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New Age Freedoms Will Create Chaos

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Let us address an issue we have not looked at for some time. Many of you know others who are in pain. Perhaps their rage, and therefore, in their mind, the causation  is directed at a candidate, family member, religious group  or co-worker. It does not matter – they need someone to blame for all that is not going well in their life.

Each of you create your own life and invite those actors who are part of your life script into your life. Even though you have accepted that concept,  you might feel as if you are surrounded by those who feel that someone “out there” is responsible for their life and, therefore, their pain.

Many of you have tried to help those in pain understand this concept of self-creation, only to have such thoughts ignored or made fun of. Do not fret. It is not your role to teach others how to live. Your role is to live a life of joy and allow others to know that you are doing so.

Are you to stand on a soapbox proclaiming the rightness of your joy, your life? Are you to teach those who seem a bit slower than you to grasp the concepts of the New Age? No! Doing so would merely repeat the Old Age power role of, “I am right and you are wrong. And since you cannot seem to grasp the rightness of my religion, political party, beliefs, morals or values, I will teach you what is correct.”

All of you are moving at the pace that is correct for you. Each is a thread in the overall tapestry of life. In this New Age, you are a role model, not THE teacher of the correct concepts.

Allow yourself to flow as your inner being directs you. And allow the same freedom for others.

You may be concerned that such freedom will lead to complete chaos. It will.

Does every child learn how to tie their shoes at the same age and in the same way? Is there a correct way to tie shoes – or only that the shoelaces stayed tied when necessary? Some tie their shoes with a double knot. Some learn to tie their shoes in a left-handed fashion, others with big bows and still others with little bows. It does not matter as long as their shoes stay tied. So it is with your need to force others into the joys of the New Age.

In your thought processes, it is silly not to experience the joys of the New Age. Why would anyone opt for a life of pain, anger and fear? Why indeed? Maybe those people need to explore certain issues before moving into the joys of the New Age. Maybe they are afraid of the New Age. Or maybe they never will move into the New Age in this lifetime.

This is the bridge lifetime. Some will remain on the bank looking at the bridge. While those of you reading these materials have either started across the bridge or have crossed over to the opposite bank. Again, it does not matter.

Your life is not dictated by their pain. Anymore than their joy dictates your joy. You are unique individuals choosing the direction you wish to take. The New Age has arrived with all the freedoms that this Age entails.

The Old Age was filled with rigid rules and regulations; the New Age is about freedom.

The first people involved with air travel were envied by some and thought fools by others. Yet in a few years, airline traffic became commonplace. So it is now with the New Age, but on a much larger scale. We are not addressing the freedom to fly in an airplane, we are speaking of shifting all of your thoughts and patterns from what society expects to total freedom.

Some people now on earth will never have the courage to take that large emotional leap. Others of you could not wait and are already enmeshed in the joys of such freedom.

Do not worry about others. Pain may be their key lesson plan for many years They will ignore  or deny any positive thoughts, actions and results. They want to see and feel pain and that is their right. Allow that to be. Your only concern is following your inner being. You are no one’s caretaker, nor are you a victim.

If you doubt that last thought, place yourself in a victim role. You have been moving forward so steadily across the bridge that you have probably not yet tested your resolve, your new being. Oh, you might wobble a bit. You might try on a victim cloak for a few hours or even days, but the victim role is so unlike anything of the New Age that you will soon throw it off…and laugh as you are doing so. For you, there is no longer the enticing drama you used to associate with victim hood.

Care taking is a different story. Your need to make sure that everyone is happy is merely a replay of your Old Age care taking role. Not everyone wants to be happy. Allow them that freedom. And allow yourself to move into joy as rapidly as you wish. You no longer have to live in pain to interact with friends and relatives. Those people who wish to live in joy will find you. Those people who wish to remain in pain will have less and less in common with you.

Your only role is to move as your inner voice suggests. And for those of you following this Blog, that is across the New Age bridge to the other side. You are not a bad or mean person if you cross the bridge before others – you are merely playing the role you created for yourself. And the same is true for those who wish to stay on the bank for a bit longer or throughout this lifetime.

Allow yourself the freedom to be…and the same for others.

The New Age has arrived. Relish your joy and your fun. And allow others to remain on the bank – that is their right and their freedom. So be it. Amen.

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Life is Good! And So are You!

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

What a day indeed! Soon you will be changing that phrase to, “What a life indeed!”

Many of you are moving into your place of joy – more rapidly than you thought possible and yet, not nearly fast enough!

You have been hoping, praying and meditating about the glorious New Age for decades. Now that it is here, you are a bit surprised. We laugh with joy with you. For indeed, the reality of the New Age in these beginning stages is a bit unreal even to the most faithful. Similar to hoping that there is a heaven of some sort after death, but not certain that such is true.

Even more surprising to many of you  is that you are finding less and less to be fearful about. Of course, you have long expressed the belief that the world is shifting from an Old Age to a New Age. But the reality is more astounding and yes, overwhelming than you thought possible. Something like your young characters in literature who expect nothing for Christmas only to find that special bicycle of their dreams under the Christmas tree.

You have hoped the New Age would become reality, but you were never sure. How could you be? The New Age concepts are so foreign to your previous reality. A bit like Cinderella attending the ball. How is it possible that what you dream of can become reality – so easily?

Some of you reading this material will discard it in anger – nothing wonderful is happening to you. Your life has not changed one iota. You still wake up, dress, go to work at a job you dislike, come home, eat dinner and go to sleep only to repeat that pattern over and over. Stop. Stop being angry. Stop being fearful. Stop playing with your Old Age cards. The New Age is here – as many are beginning to experience and explore.

Allow those scout masters to report back to you. And accept their reports in joy for their reports are definite indicators that the “promised land,” the New Age is here.

Do you know of people who seem to be manifesting one positive idea after another? Watch them, observe them and know they are your teachers. They are displaying your possibilities. And we must add, displaying only the “tip of the iceberg” of possibilities. Even your scout masters have not begun to access all the skills now available to each of you.

The Wild West scout masters did not understand the meaning of moving a country west. They could see the beauty of the landscape, but they did not comprehend that one day their initial view of that new land would become the cities, recreation areas and national parks all of you take for granted. Those first scout masters merely saw the possibility of a few people farming the land.

Such is true for those scout masters now creating their dreams in a seemingly easy fashion. They are accessing the landscape but have yet to acknowledge and access the myriad of skills to which all of you have access.

The scout masters are providing the broad landscape, you are the wagon train leaders who will populate the area. And all of you will find a wealth of skills far beyond those pioneers who profited from the California gold rush.

Start noting those people around you who seem to be moving effortlessly and easily into the areas they desire. They are your scout masters. They are helping you realize the possibilities. And they are finding new worlds for you to populate – new worlds filled with joy and fun.

Do not be jealous of your scout masters. Relish their skills and their joy at helping you move in the direction you wish. Will you want the same life they create? Probably not. But that is as it should be.

If your dreams continue to be dreams for a bit longer, you probably did not opt to be a scout master. Most likely you wished to be a wagon train leader.

As was true in the Wild West, scout masters had to find the land and then encourage others with their stories of beauty and potential. The wagon train leaders followed the scout masters with those who wanted to move to the new lands.

Those of you reading Brenda’s blogs are either a scout master or a wagon train leader. It does not matter which. Both are moving into the New Age more rapidly than most. Both are “testing the waters” for those who will follow.

If you find someone who is creating the life they want easily and effortlessly, observe them – not in jealousy, but in joy for that means the New Age is truly here. And if you are one of those people, stop and giggle for you have access to a whole new world – and you will joyously teach others how to access the same.

Life is good! And so are you. So be it. Amen.

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Has It Started Yet?

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry Creations. com

Dear Ones,

Has it started yet? Are you frazzled with various directions? Do you wonder when your life is going to slow down just a bit?

Aha. You are there. All of you reading these words have hoped for a direction, a clearing of the mists that have surrounded you for so long. The mists are rapidly floating away – much as the sun clears a foggy day.

Not all of you are yet willing to remove your fog clothing and breathe in the sunshine. That is fine. Just be aware that your world – and more importantly, your life is now fully bathed in sunshine.

Perhaps you question that statement given that you are surrounded by the problems and fears of others. Please step back for just a moment and note your inner reactions to the dilemmas of others. Are you not finding it more and more difficult to stay sad and involved with those not interested in changing their lives?

The new sun in your life is your realization that others are as strong and capable as you. Their dilemmas are their issues – not yours.

Good Samaritans were necessary throughout the Old Age. Do you not see how convenient it was to not only monitor your pain and fears, but to add the burdens of others so that you were totally emerged in pain? The often repeated expectation was,  “life is pain and then you die.” You have completed those Old Age lessons.

It is time for you to learn in joy. And so you are – even if your first baby steps into joy are not as dramatic as you would like.

Please take a moment to count those important moments of joy in your Old Age life. Now do the same with pain. We venture to guess that you can easily list the joy moments, but your pain moments are far too many to tabulate.

The reverse is now true. The best way to describe this transition from the Old Age to the New Age is that the Old Age was a cold, dark, damp day that never seemed to end. In contrast, the New Age is a sunny, bright, balmy day with nothing much to be concerned about – a lazy, lovely day of summer.

Many of you use a great deal of your money to escape cold and dreary winters for a sunny beach. While you might feel a bit sad for those “stuck” in the cold, dreary climates, you do not feel sorry enough to give your sunshine tickets to them. Why not? Perhaps they need a sunshine escape more than you do.  But is not the reality that you feel you have worked diligently to earn your sunshine ticket?

The same is becoming true for you for those who wish to continue in the pain of the Old Age. Those whose lives remain chaotic have access to the same sunshine ticket as you. All they have to do is turn around and note that the fog has lifted, the snow has melted and the warm sunshine surrounds them.

Everyone on earth has the freedom to create whatever adventures they wish.

Those of you reading this material, have elected the sunny beaches. Those whose lives continue in pain have elected to shut their windows and lock their doors to the warm sunshine.

We are not belittling those who remain in the heaviness of the Old Age. Rather, we are pointing out that you no longer need to be in that environment. You have moved  beyond that.

And because you have moved beyond that heaviness, you have many mixed feelings. You were taught to care for others. Teachings based on the understanding that you were stronger, wiser and better than others. That has never been the case. But such thoughts encouraged the life of pain expected in the Old Age.

Allow yourself to live on a sunny beach with the full knowledge that anyone and everyone can create the same life. They merely need to accept the sun – the New Age – and their role in it. You have all earned a summer life.

But we will forewarn you that you will find friends and relatives who refuse to live in the sunshine. “I am too busy rolling in pain.” “I have too many negative thoughts to explore sunlight.” “How can I punish others if I accept the sunlight, the New Age?”

You, on the other hand, are running into the sunlight – so you have little interest in begging or badgering others to join you. You may see their misery and wonder why they wish to continue. You are outside looking in – rather than continuing as an actor in their plays of pain and chaos.

You have left the pain and chaos acting company and find little interest in even discussing that area. For those of you reading this material who feel that your life remains chaotic, please review your feelings. Are you not feeling less intensity about issues that are not bright and sunny? And so it will continue until you are no longer interested in even hearing about the chaos of others.

Such beings have elected to remain in the Old Age. You have decided most emphatically to move into the New Age. Neither is right nor wrong – merely two opposite directions. Those who wish to remain in the Old Age for now will find you frivolous. And those of you who choose to move into the sunshine of the New Age will find those who do not heavy and unpleasant.

No more will you spend hours trying to point out the strengths of those who refuse to hear such information. You will merely say or do something that indicates they no longer need to suffer. In turn, they will be repulsed by your lack of charity.

Two different directions. Two different people who will not meet until the person enmeshed in the Old Age opts to turn towards the sun. A personal choice you can no longer impact – for you are reading the map so differently you can not see their road. So be it. Amen.


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Puberty – Here We Go Again!

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

What a beautiful and confusing time. Perhaps the best way to describe how many of you are feeling is to return you to that age most of you would like to forget – 14 years of age. The age at which you were neither an adult nor a child. When your body was evolving in areas  you were not sure you were comfortable with. At the same time, you could not wait until those changes were complete. You probably acted extremely childish one moment and in the next, astounded your parents with a very adult-like thought. You were “betwixt and between.” So it is for you now.

Some moments you act very childish in terms of reverting to Old Age thoughts and actions. Other times, you amaze yourself with your clarity and knowingness of your inner power.

Such is expected. It was perfectly acceptable for your children to float between childhood and adulthood during puberty. The same is true for you now. The difference is that you expect too much from yourself. Because you are an adventurer – and all of you who wish to move into the New Age now are most certainly adventurers – you expected perfection the first moment you began to shift.

Such instant New Age rewards or skills are not possible within your physical being, anymore than was true when you were 14. Your personal shift will happen at the rate that is right  for your physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social being.

You may now be laughing at yourself and well you should. We are providing you with the same information as did your parents during your shift from childhood to adulthood. You ached for push-up bras, “wheels,” make-up and freedom, even though your physical plant remained more child than adult.

Even though this particular weekend will again move you further along the adulthood spectrum, you will continue to revert to your comfort level of childhood or the Old Age more often than you would probably like.

You are not a slow learner. You are merely moving into the New Age at a pace that is correct for your physical plant. Do you not remember those friends of yours who pined for a larger chest at 13, only to rue the size of their chest at 35? Or the young men mortified at the shifts in their voices, only to become internationally noted speakers at a later age? So it will be for you.

You may grow into the New Age in spurts and dips and dabs…or you may do so overnight. Each of you is moving at a pace that is correct for you.

What about those proclaiming they have mastered all the skills of the New Age – that they are firmly in the New Age and are beckoning you to follow? Listen to your heart. Some are at that point – albeit not at the finished point they proclaim, anymore than an 18 year-old is fully an adult. But most are similar to those you interacted with in junior high and high school, they have grasped the nuances of being a “cool” teen-ager, but not necessarily the skills required of an adult.

There is no need to be jealous of anyone’s New Age skills, anymore than it was appropriate to be jealous of someone’s body development during puberty. Even though each developed at his or her pace, all of you reached adulthood with all the physical indicators by a similar age. So it is for you now.

Some of you will spurt ahead in one arena, but not another – only to discover in a few weeks or months that you did so for a reason. All of you reading this message elected to be scout masters and wagon train leaders. Some of you may acquire certain physical, emotional, social or spiritual attributes sooner than others. Not because you are more spiritual than other, but because those specific skills are needed by the groups who have agreed to follow you.

We wish to add one more thought. You are perhaps observing a great deal of negativity –  some  of which might be directed at you. Ignore it. Even though those negative words or actions might appear designed to hurt you, think back to puberty. Everyone was trying to find their place in their new world and body. Their fears encouraged many to make others feel less than they were, so those most frightened could feel better about themselves.

Just a small segment of your global population is in puberty at any one time. In contrast, all of those now on earth are impacted by these energy shifts. Puberty magnified by millions!

Some are just touching the tip of the puberty iceberg – they will be followers of many of you. Others, like you, are fully enmeshed in the puberty phase; some are even near the completion stage – you are the scout masters and wagon train leaders. And still others, are kicking and screaming refusing to even contemplate any aspects of puberty – this group is the most negative of all; and will either transition via earth death or take extremely baby steps into the New Age. This last group will be the followers of those who learned the trails from you.

Even though this New Age transition is difficult because no one on earth has yet moved through it, this transition is no more difficult than puberty – which many of you were sure you were not going to survive.

Remember what you told your children when they were between childhood and adulthood and apply those same concepts to yourself. You will move through this phase. You will be an adult. You will be a New Age scout master or wagon train leader. Allow yourself to observe your fears and anxieties so that when your followers begin to exhibit similar patterns you can reassure them – just as we are reassuring you.

All is well in your world. Throw a few tantrums. Attempt to access life skills beyond your current capabilities. Yell and scream at us, the sun, God or whomever. It does not matter. You will move through your New Age puberty with skill and finesse. Most of all, you will be spectacular scout masters and wagon train leaders. So be it. Amen.

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