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There is No Need to Review, Relive or Blame the Past

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Overview of  this week’s “Creation Energies” Brenda’s free, 15-minute, channeled show on As you move into different dimensions, those who opt to stay in the 3rd dimension will not be exposed to “hell and damnation”, you will just have less interest in their fears and anger. There is no rule or supreme figure telling you what to do or when to do it – only your inner-being.

Dear Ones,

So much is happening within your world – yet your joy is palpable. Those of you who have financial concerns or perhaps a loved one with issues, might find this paragraph difficult to comprehend. You might even be angry.

But your pain and fear is of the past. Even though your vision of joy has not yet appeared, you feel an inner joy – almost as a guilty pleasure. Let us explain what is or has happened to your being.

In the past, such fears and traumas would have produced an endless series of worries that eventually enhanced your belief that life is difficult and just beomes more difficult as you age.

Even though you now may have more to be concerned about than has been true for some time, you feel lighter, more of a sense of the possibilities than of fear. Why do you suppose such is happening?

We have told you that the New Age has arrived. And we have told you that you were instrumental in bringing the New Age to earth and to your being. You are a miracle in so many ways. Not the least of which is that you continue to add slivers of your totality to your earth being.

Those slivers have helped move you from fear to joy. Your being is no longer half in fear and half in joy –  or as you started out in this adventure, three-quarters in fear – you have moved into joy.

Some of you are unwilling to acknowledge your true growth. A bit like your unwillingness to let others know you needed a bra at puberty – how could you be a “tomboy” if you looked like a girl?

Take a few seconds and run through your list of worries. Are they as deep or as consistent as before? If so, know that they no longer need to be. And if not, glory in the fun of letting go of fear.

Let us give you an example. Pretend that you have just graduated from high school. Yet you believe you are not ready for the next stage in your life because you are not comfortable with algebra or you know nothing about physics. Is it likely that you will ask to repeat your senior year of high school so you can become comfortable in those subjects; or will you move to the next step assuming that what you needed to know, you learned? And if algebra was a difficult subject for you in high school, is it likely you will accept a job or select a college major in which algebra is the key element?

When you graduate from high school, you are knowledgeable in some subjects, dislike others and are totally incompetent in others. But that does not need a step backwards to make sure you are fully competent in all areas, it merely allows you to know what areas you like and which you are probably not going to pursue in the future.

So it is for your joy. Perhaps you have money difficulties. But instead of continuing to circle back to reasons and justifications for why that is so, you now have the  inner encouragement to move forward knowing that such difficulties will take care of themselves when the time is right.

Now many of you are upset. Such is not possible. “I have to search my past lives. I have to meditate. I have to ‘work’ on my money issues until I get them right.”

That is no more true than repeating one or more years of high school after you have graduated. It is done. You have completed what you needed to complete. Your life is moving forward. There is no need to review or rue the past – it is the past. You have graduated.

The joy that is tip-toeing through your being is not silly,  illogical or wrong. It is merely you acknowledging that you have graduated from fear. Of course, there will be days in which you wish you remembered an algebraic formula, but not enough days to call for a repeat of that class or that year.

You have graduated. It is time for you to move to your university of joy.

You are excited about the possibilities of joy and pleasure. Yet, you are not sure what the subject of joy mean for you. Do you wish to explore the joy of humanity? The plant kingdom? The animal kingdom? Life between lives on earth? Interplanetary travel? Creating new forms of energy?Help others transition to another form? Or something totally different? Do you wish to create your own joy general studies program? Or do you wish to specialize? Only you can make that decision based on the level of joy and fun created by your inner-being.

As you increase the number of slivers in your being, your interests may shift slightly. Each of your physical beings have a particular area of interest, but each of those areas include multiple opportunities for study.

As a history major, you would have studied that part of history most interesting to you. Perhaps Genghis Khan. The United States Civil War. The French Revolution. So it will be for you now. You will study joy – but which aspect and at what level?

Do not fret if your life is not perfect. Not because it will never be, but rather that you are just moving into the place in which joy is more prominent than fear. You are also deciding which part of joy you are most interested learning about.

You have moved into a place that even you doubted was possible a few weeks ago. You have graduated from pain and fear – not that you will never feel either again, but that they have become minor elements in your being. Joy is your area of study now. Have fun deciding what part of joy makes you most joyful! And know that your graduation ceremonies from fear and pain were truly as exhilarating as any you experienced in your lives on earth.

You have graduated to joy. Now take your time to peruse the information that will help you decide what your major in joy will be. So be it. Amen.

Brenda’s classic book, “A Glimpse of Your Future” is available for purchase at or http://www.Barnes &    If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs as they are posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of the subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.


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Your Physical Being is Now Catching Up to Your Spiritual Self

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Overview of 9/19/11 “Creation Energies” Brenda’s channeled, 15-minute, free show on Your physical body is catching up to your spiritual being so you may feel “fuzzy” mentally and even much like you did at puberty – “I’m 13 and I want to drive a car, go on a date, drink, have babies and get married.” Many ideas but not a lot of energy to activate them.

Special Event: Brenda and Beverly J. Thompson will be channeling/presenting live “2011/2012: We’re in the Thick of It” Saturday, September 24th at 4 pm at The Festival of Healing and Spiritual Awareness; Greenville Shrine Club; 119 Beverly Road; Greenville, SC. For more information e-mail:

Dear Ones,

This week is extremely important in terms of where you are going and how you are going to get there.

For months, we have encouraged you to move into your spiritual place of creation possibilities and so you have. But you moved forward spiritually more rapidly than your physical form could tolerate. You were testing some of your new physical/tool kit of creation possibilities before you fully assimilated your belief system with the Universal truths of creation.

Many of you thought you were doing something wrong because you could not generate the object or pattern you desired. That was our error not yours. For you had much more within your Old Age belief patterns that had to be released before you could create the life you want.

We are as amazed as you at what you have accomplished to date. We are also as excited about the possibilities inherent in the New Age/new earth. But we needed to regroup once we determined that your spiritual being was outpacing your physical abilities. And so we have. That is the shift you will feel for the next few days or weeks.

You will be streaming hundreds, if not thousands, of ideas of what you would like to have in your life. Almost like a flickering film screen of the early 1900’s. Each idea will present its own joy – yet not all ideas will be what you truly want. In other realms, such multiple possibilities are always available. But your physical 3rd dimensional being has never been strong enough to both accept that amount of information and create it.

We found that your 3rd dimensional physical being had more limitations than we were aware of. Our incorrect assumption was that if we introduced you to your spiritual realms, you would automatically physically shift  to that place that allows you to create your thoughts and dreams. Perhaps not as easily as is true in other dimensions, but more easily than in the past.

In truth, your 3rd dimension physical body was not strong enough to accept the new creation energy flowing in so you used your belief systems to “damn” the flow. Your physical body went into a self-preservation mode.

Many of you are wondering if the something similar will occur throughout this transition process. No. Because with each shift you are moving beyond your 3rd dimension limitations. You are far stronger than was true even a few months ago. You have released many of those belief damns. And as you feel stronger in your new dimensional setting, you will release more. How interesting that water is often equated with emotion. For the beliefs you maintained to protect your physical being were about your self-worth and feelings about others.

As you move into the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions, you will become more aligned physically, emotionally and spiritually. You also continue to accept more silvers of your total being – and as you do so, your being is adjusting.

Let us explain. Each sliver, even though a part of your totality, is a different facet of you. Perhaps one of your new facets enjoys camping while the original you cannot tolerate it. Even though that is a simple example, it is not far off in terms of your new reality. You will find yourself  irritated with people and things that did not irritate you before. And loving things you used to ignore.

Why would anything or anyone irritate  you as you grow spiritually and emotionally? That is so because you are becoming a more finely tuned instrument of the Universes.

When you started piano lessons as a child, the piano you used did not need to be finely tuned. But as you evolved into a concert pianist, the slightest off note grated on you like nails on a chalkboard. And so it will be for you.

But if the New Age/new world is about love and peace, how is it possible that anything or anyone irritates you? Such discernment is extremely important now and will become more so as you move into your place in the new earth.  Negative comments about a group or race might be seem funny in the 3rd dimension where the duality of good and bad exists. Such dualities will find very little acceptance in the dimensions beyond.

We have moved beyond our thought of the day. Your physical being will be changing dramatically so you are better able to create the life of joy and love that is the New Age/new earth.

Even though you were willing to move ahead rapidly emotionally and spiritually, your physical being reminded you – and us – that you required special energies before your new dimensional being was balanced and poised for action. And so it will be.

In the meantime, please understand that many of the dreams flitting across your emotional screen in the next few days or weeks are not what you want, but more of a showroom of possibilities. Do not berate yourself if you cannot create any of those visions now – your body is merely accepting the possibilities created by your new slivers and spirituality.

When your physical plant is rested and restored – including the activation of DNA strands you need to move forward with your New Age/new earth plans – you will zoom into creation. But your creations will be those correct for all facets of your being, rather than one or two as has been the case in your 3rd dimensional being. And those creations will occur when it is correct for you and the Universes.

All will happen as projected, we merely needed to re-evaluate why most tool-kits of creation were not being activated. Our “market research” indicated we had neglected your physical plant because we had underestimated how deeply enmeshed many of your beings had become in the 3rd dimension. The energy shifts of the next few days will counteract that dimensional lifestyle and help you balance the new slivers that are now of your being.

You are no longer the you of even three months ago. You entered your telephone booth as Clark Kent and are now removing your clothes to reveal your Superman costume with all the expected capabilities. Will you leap buildings with a single bound? Not unless you want to. But you will create the life most appropriate for you and thereby complete your piece to shift the earth and the Universes. And so it is. Amen.    If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs as they are posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail you receive.

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When Will You Let Go of Beliefs That No Longer Define You?

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Overview of “Creation Energies” Brenda’s channeled, 15-minute, show: Do to others as you would have them do to you is the basis for the new earth. Don’t put band-aids on your current governments, social service programs, medical arenas, etc. Create new organizations in love and joy – you have the skills to do so.

Special Event: Brenda Hoffman and Beverly J. Thompson will be channeling/presenting “2011-2012: We are in the Thick of It” 4 pm Saturday, September 24 at the Greenville Festival of Healing and Spiritual Awareness; Greenville Shrine Club; 119 Beverly Road; Greenville, SC. Intuitive counselors, vendors, healers and 16 workshops throughout the festival. Admission: $10 Saturday – $8 Sunday. The 16 workshops, including Brenda’s and Beverly’s, are part of the admission charge. Email  for more information.

Dear Ones,

There is an issue we have not discussed instrumental to your shift into the New Age/new earth. What beliefs do you maintain about yourself that are not loving? Of course, your immediate reaction is that you love yourself. We beg to differ.

Many of you hold on to beliefs counterproductive to who you wish to be. These beliefs might be part of your current life or from other lives – it does not matter. Any piece that makes you feel as if you are not valued or perfect is of the Old Age.

Now many of you are angry. What can you be holding on to that you have not shifted or cleared? Does this mean you have to go through your issues yet again before you are “perfect” in the eyes of the Universe?

That is not at all what we mean. You are the trailblazer, wayshower, lightworker. Yet you maintain beliefs about yourself that hamper (not stop, but hamper) your progress.  Let us point out  a few that you do not think of as beliefs, but reality. “I am old.” “I am aging so aches and pains are expected.” “I am overweight.” “I will never be as beautiful as movie stars.” I am not a good conversationalist so I should be pleased when anyone wants to be with me.” “I deserve to be poor because so many are starving.” “I cannot do anything to move my family, society, community, country or world into love and joy.” “I am not creative.” “I am not smart.” “The New Age/new earth is fun to think about, but we live in the world that always will be.”  “My abilities to change my life are limited.” “I am not a leader of anything much less a lightworker.” “I am emotionally, physically or spiritually handicapped so my life is limited.”

Are those thoughts bad or terrible? No, merely sad. Such thoughts hide who you are even from yourself. It is time to remove limiting beliefs from your persona –  and to welcome new slivers of yourself that have the energy to help lift you to your true place. Let us explain.

Some of you, even though you are lightworkers, have so immersed yourself in the heaviness of earth that you cannot see the log available to pull you out of the muck. And if you maintain your limiting beliefs about yourself, that log will remain camouflaged.

Eventually, with or without the log, you will let go of those beliefs for your role is lightworker in whatever capacity best fits your being.

But if you allow yourself to move through or negate those limiting beliefs, you will pull yourself out of the muck with little effort. Then you with the help of the beautiful and welcoming shower in the woods, you will clean off the muck you have struggled in for so long. An easy two-step process available to you when you are ready to accept it.

We mentioned the slivers of you zooming around your  being, ready to enter when you wish to accept them. But those slivers have never struggled in the muck, nor do they wish to. They are waiting patiently for you to value yourself enough to move out of the muck.

Is this just another ploy on our part to delay your rewards? Not at all. We are merely telling you that it is easier for you to remove yourself from your negative self beliefs than ever, that you have help to do so and that all that is required is that you wish to do it.

Which means you start thinking and acting differently.

Perhaps you feel you are a few pounds overweight. Do you talk about it? Send fat jokes to friends? Wait to buy clothes to fit a more slim you? Or do you accept yourself now in all of your glory?

Perhaps your teeth are not perfect. Do you hide your beautiful and loving smile behind your hand? Do you refuse to believe anyone could find you physically attractive? Or do you go on in life fully expecting to experience fun and love?

Your being will not be more wonderful because you lose weight or have your teeth fixed – your being is wonderful because you are you. Someday you might lose weight or have your teeth fixed, but neither will change who you are. That is what we are speaking of.

Your beliefs about your worthlessness based on who you should be, what you should look like or what you should be doing at your age has nothing to do with reality in the New Age. Is it bad if you feel like dancing and dying your hair a bright green when you are 80? Is it bad if you feel like dating whomever you wish do despite your weight or your physical appearance? Or are both actions brave? Do you see the difference? One thought is based on who you should be according to society and the other on who you are according to your inner-being.

Your inner-being never finds you ugly, irresponsible, stupid or not lovable – only the you now on earth does. And you do so because your society has told you who you are.

Let us return to those slivers of you who wish to connect with you – but are finding it more difficult than necessary because you are holding on to self-images created by your society. We have told you that only about 10% of your total being has been part of you on earth in this lifetime. That percentage will more than double once you accept your being. We also told you that those slivers of you have skills far beyond any you are now familiar with.

The New Age is here. Move into it in all your personal beauty and glory.

Stop allowing your society to define your beauty, intelligence, creativity, capabilities and being. You are all that you wanted to be in this lifetime – you are a lightworker. Expand that role by accepting your additional slivers of creativity and love.

Have we ever indicated that you must be physically, emotionally or spiritually perfect to be a lightworker or to enjoy life?

Instead, we have said over and over that you are perfect. And so you are – whatever your body shape, appearance, age, race, gender, physical or intellectual capabilities. And who you are is ready to be augmented by your personal slivers. You are ready to fly. Only those pieces of your personal image created by society limit you.

In the Old Age, you had many reasons to justify feelings of worthlessness. This is no longer the Old Age. You are a lightworker. Your inner beauty shines no matter what you look or feel like.

You are the only one who cannot see your light, your beauty.

Climb out of the muck. Take your cleansing shower and welcome your new slivers with open arms. Your slivers do not care what body shape or financial circumstances you created before their arrival. They are excited to be reunited with you – the person they love and will always love.

Allow yourself to accept yourself as you are in all of your beauty and glory. Your slivers do and so does the Universe. So be it. Amen.    If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs as they are posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.  

“A Glimpse of Your Future” Brenda’s channeled book is available for purchase at or Barnes &

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The Revolution is Over – What World Will You Create?

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Overview of 9/5/11 “Creation Energies” my free 15-minute, channeled show available at either or This transition impacts not only the earth but the Universes. Like a sliver in your finger effects your entire being until you remove it. You are an extremely important thread in this transition tapestry and to follow someone else is to remove your thread.

Special Event: Beverly J. Thompson and I will be channeling at the The Festival of Healing and Spiritual Awareness in Greenville, SC  Saturday, September 24 at 1:00 pm. Additional presentations in the spiritual healing arts will be available throughout the three-day festival. Call A Class Act at 864-233-3033 for more information.

Dear Ones,

So much is happening to so many of those you love. It may even feel as if Armageddon has arrived. This is so difficult for us to explain for your heart is in pain.

This transition is effecting the entire earth and all the entities on earth. It is not a plague from the God of yesterday, but rather a cleansing of the you of today.

You have continued on the same road for eons. Sometimes it was bumpy, sometimes smooth. But it always encouraged, even forced you to move in one direction. A direction that was further and further into pain and fear. That road has ended for many of you. You now have numerous choices about the direction you select. Some roads are more enticing than others. Some are more comfortable than others. But all lead you to the light, the new earth.

Your travel is no longer comfortable in terms of knowing who you are and where you should be. But it is exciting. What is around the next corner? Just as your road ended and new paths have opened up, earth is also closing some doors, some paths and opening others. This is a Universal shift.

For many of you, your experiences do not seem to warrant such a blase attitude. You or those you love are in pain – whether physical, spiritual or emotional. That is to be expected with any shift of this size. But most likely, that thought does not lessen the pain – it only makes you angry.

This transition is a revolution of the greatest magnitude. Just as is true in any revolution, new systems have to be created and put in place before a comfort zone for all the participants is visible. Do you remember the recent photos of Libya’s liberation – the cheering, joy and hope? Those of you who are practical perhaps thought of the infrastructures that need to be created under the new regime. Who will run the government? What type of government will it be? Who will police activities? What type of education system is appropriate? What is necessary to encourage industry to create new employment opportunities? Who will pay for the repairs necessary to return to a new normal – including houses, roads, electric current, water systems, public buildings and on and on.

You have completed your revolution – the New Age is here. Now it is time for you to create the structures that fit the New Age/new earth. What are you going to create and why? You no longer wish to repeat the structures created in fear and pain – or do you? You no longer wish to continue relationships based on giving and not receiving – or do you? What do you wish to create? That is the quandary that is so affecting most of you reading these materials.

The old road has ended. What types of new roads do you wish to create? And where do you wish to create them? You are a self-governing person/entity. Accept that role, relish that role and move forward in the direction that feels most right for you. Negate those who continue to push you on to their road or urge you to help them rebuild the old road that has ended. Who are you? What do you want to create? That is your role now.

The same is true for earth. The old earth of giving without receiving has ended. That path no longer exists. The earth and thereby, the Universe is attempting to create new roads and new methods of creation. And just like you, the earth is playing with this thought and that thought. Nothing is defined or clarified. But the old method of giving and not receiving is over for earth just as it is for those of you who wish to move to new roads and new creations.

Does that mean that earth will self-destruct or that those “bad” people who do not believe in the New Age/new earth will parish either physically or emotionally? Not at all. First, there are no bad people. Merely people too frightened to grasp the concepts of the New Age/new earth or knowing within that such is not their role in this lifetime. Earth is discovering new paths. It is shifting and testing this route and that route. And indeed, it will find it’s comfort zone just as you will and at about the same time.

Those affected by earth upheavals have volunteered subconsciously to allow earth and themselves to move into the place that is most right for them. Perhaps it is a death transition. Perhaps it is restarting their life on a different road. Perhaps it is to interact with someone or something. It is not your place to determine if they are moving in the correct direction or if they are being punished (NOT!) or if they are less spiritual than you.

Prior to this transition, there was one main road and even though some of you took a few meandering paths, you maintained your place on that road. That road has ended. There is no longer one road. Each of you – whether you are moving into your spiritual path or not – are now creating new roads. Those in the most pain will be those who continue to try to stay on the road that no longer exists. But it is not your place to point out what you consider their error. Your role and only role is to follow your heart and create your road.

Does that mean you negate those you love who are suffering? Not at all. Merely that you will give what your heart whispers to you to give – whether physical, emotional or spiritual aid. But at the same time, you will no longer hold yourself back so that those you love can move into the New Age/new earth at the same time as you.

Perhaps you will provide a lifeline – but you will no longer have the need to jump in to save those who insist on drowning despite all the support and assistance available physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Earth is in a similar mode. “I will give you warnings about impending dangers or upheavals, but I will not stop those shifts to save you.”

A revolution should never be initiated unless you wish to live in the aftermath. This is the creation time of the New Age transition. The New Age is here – that revolution is over. Now what you do wish to create? So be it. Amen.    If you would like to receive my free blogs as I post them, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of my subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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