Jealousy is a Wonderful Cover for Not Moving Forward

December 27, 2009 at 2:02 pm 1 comment

Dear Ones,

It is time to address jealousy – an issue that has long been a part of your culture and therefore your personal life. Even though the start of 2010 on January 1 is merely a “marker” created by society, it remains important to most of you in terms of starting over. A new year brings thoughts of new goals and fresh starts. With that in mind, we wish to encourage you to finally eradicate your jealousies.

Jealousy is a valid concept when someone has something you are not capable of attaining. But since you are able to create the life you want, the concept of jealousy is as outdated as the thought that women must stay in the home and answer to their husbands.  Yet, a mere fifty years earlier such were the societal expectations. Enter you baby boomers and those thoughts shifted.

It is time for you baby boomers to once again create new guide posts for those who follow. Just as was true for race relations, gender biases and war stances, jealousy stunts your growth. How can you move into the life you dream of if you continuously think about that which you do not have? Jealousy stifles your creativity and your being.

No one wishes to be jealous, just as no one wishes to have a painful life. What rewards do you achieve by being jealous? Jealousy allows you to remain stationary. If you truly believe that what someone else has is not achievable, you are able remain in a holding pattern for decades.

Jealousy is a wonderful “cover” for not moving forward. “I can never have what he has, so I might as well be satisfied with what I have.” Compare that thought to the following, “I like some of what he has, but I would like to change it a bit as I create my life. I am thankful that I was able to observe his life because it has stretched my creative possibilities – without his example, I would have never thought of such a life.”

Jealousy can be defined as standing still. Creativity is growth and freedom.

Speaking in baby boomer jargon, jealousy is a “cop-out” because it stops you in your tracks. Creativity allows you to fly. So the question becomes, “Do you wish to fly or would you rather sit there and whine?” It is your choice – and it always has been. It is just that jealousy was a perfect fit for the Old Age because it was yet another method of controlling society.

First, jealousy encourages you not to grow and thereby, not to shift society. Secondly, jealousy encourages you to fight with others, rather than looking at society as a whole. Most importantly, if you are capable of creating the life you want, what need is there for the societal parameters that best protect those establishing those parameters – whether that be government, the church or your family?

It is time to create the life you want. Deep within you, you already know that the person or life you are jealous of is not quite right for you. If you doubt that statement, please play a game with yourself in the next few days to determine if you truly would wish to be a Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Oprah clone. With the internet you can observe their lives quite easily – do so. But as you do so, tweak it a bit here and there. Shift locations to one or more that are right for you. Include people and /or things that speak to your heart. And then realize that the jealousy you have been feeling is a springboard to creating your perfect life. Those you are jealous of are not your rivals. Instead, they are wonderful marks along your path of creativity. Do you understand that you would not be jealous of them if they did not have something that you wanted to create?

A different way of internalizing it is that those people you are jealous of paint with a color you are not familiar with. That is, you were not familiar with it until you saw them painting with it. You have your own paint tray. Add that color to your paint tray plus any other color you want. Than create the glorious painting of your life that you were meant to paint. Change your perception of jealousy to one of new dimensions that you would like to add to your current lifetime. Then know without a doubt it is time for you to create it. So be it. Amen.

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To a sparkling and creative life for us all! Brenda

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  • 1. Gary Stokes  |  December 28, 2009 at 1:35 am


    Another great blog. Jealousy is our own worst enemy. That is for sure. What the other guy has is not always as great as it apears on the surface. We often times only see the good or what we want to see over looking all that is not so good with what the other guy has.



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