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Confused About Expressing Your Joy?

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for LifeTapestry

Summary of Brenda’s July 3, 2020, channeled “Creation Energies” show at The remorse of those in the 2nd and 3rd waves reflects what you’ve already processed. Even though you can mourn with them, it’s not your role to do so. You, forerunners, helped shift the earth and will be of the earth long enough to experience the results. The role of those following is to destroy 3D structures. If you find yourself deeply enmeshed in political, economical, racial inequalities, or other structural areas, assume it’s a mirror of something you haven’t addressed in a past or the present life. 

“Your Power Can’t Transfer” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for LifeTapestry

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Please know that codifying your need to be right with symbols and words is not assisting you or others. This is a time for you to focus on joy instead of division.

Of course, ignoring division is not necessarily an easy choice for most. For we have drummed into your thought processes that all will find love and joy. So it is many of you have turned those concepts outward. Believing that until the outer world expresses love and joy, you cannot or should not. That it is wrong for you to be happy in your environment. For so many are suffering you have no right to live in joy.

Such is the result of your 3D lives and your current understanding of Universal principles. Even though we have continuously stated ‘you are one,’ that Universal concept is likely different than your current understanding. You have accepted the belief that you are as important as others, that self-love is not bad, but you remain confused about expressing or sharing your joy.

Should you not be fearful, angry, or sad, as is much of society now? And what if you do not feel joy? How can you conjure up joy? Issues that have more to do with your 3D training than your current reality.

In truth, you are afraid to be different. To smile when others are crying or frowning. If you feel joyful, you believe you are betraying your friends, relatives, and society. How can you be joyful when others are not? So it is many of you cling to social sadness, not because you need to, but because you feel you should.

Is your life terrible or difficult? If so, how are you shifting that reality? If not, why are you sad or angry? You continue to believe that issues outside you are the culprits when in truth, you create your reality.

That ‘you create your reality’ phrase was one of your first introductions to transition concepts. So it is ‘you create your reality’ is alive and well in your life and the life of anyone who believes such is so. You do not need to worry about your outer world unless it is so unpleasant as to make you feel hopeless. For your feelings, shift your world, not others in external situations.

You are pining for yesterday when life seemed right and comfortable. Yesterday never was.

Yesterday was an earth filled with rage hidden by some platitudes and a few actions that spoke to your 3D heart. Rocks covered the unseemly pieces you refused to acknowledge, as was true for most of your society. Those rocks are now being overturned. Such does not mean the garden is no longer lovely, merely that it is time to address what is under the rock. Your society is doing so.

Your role does not include patronizing those discovering what is under the rock. Your role is to shift into joy and express that joy. For even that which is under the rock is beautiful, just different than the remainder of the garden.

Those in the second and third waves of awakening are expressing the totality of the beautiful garden, including that under the rock. Their joy in doing so is what you are beginning to sense.

Such is also true with COVID-19. Even though this virus is shifting your life dramatically, it is also allowing you to express yourself more freely. For social rules are falling one by one. You may feel lonely or restless. But at the same time, you are experiencing freedom from the outside forces that encouraged you to act, dress, and behave in specific ways. New-found freedom that is beginning to feel delicious. Acknowledge that. And acknowledge that your need to state who you are instead of who others think you should be is also delicious. Even though this virus is shifting your life in ways you do not always like, it is opening up your freedoms to be.

Some will argue with that last statement. Believing that society is telling you how to behave. Such is true to a certain extent. But then, you are also discovering new ways to address your new life.

This time is about finding out who you are and what you need to be free. Some relationships will not survive. Other relationships will formulate new interactions. And others will be instrumental in creating new relationships.

You are no longer bound by the dress, food, verbal, or action codes of 3D. So it is you are discovering your new inner codes. A joy you might not understand or relish until later.

At the same time, you are discovering new interests and directions. Key among them is not caretaking those uncovering what is under the rock. You do not need to review fear and pain for you have already done so.  What is joyful in your life? Nature, activities, conversations, laughter, renewing relationships, new beliefs and actions, and on and on.

You are becoming a new person. This in itself is joyful. You do not yet understand the powerful position you are in. Instead, you are a bit like a teenager who wants to be popular but cannot get the popular kids to acknowledge you.

What you will soon discover, if you have not already, is that the popular kids are not who you are, nor who you wish to be. You are a new being with new directions – most importantly, new joys. Not how terrible society is, but how wonderful your new freedoms are.

Who are you? And how are you expressing the new being you are becoming? That is your joy and your power. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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