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The Next Two Weeks are a Gift From the Universe

Dear Ones,

Today is a significant day on several counts. It is the first day of your calendar year, it is an indicator of what will occur in the next two weeks as this lunar eclipse dissolves into a solar eclipse and, as is usual for your society, January 1 signifies new beginnings.

Your resolutions may not seem that important for most will merely be a “replay” of your past resolutions such as weight loss or becoming a kinder person. The difference is that the strength you can give to your resolutions in the next two weeks is much higher than has ever been true before. Now why do we relay this information to you?

We wish for you to introduce your new world with a bang rather than a whimper. All that we have prophesied will occur and it will occur within the lifetime of most of you reading these materials. But these next two weeks will generate an energy that will allow you to display the results of the new earth energies in a fashion that even we did not anticipate.

You have always had the freedom to accept or negate the new energies. Even though you have accepted them overwhelmingly, you remain the silent majority. You are not certain of your “rightness” in selecting new energy directions, so you continue to wait for a consensus before you peek over the railing into the New Age. Given your denial of your capabilities for eons, such actions are not unexpected. Yet the results create a loneliness that impacts your actions and reactions.

Remember how wonderful it felt to belong in such a fashion that your actions were blueprints for those who followed? The 60s and 70s were such a time. The musings of that period continue to be noted throughout your culture.

“Make Peace Not War” has continued to remain at the forefront of political and individual movement for a half a century. The philosophy of the 60s and 70s that has been retained – but hidden so deeply within most of you that it feels as if it is a memory rather than a possibility.

This next two weeks will allow you to re-address the dreams that you held in the 60s and 70s with the maturity and earth knowledge you have gained since.

What do you wish to create and why? Ask yourself that question tonight and every day until you have cleared your path for your future. And then start telling others what your direction is. You baby boomers have become the silent majority. You are fearful of appearing silly. Do you remember your freedom to be – your bravery in your 20s? Return to those feelings. Tell others who you are and what you believe in. Not everyone will wish to listen. Nor will everyone care – just as was true when you first decided that you could not support the Vietnam War.

We are not suggesting that you spout your wisdom from soap boxes. But rather, that when your friends ask you about your 2010 resolutions, you include those that indicate you have moved beyond,  “I want to lose 25 pounds.”

Expand your dreams and philosophies in the next two weeks. Tell whomever asks. And you will sparkle, grow and expand beyond what you have dreamed – and that you can do so more easily and rapidly in the next two weeks than has ever been possible before. Dream and dream big. Write down those dreams. Then write down why you have those dreams. You will find out more about your future directions by doing so than any other activity you can participate in.

Your dreams are not full of “hot air,” but reality. For you would not have those dreams if you were not capable of manifesting them.

Many of you assume that most will wish to manifest large sums of money. Such will be correct for fewer people than you think. Your dreams are different from what was true six months ago – and your dreams will continue to expand, as will be true for earth and yes, the Universe as a whole. You are moving from your ABC’s to reading PhD materials in just a few years.

In 2009  you were in high school. This year you start college. If you allow yourself to dream big and relay your dreams to those who wish to listen, so that they too can realize that nothing is impossible, by 2011 your dreams of the next two weeks will seem like child’s play.

Think of the next two weeks as your “gift from the Universe” that will change your life far beyond what you dream of now. So be it. Amen.

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