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You’re the First Wave – What if No One Follows?

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Summary of Brenda’s March 17, 2013 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at Last week’s equinox opened your color frequencies. You’re no longer coloring your life with a box of eight crayons – now you’re coloring with seventy-two color crayons.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for “This Equinox is Your First Gossamer Layer”

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Dear Ones,

Many of you are finding that what was interesting is no longer. Those people you found intriguing are now boring. That what you once enjoyed feels lifeless. We predicted such. But it is one thing to read about changes and quite another to experience them. Indeed, many of you find yourself reverting to the fears or patterns of old.

You feel as if you alone have not grasped the Lightworker brass ring. Or that your dream of a loving new age is a myth like King  Arthur and the round table. Such is not true – but you do not necessarily believe that yet.

You and all Lightworkers of whatever degree of activity are creating New Age myths. Even though not all King Arthur stories are based in reality – those myths, stories and dreams have a basis in the reality of the time.

Tales were once relayed by story tellers. Each story-teller – as is true for the party game “Pass the Message” – changed the tale a bit so it was more colorful or appropriate for the listening audience – until the truth was more fiction than reality.

Your tribulations transitioning into the New Age will make a wonderful story for your children and grandchildren as they piece together the courage of those who went before. But as was true in the past, they will color you with more wisdom and courage than what you now feel is reality.

You know you need to wake up when the alarm sounds to prepare for a job you may or may not like so that in your free time – what little there is – you can access the New Age materials that make your heart sing.

Yet, your initial transition history will probably read like: “You knew from the beginning you needed to change the world, so you put aside all that did not help you move in that direction.”

Within a few generations your history will change again to: “You knew the company you worked for required a complete restructuring so, as a clerk in the mail room, you managed to change your corporation and all similar corporations.”

Perhaps you find our thoughts amusing or even frightening, but certainly not reality. So it is for the tales of courage you share. No one who is in the midst of a shift – certainly not of this magnitude – truly understands how complicated the shift is or will be in their personal life.

Many of you marvel at the courage required to hide Anne Frank and her family during the Holocaust of World War II. You are in the midst of something similar. That is not to frighten you or to compare those who hid Anne Frank and her family with you, but for you to understand the courage you find within yourselves despite so many indicators that your role will not be a success.

There were many signs that Adolf Hitler’s vision would overtake Europe and all who helped those Hitler found subhuman would be destroyed. Yet, those who accepted the role of savior in cases similar to those who protected the Anne Frank family had the courage to continue whatever the consequences. So it is for you now.

You really do yet understand how courageous you are. Or that there will be days, perhaps weeks, when you wish this transition would go away. Not because it is not a wonderful dream. But because you do not know if you have the strength to continue; or if continuing will produce anything other than more pain.

The New Age/new earth has arrived.

The outcome of this shift is now predictable. Even though there will be a few skirmishes, perhaps even battles of will, the New Age is not going away.

You are no longer alone as was true for those few voices decades ago predicting the New Age was possible. Perhaps your family or friends have not yet jumped on the New Age/new earth band wagon, but they will eventually. For if you feel a loving need to interact with them, they too are part of the Lightworker movement – just perhaps not at the same pace as you.

Those of you reading this blog and others like it, are most likely advance Lightworkerers. But thousands of other waves will follow. You are the first wave. The feelings of the first wave of any concept – loneliness and questioning the validity of beliefs – seldom deviate. As is true of the fears that you have moved too far beyond society’s expectations to return to “normal” if this new earth/New Age is not reality.

Do you suppose the first explorers of earth were so certain of their goal that they had no fears as their food and water dwindled and the expected land mass was not in sight?

The difference is you are exploring inner-worlds, instead of your physical world.

To complete your new earth mission, the outer-world must match your new feelings. You feel more joyful, more love. But is the same true for your brother, mother, friends, neighbors or employer? Where is the love? You may feel it – but few others seem to feel the same. Was your arduous inner journey worth the effort? Will others join you? Or are you now so different you cannot return to Old Age society if others decide not to transition into the New Age?

You are explorers of the inner-world and creators of the new earth/New Age. What if no one follows? What if you are stuck in an environment that feels right only to you?

Rest assured, you are not alone. It is time. You are merely the first, but most certainly not the last. Others will follow more quickly than you now imagine.

Your pining for others to be part of your loving new earth will last for just a bit. Others will sense your light and wish to know more. They will suddenly find new earth materials fascinating and wars unproductive. In truth, they are loading their wagons impatiently waiting for you to give the sign that the new earth is safe.

This you will do with the joy you display when you remember to live through your heart, instead of your mind. When you allow yourself to know you are courageous beyond words. And allow yourself to be in all your glory.

Others will follow. Maybe not today, but certainly tomorrow. For they too are programmed to awaken to the new earth/New Age. Programs just not activated as soon as was true for you.

You are not alone – merely the first wave of courageous and loving human spirits exploring your inner-worlds to create new life and joy throughout the Universes. So be it. Amen.    If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe and blog page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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