You Are an ADULT of the Universe

May 5, 2010 at 3:05 pm 1 comment

Channeled for Life Tapestry by Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

Brenda has long been fascinated with time travel or as we expanded the phrase in our last blog to Experience Travel. Let us explore the issue in a bit more detail.

Experience Travel differs from time travel in that it encompasses your totality, rather than one segment of one lifetime on earth. As we stated emphatically in our last blog, you are fully capable of experiencing any lifetime, any realm or any factor that you wish.

Just as your fingernail breathes when you draw oxygen into your lungs because your fingernail is part of the totality of you, so is it true that anything God has experienced is available to you because you are a segment of God. You have established barriers that exclude you from many arenas that you are fully capable of exploring and experiencing.

Please review your belief patterns as you digest this last thought.

Is it not true that you are comfortable knowing that there are angels flitting about somewhere? Or that there is an entity that you refer to as the Universe, God or whatever term you use to understand all that there is? Do you not pray to the angels, the Universe or whatever format is most comfortable to you with the full knowledge that somehow those entities are more capable than you? In essence, do you not give your power to those entities whenever you pray to them?

That last thought has made some of you angry. You want someone, somewhere to have the ultimate power – someone who will care for you as your parents did when you were young.

Was it not true that even though your parents’ rules sometimes made you angry, you appreciated that they were in control of your life and therefore your world? Yet, was there not a time when you decided you were fully capable of living your life without  your parents – that they did not necessarily understand your adult world? The same is true for Universal bodies whether they be angels or a god entity.

You are a mature earthling who is exploring avenues that have never been explored before. You are adding to the Universal data base minute by minute. Even though your angels might have a great deal of information that could be applicable, they are not living your life. It is time for you to tap into your new strengths and skills.

Which returns us to Experience Travel. Even though in the past some people have broken the barriers that you have placed on your skills with time travel or similar experiences, those broken barriers were most often limited to the experiences you felt you had the right to explore as a human.

A bit like not feeling skilled enough to provide your parents with financial information when you were ten years old. Yet now as an adult, you now have no difficulty discussing your parents’ financial dilemmas with them. In truth, you often feel that you are more wise than your parents – they are “too old” to grasp the financial information that is swirling around them.

So it is for your Experience Travel. You are fully capable of mastering any aspect of the Universe you wish to explore. You merely need to believe that you are. Does that mean you can visit with angel friends one hour and travel to 1889 in the next? Yes. Does that mean you can travel to other planets, as you like to call them, and visit with other entities or explore your past lives on those planets? Yes. Does that mean you can sit on the right side of God? Yes, yes and yes.

Your Experience Travel is not limited in time, scope or distance. You established limitations in the past so that you could fully live your life on earth. Just as you were always as wise as your parents spirituality –  but you felt the need to acclimate yourself to earth before you considered yourself a capable adult. Were you more intelligent at 20 than at two years of age? No. You merely had more experiences at twenty years of age with which to explore your world more fully – you were more acclimated to the earth.

So it is now. You are not more intelligent, more spiritual or more emotionally capable than you were when you entered your first life on earth eons ago, you are merely more experienced. You are now an adult entity in the spiritual as well as physical sense. You no longer need to limit yourself to one arena because you do not feel that you have the skills to explore more. The world is yours. More to the point, the Universe is yours with all that entails including time travel, Experience Travel, all of the knowledge created throughout the Universe to date and all of the knowledge that has been created in the future.

You are perhaps wondering how that last thought is possible. We will remind you that just as you increase your knowledge and skill base on earth, those attributes expand the knowledge base of what you label the future. The time frames you like to label as past, present and future really do not exist. Time, as you now understand it, is a continuum, an ongoing circle that shifts and changes as you expand your knowledge and as other entities in other parts of the Universe expand theirs. You are not the only human-like beings in the Universe, but you are as instrumental as any being in the Universe at expanding the knowledge base of the Universe.

Currently, you are the key players in a gigantic shift that is expanding the Universe at a rate never seen before. You are truly adult players in the Universal realms. That adult capability allows you to access any portion of the Universe in any portion of the time continuum.

You have earned the Universal library card to a library filled with all of the knowledge of the past, present and ever evolving future. It is time to start checking out your materials or playing with the advanced technology available through your Universal library. You are mature enough and wise enough.

Of course, as is true with any of your updated skills, you have always been able to access these library materials, you just wanted to wait until you felt comfortable doing so. Now is the time. And you have created the software that makes it easier for you to do so.

Do you wish to explore alternative means of energy? Check out the books or visit those arenas that have solved those issues. Do you wish to create different types of relationships, communities, governments or economic systems? Start exploring or more to the point for this blog, start experiencing.

The first step necessary to do so is to believe that you can. Much like you needed to believe that you were qualified for your first professional job after graduating from college.

Allow yourself to believe that you can Experience Travel and by doing so explore any arena that stops you from living in joy. Negate your new skills and you will find that your current life will not change one iota – much as would be true if you refused to leave home, date or work your entire adult life. Granted some interactions with your parents would change, but more likely than not, you would continue to play the role of a child even though you were fully capable of being an adult. And so it is. So be it. Amen.

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  • 1. Luke Le Bree  |  May 6, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    As always dear Brenda, You letters are very uplifting and much wisdom runs through them. I am very happy we can share in this way. Your Brother in light Luke



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