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Life is Good! And So are You!

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

What a day indeed! Soon you will be changing that phrase to, “What a life indeed!”

Many of you are moving into your place of joy – more rapidly than you thought possible and yet, not nearly fast enough!

You have been hoping, praying and meditating about the glorious New Age for decades. Now that it is here, you are a bit surprised. We laugh with joy with you. For indeed, the reality of the New Age in these beginning stages is a bit unreal even to the most faithful. Similar to hoping that there is a heaven of some sort after death, but not certain that such is true.

Even more surprising to many of you  is that you are finding less and less to be fearful about. Of course, you have long expressed the belief that the world is shifting from an Old Age to a New Age. But the reality is more astounding and yes, overwhelming than you thought possible. Something like your young characters in literature who expect nothing for Christmas only to find that special bicycle of their dreams under the Christmas tree.

You have hoped the New Age would become reality, but you were never sure. How could you be? The New Age concepts are so foreign to your previous reality. A bit like Cinderella attending the ball. How is it possible that what you dream of can become reality – so easily?

Some of you reading this material will discard it in anger – nothing wonderful is happening to you. Your life has not changed one iota. You still wake up, dress, go to work at a job you dislike, come home, eat dinner and go to sleep only to repeat that pattern over and over. Stop. Stop being angry. Stop being fearful. Stop playing with your Old Age cards. The New Age is here – as many are beginning to experience and explore.

Allow those scout masters to report back to you. And accept their reports in joy for their reports are definite indicators that the “promised land,” the New Age is here.

Do you know of people who seem to be manifesting one positive idea after another? Watch them, observe them and know they are your teachers. They are displaying your possibilities. And we must add, displaying only the “tip of the iceberg” of possibilities. Even your scout masters have not begun to access all the skills now available to each of you.

The Wild West scout masters did not understand the meaning of moving a country west. They could see the beauty of the landscape, but they did not comprehend that one day their initial view of that new land would become the cities, recreation areas and national parks all of you take for granted. Those first scout masters merely saw the possibility of a few people farming the land.

Such is true for those scout masters now creating their dreams in a seemingly easy fashion. They are accessing the landscape but have yet to acknowledge and access the myriad of skills to which all of you have access.

The scout masters are providing the broad landscape, you are the wagon train leaders who will populate the area. And all of you will find a wealth of skills far beyond those pioneers who profited from the California gold rush.

Start noting those people around you who seem to be moving effortlessly and easily into the areas they desire. They are your scout masters. They are helping you realize the possibilities. And they are finding new worlds for you to populate – new worlds filled with joy and fun.

Do not be jealous of your scout masters. Relish their skills and their joy at helping you move in the direction you wish. Will you want the same life they create? Probably not. But that is as it should be.

If your dreams continue to be dreams for a bit longer, you probably did not opt to be a scout master. Most likely you wished to be a wagon train leader.

As was true in the Wild West, scout masters had to find the land and then encourage others with their stories of beauty and potential. The wagon train leaders followed the scout masters with those who wanted to move to the new lands.

Those of you reading Brenda’s blogs are either a scout master or a wagon train leader. It does not matter which. Both are moving into the New Age more rapidly than most. Both are “testing the waters” for those who will follow.

If you find someone who is creating the life they want easily and effortlessly, observe them – not in jealousy, but in joy for that means the New Age is truly here. And if you are one of those people, stop and giggle for you have access to a whole new world – and you will joyously teach others how to access the same.

Life is good! And so are you. So be it. Amen.

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