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Dear Ones,

Perhaps you have recently heard various singers perform the song Hallelujah! A song of joy and poetry. You might even find yourself humming the song as you go about your daily tasks. That is not an accident. Not that this song encompasses all that we have talked about in our blogs and e-books, but rather that it encourages you to shout to the heavens and to others your joy in being alive, your joy in discovering your new skills and new directions.

Perhaps some of you are afraid to shout hallelujah just for fun – but why? Go ahead – spread your arms and shout to yourself or anyone who cares to listen – HALLELUJAH! Was that not fun and a bit out of character? The New Age constitutes new behaviors and new beliefs – one of which is that you are a glorious being who is marking the path for others so they dare join you in your New Age fun.

Have you ever listened to children sing just for the joy of singing? Do they care about pitch or tone? Why do you? Are you not cautious about creating a scene? Are you not concerned that someone will find you silly? Or someone will be offended or irritated? So you hunker down and play by the rules, “Do not talk in elevators.” “Do not be too loud.” Do not dance too wildly.” “Control yourself.”

When and why did you feel the need to control yourself? Was it at age four? At age 21? Or was that control a progressive sense of containing yourself into an acceptable little box? One that society agreed upon was appropriate for your age, race and gender? Is it not interesting that men kissing each other is completely acceptable in some countries and not in others? Or that dancing is sedate in some countries and “wild and crazy” in others? Even humor shifts from country to country. Yet, you firmly maintain control on your behavior so that you will be acceptable to society. Which society?

Some of you have  moved to a country or locale that is more accepting of your being. But even in those locations you maintain age appropriate behaviors. When was the last time you danced as you walked along the sidewalk? Or the last time you laughed loudly and inappropriately?

Infants laugh as long and as loud as they like. Toddlers dance and sing with delight whenever they wish. They talk in church and even run with scissors if possible. Infants and toddlers do not follow  rules, nor do they want to.

Slowly but surely, your society assumes control until all adults follow similar patterns. Toning down is a key element of your society.

How can you live in joy if your joy is sifted through society’s sieve of correct behavior? Why should you behave differently on a picnic in which you might have a few drinks than at your office or in church?

Many of you are now thinking that you would not drink alcohol in your office and so you behave differently than is true on a picnic. We beg to differ. If you allowed yourself to behave as your inner being directed all day every day, you would have little need for alcohol and other drugs.

Alcohol and other drugs are necessary when you have so hidden your true self that only alcohol and drugs allow you to be free. Do you not you speak and act differently when you are imbibing than when you are not? And does society not allow that behavior based on the amount of alcohol or drugs you have used? You even have terms for your behavior shifts related to alcohol – “mean drunk” “silly drunk”  “druggie” all of which allow you to behave in a manner that society finds erratic, but acceptable given the circumstances.

What if you behaved in the same fashion whether you were drunk or sober? Better yet, what if society encouraged you to behave in a similar fashion whether you were drunk or sober? What if you are using drugs and alcohol to access your true self?

For many of you that last statement is a  frightening thought for you do not like the “you” who appears in a drug or alcohol stupor. Yet you feel the need to use either or both – why? Could it be because such a stupor is the only manner in which you allow yourself the freedom to be? And so it is.

We will add one more piece. The reason your behavior feels out of kilter when you are in a drug or alcohol induced state is that you have so  “bottled up” your true feelings that you must explode – not unlike a pressure cooker releasing steam. If you allowed yourself to sing in joy at the level that feels most fun whenever you feel like singing or whatever behavior feels the most fun at that moment, you would have little interest in drugs and alcohol.

So sing, dance and play to your heart’s content. Hallelulah! It is time for you to be who you are instead of who society dictates you should be.

Perhaps you are now thinking that if you truly allowed yourself to be who you are, you would be fired. Find another job – one that allows you to be who you are. Now that you can create whatever you want, whenever you want it, why would you opt to remain in a job, community or friendship that curtails your being?

The New Age is not about rules. It is about finding and cherishing your being. And so it is. Amen.

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