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Don’t Require Yourself to be “On” All Day Everyday

Dear Everyone,

I don’t know if you have had the similar feelings in the last week or so, but I seem to have reverted to Old Age problem solving techniques and I have had very little interest in channeling or connecting to the spiritual  realms. I suppose we will learn today what that was or is all about….but then again, maybe not. I’m learning to “Go “with the flow.” Now let’s see what my sources have to relay to us today.


Dear Ones,

Brenda has tapped an extremely important piece of information in her analysis of what has happened to her and through her in the last few days. Your movement into the New Age is not going to be a straight line. Please do not expect an observable movement from point A to point B. Your transition is not a mathematical equation, it is your life. And as is true for all life on earth, variables are a daily part of your known reality.

Some of you may berate yourself when you do not feel “in the flow,” or even care that there is a flow. Instead of berating yourself during such instances,  realize the worth of your observation.

You are in the process of  a major transition at the mid-point of your current life and yet you expect it to be as easy and clean as pulling out a new sheet of paper. Of course, there will be times when you are tired of the transition process. Of course, there will be times when others will try to encourage you to return to your Old Age activities. And of course, there will be times when you do not feel like doing anything in the spiritual realms.

Do you remember other major transition in your life – perhaps a death or divorce? Did you not allow yourself to experience grieving, anger and just plain apathy? Why do you suppose this transition is any different? You have lived your entire life with one set of expectations – expectations that are no longer valued. Of course, there is a grieving process. But more to the point for Brenda and many of you, sheer exhaustion.

You cannot expect your physical being to be “on” all day, everyday throughout this transition process. You will need rest stops, as did Brenda in these last few days.

Your Old Age behavior patterns are so deeply ingrained that you will often feel most comfortable reverting to Old Age behavior patterns during this transition. Let us explain. You have read many stories about men or women who marry an alcoholic only to divorce that alcoholic and marry another. Most often, a little research will indicate that such a difficult pattern was developed in early childhood as they observed the addictions of one or both of their parents. Even though marriage to an alcoholic is painful to them, it is familiar and therefore comfortable – in an uncomfortable fashion.

Allow yourself to revert to your familiar behavior patterns when it feels right to do so. That is the function of the phrase, “Go with the Flow.”

In the Old Age, you would have “worked” to combat any behaviors that did not fit the pattern you wished to create. The New Age is not about work, but rather a graceful and fun-loving acceptance of who you are, where you are emotionally and yes, physically.  That is your reality. You created that reality for a reason.

Perhaps you need an emotional rest. That is fine. Perhaps you do not wish to explore this New Age any further. That is fine. Maybe you need to circle back to the Old Age to comfort a family member or friend. Or maybe you just feel like it.

There are no rules in the New Age. And there are no correct behavior patterns.

For you to feel as if you should do or be something other than what you want to be at that very moment, is in fact to say that you do not wish to be part of the New Age.

The New Age is about freedom – for you and for everyone else. Just as you allow others to move in the direction that is correct for them, allow yourself the same. And by doing so, you will return to your New Age dreams, visions and actions much more rapidly than if you try to force yourself into the very same movements you have known throughout the Old Age. You are free, as is the person next to you and as is everyone on earth.

Allow that freedom to include moving at a pace and direction that is correct for your inner being, and you will discover and enter the New Age. Force yourself to be part of the New Age and you will remain in the Old Age.

Ah. What a fun thought – flow and you are free, force yourself and you are in a cage. So be it. Amen.

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