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Test Your New Creation Skills

Brenda Hoffman

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Let us start this day with a message of joy. Yes, you have new skills. Yes, you can use them when you wish. And yes, you can use them  in whatever way you wish.

For those of you concerned that such “selfish” actions might create death and mayhem, we beg to differ.

Only those of you who are pioneers, trailblazers and scout masters have easy access to the skills we are speaking of. In this life, you decided to be a leader in the lightworker, New Age transition movement. Everyone now on earth and in the future will have access to these skills. But because most do not yet believe that such is true, they are not able to create at will. Belief is the key to your new skills.

It is time to start testing your skills. Will you be frustrated in the first phases of this test? Of course, just as you usually are with new computer software. So do not be angry or afraid if this simple test does work as you hoped.

Create something you have wanted for some time. We are speaking of a physical object, for it is not yet time to create a relationship. It is far easier to create an object than it is to create a relationship. An object – even though made up of energy bits as is everything including yourself – does not necessarily react in the same way as relationships. What if someone does not wish to be part of your life play? What if that human is working on other issues and is not yet ready to interact with you? And on and on.

So let us create an object. First close your eyes – not because you have to, but because doing so will help you concentrate. Visualize an image of that object – most of you will wish to start with a simple object such as a pen. Imagine yourself using or viewing this object in whatever fashion seems the most pleasurable. Open your eyes and quickly sketch the object – this sketch is just your memory pad. Tape the picture to an area where you often pass. Then forget about it.

Many of you are thinking that this is little different from what you practiced ten or even 20 years ago. You are correct to a certain extent. The difference is that this object will materialize faster. More importantly, you do not have to spend time each day visualizing the object. Of course, many of you will even though that step is no longer necessary. A bit like when you first learned to use a computer and you searched for the typewriter return lever to move to the next line in your document.

In truth, think of your new skills as the difference between a typewriter and a computer. As you become more familiar with your skills, they will seem more like the difference between a library with books only open at certain times and the internet available when you wish to turn it on.

Some of you wish for us to give you more detailed instructions. There are none. Have we not stated on many occasions that creation is easier and more rapid than has been true in the past? And so it is.

We will give you a number of exercises in the next few months. Some you will complete easily. Others will feel to you as if you will never learn – but you will. You all will. You will learn to fly with your creation skills, just as you now do on your computer.

We will close with words of encouragement and of joy. We are a computer help desk available to you 24/7 so that you learn the skills you need to create the life you want – and teach others the same.

Again, do not fret if this lesson seems impossible for you. You will learn it when it is time for you to do so. For most of you reading this blog, that time is now.

This new year of 2011 is about creation. Last year was remembering that you could create. So get out your drawing pad and writing tool. Close your eyes, focus on the object and start creating. It is that simple and yes, that complicated. For before you can create anything, you must believe that you can. Just as you believe that you will breathe each second of every day, so too must you believe that you can create what you want, when you want it.

Perhaps such a thought does not seem that complicated, but your past belief patterns ensure that such thoughts are difficult.

Are you not always wishing for a genie in a bottle, a relative to give you a large sum of money or to win the lottery? Always something or someone outside of yourself to help you create the life you want. Forget those past beliefs.

Do you believe that there is a God, Universe or some larger entity that created you and can create FOR YOU whatever you want, as long as you follow that entities guidelines? Does this belief not persist even though we have stated over and over, as have other channelers, that you are God, that you are a cell of God?

Those of you versed in the sciences will understand what we are speaking of. Every cell in your body has the same DNA. And so it is true for you. You are a cell of God, the Universe or whatever term you wish to use. If God is able to create at will – which you most certainly believe or you would not pray in times of trouble – you are equally capable of creating whatever you want, when you want it. Everyone on earth and throughout the Universe is part of God or whatever term you wish to use. You may be of the fingernail cell group and your rival of the hair follicle cell group, but you all have the same DNA and the same creation skills.

Perhaps if you are of the fingernail group, you may find it more difficult to create some objects than others just because such objects are not part of your normal repertoire. But in time (a very short time we might add), you will allow yourself to create whatever you want, when you want it – whether it be a house, a friendship group, a new community or a new political party. Size is not the issue, belief is. Believe in yourself. Believe in your creation skills. Believe that the New Age is finally here.

Go on now – start creating with the knowledge that your creation skills might need a little revving up because they have been dormant for so long. This is a new year in earth terms and a New Age in Universal terms. Start living the New Age in your new year! So be it. Amen.

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Happy Creation Holidays and Ever After to You!

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Yet another amazing transformation is taking place throughout the land assisted by the feelings of goodwill and cheer common this time of year.

You hope that your life has shifted so dramatically that anything is possible. Happy Holidays to you – anything is possible!

Many of you reading this will think of a personal trauma or some earth chaos which surely indicates that such is not true. We will reiterate – anything is now possible.

What does such a thought mean for you? Whatever you wish. If you wish to remain in the muck of despair and disbelief, you will. If you wish to believe that you are your own genie in a bottle – you are. Anything is now possible. You merely have to direct your intentions and thoughts to that belief – the knowingness that you are your own genie – and your life will be so.

You have been “inching” towards this period for many years. You arrived on earth in this lifetime for this transition. The almost unbelievable truth that what you wish for can be yours.

Your immediate question probably is, “How soon will your wonderous thoughts materialize into reality?” Again, we will state that you are your own genie in a bottle.

This time, this solstice/eclipse shift is of almost unbelievable proportions. We cannot stress enough how wonderous the rest of your time on earth could be. Please note, we did not say will be, but could be. For indeed, most of you reading these materials wish for it to be so, but have difficulties believing that it is so.

Your key “work” in the next few months as trail blazers and scout masters is to create the life you are dreaming of and to share that joy of creation with others.

Now you understand what your role as trail blazer truly is. You are to create your dreams and thereby, give hope to the pioneers who wish to follow. But not everyone on earth will wish to do so. There will be a number who will wish to remain in the muck and mire.

You baby boomers were the bridge builders to the New Age, the bridge that your children will walk across and your grandchildren will blow up.

Even though this transition is available now, not everyone will choose to access it in this lifetime. Each of you now on earth have a unique role to play in this transition. Those of you reading these materials are the trail blazers, scout masters and wagon train leaders of the New Age – you will cross the bridge you built.

Some of your friends and relatives will opt out of your new dream world. They will make fun of your belief in your ability to create what you wish, when you wish to create it. They will watch in wonder as it comes true. But their ongoing thought will be that you are lucky, not that you are a creator. They will be too frightened to test it out for themselves.

What if they find that they are not as powerful as you? What if they create something they do not like? What if they alienate themselves from those they love because of jealousy or shame? What if? What if? What if? All thoughts that will stop them from believing and therefore, creating. But then in all likelihood, they did not opt to even “see” the bridge in this lifetime.

You are all powerful creators and always have been. You have merely hidden that knowledge from yourself for eons. The shifts of the past few months have lifted the veils of that knowledge and have provided you with new and more powerful creation skills.

But these creation skills are only viable if you believe they are; and if you are not afraid of change, of a new life. Our holiday present to you is reminding you of your creation skills and encouraging you to test your abilities.

What do you want more than anything right now? Write it down with a date of completion. Then forget about it, other than it will occur. Which is no different from saving money to buy a new car and deciding when you will buy it. You believe that pieces of paper or a plastic card will purchase what you what, when you want it given (most times!) that you have saved the financial resources to do so.

Your new creation skills are no different. You have “banked” your creation skills for eons and received new ones in the last few months. Create that dream or those dreams with your creation skills.

Some of you may be a bit too frightened to test your new skills on a big object. That is fine. Create a new pencil or create a new home. The skills are the same. It is just a matter of belief – belief in yourself and your new and enhanced creation skills.

Happy Creation Holidays and ever after to you! So be it. Amen.

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The Sky Is No Longer Your Limit

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Let us begin a new phase of our planetary shift. Most of you are familiar with discussions pertaining both to December 21 of this year and the significance of the year 2012. Various writers have written about the end of the world, new skills, the end of darkness or the joy of  light.

All of the above are correct – and none are correct. The energy shifts you have experienced and will continue to experience at an accelerated rate in the next two or three years are indescribable in your current language.

If something has not yet happened, how can it be described? So is it true for what is happening to you, those around you and yes, the earth. Major differences from what was, to what will be are occurring second by second and minute by minute. Sometimes you are unusually angry, frightened, exhausted or joyous. All indicators that something is happening to you. And so it is. But the net effect cannot be described as easily as, “I’m having a bad day.” Anymore than the industrial revolution could have been defined with, “I am working in a factory.”

Both statements are and were true, but the ramifications of those statements could not and will not be determined for several years. Let us give a more concrete example. In the 1960′s and 1970′, yogurt was available in a few health stores for health “freaks.” Today, your neighborhood grocery stores display shelf after shelf of all types of yogurt.

The same will be true of the skills you will be using on a daily basis within weeks, months or years depending on your interests and needs.

Channeling is not that unique. All of you reading these materials, in truth, all the beings on earth have the ability to gather and disseminate information in many more ways than you now allow. Some of you are most comfortable with sensing what is to happen, others see it and still others determine in a different fashion. You will find in short order that such skills are elementary compared to how you will access and disseminate information in the future.

The solstice/eclipse of December 21st and the following years until and through 2012 are merely the start of new worlds of gathering and disseminating information. Does that mean your current world will end? Yes, in the sense that using only five senses will seem elementary. Libraries used to be research centers with a limited number of volumes. Computers offer many more resources than was possible a mere thirty years ago. Did your world fall apart? Or did it expand? And so it will be for you now and in the future.

Those of you a bit more adventuresome will access your new skills more rapidly than others – including channeling. Channeling is merely your past, present and future joining forces to allow you to visualize or sense what is going to happen at a pace that fits your physical being. Some channels are able to sense, see, hear and know far into the future. Others curtail their skills to information that is for today or tomorrow. And still others only offer information that directly pertains to them. For indeed, channelers are limited by their world view. If they are afraid of dark forces, many of their messages will relate to dark forces. If they live in joy, their information will point to joy.

We are not stating that some channels are better than others, merely that their information is based on their courage and their knowledge-base.

Now we have frightened some of you. How will you know which channel is correct for you? In the same way that you know which yogurt is correct for you. It tastes and feels right. No more and no less. But we have digressed a bit.

We merely wish to state that all of you are capable of channeling or gathering information in addition to the five senses you now claim as possibilities. And as we move closer to 2012, you will automatically find yourself playing with these “new” resources. It is not so much that something will be added to your being during these dramatic energy shifts, as it is that the veils of knowing are being swept away.

You truly will be a new being in 2012 and thereby, it will be a new earth in 2012. As we move closer to that date, you will find yourself knowing and sensing more than you ever thought possible. That new knowingness will shift your life and your world. What was grey, will be white. What was red, will be blue. What was frightening or odd, will be expected. That is what these shifts are about.

Channeling is delightful and will continue so – but more in the sense of the many flavors of your yogurt choices. You have many skills you will develop and yes, create in the next few years. Our words cannot describe how you will change. But each time another veil is lifted, you will be more of who you truly are. You will no longer be a split personality of past lives, current life, spiritual lives and the future. You will be you in all of your glory.

You will skip along the path to time travel. You will play with energy. And you will have more fun than you can imagine for each of you will find skills and interests that do not yet exist. The sky will no longer be your limit – nothing will be.

You are a child of God, you are god and you are you in all of your glory. Allow that glory to shine as you add your creative and joyful thread to the Universal tapestry of life. Express yourself in all your glory. Sparkle in your joy and you will find channeling and your current methods of tapping Universal knowledge as elementary as reading a book before discovering the joys of a personal computer. So be it. Amen.

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Live, Laugh and Love Yourself This Holiday Season

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

As we move closer to the solstice/eclipse of December 21st you will note that your feelings – perhaps even your physical being is changing. You will find it more difficult to concentrate and when you are able to do so, you will find yourself thinking of many others you previously did not care for with a warmer heart. You will find yourself falling in love with yourself and thereby, others.

It is true that some of you reading this material may not change in the least for you have already opened your heart to yourself and thereby, others.

But most will find the next three or so weeks quite dramatic. For indeed, not only will your emotions soften, your physical being will become a bit more lovely as a result. Have you ever noted how someone in the first stages of love often looks younger than had been true before? Such is what we are speaking of. For indeed, the shift has much more to do with emotions than with any physical changes in diet, exercise or even plastic surgery. Love will allow you to feel and look younger.

Again, some of you have completed this shift so you will note little difference; other than a greater than usual ability to concentrate on the tasks at hand – most notably completing your holiday preparations. Those of you who are about to go through this self-love  shift will find your world in disarray – but then, you will not care that it is so.

Do you remember falling in love? You felt light and airy – everything was beautiful and you could not wait to be with the object of your love. Apply those same thoughts to falling in love with yourself and you will see the joy and yes, silliness of such thoughts in the midst of your holiday preparations. Much of what you do during the holiday season is about making others happy. This season, your priority will be making yourself happy.

Those of you fearful of being selfish merely need to review your past holidays to determine that you have “paid your holiday dues.” You have stayed up all hours baking your cookies, shopping for and wrapping your gifts and spending money you did not feel comfortable spending – to make others happy.

Your society shifted the arena of love from loving yourself to that of giving to others at the cost of yourself. Even though many of you may receive joy in doing so, we are merely pointing out that you may have done so not because you wanted to, but because others expected it of you.

Do you really enjoy shopping, wrapping, cooking and cramming thousands of activities into a few days a year? If so, that is wonderful. You are doing what is right for you. But if you, like most people reading this message, are thinking of the holiday season in terms of deadlines, hard work and giving of yourself despite your exhaustion, perhaps you will want to review your priorities. That is what this solstice/eclipse is about.

Are the holidays to celebrate love – for yourself and others – or to show others what a wonderful person you are? In essence, to buy their love with your kindness? Are you having fun or is it a ritual dictated by society?

If you have fun with holiday preparations, very little will change. You have already determined what gives you joy. But if you find yourself exhausted and irritable year after year, you will find it difficult to focus this year.

Your being is shifting from giving all of yourself to others, to loving yourself as much as others. Does this mean you will do away with your holiday celebrations? Perhaps. But more likely, you will find yourself less willing to take part in the rituals that mean little to you and therefore, to others.

Let us explain. Prior to this year, few humans were “clear enough” to know if rituals were to please others or if they had personal meaning. Year after year, the rituals continued because they were expected. How many women breathed a sigh of relief when it was no longer their “duty” to cook and clean for hordes of guests? That is what we are speaking of. It will be as if you wake up one morning and ask, “Who am I doing this for and do I enjoy doing it?” A very simple question but one that the majority you have never asked before. Holiday preparations were your duty, your obligation –  joy had little to do with it.

Granted, joy often did arrive at some point. Perhaps when someone you love opened the “perfect” gift. Or when your child or grandchild’s eyes sparkled with anticipation. But at what cost to your well-being?

For the first time, you might question yourself. But you will do so in a fog. A bit like waking up in the morning and not being able to focus without your first cup of coffee. You will attempt to maintain your traditions, but you will have so much difficulty focusing that you will pare down your preparations to those you can do easily and effortlessly.

We have returned to joy and self-love. How can you love yourself when you have driven yourself to distraction with various preparations? How can you have fun when you are too exhausted to think?

In the next three weeks, you will question yourself repeatedly, “Why am I doing this? Who is it for?” And you will come to the radical conclusion that you may like this piece, but not that piece. You will simplify and adjust your holiday preparations to those you feel like doing, rather than the usual what you “should” be doing.

The net result will be a more loving and joyous holiday season than you have had for a very long time. For as you put yourself first, as you fall in love with yourself, you will have more to give others.

No holiday, no activity is a should. It is time for you to return to joy – which is only possible when you love yourself. It is time for you to enjoy the holidays. It is far beyond time for you to breathe a sigh of relief that you have completed your holiday rituals.

Live, laugh, love. These are the key words for your life and all holiday celebrations in your future starting with this 2010 season. So be it. Amen.

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