outer-directed, “I must work to create something wonderful before I can be financially rewarded.” It is time to know, “I will play at something wonderful as long as it is fun and I will be financially rewarded to the extent that I allow myself to be.”

This is a New Age with new rewards and new ways of creating. Allow yourself to know that. Then create what you are pining for from within. The rest will fall into place. Most of all, remember that play is a key New Age word. Work is of the past. If you find yourself working to create something, stop and take a nap, read a good book or do whatever makes you giggle until you return to a play mode – and all of your desired rewards will occur. So be it. Amen.

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