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You Might Not Feel What You Want to Feel on Valentine’s Day

Dear Ones,

Today is a very fun post for us as we are nearing the time of your calendar year that speaks to the heart – Valentine’s Day. Of course, just as is true for your Christmas celebrations, Valentine’s Day is a societal concept designed to generate feelings of love and warmth. That is fine. It does not matter how such feelings are generated, as long as they are generated. What is different about Valentine’s Day 2010 is that it is the first to encompass both societal and Universal feelings.

Is February 14, 2010 different from February 15 or February 12th? Yes and no. Astrologically, such is the case. But the feelings that you generate on the 14th will merely be an extension of those which you have delved into for some time and will continue to do so for the rest of your time on earth.

Many of you are not feeling the warmth that you think that you should given that the New Age has arrived. Perhaps you are miffed at someone. Perhaps your daily activities seem boring. Perhaps your mate feels less than what you want or also feels boring. Do not be concerned. This is a time of massive shifts within individuals and thereby, your society. Do not expect your heart to go pitter-patter at the sight of your mate just because it is Valentine’s Day. But then, do not be surprised if it does.

There are so many shifts now that the unexpected is actually the expected. Do not fret if you do not feel what you want to feel on February 14th. It is merely a day. Nothing more or nothing less.

What is most important is your inner voice. Is your inner voice telling you to leave or exit the relationship? If so, you are with the wrong person. But if your inner being does not generate such feelings, your discomfort, your lack of expected and anticipated warmth toward your mate is merely a short-term feeling generated by the changes in your world and your being –  not an indicator of your true feelings.

When you first met your mate, your energies were joined into a happy and loving twosome that generated joy in both of you. Since then, you have probably moved through many issues together, but have met somewhere in the middle reaffirming your original commitment and joy of being with one another.

This New Age transition is a bit different. Neither of you have the guide-lines provided by your society to tell you if your mate does this, your expected societal reaction should be that. You both had something to push against. For example, if she had an affair you could decide if you would play the wounded mate and continue with the relationship or if you would play the angry spouse who throws her clothes out the window. Both were accepted and expected reactions.

In the New Age, there will be hundreds, thousands of different reactions to the same scenario. And those reactions may change daily. There is no longer anyone to tell you what is the most appropriate reaction. Those of you listening to your inner being will have as many different reactions as there are inner beings.

Do you now understand your feelings of disconnect with your mate and in truth, those around you? You care – you know you care. You continue to have  feelings of love, sadness and joy but yet, there is that disconnect. Almost like the two-year-old who wishes to have that toy and only that toy for five minutes and then completely forgets about it.

You are used to mulling over issues for days, weeks and years. You are used to specific reactions to specific occurences. Now nothing is as it was. You are finding yourself crying one moment, laughing the next and in a rage yet the next. Much like a two-year-old.

Some of you fear that you have reached your second childhood. We joyfully relay that you have. It is with great pleasure that we state that it is time for children, teenagers, young adults, adults and seniors to grasp onto, to return to and to celebrate their childhood. In truth, the New Age can best be described as everyone’s childhood.

Please remember how honest you were with yourself and others as an infant. You cried when you needed something and you laughed when you felt like it. You did not ask if it was appropriate for you to laugh, to cry, to ask questions, to be angry or to be shy. You were just you.

And so it is time once again to be – including re-establishing a new and wonderful relationship with your mate. Perhaps you both have forgotten who you truly are. Perhaps you have never seen the true person that your mate is. That is the joy of this Valentine’s Day and forevermore.

It is time to throw aside the pretenses. It is time to laugh, eat, cry and question when you feel like it. And the same is true for your mate. Do not fear. Some of you may decide that you do not particularly like the true being that your mate is becoming or now is. But the vast majority will fall in love with their mate all over again.

You noted glimmers of their true beingness when you were dating – when the sparkle of joy was there to such an extent that you wanted to shout and scream and laugh with the wonder of the person you were falling in love with. But life intervened so that your sparkle shifted to a dull acceptance, with a bit of sparkle that glittered every now and again.

We are telling you in joy that it is SPARKLE TIME. You and your love will fall in love all over again. Allow yourself and your mate to shift. You will meet in the middle in a dance of joy and a giggle. Happy Valentine’s YEAR..and the remainder of your life on earth. So be it. Amen.

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