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Negate Any Part of Yourself and You Negate the Universe

Channeled for Life Tapestry by Brenda Hoffman.

Dear Ones,

Oh my goodness – have you not had an eventful last few days? Even we marvel at the amount of energy you have accepted and processed.

You are heroes of the greatest magnitude. Yet, you continue to doubt your direction and your role. Please understand that your ability to process the current energy bursts are more than enough for you to manage at this time.

Let us be more explicit. If you were pregnant or had the flu, you would allow yourself time to regenerate your energies before you attempted to move in a new direction.

As a pregnant woman, your thoughts and directions would most likely be related to welcoming a new entity into your life. You would not be terribly interested in starting a new business or initiating much of anything that was not directly related to your pregnancy.

And if you had the flu, you would not particularly care if your business report was perfect, nor would you attempt to initiate a new job. After all, you are sick and the world would allow you to be ill with all such a state of being entails.

Yet, now that you are being bombarded with new energies day after day, you fully expect yourself to start new businesses, new directions or new lives despite your exhaustion, confusion, anger or bewilderment – the results of those energy bursts. It is as if you have the worst flu symptoms imaginable and you fully expect to perform brain surgery within the hour.

Do you need rest? Can you no longer function in the “real” world? Perhaps. But more to the point, much is happening to your physical body – more than you understand. And so, just as is true for the times you are pregnant or have the flu, allow your body to tell you what its comfort needs are.

Maybe you have had no physical side-effects. That is wonderful. But if you do have side-effects, allow your body to direct you in whatever fashion is best for you. Listen to your being – your total being. Not just your emotional or your spiritual selves – your physical body is as important as any other part of your being.

Even though similar issues have been addressed by others in recent days, we wish to emphasize yet again that you are in a physical body for a reason and you have chosen your physical body for a reason.

Yet, many of you continue to reduce the status of your physical being. Are channeling or other methods of spiritual communication not more important, and certainly more “trendy” than drinking sufficient water to keep your physical body well oiled? Why worry about the suitability of your clothing for your physical plant – you look so darling in that tight little dress and your stiletto heels. Why bother to eat lunch, you have a report to finish and you can always grab a snack sometime later.

Do you not feel guilty if you do not attend church, meditate, channel or whatever form of spiritual process you have selected for yourself?

Ah that is what we wish to discuss today. You have long relegated your physical being to a secondary place. Your self-help books provide exercises to move through your emotional blocks. Your meditation, church services or whatever form feels most comfortable for you supports your spiritual growth.

But your society does not embrace the need to balance elements so that your physical comfort and yes, joy is as important as is true for your emotional/spiritual arenas.

The latest energy bursts have greatly impacted your physical being. Yet, you continue to try to tie the bursts to spiritual and emotional aspects of your being. Of course, as the energy bursts impact your physical being those bursts also affect both your spiritual and emotional realms. But, for once, please allow your physical being to receive “top billing.”

What is your physical being telling you it needs? Rest? Food? A warm bath? Exercise? Listen and respond.

In truth, listen and respond and your physical ills will fade. Do you not do something similar when you have the flu? Do you not rest in bed with books, tissues, water and that ever comforting chicken noodle soup nearby? And so it is now. Listen to your body as closely as you listen to your inner voice – they are one and the same. You cannot be spiritually and/or emotionally whole in a body that you ignore or dislike.

The ever-present phrase, “we are all one” has so many dimensions, not the least of which is that your fingernail cell is as important as your emotional health. We are all one. Each cell, each thought, each channel and each hallelujah are all equal and all equally important.

Does that mean you must lose thirty pounds to be of the New Age? Not necessarily. Does that mean you must wear special clothes everyday? Not necessarily.  It merely means that your inner voice will direct you to fulfill the needs of your cells, as well as your emotions and your spiritual being. But your inner voice cannot do so if you relegate your physical being to the back burner.

All aspects of your being are equally important and always have been. It is just that you have recently (within the last few decades or so) placed such great importance on your spiritual and emotional being that you have negated your physical self. All are important, all are equal and all are one.

If others request your physical being for work, play or whatever reason and you do not feel the energy or the interest in doing so, allow your being to accept that. In truth, marvel at the beauty of your body regenerating itself to the point where it does not have to push itself beyond its physical limits – as you have all tried to do in the last few energy bursts.

Are there not times when you tell others that you need emotional “down time?” And is not such a statement acceptable? And for those of you who easily access the spirit world via channeling, tarot cards or whatever, are there not times when you tell others that it is not comfortable for you to do so? Yet, you fully expect your physical being to work through lunch; race home; take the kids to whatever activities they have after school; clean the house or take care of the yard; prepare dinner and then fall into the bed in exhausted only to repeat that routine day after day?

Honor your body. Say no to exhaustion. Allow your body to process the energies that are arriving now almost daily. Most of all, treat all parts of your being as one important whole that cannot properly function without the other two. We are all one. You are all one.

The micro- and macrocosm are not mutually exclusive, nor are the various parts of your being. Honor yourself and you honor the Universe. Negate yourself or any part of yourself and you negate the Universe…as well as the concept that we are all one. So be it. Amen.

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