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Look Beyond the Spring Equinox

Channeled by Brenda Joyce Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

We wish for you to look beyond the upcoming Spring Equinox. Even though that day will introduce many new shifts and directions, it is only one day.

How are the shifts of the 2010 Spring Equinox going to affect your  ongoing life? What does it mean for you that a Spring Equinox is about new beginnings?

Until recently, you have been relatively content to allow your life to flow in an expected fashion. You have been aware of the new energy, New Age shifts. You have perhaps even felt them in your body via restlessness, anxiety, anger or hundreds of other reactions that have surprised you as well as the people who surround you.

When will these personality “anomalies” cease? Or at least be controllable? No one wishes to feel or express anger. No one wishes to feel as if they cannot sit still. In truth, what you have been recently feeling and expressing has been quite uncomfortable. A bit like burping loudly during a funeral –  a normal human sound, but one that you do not wish to emit in such a seemingly sacred environment.

Actually, you will be “burping loudly” more frequently than ever. Your behavior will become even more erratic than it has been. Many of you are concerned that if your behavior becomes any more erratic you will soon not have friends and relatives to turn to. Ah. That is the end result. Please allow us to show you the joy in that thought.

If you have not yet thought of your emotions as a pendulum, it is time to do so. You have curtailed your emotions for so long that you must return to the base of your emotions before you can determine where your comfort level truly is. To achieve that comfort zone,  you must experience the emotions you have held back for decades.

When you were born, you were not yet acclimated to society’s expectations so you behaved as you needed to in order to achieve whatever you wanted from a diaper change to food. You rapidly lost that natural ability to feel and act on your emotions. Were your parents upset when you cried the day you were born? No. But would they have been upset if that crying continued for years? Yes.

Who are you? Most of you are not quit sure. This Equinox and beyond will help you determine who you are.

You may be worried that your partners,  friends and relatives will not accept your crying,  rages or whatever emotion you need to express to find your true being. We have long told you that some relationships will not continue. But such will be so because you are finally daring to be who you truly are – and the same will be true your friend or partner.

If finding your true being is distasteful to those you find important in your life now – they soon will not be that important to you.

In nursery school, toddlers and infants cry, laugh and play. No one, including their little friends, thinks any of those actions are that unusual. Babies are allowed to be themselves.

You will find, if you have not already, that you will prefer surrounding yourself with people who allow you to cry, laugh and become angry as the need arises, rather than those who insist that you should never “burp” during a funeral.

This Equinox and beyond will assist you in determining what emotions you need to display to find your comfort zone. And by doing so, which people, jobs and environments are most comfortable for your being. In essence, this Equinox and its aftermath will allow and encourage you to return to your true being.

Perhaps we should resort to more psychological terms. You have most likely learned that a trauma at a specific age often stilts emotional and behavioral progress. For example, you could  be 70 years of age but still reacting in many ways as a 12-year-old might or at whatever age the trauma occurred.

Shortly after birth, almost all of you were traumatized in a subtle fashion in the sense that you were taught to fit into society, rather than into your own “skin.” It is time to return to yourself – the self you wished to be when you uttered your first cry at birth.

Does this mean you will need to spend years in psychotherapy. Of course not. How can anyone but you find your true being? This is not about noting every time you were hurt or every difficulty you have encountered. Rather it is about wiping your slate clean by merely expressing who you are at the moment – just as is true for any infant.

You will probably be uncomfortable at first because you have so many society rules that you have learned to follow in order to fit in. But then, allow yourself to observe others and you will find that most are reacting in a similar fashion – including your government officials and your church leaders. This is a Universal shift. The end result will be a much more joyful world for you and for the others who wish to remain on earth. It is about finding yourself and the same for all of the others who wish to do so.

You are now perhaps wondering if anything in your life will be as it was just a few months ago. Probably not. But you will be lighter and more joyful than has been true since you were first born. Allow yourself to pout, to cry, to rage, to giggle and to laugh out loud. Allow yourself to be. This Equinox and beyond is designed to help you with this complicated issue. At least, seemingly complicated now. By this time next year, you will think, “Ho Hum. Done that, been there. What else is new?”

Welcome to the New Age. So be it. Amen.

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