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What Will 2010 Be Like?

Dear Ones,

Today’s channel will be brief. Perhaps some would call it a tease. For many of you, including Brenda, are wanting to KNOW what 2010 will be like for you.

Our first giggle is that somehow you feel that December 31st is a dividing line between yesterday and tomorrow. It is a human-made dividing line no more concrete than the lines that currently divide countries or states or provinces. There will be changes in the coming months, but those changes will not be connected to any particular year or season in the Universal sense.

Our second humorous thought is that even though we have stated emphatically on several occasions that you are all individuals and therefore are all moving or shifting at your unique pace, you expect someone, maybe even us, to provide you with an overall picture of what your life will be like in 2010.

We do not have the space in this blog or even in a 10,000 page book to detail all of the intricacies of your next 12 months, nor would we wish to for that would take away your free-will, your need to create a life that is most appropriate for you.

But we will tell you generally what is going to happen in the next few months. How you react to those conditions is entirely up to you.

First of all, humanity will be much more interested in heart-related activities than has been demonstrated in the past. Secondly, everyone, including you, will be searching for your niche – the place that feels the most comfortable for you. Now how are those two thoughts different from what has been true for your entire life on earth? Combining your need for heart-related activities with your uniqueness will create a world that you have never quite imagined.

Think of how different your life in the past few decades would have been if you had followed your heart, rather than your intellect or societal dictates. Then imagine how fearful such a life would have been given the parameters set up by your society.

Until now, you truly did not have the freedom to follow your heart. The few of you who tried to do so, were labeled by society as odd and eccentric – maybe even outcast from your selected group.

As the energy bursts continue, and we might add, strengthen, you will be more and more inclined to follow your heart. Let us give you an example that is perhaps a bit more understandable.

When you initiated your college coursework or training beyond high school, you did not necessarily believe you would be able to master the courses or skills required. As you delved further into the program, you found yourself not only mastering the skills, but  joyfully enmeshed in them. Do you not remember noting similar skills in the outside world and comparing your skills to those who held jobs in the field – or glowing at the possibility of practicing your skills on a job that you loved?

Such will be the same for you as you delve further into the mastery of living your life according to your inner dictates, rather than societal givens. At first, your heart skills will seem awkward, even unpleasant. You will try this and try that…and sometimes you will fail. But your overall interest will be so strong – much like a toddler learning to walk – that you will succeed in your desire to live and act from your heart.

Now what about those people who do not wish to live from their heart at this time or in this lifetime? Nothing will change other than you will have less interest in communicating with them because they will be in a different course of study. No more and no less.

Overall, the next few months will produce a sense of urgency for you to move from your heart, if you are not doing so already and if that is the direction your inner being wishes to move.

Those people who do not wish to ride the energy bursts, who wish to try to ignore them, will find their lives quite bumpy. A bit like those infants who have no interest in crawling or walking by the time they are twelve months old. No one specifies that walking is required to live on earth – many people are not capable of doing so for various reasons – but most parents of such a one-year-old would be quite concerned about their infant’s lack of interest in walking.

And so it will be for most of you. You do not have to follow your inner being. You always have the freedom of choice. But your inner being will clamor – again if that is your role in this lifetime – for attention until you heed its messages. And those messages will be about exploring love from your definition of love. So be it. Amen.

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