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Your Support Base Will Likely Change in the Next Few Months

Dear Ones,

As you evolve with the energy bursts that are occurring with greater and greater frequency, you are afraid that the ones you love will not shift in the same manner as you. This is a valid concern. The New Age is about freedom. Your need to dictate that others process these energy bursts in the same fashion and time frame as you is to state your interest in the New Age, but to live the rules and policies of the Old Age.

Even though freedom is delightful in a philosophical sense, the logic of complete freedom dictates that your support base will likely change in the next few months.  That thought terrifies you. You started this New Age revolution knowing that your outer and inner worlds might change, but you anticipated that those changes would occur in unison with those you cared for. Such is not necessarily reality.

As you shift, so will your attachment interests. Please take a moment in your sadness to understand what is happening to you and others. Do you remember how you intended to remain close to those people you graduated with in high school? On graduation day, did you look over the sea of graduates and think that you may never again see the majority of those people because you would meet new people who would tug at your heartstrings more?

So it is now. You have graduated to the New Age. Some of those in your Old Age class will move in patterns similar to yours, but many will not. Will such different directions negatively affect your being? No more than is true for those you no longer interact with from your high school class. Will you meet new people who will enhance your being? Most definitely. That is the center point of the New Age. You are moving into a new life with new people and new events – as was true when you graduated from high school.

The difference is that you are older, wiser and have stronger creative skills than was true 40 or 50 years ago. When you were 18, many of your connections were haphazard – you liked someone because they smiled at you, they were in the same college class or they rode the same subway. You did not necessarily actively decide who you wished to interact with – other than using the broad parameters of perhaps age, gender, race, religion or similar interests.

Take a moment to describe what type of person you now wish to interact with in an intimate fashion. We are suggesting that your old parameters have less to do with your selection process and that your new parameters are more concise in terms of beliefs, directions and joy. When you were 18, it is unlikely that a 60-year-old would have become a good friend. Yet now does age matter?

This revolution, unlike your first revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, is about inclusion rather than exclusion – it is about freedom rather than roles and behavior expectations.

For those of you who remain terrified that those you love will disappear, please review what it is that you love about them. Is it the role they play or is it their being? Is it their status or the status they provide you or their being? Is it their income or their being?

What about those people who have loved you before you were born, such as your parents or your siblings? Can you live without them?

Of course. You are a complete entity – you do not need anyone to survive or thrive. But it is so much more fun to live – or in our thought processes – play with someone of similar intent, than to play alone. And so you shall.

Stop worrying about being isolated in a sea of people – none of which interest you or meet your emotional interests. You are shifting as is everyone else. That is a given. Another given is that those who have shifted in a similar fashion will find each other easily and effortlessly. Your inner being is your compass of selection. Perhaps someone speaks of interests similar to yours, but just doesn’t feel right to you. And yet another person is enmeshed in a religion or some other structure that you are not that interested in has “vibes” that feel like cotton candy to you. Those cotton candy people are your playmates. And we will tell you that you will surprise yourself over and over again by the people who feel right.

There is one more issue we wish to discuss before we close. You are not going to run away from those you love or did love in the not very distant past. You merely are going to be less interested in spending time with them or discussing topics that speak to your heart. This revolution is peaceful and gentle – as are you. Allow yourself to be all that you want to be and do so by surrounding yourself with playmates who help you glow and grow.

Those who try to return you to a box of “shoulds” and “have tos” will remain in your life for a bit of time – but each day they will hold less interest for you, until there is a time when you will not remember why they were important to you.

Continue to remember your creative powers. And then use those powers in the fashion you planned before birth. Create those friends, relatives and lovers by putting out a “call” much as you would if you were a director of an award-winning play – “I need a lover stage left and a friend stage right.” You are the director of your play and the theme of your New Age play – a play that could be titled “Play,Joy and Laughter.” Go find those people who are perfect for your New Age play, just as the people who are less interesting to you now than was true just a few months ago, were perfect in your Old Age play. So be it. Amen.

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