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Please Accept our Condolences. You are Saying Good-bye to Your Former Life

Dear Ones,

Please accept our condolences! You are saying good-bye to your former life and it is not always easy.

The New Age has arrived. That arrival has presented many changes that you are perhaps not yet aware of. Much like those historical years in your current life in which you knew something was happening, but the effect of those happenings were not clear until studied in more detail years later.

So is it true for your life now. You know something is different,  yet you continue to work every day, interact with the same people and live in the same house.  What is different?

If you remember from our earlier discussions, the New Age changes will occur from the inside out. So to answer your question most succinctly, you are different. You are feeling new feelings and thinking new thoughts. Oh not in a dramatic sense – for if you were, you would be more cognizant of your changes. But you are seeing more sunshine and less rain in your life.

Many of you beg to differ. You need a job. Or you want to retire. Or you wish you could have some object that appears outside your abilities to create. Which may still be an accurate picture for you.

The New Age shift is a gentle revolution. There will be no graduation ceremony or political coup to mark the occasion. Merely new thought process by you which will create different behavior patterns globally.

This New Age revolution is quiet and peaceful, but oh so dramatic. And you are the initiator! No wonder you have a sense that something is different. No wonder you feel like you want to dance in the sunshine even though “reality” tells you that such is silly. Is not your feeling something similar to what you felt as a child counting the days until Christmas or summer vacation? You were not quite sure what was in store for you on either occasion, but you knew that either or both would hold some sort of joy. Such is the case now. And we must add that such feelings are not limited to a specific country, gender or age range. There is merely the beginning of a global inner sense of ahhhhhh – life is good.

Again, many of you will beg to differ. You need a job, your heart is broken, you do not like the current politics or you are concerned about the people of Haiti. All that is well and good. But if you would just allow your fears and rages to abate for a moment, you would feel the sunshine we are speaking of.

Even though the outer world may continue to present dilemmas for you, please remember that the New Age is of the inside-out variety. Before those dilemmas can change, you must accept your inner joy.

Let us give you examples. Perhaps as a child you had difficulties learning your Roman numerals which bothered you a great deal. But that concern did not alter the fact that summer vacation was just a few days away. Or perhaps you dislike winter, with all the snow and discomfort winter entails, but that discomfort does not alter the fact that summer is going to arrive in a few months.

Yes, you have concerns and fears. Yes, they are valid for now. Your sense of the change – and we may add, your subconscious internal knowingness – allows you to feel the sunshine that is just a short period of time away.

It is no longer valid for you to believe or even state, “Life is terrible and then you die.” You now know, at least subconsciously, that life is fun and you get to live it! That sense of fun and joy  is your New Age revolution marker – not a political coup,  not a ceremony – but the absolute knowingness that sunshine is just around the corner. In fact, sunshine is now part of your being. For if you can create whatever you want, when ever you want it, why would your sunshine be years away?

Your inner being has already accepted the New Age and all that entails. That is your sense that something is different. Now you merely have to shift your belief patterns a bit from fear to joy, so that your outer-being matches your inner-being and you will be creating away.

Life is good. Life is fun. Life is joyful. Is that not a delightful thought? The phrase, “Life is good” is no longer a hope, it is now your reality. That is, it is your reality when you are willing to accept it –  gift of joy that you merely have to open and claim as your own. No more and no less. So be it. Amen.

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