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Are You Still Cranky? So?

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Are you still cranky? Are you tired to death of these transitions?

Of course, this is a trying time for you. Your entire physical being is shifting. What was is no longer; and what will be is not yet visible.

For those of you who have been pregnant, please remember the exhaustion, the fear and the anticipation you felt days before your baby was born. As is true now, you knew your life and your body would never be the same. Of course, there are photos of media stars who have a child one day and are able to wear a slinky evening gown within a few days – that is not reality for most women. And of course, some women are cheerful, loving and excited throughout their pregnancy; but that is also not reality for most women.

Your body – whether you are male or female – is shifting in so many ways. As your body shifts, so are your emotions. We have noted on several occasions, as have other channels, that this transition is the largest ever on earth. How would such a transition be possible if you remained the same physically, emotionally and spiritually?

Some of you are moving into your place of fear. What will my body look like? What will my life be like? I feel so uncomfortable now, when will I return to my “normal” personality? You will never again be the person you were even six months ago. Everything is shifting. Is this terrible? No, merely expected.

Have you known women who pretend they did not give birth, who try to continue the life they had before giving birth. Such will be the case for those of you who are trying to function as if nothing is different. It is. Not in a terrible way, just a different way.

Again, let us return to the analogy of birth and the ongoing growth of that child. Do you not expect to provide one set of parenting skills for your infant and yet another as your child develops? So it is now.

Many of you are feeling the pre-birth jitters. What if I do not like the new me? What is I lose my friends? What if I no longer feel like partying until dawn?

Once you have birthed the new you, you will have different concerns – all of which will evolve, as will your understanding and acceptance of the new you. The difference between birthing a child and birthing yourself in this New Age is that you have no road maps, no one to tell you what is “normal.” Those of you undergoing this shift at this time are the scout masters and wagon train leaders. No one has gone before you.

What if you decide to stop the process, to “abort” your personal New Age creation? You have that right and that freedom. You can stop at any time and have always had the freedom to do so. You have already fulfilled the largest part of your role on earth at this time by helping bring the New Age to earth. That piece is complete. Now it is up to you how enmeshed you wish to be in the New Age.

You have the complete freedom to stop your New Age transition, slow it down or even speed it up. Now that the New Age has arrived, it is entirely up to you how you will shift, adapt and adjust to it.

No one will be angry at you for halting or slowing your process, anymore than descendents of pioneers are angry at their forebears for settling in Nebraska rather than continuing to California.

Of course, this is an unpleasant time for you. Some days you feel light and giggly – you are introducing a new life to earth. Some days you feel tired and angry – you are introducing a new life to earth. And on still other days, you are afraid of the shifts and changes within your being and the world at large – you are observing the birthing of a New Age.

Allow yourself to stop the process, slow the process or speed it up.

If you feel exhausted and yes, cranky, maybe you wish to rest for a bit before you move forward with the exuberance you feel you need to display to prove that you are a true New Age scout master or wagon train leader.

There are no rules. Allow yourself to rest or to move at a frantic pace. It is your life and your transition. Claim it. Accept it. And yes, glory in it just as you glory in the birth of a child.

This birth is of you and is of gigantic proportions – yet you have no guidebooks or maps. Think how terrified you would be if you were pregnant and did not understand what that meant. Such is the case now. Allow yourself the freedom to be. More importantly, allow yourself to know that you are birthing a new you – without guidebooks, “old wives tales” or even an understanding of what that birthing will mean.

You expect the new you to be a phenomenal being…and so you will be. But you are not certain such is true; anymore than the first scout master knew what was around the bend. Allow yourself to be exhausted, afraid, excited and angry all at the same time – just as is true for anyone who is pregnant. Most of all, allow yourself to move at your pace and in your joy.

This transition is not terrible or fearful, it is about moving into joy and pleasure. So when you feel overwhelmed, in whatever fashion, by your transition – stop, rest, regroup or do whatever you need to do to return to pleasure. That is your only role as a scout master and wagon train leader. Stop, rest, play and laugh and you will find your rainbow around the bend. So be it. Amen.

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