Edgy, Rebellious? Welcome to the New Age!

February 24, 2010 at 5:21 pm 2 comments

Dear Ones,

Have you been tired even though there are no specific indicators of why you should be? Have you been edgy, angry – perhaps even rebellious? Welcome to the New Age!

You wonder how we can celebrate your behaviors when you are worried that a few more days of such behaviors might force you to live the remainder of your life in some isolated area where you can no longer offend yourself or others!

You probably are not finding these last few weeks, and particularly last few days,  amusing. Yet, we find your behavior delightful.

You have decades of “rule following” to shed and as predicted you are doing so on a daily basis. Despite our predictions, you never expected to do so in such a raw format. You expected your shedding of societal rules to occur in a gentle fashion that would not be noticed by most people in your life. Instead, you are finding that your rages are happening frequently and often without cause.

Does your behavior remind you of a 2 year old? It should. That is how you are acting. If your dinner is late, you are angry not because you are starving, but because your body is telling you to eat – NOW. If you are tired, you are angry. Not because you are sleep deprived, but because you are not following your bodies indicators. A 2 year old acts in much the same fashion – but you make allowances for such behavior because the child is two.

Allow yourself that same freedom. Think of it as the “terrible 55s” or the” terrible 62s” or whatever age you are. Your anger, your surprising behaviors and your interactions with others are no different from what was true for you when you were two. The only difference is that your society does not allow for such behaviors once you have reached adulthood – or in many cases, once you started school.

You have much to release, just as is true for a 2 year old. Suppose you ignore your inner needs and continue to listen to the dictates of society of how you should behave? Will you cease to exist as a person? No. Will your future be more difficult? Yes.

Perhaps you are familiar with child development stages such as the terrible twos or  the teen’s need to separate from parents or the other milestones that you, as a society, accept as truisms and use to modify your reactions to those particular age groups.

Child development is a relatively new science. Past generations did not make allowances for “childish” behaviors. A child was expected to follow the dictates of that culture whether he was 3 years old or 15 years old. In past cultures, seven years of age was considered the first year of adulthood.

Neither today’s child development principles, nor past principles are right or wrong. Merely different. Today, children are allowed to be children for a longer period than has been the case in most past civilizations. That freedom allows and has allowed most of you to work on issues that were merely dreamed of in past generations. You had the freedom to sleep, eat and play when your body told you that such activities were correct for you. Pre-school age children of previous times often worked in factories. Or were married at the age of four and sent to the home of their bride or groom. Today, such actions would be considered child abuse.

A new science of adult development is being created. Of course, you currently allow for a mid-life crises, pregnancy and the inconsistencies of menopause, but beyond these three factors there is little deviation from the rules for adult behavior.

Your society is accepting and even starting to expect shifts in adult behavior that were not noted or accepted previously. You, as a society, are finally allowing yourself the freedom to be as an adult, just as you allow children the freedom to be.

This is an amazing and confusing time for you and for all adults. You are feeling new feelings – not the least of which is rage – and you are allowing yourself to express those feelings to the surprise of those who expect you to act in a particular fashion because that is how you have acted for your most of your adult life. You are even shocking yourself with your thoughts and behaviors.

Just as is true for many of you who have completed child development research; or have been forced to skip stages such as the “terrible twos” only to have to work through those stages as an adult with a trained professional, it is beyond time for your society to note and allow adult stages that have consequences far beyond current expectations.

The term “teen-ager” was coined in the mid 1900s. Are teens not are expected to act erratically? That was not necessarily the case one hundred years ago. The term “teen-ager” was not even widely used prior to 1940.

Before the creation of child development stages, society expected everyone to behave in a similar fashion throughout childhood – childhood was merely an extension of adulthood.  Once childhood was an accepted phase of life, children were allowed to behave according to their inner being, rather than societal dictates – creating the study of child development. The same is now true for adult development.

So allow yourself to behave in a fashion you did not believe possible a mere few years ago. Listen to your inner being and act on its urges. Just as was true for the study of child development at the beginning of the 20th century, the study of adult development will not be possible until there is a large pool of adults behaving as they wish to behave.

Be yourself. Listen to your inner being and act on those thoughts. You cannot misbehave. You will not destroy yourself or others. You will merely come into your being with all of the joy and glory you wished when you elected to be born in this lifetime. Allow yourself to be and you will help advance various scientific fields. More importantly, allow yourself to be so that you can finally access the joy and fun you have wanted to access. So be it. Amen.

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  • 1. indianinthemachine  |  February 25, 2010 at 8:30 am

    Thanks Brenda, this is a great message…is it channelled? May I share on my website with links back?

    Indian in the machine


    • 2. lifetapestrycreations  |  February 25, 2010 at 9:37 am

      All of my blogs and e-books are channeled materials. Of course you may share on your website. Thank you for asking.



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