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You Are Creators of the Highest Magnitude

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Please know that you are rare entities. Not necessarily because you are on earth at this time, but because you are of such an adventuresome nature that you have agreed to help with this New Age Transition. Of course, you are silently nodding in agreement that you are fully aware of that role and are trying to implement it to the best of your ability.

Perhaps helping others to navigate this Transition does not seem that challenging to you. We beg to differ. What you are accomplishing – with a great deal of skill and decorum – is something that has never been attempted on earth before. This thought is not to frighten you, but rather to allow you to understand how magnificent you are.

Please remember the actions and reactions of your youth. The peace movement. The Vietnam War. Drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll. Whether you were instrumental in that shift or a bystander does not matter. We merely wish to point out that shift was minor in comparison to what is occurring now.

Some of you may believe what you are experiencing now is of less importance and less traumatic than was the case of your parents during the Great Depression and World War II. We beg to differ. Granted they suffered physically and they explored issues that had not necessarily been explored previously because of limited international communication systems. But your parents and your grandparents continued the exploration of the physical world that was initiated eons ago.

What you baby boomers are now experiencing is the first and greatest spiritual shift, the shift that marks the beginning of the New Age. Let us be more specific. You baby boomers accepted two major roles in your lifetime. The first was to explore your emotional world. This you have done with a great deal of angst. You have completed the issues on abuse, chemical usage and other emotional hardships that have turned your world upside down. Now you are moving into yet another chapter of exploration – your spiritual realms.

Your parents, grandparents and many previous generations explored the physical realms. They discovered new worlds, climbed the highest mountains, survived the coldest temperatures and achieved a stability that you still cling to. You do not wonder or worry whether there is another piece of land over the horizon. You do wonder or worry about whether you can survive in space. And you are not terribly concerned about the mechanics of flying wherever you wish to in the world. It just is. Your parents and other previous generations completed that piece for you.

But they completed that piece over eons of time. You raced through the emotional elements and stand at the brink of fully exploring your spiritual realms. Yet you wonder what you have achieved in your life. Do you see how silly such concerns are given how much you have accomplished in the first six or seven decades of your life? And yet you are willing to do more. What brave and adventuresome people you baby boomers are!

You do not yet have a perspective of your life on earth. Let us outline what you have accomplished to date and then tell you what your current sense of urgency is all about.

You baby  boomers were the ‘wild children’ of the 60s and 70s. You demanded your freedoms in so many areas – areas your parents were not that concerned about. Yet you berate yourself for not completing what you thought should have been completed in a few years. Granted, there are some emotional freedoms that still need to be reviewed, but it is now acceptable for women to be corporate executives, abuse issues to be discussed and an African-American to hold the highest office possible in the United States.  Such freedoms were your goals in your youth. You did not require generations to complete those goals, you did so in a few decades.

Now you are initiating your spiritual freedoms and you are feeling as if nothing is happening or changing. We beg to differ. Your, and thereby the earth’s,  spiritual shift will happen within years not decades. Your spiritual studies will be expedited in a fashion you cannot even imagine now.

Know without a doubt that you baby boomers are adventuresome and brave. Then know that you have achieved so much in your life – both personally and in terms of group baby boomer thought. Then understand without a doubt that what you have achieved to date will pale in comparison to what you will achieve in the next few years, not decades, not even a decade – but a few short years.

You are going to move the earth into a spiritual arena that could not even be imagined twenty years ago. Your role is much larger than merely accepting that the New Age has arrived. Your role is to shift the earth on its emotional/spiritual axis. We will tell you without a doubt that the emotional work you completed, in such a lovely and efficient manner, is nothing compared to what you will achieve in the next five or so years.

Perhaps it is time for you baby boomers to start singing, “You’ve Only Just Begun.” That last thought is not to frighten you, but to allow you to know the depth and breathe of your skills, interests, resources and abilities.

You baby boomers are truly God’s gift to the future.

Those of you who are the children and grandchildren of the baby boomers are wondering, “What about me? Am I chopped liver?” Not at all. You merely have a different role to play. Baby boomers agreed to ‘set up’ the New Age. You are going to live it. Even though you also have transition aspects to consider, the work your baby boomer parents and grandparents completed allow you the emotional freedoms you take for granted – and of course, the communication systems, like the Internet, you cannot imagine not being part of your life. Baby boomers are the scouts and pioneers. Your generation and your children’s generation will live in those new emotional/spiritual realms created by the baby boomers.

Perhaps you are wondering why the physical realms were explored for eons, the emotional realms for decades and the spiritual realms for a mere few years? As many channelers have noted, time, as you understand it, is collapsing. There is no longer a need to spend generations understanding a concept now that you have the capability to flow between time periods and the physical, emotional and spiritual realms.

You are all now creators of the highest magnitude.  Allow yourself to accept that. Most importantly, allow yourself to live that. So be it. Amen.

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Your Joy is Screaming to be Free!

Channeled by Brenda Joyce Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Let us review what has happened in the last couple of weeks, and extrapolate from those happenings what is going to be happening in the next few months.

You have long heard that open communication, joy, peace and love are the end points of your movement into the New Age. And you have meditated, discussed and read about what you need to do to reach that goal. We will tell you to throw your books away. Stop meditating. And stop your discussions. All of the aforementioned activities merely continue your thoughts that someone out there somewhere has answers that you do not. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You are a fully contained, unique individual who does not require anyone or anything to direct you to your individual joy. If each person is an individual, how can anyone – no matter what their credentials are or how many books they have sold – tell you how to achieve your goals? Freedom is not just an isolated word in your vocabulary that you spout when appropriate, it is your life on earth and in all other realms. Freedom is who you are. Now, it is true that others can give you tips or help you access feelings you have o’t allowed yourself to access. But they cannot live your life for you or tell you how to live your life. It is YOUR life.

You have heard this concept from others in many different ways from, “You are God.” to “Act on your feelings.” But because your need to blend is so deeply ingrained in your being, you continue to think that this person or that person holds the key to your joy and thereby, your life. We must be very direct with you. Some people take great joy in finding joy. Others, are more comfortable for whatever reason, in finding pain. And still others, find a great deal of satisfaction in directing the lives of others. None is right nor wrong. How can any be if freedom is the direction you are all searching for?

By the same token, joy to one person might be pain to another. You can no longer define your feelings as how you have defined them in the past. This New Age is a revolution of immense proportions. What was is no longer. And what will be is in the formation stages – including how you define your feelings.

In the past, others told you what joy meant to them and expected you to not only agree with them, but to define your feelings in a similar fashion. If you doubt our thoughts, please review how each culture teaches feelings as readily as they do colors. “This is a RED ball. This is a HAPPY moment for you.”

Many of you will disagree. But before you totally negate our thoughts, think back to what you found joyful as a child. A pretty new dress perhaps? A new toy car? Now why did those items give you joy? Were you nude? Did you not have any toys?  If you look closely at history, you will find that joy has been defined by the culture rather than by the individual. Does a two-year find more pleasure in a new truck than a set of old pans? Of course not. It has been the culture who defined joy.

Which means that you now have to start at ‘ground zero’ to determine what truly gives you joy. Does that mean you will throw your clothes out the window? Maybe or maybe not. It is your joy you are defining. What gives you joy? Not what should give you joy. Define your unique joy and your path to the New Age will be rapid and so much fun.

Many of the New Age, new energy materials you are accessing define your joy according to what gives the author joy or what he or she believes they should do to access joy. Perhaps you love meditating. That is wonderful. But if you are meditating because you have read that you should and you believe that you will not attract a mate or whatever it is that you want without it, you are wasting your time. Meditation will not work for you. Joy is your only access point for creating the life you are dreaming of. Does it feel delightful to think about your new life as you cross a busy street in Manhattan? Then that is as much of a meditation for you as is the sitting in a specific position in a silent room is for someone else.

Listen to your joy. It is screaming to be freed of all of the restrictions you have placed on it since birth. Joy is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week – as it always has been. Now that the New Age has dawned it is time for you to remove the restrictions and rules you have placed on your joy. More importantly, it is time for you to know that you, and only you, truly know what gives you joy. That giggle, that laugh of recognition, that beacon is yours and yours alone.

No one can tell you how to be, anymore than they can tell you where to live. This is your life. This is your joy. And you have the freedom and responsibility to claim both. Take that freedom and revel in it knowing that others will be less and less inclined to care about your life, as they become enamoured of their own. This is the New Age. Claim your being and then live your life in joy – your unique joy. So be it. Amen.

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Look Beyond the Spring Equinox

Channeled by Brenda Joyce Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

We wish for you to look beyond the upcoming Spring Equinox. Even though that day will introduce many new shifts and directions, it is only one day.

How are the shifts of the 2010 Spring Equinox going to affect your  ongoing life? What does it mean for you that a Spring Equinox is about new beginnings?

Until recently, you have been relatively content to allow your life to flow in an expected fashion. You have been aware of the new energy, New Age shifts. You have perhaps even felt them in your body via restlessness, anxiety, anger or hundreds of other reactions that have surprised you as well as the people who surround you.

When will these personality “anomalies” cease? Or at least be controllable? No one wishes to feel or express anger. No one wishes to feel as if they cannot sit still. In truth, what you have been recently feeling and expressing has been quite uncomfortable. A bit like burping loudly during a funeral –  a normal human sound, but one that you do not wish to emit in such a seemingly sacred environment.

Actually, you will be “burping loudly” more frequently than ever. Your behavior will become even more erratic than it has been. Many of you are concerned that if your behavior becomes any more erratic you will soon not have friends and relatives to turn to. Ah. That is the end result. Please allow us to show you the joy in that thought.

If you have not yet thought of your emotions as a pendulum, it is time to do so. You have curtailed your emotions for so long that you must return to the base of your emotions before you can determine where your comfort level truly is. To achieve that comfort zone,  you must experience the emotions you have held back for decades.

When you were born, you were not yet acclimated to society’s expectations so you behaved as you needed to in order to achieve whatever you wanted from a diaper change to food. You rapidly lost that natural ability to feel and act on your emotions. Were your parents upset when you cried the day you were born? No. But would they have been upset if that crying continued for years? Yes.

Who are you? Most of you are not quit sure. This Equinox and beyond will help you determine who you are.

You may be worried that your partners,  friends and relatives will not accept your crying,  rages or whatever emotion you need to express to find your true being. We have long told you that some relationships will not continue. But such will be so because you are finally daring to be who you truly are – and the same will be true your friend or partner.

If finding your true being is distasteful to those you find important in your life now – they soon will not be that important to you.

In nursery school, toddlers and infants cry, laugh and play. No one, including their little friends, thinks any of those actions are that unusual. Babies are allowed to be themselves.

You will find, if you have not already, that you will prefer surrounding yourself with people who allow you to cry, laugh and become angry as the need arises, rather than those who insist that you should never “burp” during a funeral.

This Equinox and beyond will assist you in determining what emotions you need to display to find your comfort zone. And by doing so, which people, jobs and environments are most comfortable for your being. In essence, this Equinox and its aftermath will allow and encourage you to return to your true being.

Perhaps we should resort to more psychological terms. You have most likely learned that a trauma at a specific age often stilts emotional and behavioral progress. For example, you could  be 70 years of age but still reacting in many ways as a 12-year-old might or at whatever age the trauma occurred.

Shortly after birth, almost all of you were traumatized in a subtle fashion in the sense that you were taught to fit into society, rather than into your own “skin.” It is time to return to yourself – the self you wished to be when you uttered your first cry at birth.

Does this mean you will need to spend years in psychotherapy. Of course not. How can anyone but you find your true being? This is not about noting every time you were hurt or every difficulty you have encountered. Rather it is about wiping your slate clean by merely expressing who you are at the moment – just as is true for any infant.

You will probably be uncomfortable at first because you have so many society rules that you have learned to follow in order to fit in. But then, allow yourself to observe others and you will find that most are reacting in a similar fashion – including your government officials and your church leaders. This is a Universal shift. The end result will be a much more joyful world for you and for the others who wish to remain on earth. It is about finding yourself and the same for all of the others who wish to do so.

You are now perhaps wondering if anything in your life will be as it was just a few months ago. Probably not. But you will be lighter and more joyful than has been true since you were first born. Allow yourself to pout, to cry, to rage, to giggle and to laugh out loud. Allow yourself to be. This Equinox and beyond is designed to help you with this complicated issue. At least, seemingly complicated now. By this time next year, you will think, “Ho Hum. Done that, been there. What else is new?”

Welcome to the New Age. So be it. Amen.

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Your First New Tool Kit Lesson

Dear Ones,

Brenda is not certain that she has any information for you today, but we will tell you that today’s blog is quite dramatic in terms of your future on earth. Let us begin.

In our last blog we discussed how acceptance of yourself and others is a key element during this two-week period following the full moon. Perhaps you are already noting that issues that irritated you in the not-so-distant past are becoming humorous.

A bit like the “nosy” neighbor who is beginning to endear herself to you. Your nosy neighbor constantly provides you with in-depth information that she thinks will be of interest to you or is to her. But instead of irritating you, you are beginning to find value in her observations. Once you find the value, you will realize how fun her constant need to provide you with her latest tidbit of information is. And then you will find yourself labeling your nosy neighbor as a crime stopper or in a similar beneficial fashion. Your perspective has shifted from irritation to welcoming.

So it will be for those who have irritated you in the past. Perhaps we should delineate that last statement just a bit. If you sense the emerging humor in their actions and do not feel the need to run when they appear, those people will, in all likelihood, remain in your life for some time. There are others who make you feel dull and heavy whenever you are in contact with them. Those are the individuals who will soon leave your life.

The shift in perspective we discussed in our last blog is for those people you wish to retain in your life. There will be some relationships you will find too repulsive to continue. Those relationships will be noted via your feelings when you are in their presence and shortly thereafter. Do you feel drained? Tired? Angry? Or any of the other feelings you no longer wish to feel to any degree? Then it is time to move on.

Those people who are to remain in your life have or soon will be seen by you in a different light. Their activities and former irritating behaviors will now seem fun or even become nonexistent given the joy the two of you experience in each other’s company.

Let us be more concise. You have reached the place in this New Age shift in which you now know who is to remain in your life. You have always had this skill.  It is just that you have never had this skill to the degree that you now have. And in the Old Age, you had difficulties trusting this skill because of your society’s need to control actions that you were fully capable of controlling.

We promised you a New Age tool kit. Your ability to discern who is appropriate for you is one of your major New Age tools.

While it is true that you have always created your own reality, that reality was often a “hit or miss” experience. Perhaps you wished to experience anger so you created a “mish mash” of anger possibilities and accessed them all to a certain degree knowing that one of them would be the key to that lesson.

You are now much more focused. You do not have the time nor the interest to throw a number of lessons “out there” hoping that one will meet your needs. Because of the recent energy shifts, you now will create the perfect lesson for the areas you are interested in. And by creating the perfect lesson, you will move through each lesson much more rapidly.

You will know the perfect lesson by the feelings you access when you are with that person or in that environment. You will feel light and bright even though it might appear to be an uncomfortable situation. By the same token, if you are exposing yourself to lessons that are not necessary or not appropriate according to your inner being, you will feel dull and heavy.

Your New Age lessons are to be in joy, rather than pain. So listen to your inner being and follow its dictates. Despite outward appearances, your new lessons will be learned in joy if you listen to your feelings – and then act on those feeling skills.

If you are somewhere or with someone who makes you feel dark and heavy, you are not with the person or in the environment necessary for you to learn your new joy lessons. Rather, you are in an environment of pain that will feel less and less comfortable as you move further into the New Age.

Listen to your inner being and go for the joy. That is your key New Age lesson.

To do otherwise is to try to continue in pain when pain is no longer necessary or appropriate. You have a new tool kit and we are going to help you access it. The first tool is that of listening to your inner being and it will tell you if you are throwing a number of balls in the air hoping that one will be the lesson you wish to experience; or if you have honed your skills to the point that you easily and gracefully move from one lesson to the other.

Listen to your inner voice. Trust your inner voice. And learn to giggle and play with joy with the best of them. This is your first New Age tool kit lesson. So be it. Amen.

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3.3.3 – Our Gift to You

Dear Ones,

Tomorrow is March 3, 2010. For those of you who are intrigued by numerology, the date reads as 3.3.3. In the past, the number three has represented the Christian triad of Father, Son and the Holy Ghost and among many other meanings, a sense of play and joy in numerology.

We wish to highlight the shift in your being that will occur on 3.3.3. and how that shift will alter your life, as well as the lives of those who follow.

Perhaps you are expecting us to tell you that a golden light will embrace you in its warmth or a similar miracle that will prove to you that a major shift occurred. This shift is not of the same level of drama as has been true for some past shifts. Rather, it is a subtle, but noteworthy, shift that will redirect your world. Let us give you an example. Prior to World War I, a prince was assassinated in the Baltic Region of Europe. The end result of that assassination was World War I. Something similar will happen tomorrow. A small action in terms of earth history that will shift the world.

You will perhaps feel a ripple as indicated by your inability to sleep, feelings of anger or other common indicators that something is shifting within you. But as was true of the death of the prince in the early 1900’s, it will be the aftershocks of 3.3.3 that will be noted.

Currently, there is much political dissention – particularly in the United States. The politicians have drawn their lines in the sand negating communication or negotiations. Perhaps you have noted similar behaviors in your personal life. Someone whom you did not expect to do so has indicated that a particular group of people is not acceptable for whatever reason they feel justifies that thought.  And they, like the aforementioned politicians, cannot see how that group of people will ever be a positive influence on their life.

You, like is true for them, cry in anger that whatever group of people you do not like is destroying your life. And so they are, but not in the sense that you believed in the past. Anger, rage, snide remarks and other behaviors that allow you to feel superior to those whom you feel are not as good, right or spiritual as you moves you off course and into a negative vibration that allows, even encourages, the very people you fear to act in the fashion you are most afraid of.

The New Age has arrived. You can create whatever you want, whenever you want it. That statement is as true of what you believe to be negative factors, as what you believe to be positive factors in your life.

If you are able to create more rapidly than ever before, would it not follow that you are able to create both pain and pleasure more rapidly? And would it also not follow that if you believed that a group of people were negatively impacting your life, such a belief would quickly shift into the very activity that you are afraid of and giving attention to?

Now many of you are terrified because you do not know how to stop your negative thoughts.

We of the spirit world assumed that such behaviors would cease once Universal love started bombarding the earth. Such has been the case to a certain extent, but your belief patterns are deeply ingrained. For those of you who doubt our thoughts, please review your overall feelings about bankers, corporate executives, specific races, countries that are more or less developed than yours, the opposite sex, younger or older people than you or any of the other divisive borders you have created that allow you to believe that you are better than someone else.

March 3rd is our gift to you. How can you be joyful if you are worried that another group of people will attack you or reduce your quality of life? Our gift, that will be initiated tomorrow and build to a crescendo on March 20th, is the gift of acceptance – the gift of joy. Once you accept someone for who they are, you no longer need to fear that they will impact your life – for you will no longer be drawing them to you with fear, anger, superiority or whatever thoughts that make you a “saviour” and them the enemy.

We are giving you the gift of acceptance, one that will delete your feelings of fear and superiority.  How can you be joyful if you are continually expecting a specific nationality, your neighbor or any other perceived enemy to harm you?

What if you do not wish to accept our gift? That is your right. But then, those people who wish to remain in fear and anger will soon not impact those who do not. A bit like living in a high crime area of a community. Some people live peacefully in high crime areas. Others are constantly on the alert for what might happen. A difference in perspective, not locale.

So it will be for those of you who opt not to “buy into” the fears that your society has generated for eons. You might be surrounded by people you do not necessarily wish to befriend, but they will not harm you because you will no longer have the need to direct your attention to those possibilities. That is the gift you will receive in increments between March 3 and March 20 – the gift of acceptance which will greatly alter your patterns of love and joy.

Peace be with you as you start to live in the joy of acceptance of yourself. For your need to make someone appear less than you, merely indicates that you do not believe in your strength and creation capabilities.

As you realize your strength and the strength of others, your fears will melt away. Indeed, you will soon have difficulties remembering why you were ever afraid. A bit like looking at your life with a different set of glasses – perhaps rose-colored glasses – but glasses that are much more clear than the mud-colored glasses you have used for eons. So be it. Amen.

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