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3.3.3 – Our Gift to You

Dear Ones,

Tomorrow is March 3, 2010. For those of you who are intrigued by numerology, the date reads as 3.3.3. In the past, the number three has represented the Christian triad of Father, Son and the Holy Ghost and among many other meanings, a sense of play and joy in numerology.

We wish to highlight the shift in your being that will occur on 3.3.3. and how that shift will alter your life, as well as the lives of those who follow.

Perhaps you are expecting us to tell you that a golden light will embrace you in its warmth or a similar miracle that will prove to you that a major shift occurred. This shift is not of the same level of drama as has been true for some past shifts. Rather, it is a subtle, but noteworthy, shift that will redirect your world. Let us give you an example. Prior to World War I, a prince was assassinated in the Baltic Region of Europe. The end result of that assassination was World War I. Something similar will happen tomorrow. A small action in terms of earth history that will shift the world.

You will perhaps feel a ripple as indicated by your inability to sleep, feelings of anger or other common indicators that something is shifting within you. But as was true of the death of the prince in the early 1900’s, it will be the aftershocks of 3.3.3 that will be noted.

Currently, there is much political dissention – particularly in the United States. The politicians have drawn their lines in the sand negating communication or negotiations. Perhaps you have noted similar behaviors in your personal life. Someone whom you did not expect to do so has indicated that a particular group of people is not acceptable for whatever reason they feel justifies that thought.  And they, like the aforementioned politicians, cannot see how that group of people will ever be a positive influence on their life.

You, like is true for them, cry in anger that whatever group of people you do not like is destroying your life. And so they are, but not in the sense that you believed in the past. Anger, rage, snide remarks and other behaviors that allow you to feel superior to those whom you feel are not as good, right or spiritual as you moves you off course and into a negative vibration that allows, even encourages, the very people you fear to act in the fashion you are most afraid of.

The New Age has arrived. You can create whatever you want, whenever you want it. That statement is as true of what you believe to be negative factors, as what you believe to be positive factors in your life.

If you are able to create more rapidly than ever before, would it not follow that you are able to create both pain and pleasure more rapidly? And would it also not follow that if you believed that a group of people were negatively impacting your life, such a belief would quickly shift into the very activity that you are afraid of and giving attention to?

Now many of you are terrified because you do not know how to stop your negative thoughts.

We of the spirit world assumed that such behaviors would cease once Universal love started bombarding the earth. Such has been the case to a certain extent, but your belief patterns are deeply ingrained. For those of you who doubt our thoughts, please review your overall feelings about bankers, corporate executives, specific races, countries that are more or less developed than yours, the opposite sex, younger or older people than you or any of the other divisive borders you have created that allow you to believe that you are better than someone else.

March 3rd is our gift to you. How can you be joyful if you are worried that another group of people will attack you or reduce your quality of life? Our gift, that will be initiated tomorrow and build to a crescendo on March 20th, is the gift of acceptance – the gift of joy. Once you accept someone for who they are, you no longer need to fear that they will impact your life – for you will no longer be drawing them to you with fear, anger, superiority or whatever thoughts that make you a “saviour” and them the enemy.

We are giving you the gift of acceptance, one that will delete your feelings of fear and superiority.  How can you be joyful if you are continually expecting a specific nationality, your neighbor or any other perceived enemy to harm you?

What if you do not wish to accept our gift? That is your right. But then, those people who wish to remain in fear and anger will soon not impact those who do not. A bit like living in a high crime area of a community. Some people live peacefully in high crime areas. Others are constantly on the alert for what might happen. A difference in perspective, not locale.

So it will be for those of you who opt not to “buy into” the fears that your society has generated for eons. You might be surrounded by people you do not necessarily wish to befriend, but they will not harm you because you will no longer have the need to direct your attention to those possibilities. That is the gift you will receive in increments between March 3 and March 20 – the gift of acceptance which will greatly alter your patterns of love and joy.

Peace be with you as you start to live in the joy of acceptance of yourself. For your need to make someone appear less than you, merely indicates that you do not believe in your strength and creation capabilities.

As you realize your strength and the strength of others, your fears will melt away. Indeed, you will soon have difficulties remembering why you were ever afraid. A bit like looking at your life with a different set of glasses – perhaps rose-colored glasses – but glasses that are much more clear than the mud-colored glasses you have used for eons. So be it. Amen.

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