Today’s Energy Shift is From an AM to FM Frequency

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Channeled for Life Tapestry by Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

This is a difficult day for many of you. The energy patterns are shifting dramatically for those of you ready to receive the new waves. Even though these shifts affect everyone, some will be affected more than others. Today’s discussion addresses that group.

Perhaps you feel edgy, tired, nauseous or none of those symptoms – a bit like some can ingest many medications without side effects and others can barely tolerate a baby aspirin.  Such physical symptoms are not the only indicators of the waves of energy passing through you today. Those of you who channel or are healers of a similar nature may find that your skills in those arenas seem more difficult than usual.

Even though you are probably bored with the concept of yet another energy shift, today’s shift is different – and more difficult than others have been.

Today’s shift relates to how you access information beyond the commonly accepted five senses. We venture to guess that those of you who channel do so a bit differently than you did five years ago. Most likely, channeling seems easier, less cumbersome and more expansive than was the case even a few months ago. Yet today, and for the next few days, you might find channeling quite difficult. You are switching frequencies.

Your car radio has two frequencies – AM and FM. Prior to this shift, it was as if you were only accessing information on an AM station. Today you are adding FM. For those of you not familiar with electronic frequencies, this shift does not appear that difficult. After all, you merely have to push a button on your radio to switch from an AM radio station to an FM station. Such was not always true. When FM was first introduced, many radio stations had to scramble to install new technology. FM was the elitist format used only for those programs requiring a precise sound such as a symphonic presentation.

It is enough for you to know that your somewhat “scrambled” channeled/healing messages are merely an indicator that you are shifting from AM to FM frequencies. You will hear, feel, sense, see, smell or however you access your channeled/healing information more clearly and easily in a few days. But for now, you will probably feel as if you are in a fog. That is fine. Allow that to be knowing that it is just a transition stage required to fine tune your skills.

The obvious question is, “What happens after this shift?” Our answer can only be – yet another shift. Many of you are becoming physically and emotionally exhausted by these shifts. Such is true because you are achieving something no other group on earth has ever attempted. You are shifting from one Age to another, within one lifetime and while in a physical body.

It does not matter how many energy shifts bombard you, you still need to shop for groceries, go to work and mow your lawn. Your day-to-day needs continue as your interior being is jumping all over the place. We give you the highest accolades for an ongoing “job” well done.

You are shifting here, moving there and yet sounding quite coherent when you talk to those not yet enmeshed in these shifts.

How it is possible for the energies to reach the earth and yet not impact everyone in the same way?

Your energy shifts are like a progressive course of study. Do you remember in high school or college not being allowed to take advanced courses until you had completed the introductory course for that particular area? Such is the case now. Those of you who have completed your preparatory courses – and that include most of you reading these materials – have access to higher frequencies or to continue the analogy, more comprehensive and complicated courses.

As for your future energy shifts. Do you remember when reading a newspaper was difficult because of your limited reading skills? Now a newspaper is light reading for you as you wait for your flight. Such is the case with these ongoing energy shifts. You have shifted to an FM frequency. Soon – and we mean very soon – that frequency will seem “child’s play” and you will move up yet another notch in frequency levels.

How many frequencies can you access in this lifetime? That is entirely up to you. You can move beyond your new FM frequency or you can stop at AM. It does not matter to you or the Universe. The information, the frequencies, will be available for all who wish to continue enhancing their skills. The New Age is here. Some will just be more tuned-in than others. .

How many times a year are you invited to someone’s house to listen to a radio show? Yet, do you not share computer information, mp3 music, blogs and other forms of dispersing information? Does anyone chide those who only listen to a radio? No, they merely wonder why those attached to their radios do not choose more options. Radios have not been taken away from you, you have just added other tools to help you with your information intake.

The same is true for the energies of the next few days that are shifting you from Am to FM frequencies. Once you master FM, you will probably wish to add other frequencies, other skills to your repertoire. That is your choice. We merely wish to inform you that today’s uneasy feelings are about growth and new learnings, not something to fear.

Enjoy this shift. It is the first of many you will have access to throughout the coming months. Enjoy your new paint box of frequencies. You have been painting exclusively in shades of blue. It is time for those of you who wish to do so, to add red and yellow. And in the very near future, to add lime, magenta, turquoise and any other combination you can think of.

Your life, this life, is to be filled with all the color and joy you wish. For those of you who opt to remain with blue or even blue and red – both are beautiful colors. Allow yourself to move as fast or as slow as you wish. This New Age school of life is self-determined and self-paced. Allow that for yourself and for others. So be it. Amen.

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