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Please Accept Our Gift of Joy

Dear Ones,

Prepare yourself for a new life!

We laugh those of you reading this material begin bracing yourself for the worst. Have you ever heard anyone worry about bracing themselves for the best? Do you see how inundated you have been with pain and fear for eons? You cannot conceive of a change for the better, even though all of you reading this have experienced such changes on several occasions.

But then, those pleasant changes have been greatly outnumbered in your memory by the “heavy hand” that slips in from nowhere to extinguish your joy. “It is better to give than receive.” “Don’t be selfish.” “There are starving people all over the world.” “What right do you have to enjoy life?” “Don’t get a swollen head.” Your joyful feelings are most often surrounded by pain and fear – not because they have to be or even that they “should be” – but because pain and fear have been dominant for eons.

Toss fear and pain aside and move joy to the forefront.  Such a lovely thought feels overwhelming to many of you because you know that you must shift your belief patterns.  You are so enmeshed in day-to-day living that one more “should,” even if the results sound wonderful, feels too cumbersome to think about right now.

Ah. We have a wonderful gift for you from the Universe that you are able to receive whenever you wish to begin expecting joy and peace. Nothing more. But then, nothing less either. When did this gift of joy first become readily available? Perhaps you have been feeling  sensations in the past two weeks that indicated something was shifting, something was different and so it is. The past two weeks have been your adjustment period. Tomorrow is your launch date!

Could you have lived in joy before these past two eclipses? Most definitely. But such would have  been true with more “work” than most of you have energy for at this time. Much has been happening to you and your culture in the last few years – all preparation for the advent of this New Age. Those activities have taken more effort than you ever imagined. The same will not be true for future generations. They were not and will not be born into the same heavy earth gravity that was true for you baby boomers.

You are pioneers of the bravest magnitude. Within your current lifetime, you have shifted rapidly, in Universal terms, from the Old Age to the New Age. And by doing so, you have had to shift your thinking, your relationships and your belief patterns to a greater extent than any other generation to grace the earth for eons. While it is true that there have been monumental shifts in your society throughout history, the people instrumental in those historical moments did not expect to create a new world, they merely wanted to make their current world better.

You, on the other hand, are creating a new world. If you were to jump to 2110, your current behavior patterns would not be understandable to those living on earth at that time. A bit like finding someone who had never interacted with human beings prior to their 25th year. For human  interactions in 2110 will be so different from today as to not be recognizable. ESP, aura readings, intuitive senses, direct and open communication and joy and peace will be easily observable and in use on a minute-to-minute basis by all earth inhabitants. The Internet will be as outmoded as whale oil is today.  But that is neither here nor there. We merely want you to know that a major step in that process has occurred. You can truly expect joy – and more importantly, freedom from pain – for the reminder of your life on earth. And the same is true for each succeeding generation.

The key element of that last phrase is that you can now EXPECT joy.  That is our gift to you. You no longer need to chant, visualize or make elaborate presentations. You merely need to EXPECT to live in joy and so you will. Much like you know that the sun will eventually return even though the sun has been obscured by clouds for days.

Expect joy. That is all that is required. The gift has been given. Please open your gift of  joy and use it with the knowledge that each person on earth received the same gift. You will not take anything from anyone by enjoying life. That is your right and we might add your responsibility, for you are introducing the New Age to earth. We merely provided the expectation of joy via this eclipse adventure to help you do so in the time frame you requested.

As usual, you baby boomers are not that interested in waiting decades or even months for anything – much less the joy you have long prepared yourself and earth for. Allow that joy to stream into your life and your being by merely letting it happen. Expect joy and so it will be for you as well as your children and grandchildren for eons. Accept our gift, not with humbleness, but with the joy that it was intended to bring. You have “worked hard” for eons. Now it is time to play. And so you will.  So be it. Amen.

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