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Don’t Require Yourself to be “On” All Day Everyday

Dear Everyone,

I don’t know if you have had the similar feelings in the last week or so, but I seem to have reverted to Old Age problem solving techniques and I have had very little interest in channeling or connecting to the spiritual  realms. I suppose we will learn today what that was or is all about….but then again, maybe not. I’m learning to “Go “with the flow.” Now let’s see what my sources have to relay to us today.


Dear Ones,

Brenda has tapped an extremely important piece of information in her analysis of what has happened to her and through her in the last few days. Your movement into the New Age is not going to be a straight line. Please do not expect an observable movement from point A to point B. Your transition is not a mathematical equation, it is your life. And as is true for all life on earth, variables are a daily part of your known reality.

Some of you may berate yourself when you do not feel “in the flow,” or even care that there is a flow. Instead of berating yourself during such instances,  realize the worth of your observation.

You are in the process of  a major transition at the mid-point of your current life and yet you expect it to be as easy and clean as pulling out a new sheet of paper. Of course, there will be times when you are tired of the transition process. Of course, there will be times when others will try to encourage you to return to your Old Age activities. And of course, there will be times when you do not feel like doing anything in the spiritual realms.

Do you remember other major transition in your life – perhaps a death or divorce? Did you not allow yourself to experience grieving, anger and just plain apathy? Why do you suppose this transition is any different? You have lived your entire life with one set of expectations – expectations that are no longer valued. Of course, there is a grieving process. But more to the point for Brenda and many of you, sheer exhaustion.

You cannot expect your physical being to be “on” all day, everyday throughout this transition process. You will need rest stops, as did Brenda in these last few days.

Your Old Age behavior patterns are so deeply ingrained that you will often feel most comfortable reverting to Old Age behavior patterns during this transition. Let us explain. You have read many stories about men or women who marry an alcoholic only to divorce that alcoholic and marry another. Most often, a little research will indicate that such a difficult pattern was developed in early childhood as they observed the addictions of one or both of their parents. Even though marriage to an alcoholic is painful to them, it is familiar and therefore comfortable – in an uncomfortable fashion.

Allow yourself to revert to your familiar behavior patterns when it feels right to do so. That is the function of the phrase, “Go with the Flow.”

In the Old Age, you would have “worked” to combat any behaviors that did not fit the pattern you wished to create. The New Age is not about work, but rather a graceful and fun-loving acceptance of who you are, where you are emotionally and yes, physically.  That is your reality. You created that reality for a reason.

Perhaps you need an emotional rest. That is fine. Perhaps you do not wish to explore this New Age any further. That is fine. Maybe you need to circle back to the Old Age to comfort a family member or friend. Or maybe you just feel like it.

There are no rules in the New Age. And there are no correct behavior patterns.

For you to feel as if you should do or be something other than what you want to be at that very moment, is in fact to say that you do not wish to be part of the New Age.

The New Age is about freedom – for you and for everyone else. Just as you allow others to move in the direction that is correct for them, allow yourself the same. And by doing so, you will return to your New Age dreams, visions and actions much more rapidly than if you try to force yourself into the very same movements you have known throughout the Old Age. You are free, as is the person next to you and as is everyone on earth.

Allow that freedom to include moving at a pace and direction that is correct for your inner being, and you will discover and enter the New Age. Force yourself to be part of the New Age and you will remain in the Old Age.

Ah. What a fun thought – flow and you are free, force yourself and you are in a cage. So be it. Amen.

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Please Accept our Condolences. You are Saying Good-bye to Your Former Life

Dear Ones,

Please accept our condolences! You are saying good-bye to your former life and it is not always easy.

The New Age has arrived. That arrival has presented many changes that you are perhaps not yet aware of. Much like those historical years in your current life in which you knew something was happening, but the effect of those happenings were not clear until studied in more detail years later.

So is it true for your life now. You know something is different,  yet you continue to work every day, interact with the same people and live in the same house.  What is different?

If you remember from our earlier discussions, the New Age changes will occur from the inside out. So to answer your question most succinctly, you are different. You are feeling new feelings and thinking new thoughts. Oh not in a dramatic sense – for if you were, you would be more cognizant of your changes. But you are seeing more sunshine and less rain in your life.

Many of you beg to differ. You need a job. Or you want to retire. Or you wish you could have some object that appears outside your abilities to create. Which may still be an accurate picture for you.

The New Age shift is a gentle revolution. There will be no graduation ceremony or political coup to mark the occasion. Merely new thought process by you which will create different behavior patterns globally.

This New Age revolution is quiet and peaceful, but oh so dramatic. And you are the initiator! No wonder you have a sense that something is different. No wonder you feel like you want to dance in the sunshine even though “reality” tells you that such is silly. Is not your feeling something similar to what you felt as a child counting the days until Christmas or summer vacation? You were not quite sure what was in store for you on either occasion, but you knew that either or both would hold some sort of joy. Such is the case now. And we must add that such feelings are not limited to a specific country, gender or age range. There is merely the beginning of a global inner sense of ahhhhhh – life is good.

Again, many of you will beg to differ. You need a job, your heart is broken, you do not like the current politics or you are concerned about the people of Haiti. All that is well and good. But if you would just allow your fears and rages to abate for a moment, you would feel the sunshine we are speaking of.

Even though the outer world may continue to present dilemmas for you, please remember that the New Age is of the inside-out variety. Before those dilemmas can change, you must accept your inner joy.

Let us give you examples. Perhaps as a child you had difficulties learning your Roman numerals which bothered you a great deal. But that concern did not alter the fact that summer vacation was just a few days away. Or perhaps you dislike winter, with all the snow and discomfort winter entails, but that discomfort does not alter the fact that summer is going to arrive in a few months.

Yes, you have concerns and fears. Yes, they are valid for now. Your sense of the change – and we may add, your subconscious internal knowingness – allows you to feel the sunshine that is just a short period of time away.

It is no longer valid for you to believe or even state, “Life is terrible and then you die.” You now know, at least subconsciously, that life is fun and you get to live it! That sense of fun and joy  is your New Age revolution marker – not a political coup,  not a ceremony – but the absolute knowingness that sunshine is just around the corner. In fact, sunshine is now part of your being. For if you can create whatever you want, when ever you want it, why would your sunshine be years away?

Your inner being has already accepted the New Age and all that entails. That is your sense that something is different. Now you merely have to shift your belief patterns a bit from fear to joy, so that your outer-being matches your inner-being and you will be creating away.

Life is good. Life is fun. Life is joyful. Is that not a delightful thought? The phrase, “Life is good” is no longer a hope, it is now your reality. That is, it is your reality when you are willing to accept it –  gift of joy that you merely have to open and claim as your own. No more and no less. So be it. Amen.

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Please Accept Our Gift of Joy

Dear Ones,

Prepare yourself for a new life!

We laugh those of you reading this material begin bracing yourself for the worst. Have you ever heard anyone worry about bracing themselves for the best? Do you see how inundated you have been with pain and fear for eons? You cannot conceive of a change for the better, even though all of you reading this have experienced such changes on several occasions.

But then, those pleasant changes have been greatly outnumbered in your memory by the “heavy hand” that slips in from nowhere to extinguish your joy. “It is better to give than receive.” “Don’t be selfish.” “There are starving people all over the world.” “What right do you have to enjoy life?” “Don’t get a swollen head.” Your joyful feelings are most often surrounded by pain and fear – not because they have to be or even that they “should be” – but because pain and fear have been dominant for eons.

Toss fear and pain aside and move joy to the forefront.  Such a lovely thought feels overwhelming to many of you because you know that you must shift your belief patterns.  You are so enmeshed in day-to-day living that one more “should,” even if the results sound wonderful, feels too cumbersome to think about right now.

Ah. We have a wonderful gift for you from the Universe that you are able to receive whenever you wish to begin expecting joy and peace. Nothing more. But then, nothing less either. When did this gift of joy first become readily available? Perhaps you have been feeling  sensations in the past two weeks that indicated something was shifting, something was different and so it is. The past two weeks have been your adjustment period. Tomorrow is your launch date!

Could you have lived in joy before these past two eclipses? Most definitely. But such would have  been true with more “work” than most of you have energy for at this time. Much has been happening to you and your culture in the last few years – all preparation for the advent of this New Age. Those activities have taken more effort than you ever imagined. The same will not be true for future generations. They were not and will not be born into the same heavy earth gravity that was true for you baby boomers.

You are pioneers of the bravest magnitude. Within your current lifetime, you have shifted rapidly, in Universal terms, from the Old Age to the New Age. And by doing so, you have had to shift your thinking, your relationships and your belief patterns to a greater extent than any other generation to grace the earth for eons. While it is true that there have been monumental shifts in your society throughout history, the people instrumental in those historical moments did not expect to create a new world, they merely wanted to make their current world better.

You, on the other hand, are creating a new world. If you were to jump to 2110, your current behavior patterns would not be understandable to those living on earth at that time. A bit like finding someone who had never interacted with human beings prior to their 25th year. For human  interactions in 2110 will be so different from today as to not be recognizable. ESP, aura readings, intuitive senses, direct and open communication and joy and peace will be easily observable and in use on a minute-to-minute basis by all earth inhabitants. The Internet will be as outmoded as whale oil is today.  But that is neither here nor there. We merely want you to know that a major step in that process has occurred. You can truly expect joy – and more importantly, freedom from pain – for the reminder of your life on earth. And the same is true for each succeeding generation.

The key element of that last phrase is that you can now EXPECT joy.  That is our gift to you. You no longer need to chant, visualize or make elaborate presentations. You merely need to EXPECT to live in joy and so you will. Much like you know that the sun will eventually return even though the sun has been obscured by clouds for days.

Expect joy. That is all that is required. The gift has been given. Please open your gift of  joy and use it with the knowledge that each person on earth received the same gift. You will not take anything from anyone by enjoying life. That is your right and we might add your responsibility, for you are introducing the New Age to earth. We merely provided the expectation of joy via this eclipse adventure to help you do so in the time frame you requested.

As usual, you baby boomers are not that interested in waiting decades or even months for anything – much less the joy you have long prepared yourself and earth for. Allow that joy to stream into your life and your being by merely letting it happen. Expect joy and so it will be for you as well as your children and grandchildren for eons. Accept our gift, not with humbleness, but with the joy that it was intended to bring. You have “worked hard” for eons. Now it is time to play. And so you will.  So be it. Amen.

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Your Support Base Will Likely Change in the Next Few Months

Dear Ones,

As you evolve with the energy bursts that are occurring with greater and greater frequency, you are afraid that the ones you love will not shift in the same manner as you. This is a valid concern. The New Age is about freedom. Your need to dictate that others process these energy bursts in the same fashion and time frame as you is to state your interest in the New Age, but to live the rules and policies of the Old Age.

Even though freedom is delightful in a philosophical sense, the logic of complete freedom dictates that your support base will likely change in the next few months.  That thought terrifies you. You started this New Age revolution knowing that your outer and inner worlds might change, but you anticipated that those changes would occur in unison with those you cared for. Such is not necessarily reality.

As you shift, so will your attachment interests. Please take a moment in your sadness to understand what is happening to you and others. Do you remember how you intended to remain close to those people you graduated with in high school? On graduation day, did you look over the sea of graduates and think that you may never again see the majority of those people because you would meet new people who would tug at your heartstrings more?

So it is now. You have graduated to the New Age. Some of those in your Old Age class will move in patterns similar to yours, but many will not. Will such different directions negatively affect your being? No more than is true for those you no longer interact with from your high school class. Will you meet new people who will enhance your being? Most definitely. That is the center point of the New Age. You are moving into a new life with new people and new events – as was true when you graduated from high school.

The difference is that you are older, wiser and have stronger creative skills than was true 40 or 50 years ago. When you were 18, many of your connections were haphazard – you liked someone because they smiled at you, they were in the same college class or they rode the same subway. You did not necessarily actively decide who you wished to interact with – other than using the broad parameters of perhaps age, gender, race, religion or similar interests.

Take a moment to describe what type of person you now wish to interact with in an intimate fashion. We are suggesting that your old parameters have less to do with your selection process and that your new parameters are more concise in terms of beliefs, directions and joy. When you were 18, it is unlikely that a 60-year-old would have become a good friend. Yet now does age matter?

This revolution, unlike your first revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, is about inclusion rather than exclusion – it is about freedom rather than roles and behavior expectations.

For those of you who remain terrified that those you love will disappear, please review what it is that you love about them. Is it the role they play or is it their being? Is it their status or the status they provide you or their being? Is it their income or their being?

What about those people who have loved you before you were born, such as your parents or your siblings? Can you live without them?

Of course. You are a complete entity – you do not need anyone to survive or thrive. But it is so much more fun to live – or in our thought processes – play with someone of similar intent, than to play alone. And so you shall.

Stop worrying about being isolated in a sea of people – none of which interest you or meet your emotional interests. You are shifting as is everyone else. That is a given. Another given is that those who have shifted in a similar fashion will find each other easily and effortlessly. Your inner being is your compass of selection. Perhaps someone speaks of interests similar to yours, but just doesn’t feel right to you. And yet another person is enmeshed in a religion or some other structure that you are not that interested in has “vibes” that feel like cotton candy to you. Those cotton candy people are your playmates. And we will tell you that you will surprise yourself over and over again by the people who feel right.

There is one more issue we wish to discuss before we close. You are not going to run away from those you love or did love in the not very distant past. You merely are going to be less interested in spending time with them or discussing topics that speak to your heart. This revolution is peaceful and gentle – as are you. Allow yourself to be all that you want to be and do so by surrounding yourself with playmates who help you glow and grow.

Those who try to return you to a box of “shoulds” and “have tos” will remain in your life for a bit of time – but each day they will hold less interest for you, until there is a time when you will not remember why they were important to you.

Continue to remember your creative powers. And then use those powers in the fashion you planned before birth. Create those friends, relatives and lovers by putting out a “call” much as you would if you were a director of an award-winning play – “I need a lover stage left and a friend stage right.” You are the director of your play and the theme of your New Age play – a play that could be titled “Play,Joy and Laughter.” Go find those people who are perfect for your New Age play, just as the people who are less interesting to you now than was true just a few months ago, were perfect in your Old Age play. So be it. Amen.

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The Next Two Weeks are a Gift From the Universe

Dear Ones,

Today is a significant day on several counts. It is the first day of your calendar year, it is an indicator of what will occur in the next two weeks as this lunar eclipse dissolves into a solar eclipse and, as is usual for your society, January 1 signifies new beginnings.

Your resolutions may not seem that important for most will merely be a “replay” of your past resolutions such as weight loss or becoming a kinder person. The difference is that the strength you can give to your resolutions in the next two weeks is much higher than has ever been true before. Now why do we relay this information to you?

We wish for you to introduce your new world with a bang rather than a whimper. All that we have prophesied will occur and it will occur within the lifetime of most of you reading these materials. But these next two weeks will generate an energy that will allow you to display the results of the new earth energies in a fashion that even we did not anticipate.

You have always had the freedom to accept or negate the new energies. Even though you have accepted them overwhelmingly, you remain the silent majority. You are not certain of your “rightness” in selecting new energy directions, so you continue to wait for a consensus before you peek over the railing into the New Age. Given your denial of your capabilities for eons, such actions are not unexpected. Yet the results create a loneliness that impacts your actions and reactions.

Remember how wonderful it felt to belong in such a fashion that your actions were blueprints for those who followed? The 60s and 70s were such a time. The musings of that period continue to be noted throughout your culture.

“Make Peace Not War” has continued to remain at the forefront of political and individual movement for a half a century. The philosophy of the 60s and 70s that has been retained – but hidden so deeply within most of you that it feels as if it is a memory rather than a possibility.

This next two weeks will allow you to re-address the dreams that you held in the 60s and 70s with the maturity and earth knowledge you have gained since.

What do you wish to create and why? Ask yourself that question tonight and every day until you have cleared your path for your future. And then start telling others what your direction is. You baby boomers have become the silent majority. You are fearful of appearing silly. Do you remember your freedom to be – your bravery in your 20s? Return to those feelings. Tell others who you are and what you believe in. Not everyone will wish to listen. Nor will everyone care – just as was true when you first decided that you could not support the Vietnam War.

We are not suggesting that you spout your wisdom from soap boxes. But rather, that when your friends ask you about your 2010 resolutions, you include those that indicate you have moved beyond,  “I want to lose 25 pounds.”

Expand your dreams and philosophies in the next two weeks. Tell whomever asks. And you will sparkle, grow and expand beyond what you have dreamed – and that you can do so more easily and rapidly in the next two weeks than has ever been possible before. Dream and dream big. Write down those dreams. Then write down why you have those dreams. You will find out more about your future directions by doing so than any other activity you can participate in.

Your dreams are not full of “hot air,” but reality. For you would not have those dreams if you were not capable of manifesting them.

Many of you assume that most will wish to manifest large sums of money. Such will be correct for fewer people than you think. Your dreams are different from what was true six months ago – and your dreams will continue to expand, as will be true for earth and yes, the Universe as a whole. You are moving from your ABC’s to reading PhD materials in just a few years.

In 2009  you were in high school. This year you start college. If you allow yourself to dream big and relay your dreams to those who wish to listen, so that they too can realize that nothing is impossible, by 2011 your dreams of the next two weeks will seem like child’s play.

Think of the next two weeks as your “gift from the Universe” that will change your life far beyond what you dream of now. So be it. Amen.

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