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Anything and Everything is Now Possible

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

You have entered yet another earth year. The possibilities excite you and yet, you are concerned about the changes necessary to realize those possibilities.

Those of you reading these messages have moved beyond a point where the changes occurring in your life and the world frighten you. Does that mean that your life from today forward will be without fear or even anger? No, for both are part of your paint palette of life.

Instead of reducing colors on your paint palette, as you have done for eons, part of what is going occur this year is that you will expand your paint palette to include all colors…and thereby, all emotions. It is just that joy will be your dominate color or emotion; and fear will have many more grey tones. Fear will be less clear, less concise and more of a background color that you will use for interest – just as was true for joy before this transition.

Let us return to our message of the day. Did you accept our challenge of creating a small object last week? If so, were you successful? If you did not feel you were successful or you have not yet tried to create a small object, we will repeat the lesson for you. Visualize a small object that you would like to have – perhaps a pen or something of that nature. Sketch the object immediately after seeing it in your mind. Tape or paste that image in a prominent place and EXPECT that image to become reality in a short time.

For those of you who created your object, it is time to move to the next phase. Use that object to create something else you would like. If you created a pen, use that pen to sketch another object. If you created a house, use the image of the house to place a car that would please you in the garage of that house.

A pen and a home are one and the same for both are created from energy, energy you can now move about easily.

In your mind, in your belief patterns, a pen is a small, simple object and easy to create. But a house! A house is – in your belief patterns – far too complicated for a novice such as yourself. Retaining such a belief is fine for now. You will soon shift that belief, you are just not quite ready to do so. Continue to create pens. Creating any item tests your creation skills – not for us, but for you. We already know you are capable of creating anything.

For eons, you were trained to believe that you were not capable of creating. Yet, your history should point out that such was not true. When the need for more rapid transportation arrived at various stages in your history, horses, camels, carts, trains, planes and automobiles were domesticated or created as needed. Were not these innovations creations?

Many of you are saying that such is not true – that all the aforementioned inventions or applications of what was available were somehow just dropped from the ethers. Of course, such was not the case. Many people in your histories availed themselves of the same creation skills we are now teaching you.

Even though you have always had creation abilities, those skills were more hidden then is now true. Historically, some of you were the Edison’s of the world and tapped into those hidden resources expecting results. But most of you believed the general consensus that such inventors and innovators were of an elite grouping that you could never be part of.

Do you see how easily your society helped you create that belief? Are there not scores of history books elevating those innovators to a special elite group?

A few of you on earth today, such as Bill Gates (software) or Steven Spielberg (movies), slipped through the mesh fence of limitation to create something new and wonderful. But most did not. We are now telling you that you are as capable of creating as was true for Bill Gates when he envisioned the reach of his software company. Bill Gates may have interests and skills in different areas than you, but that does not limit your creation skills.

You might have an interest in creating a new dance step, song, type of music, a new type of energy or a blog. It does not matter what you create – just that you BELIEVE you can create.

Many of you are now concerned that such a multitude of creations will create complete chaos. We beg to differ. Even though you are all one, and therefore all have creation abilities, each of you has interests in different areas. Do you remember how frightening the 1960’s were to your parents? New clothes, music, literature, movies and even sexual attitudes arrived daily. Chaos at first – but have not most of the 1960’s innovations become part of your daily life with little or no difficulty? And so it will be now.

Create big. Create small. It does not matter. Just realize that you can create what you want, when you want it. And by so doing, you will not impinge on the rights and freedoms of others. Instead, you will add to the palette of colors for everyone.

Computers changed your lives in so many ways – but few of you would care to return to the time before computers. Do you remember the fears that computers would negate employees? Has such happened? Perhaps, but not quit as many envisioned. Computers have spawned so many fields that need new and different skills.

And so it shall be for your New Age creations. Life will be different and more exciting. Most of all, it will be more fun. Just think of the possibilities of creating what you want, when you want it. Think of how jealousy and fear will automatically become less important; and joy will predominate.

Will everyone want a palace to live in and a sports car to drive? No. Anymore than was true in the 1960’s. You believed then that anything was possible. You tasted your creation skills and you had a grand time with “flower power” and all that entailed. That is, you did until you remembered your previous training of go to school, get a job, get married and have children so your children could repeat the cycle.

It is time to return to your teens. It is time to play joyfully again knowing, without a doubt, that everything and anything is possible. Go live your life in joy. Go create the life you want. Not the life created for you by society – but the life you want. So be it. Amen.

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