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The Sky Is No Longer Your Limit

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Let us begin a new phase of our planetary shift. Most of you are familiar with discussions pertaining both to December 21 of this year and the significance of the year 2012. Various writers have written about the end of the world, new skills, the end of darkness or the joy of  light.

All of the above are correct – and none are correct. The energy shifts you have experienced and will continue to experience at an accelerated rate in the next two or three years are indescribable in your current language.

If something has not yet happened, how can it be described? So is it true for what is happening to you, those around you and yes, the earth. Major differences from what was, to what will be are occurring second by second and minute by minute. Sometimes you are unusually angry, frightened, exhausted or joyous. All indicators that something is happening to you. And so it is. But the net effect cannot be described as easily as, “I’m having a bad day.” Anymore than the industrial revolution could have been defined with, “I am working in a factory.”

Both statements are and were true, but the ramifications of those statements could not and will not be determined for several years. Let us give a more concrete example. In the 1960′s and 1970′, yogurt was available in a few health stores for health “freaks.” Today, your neighborhood grocery stores display shelf after shelf of all types of yogurt.

The same will be true of the skills you will be using on a daily basis within weeks, months or years depending on your interests and needs.

Channeling is not that unique. All of you reading these materials, in truth, all the beings on earth have the ability to gather and disseminate information in many more ways than you now allow. Some of you are most comfortable with sensing what is to happen, others see it and still others determine in a different fashion. You will find in short order that such skills are elementary compared to how you will access and disseminate information in the future.

The solstice/eclipse of December 21st and the following years until and through 2012 are merely the start of new worlds of gathering and disseminating information. Does that mean your current world will end? Yes, in the sense that using only five senses will seem elementary. Libraries used to be research centers with a limited number of volumes. Computers offer many more resources than was possible a mere thirty years ago. Did your world fall apart? Or did it expand? And so it will be for you now and in the future.

Those of you a bit more adventuresome will access your new skills more rapidly than others – including channeling. Channeling is merely your past, present and future joining forces to allow you to visualize or sense what is going to happen at a pace that fits your physical being. Some channels are able to sense, see, hear and know far into the future. Others curtail their skills to information that is for today or tomorrow. And still others only offer information that directly pertains to them. For indeed, channelers are limited by their world view. If they are afraid of dark forces, many of their messages will relate to dark forces. If they live in joy, their information will point to joy.

We are not stating that some channels are better than others, merely that their information is based on their courage and their knowledge-base.

Now we have frightened some of you. How will you know which channel is correct for you? In the same way that you know which yogurt is correct for you. It tastes and feels right. No more and no less. But we have digressed a bit.

We merely wish to state that all of you are capable of channeling or gathering information in addition to the five senses you now claim as possibilities. And as we move closer to 2012, you will automatically find yourself playing with these “new” resources. It is not so much that something will be added to your being during these dramatic energy shifts, as it is that the veils of knowing are being swept away.

You truly will be a new being in 2012 and thereby, it will be a new earth in 2012. As we move closer to that date, you will find yourself knowing and sensing more than you ever thought possible. That new knowingness will shift your life and your world. What was grey, will be white. What was red, will be blue. What was frightening or odd, will be expected. That is what these shifts are about.

Channeling is delightful and will continue so – but more in the sense of the many flavors of your yogurt choices. You have many skills you will develop and yes, create in the next few years. Our words cannot describe how you will change. But each time another veil is lifted, you will be more of who you truly are. You will no longer be a split personality of past lives, current life, spiritual lives and the future. You will be you in all of your glory.

You will skip along the path to time travel. You will play with energy. And you will have more fun than you can imagine for each of you will find skills and interests that do not yet exist. The sky will no longer be your limit – nothing will be.

You are a child of God, you are god and you are you in all of your glory. Allow that glory to shine as you add your creative and joyful thread to the Universal tapestry of life. Express yourself in all your glory. Sparkle in your joy and you will find channeling and your current methods of tapping Universal knowledge as elementary as reading a book before discovering the joys of a personal computer. So be it. Amen.

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Stop Comparing Your New Age Transition to Others

Channeled for Life Tapestry Creations by Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

Much has happened since we have last talked even though most of you do not yet quit understand what has transpired. With each shift, you are a bit different. And therefore, so is your community, your country and the earth. You may feel as if you have not shifted your belief patterns or that you should do more, but you are shifting at an almost unbelievable rate of speed. In truth, your physical being could not tolerate a more rapid shift.

Let us address those of you who feel you are not as pure, loving or joyful as you should be. You find that you are angry with the same thoughts and people who made you angry six months ago. Yet you are being told by so many that these dramatic energy shifts should alter your life immediately.

Many of you feel as if you are letting the Universe down by your seeming inability to shift as rapidly as your readings indicate is happening to everyone else. Please stop comparing yourself to others – everyone is moving at the pace that is correct for them. More importantly, know that those to whom you compare yourself are not at a much different place than you. Many of you are creating yet another Old Age competition that makes you feel less than you are.

You are a unique individual with unique skills that will develop in a unique time frame. Perhaps you are able to channel, but not time or experience travel. That is as it should be. Perhaps you wish to leave your community or your job but you do not yet feel the urgency that compels you to do so. That is how it should be. Perhaps you are relishing the blogs, books and channels that discuss the joys of the New Age even though overall, you do not sense much difference in your life. That is how it should be.

There are not, nor can there be, any overall time frames, specific skill sets or thought processes – you are a unique individual. “Cookie cutter” patterns were important in the Old Age, but are non-existent in this New Age. The New Age is not about repeating patterns, it is about creating new ones. And so you shall – but only after you allow yourself the freedom to move at your own pace and in your own direction.

Perhaps your current earth being has no need to channel because you will invent something to make air travel more convenient. Or perhaps you will never use the skills that have been touted by numerous New Age channelers, including this one. It does not matter. All that matters is that you allow yourself to listen to that quiet little voice within yourself and follow it accordingly.

Allow yourself to evolve at the pace that is correct for you and you will easily move into the New Age. Force yourself to be interested in any topic because it is something that others say you should – including the oil spill in the Gulf – and you will pull yourself away from your New Age skills and talents.

What makes you laugh? What sparks your interest? What excites you? That is your direction.

Throw away your cookie-cutter reactions to media reports. Throw away your fears of not moving fast enough or in the right direction. Allow yourself to flow and grow in the manner that is correct for you.  That is your role. And that is your joy.

The New Age is about freedom – allow yourself the freedom to be. The New Age is neither more nor less complicated than that. Listen to your inner voice and follow it. You will move at the pace and in the direction that is correct for you, your community, your society, your country, the earth and the Universe. So be it. Amen.

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Experience Travel is a More Sophisticated Form of Time Travel

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Let us return to Experience Travel. Some of you may have attempted to implement Experience Travel with little or no success. Do not be concerned. You could not read a book the first day your teacher introduced you to the alphabet either. It might take a bit of practice for you to Experience Travel.

We are outlining your new tools. More importantly, we are helping you move beyond many of your belief patterns that indicate only “special” people with “special” gifts can Experience Travel….or channel for that matter. All of you have the ability to do either or both, as well as thousands of other skills we have not yet introduced. So let us return to Experience Travel for just a bit today.

Perhaps you have questioned your purpose in this life or what happens to you between lifetimes on earth or whatever arena you opt to create a physical form. Questions you have believed are beyond your current skill set to answer. You truly have access to any of the Universal information that has been generated or ever will be generated.

Many of you have heard this information before and so you are a bit bored reading it yet once again.

We wish to point out that if you truly believed that you and others could access whatever information you needed or wanted whenever you needed it, the recent oil spill, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and economic and political upheavals would not be of concern to you for you would expect to access the information necessary to quell or shift your concerns. Furthermore, if you truly believed that you could access any information of importance, fear would not be part of your daily life.

You may have intellectually accepted that you are able to access Universal information, but emotionally you retain the belief that such a lovely dream may happen someday, but certainly not today or any day soon.

Experience Travel is your passport to the information you pine for. How does the future solve your current energy crisis? How do politicians shift their actions? How do you pay your bills? Why are terrorists terrorists? All extremely important issues in your life – yet you believe that you cannot solve any of those dilemmas. How silly. You have the answers. You have all of the answers. Granted, your area of interest may not be in energy solutions but there are others who find that field fascinating. You merely have to access what issues, what concepts, what ideas are important to you.

Even though Experience Travel may require some practice, the most important element is your belief in the possibility.

Most of you reading these materials believe that you return to earth multiple times – you have perhaps accessed some of  your past lives through hypnosis or various exercises performed by “special” people with “special” skills. That is hooey! You do not need anyone to help you with time travel. In truth, time travel is a simple concept – similar to reading your first book. Your first book was delightful in kindergarten or the first grade, but quite boring by the time you were in the fifth grade.

Experience Travel is a more sophisticated form of time travel.

Today we will explore time between your lives. And we will start this exercise by strongly suggesting you access the time shortly before your birth in this lifetime in which you and your guides outlined what you wished to accomplish.

Again, you may most easily obtain visual images, words or other methods of accessing your information. How you access information does not matter – only that you allow yourself to do so.

Let us begin.

  • Find a comfortable and quiet location. You will not need to be as selective in the future, but as is usually true with any new skill, it is easier to master a skill if you are able to concentrate.
  • Allow yourself access to any medium such as paper and pencil, a laptop, magic markers, color crayons, or paints that feel comfortable and right to you.
  • Close your eyes and create some form of transport – a bridge, steps, vehicle, magic carpet or whatever else feels correct.
  • State within your mind and being that you wish to return to your meeting or meetings prior to this birth in which you determined what your chief objectives were going to be.
  • Then ask questions that are relevant to you such as: “What are my objectives?”  “Have I achieved my objectives?” “What have I not yet accomplished?” “What areas are of the greatest interest to me now?” “How will that change, if at all, as the earth evolves?” “Why am I not interacting with certain people who I used to interact with?” “Does my current job fit my goals?”  “How are my communication skills going to evolve in the near future?” “If I am most interested in _____ area, why is it so difficult for me to achieve what I want to achieve?” “Why am I afraid of (terrorists, other cultures, environmental issues, my boss, my spouse, my parents, my community, etc, etc.)?” “What steps do I need to take to achieve ________ goal?” “What will make me joyful?” “Who am I” – not what my culture has created but, “Who am I?” “What information am I not allowing myself to access?”

Note the information you have obtained once you complete your Experience Travel exploration knowing that you can return whenever you wish. Also know that you will not spiral out of control and wish to remain in the Experience Travel mode – a fear that stops many of you from exploring any new tool kit item. You have elected to enter the earth realms during this dramatic time of change for a reason. So go explore. Think of your exploration as a fun, fact-finding vacation that will provide you with more information than you could obtain in a year-long trip around the earth – and that you can do so in seconds or minutes instead of a year.

Did you not expect to learn how to read as did your older brothers and sisters? Did your parents not believe that you merely had to put alphabet letters together to form the words that would allow you to read anything you wished to read? And so it was.

Do you wish to Experience Travel? Do you wish to explore the Universe and all of its knowledge. Believe that you are able to do so and so you shall. So be it. Amen.

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A “How To” Experience Travel Lesson

Channeled for Life Tapestry by Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

In past blogs, we have discussed items in your new tool kit. Today we wish to help you start implementing one of your tool kit abilities – Experience Travel. Unlike our other blogs, this  one is experiential.

Before we provide you with your Experience Travel instructions, we wish for you to remember that each of you is a unique individual. Perhaps you will access this information visually, but not via the written word. Or one or more of your senses might provide you with information that is unique to your being. Brenda has found that she most easily accesses her Experience Travel key via her word processing equipment. In the near future, she will be able to combine her word processing skills with her inner sight.

As with any new skill, you will find that practice increases both your skill level and your number of access points. Let us begin with this brief and relatively simple explanation.

Please find a place that is quiet and comfortable. You may prefer a location that provides access to your computer, note paper or you may merely need to close your eyes to obtain the sensations and pieces of information that are most pertinent to you at this time.

There are no rules for accessing this information. And you are neither a slow nor a fast learner if you access the information immediately or need a bit of time to process your beliefs. Please remember that you have hidden this information from yourself for eons so your belief patterns may have to adjust a bit before you allow yourself to Experience Travel.

You have the tools to access any time period, any state of being or any information throughout the Universe. Think of your Experience Travel key as the cut and paste keys on your current computer. Those of you familiar with typewriters, must remember when replacing a paragraph or erasing a mistake on a long document was extremely difficult and time-consuming. Using razor blades, white out and carbon copies to correct typing errors are of the past.  Word processing your documents is so much easier now – especially with the tools that are standard in almost every software package.

And so it is with your Time Travel of the past and Experience Travel now. As might be noted by the title, Experience Travel is a more sophisticated version of Time Travel – much like the difference between typing a long document with a standard typewriter and word processing a document with the appropriate software.

Let us begin.

  • Find a comfortable and quiet location.
  • Gather materials  (paper, pens, your laptop, crayons, magic markers, etc)that might be helpful to you as you initiate your Experience Travel.
  • Contemplate what you wish to explore: a particular time – past, present or future; other planets – past, present or future; other galaxies; times between your lives; Universal knowledge of a specific nature or whatever piece of information appeals to you today.
  • Then write or word process the following:  what you wish to explore; the vehicle or transportation system you wish to use (automobile, time capsule, magic carpet, steps, special animal, etc); what you would like to look like or feel as you are exploring; what results you would like from this exploration; if you wish to participate in this exploration or merely observe and finally, why this information is important to you (“Just for fun” is as important as any other reason!)
  • Once you have completed preparation for your exploration, get comfortable and allow yourself to access the resulting information in any fashion that feels most correct for you. Perhaps you most easily smell the information. Or visualize the information. Or dictate the information. Or draw the information. It does not matter how you do so. Just know that you are now able to access information you probably did not feel comfortable accessing before the introduction of the New Age energies.

You are no longer limited to the information you access on earth with your five senses. Nor are you a god who is so unique that others need to worship you, as was often true in the past with those who allowed themselves to cross the barriers to Universal information. You are merely you with a new tool kit. A tool kit that allows you to more easily implement aspects of your being you were afraid to access in the past, because you needed to tie yourself to the energies of the earth.

You are of heaven and  earth. Allow yourself to explore the spirit world as you once explored the earth as a toddler. Poke your fingers in the water of the spirit world, pick up the tiny creatures of heaven and explore them through taste, sound and feel. Listen in joy and wonderment to future words of wisdom that have been collected for you.

You are comfortable with your earth skills. It is now time to initiate the same comfort level with your Universal skills. Play with your new skills and by doing so, become a master of heaven and earth – as long has been heralded by all who have tuned into the energies of the New Age. So be it. Amen.

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You Are an ADULT of the Universe

Channeled for Life Tapestry by Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

Brenda has long been fascinated with time travel or as we expanded the phrase in our last blog to Experience Travel. Let us explore the issue in a bit more detail.

Experience Travel differs from time travel in that it encompasses your totality, rather than one segment of one lifetime on earth. As we stated emphatically in our last blog, you are fully capable of experiencing any lifetime, any realm or any factor that you wish.

Just as your fingernail breathes when you draw oxygen into your lungs because your fingernail is part of the totality of you, so is it true that anything God has experienced is available to you because you are a segment of God. You have established barriers that exclude you from many arenas that you are fully capable of exploring and experiencing.

Please review your belief patterns as you digest this last thought.

Is it not true that you are comfortable knowing that there are angels flitting about somewhere? Or that there is an entity that you refer to as the Universe, God or whatever term you use to understand all that there is? Do you not pray to the angels, the Universe or whatever format is most comfortable to you with the full knowledge that somehow those entities are more capable than you? In essence, do you not give your power to those entities whenever you pray to them?

That last thought has made some of you angry. You want someone, somewhere to have the ultimate power – someone who will care for you as your parents did when you were young.

Was it not true that even though your parents’ rules sometimes made you angry, you appreciated that they were in control of your life and therefore your world? Yet, was there not a time when you decided you were fully capable of living your life without  your parents – that they did not necessarily understand your adult world? The same is true for Universal bodies whether they be angels or a god entity.

You are a mature earthling who is exploring avenues that have never been explored before. You are adding to the Universal data base minute by minute. Even though your angels might have a great deal of information that could be applicable, they are not living your life. It is time for you to tap into your new strengths and skills.

Which returns us to Experience Travel. Even though in the past some people have broken the barriers that you have placed on your skills with time travel or similar experiences, those broken barriers were most often limited to the experiences you felt you had the right to explore as a human.

A bit like not feeling skilled enough to provide your parents with financial information when you were ten years old. Yet now as an adult, you now have no difficulty discussing your parents’ financial dilemmas with them. In truth, you often feel that you are more wise than your parents – they are “too old” to grasp the financial information that is swirling around them.

So it is for your Experience Travel. You are fully capable of mastering any aspect of the Universe you wish to explore. You merely need to believe that you are. Does that mean you can visit with angel friends one hour and travel to 1889 in the next? Yes. Does that mean you can travel to other planets, as you like to call them, and visit with other entities or explore your past lives on those planets? Yes. Does that mean you can sit on the right side of God? Yes, yes and yes.

Your Experience Travel is not limited in time, scope or distance. You established limitations in the past so that you could fully live your life on earth. Just as you were always as wise as your parents spirituality –  but you felt the need to acclimate yourself to earth before you considered yourself a capable adult. Were you more intelligent at 20 than at two years of age? No. You merely had more experiences at twenty years of age with which to explore your world more fully – you were more acclimated to the earth.

So it is now. You are not more intelligent, more spiritual or more emotionally capable than you were when you entered your first life on earth eons ago, you are merely more experienced. You are now an adult entity in the spiritual as well as physical sense. You no longer need to limit yourself to one arena because you do not feel that you have the skills to explore more. The world is yours. More to the point, the Universe is yours with all that entails including time travel, Experience Travel, all of the knowledge created throughout the Universe to date and all of the knowledge that has been created in the future.

You are perhaps wondering how that last thought is possible. We will remind you that just as you increase your knowledge and skill base on earth, those attributes expand the knowledge base of what you label the future. The time frames you like to label as past, present and future really do not exist. Time, as you now understand it, is a continuum, an ongoing circle that shifts and changes as you expand your knowledge and as other entities in other parts of the Universe expand theirs. You are not the only human-like beings in the Universe, but you are as instrumental as any being in the Universe at expanding the knowledge base of the Universe.

Currently, you are the key players in a gigantic shift that is expanding the Universe at a rate never seen before. You are truly adult players in the Universal realms. That adult capability allows you to access any portion of the Universe in any portion of the time continuum.

You have earned the Universal library card to a library filled with all of the knowledge of the past, present and ever evolving future. It is time to start checking out your materials or playing with the advanced technology available through your Universal library. You are mature enough and wise enough.

Of course, as is true with any of your updated skills, you have always been able to access these library materials, you just wanted to wait until you felt comfortable doing so. Now is the time. And you have created the software that makes it easier for you to do so.

Do you wish to explore alternative means of energy? Check out the books or visit those arenas that have solved those issues. Do you wish to create different types of relationships, communities, governments or economic systems? Start exploring or more to the point for this blog, start experiencing.

The first step necessary to do so is to believe that you can. Much like you needed to believe that you were qualified for your first professional job after graduating from college.

Allow yourself to believe that you can Experience Travel and by doing so explore any arena that stops you from living in joy. Negate your new skills and you will find that your current life will not change one iota – much as would be true if you refused to leave home, date or work your entire adult life. Granted some interactions with your parents would change, but more likely than not, you would continue to play the role of a child even though you were fully capable of being an adult. And so it is. So be it. Amen.

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