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Your Sigh of Relief is Genuine

Channeled for Life Tapestry by Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

Yes. Finally yes!

Many of you are beginning to feel different – as if the weight of the world is no longer on your shoulders – as if there truly is light at the end of the tunnel. Again, we say, “YES.”

Now we are fully aware that not all of you have yet crossed over to joy and peace – you may yet have a few hurdles. But more and more of you are feeling the peace we have long discussed.

Does that mean you have inherited enough money never to worry about bills? Not necessarily. Does that mean you have found the mate or job of your dreams? Not necessarily. You have found a peace with where you are. A sense that all is right with your world, even though physical evidence may speak to more pain and trauma.

Thoughts and feelings attract like thoughts, feelings and circumstances. And so it is for those of you who are beginning to believe that the sigh of relief you have been feeling in the last few hours is genuine. It is.

You cannot move forward into peace and joy, as long as trauma and fear are your key thoughts. The peace you are beginning to feel is the knowledge that all is right with you and your world. And so it is.

We have relayed similar thoughts to you for a very long time. But never have those thoughts corresponded with a specific energy burst, as has happened and will continue to happen for the next few days.

You can fret and cry all you want, but your tears of trauma will not last long. Let us return to an image of childhood. Do you remember your toddler being heartbroken one moment and giggling the next? How do you suppose that was possible?

Your toddler knew without a doubt that even though he may have been hurt one moment, his parents or someone would make it better. Your toddler believed that his world was complete and good…and so it was. It was only as he advanced in years that he questioned the stability of his life and his ability to maintain positive life experiences. It was only with life that he began to doubt his world.

Sixty or so years later, we are helping you return to your initial belief in life. Not the life you have come to expect, but life that creates joy in your heart and makes your being right with the world…and yourself.

That is our gift to you, as well as your gift to yourself. For you have been as instrumental in creating these energy bursts as have we. You have directed the energies in a manner that will most help you move into the New Age. Hence, the most recent energy burst of life is good and life is grand.

We will close for now. Even though this thought may seem repetitious to other materials you have accessed in the past few years, we will tell you that this energy burst in so much more. 

Allow the fears of the past to melt away. Allow your belief in the goodness of life and of others to return. Most of all, allow yourself to know without one iota of doubt that you cannot and will not fail to move into joy – if not today, then tomorrow.

You have requested and received the burst of joy that will allow you to forget your pain and to again see the beauty of life..and all of the joy that entails. So be it. Amen.  

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Are You a Cog in Society’s Wheel?

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Let us begin with a question – a question we have asked many times, yet one that you are now more capable of answering than has been true in the past – who are you?

Perhaps you wonder why we continue to ask this question and why you still do not feel that you have the correct answer. In truth, as you evolve your answer to this question will also. So rather than thinking of this question as an end point, as you have in the past, think of it as a focus point for today – but not necessarily beyond that point.

You no longer need to define yourself for the remainder of your time on earth. Think in terms of how you have been programmed for eons to establish a line of activity based on a few pieces of information. For example, you are to determine what profession you wish to remain in for the rest of your life at the age of 18 or 19 – before you have had most of your major life experiences. Or you are to select your life mate at the young age of 19 or even 30.

For you baby boomers, does the age of 30 not seem fairly young? If not, think back to who you were and what you were focused on at that age; and compare those thoughts to the you of today. Do you now understand how utterly ridiculous is your ongoing need to define yourself based on limited information – even though you may be of the age that society says you should?

Not only can you not define who you are going to be with your current information, throw away any thoughts of ever doing so again.

Such parameters merely limit your skills, interests and abilities. Open your mind and heart and allow your being to flow.

What interests you today may hold no interest tomorrow. That is how it should be. Of course, we have used the word “should”. Please forgive us, but we do not know how to put such a concept into words that you will better understand – so for now, we will use the word “should”. But we digress.

We have long told you that your most direct line to your inner being is to return to the freedoms and joys of your infancy. Infants do not set limits on their joy, their exploration or most of all, their being. Infants are free to be who they are. They do not care if they are dirty, funny, hungry or sad. They just are.

You, on the other hand, establish parameters. “I cannot be tired today because I have a report due.” “I cannot be angry at my child because he is a child.” “I cannot do this because…” “I cannot be this because….” Parameters that limit your exploration of yourself and therefore your being.

Return to the wonderment of childhood. Allow yourself to flow into whatever container you wish to flow. If that container is too small, expand it. If that container is too large, reduce it. And if that container is just right today, but too large tomorrow adjust it accordingly.

There are no longer any rules to your beingness; other than allowing yourself to evolve, grow, expand, change and reduce at the rate and time that is correct for you.

Throw away the rule book. Throw away anything that defines who you are – particularly those rules and thoughts that reduce you to a cog in the wheel of society.

You are free. Allow that thought to rattle around in your being. And then, redirect your thoughts and joys into those areas that are right for you today – not those joys that might be right for you tomorrow, next year or in a decade – but are right for you at this moment. So be it. Amen.

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Enough of Your “Airy-fairy” Thoughts and Fears

Channeled for Life Tapestry Creations for Brenda Hoffman

Enough of the “airy-fairy”  or “woo woo” thoughts that most of you have used to describe the New Age shifts. We wish to be extremely direct for we no longer need to be concerned about frightening you. Those of you reading these materials have accepted and now expect the New Age.

Perhaps you have experienced puberty, a pregnancy or menopause. Even though there are  indicators for those transitions, each of you experienced those body shifts in a unique fashion. All of you women did not grow breasts on the same day or at the same rate. Just as the voices of all men did not shift on the same day or even the same year. Some of you women found you could barely function during menopause. Others of you flew through it with a minimum of discomfort. Yet, each of those anticipated life phases generated written materials about how bad a particular transition could and probably would be.

Such is the case for this New Age transition. Some of you will feel and behave in a fashion that is almost counterproductive – yet the shift will occur for you and those around you. Others of you will move through this transition without the drama that is announced daily in various New Age, new earth postings – including ours.

Women had babies before the written word. Menopause has always been a fact of life on earth. Yet until this generation, few people openly discussed either issue. Do you remember your Grandmother taking a few months or years to move through menopause…did she even mention it? The same with pregnancy – even though in the past many more women died in childbirth than is true today. Pregnancy just was and needed to be to perpetuate the human species. And so it is with this transition.

This New Age transition has been put in motion. No one can stop it. Nor can anyone delineate how this transition will affect you or those you love. Let us be more specific. Humankind has inhabited the earth for eons, yet there is not one person who expects their pregnancy, their puberty shifts, their menopause to be exactly the same as their relatives or friends. You easily accept that concept. Yet now that the consciousness of earth is shifting, you fully expect to be given a manual of how it will affect you. There is not such a manual and there never will be.

What we and others channel is merely the parameters of possibilities…there are no givens. We would not even channel these pieces of information if we felt you could move through this transition without fear. Future generations will accept what you are moving into as life. You baby boomers are the only generation born into one set of earth realities and willing to move into another. Of course, you can do it. Of course, you are capable. But just as was true when you first starting menstruating, the reality is a bit frightening.

We are your directors and cheerleaders. You will be fine. You will easily adapt – you are baby boomers after all!

So put aside your concerns and worries. The New Age is happening around you and through you. That fact cannot be altered. So enjoy this ride – a ride no one has ever attempted.

The New Age is happening whether you approach it in fear or wonderment.

If you wish, document your journey – it will make exciting reading for future generations – much like you read with wonderment the bravery of past generations during wars and the exploration of the earth.

Your fear will not change the outcome, nor will it help you adapt to the new you. Let go. The New Age is happening and you are instrumental in that shift. Did you try to stop puberty or did you accept it as part of life on earth? So shall it be now.

Remember how you felt and acted five years ago – compare that to your thoughts of today. You will realize, that just as was true during your transition into adulthood in this lifetime, you may think or act a bit differently, but you are still you. And so it is and so it shall be. So be it. Amen.

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Start Using Your New Tool Kit

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

You have experienced a tremendous influx of energy in the last few days – which may seem as if it is old news. Perhaps you feel as if every few days we have noted a new influx of energy…and so we have. We merely wish for you to acknowledge to yourself that much is shifting and changing in your physical being and therefore your life. This shift is larger than you can imagine.

But we have said something similar in the past, as have many other channels. The piece that we wish to tie to this message is that you have a fully functioning tool kit and it is time to start utilizing it.

Even though intellectually, perhaps even emotionally, you are aware of the shifts in your being, you have attempted to adjust to those shifts with Old Age techniques.  For example, when you are tired you make a note to yourself to go to bed earlier or when you are angry, you try to see the good things in whatever has made you angry. Those “one size fits all” techniques that have been sufficient until now.

We were hoping that you would access your new tool kit without our urgings. Such has not been the case for most of you. Do you remember how the first time you used a computer – especially you baby boomers who were familiar with typewriters – the lack of a return lever stymied your early attempts to write a letter? So it is now. Your new tool kit is much more flexible and easy to use than your previous and, we might add, comfortable tool kit.

How do you access your new tool kit? Do you have to read a book, take a course or find a teacher? Of course not. All you have to do is be willing to practice with your new tool kit.

Let us give you some of the basic elements of your tool kit so that you will understand how easy it is for you to use. Listen to your heart/soul/inner being and it will direct you to the path that is correct for you. Listen to your body and it will direct you to the path that is correct for you. Listen to your emotions and they will direct you to the path that is correct for you.

For example, perhaps you are feeling tired. Using your old tool kit such feelings would warrant a nap with little reflection about why you were tired.

Your physical body is not separate from your heart/soul/inner being. Nor is it separate from your emotions. If your physical being is out of balance, your emotions will probably also be off kilter and you will probably have more difficulties hearing your inner messages. It is no longer appropriate to divide your being into three separate entities, anymore than it is appropriate to separate yourself from other entities on earth. All are one. All is one is your tool kit.

It is no longer appropriate to explain away all that happens to you with the need for more sleep or more positive thoughts. It is time to explore your being in its entirety. Ask your being what it needs – that is your key for all emotional, physical and spiritual concerns or questions. Just ask.

Many of you are thinking that such action is too simplistic, that you need another source outside of yourself to fix whatever is ailing you. While such might have been true in the past, it is no longer so. You are now your own mechanic, your own repair person.

You no longer need complicated rituals, books or gurus to heal what ails you. You merely have to ask yourself – and the correct approach, or if you prefer, the correct tool will be provided. Perhaps your repair kit might require sleep, journaling or hundreds of other techniques you are not yet familiar with. Ask and you will receive. Continue to try to direct your recovery, as you did in the Old Age, based on what others told you and you will be stumbling in directions that no longer define your needs.

Perhaps some of you will wish to continue on an Old Age path for security. That is fine and good. It is your right to fight yourself through this transition process and beyond. But if you wish to return to peace within your body, your soul or your emotions, know that you merely have to ask yourself and the correct answer will be provided.

You no longer need a return lever to prepare professional looking documents. Your inner workings are now much more sophisticated. Allow that thought to roll around your  being for a bit of time and then start practicing any day or moment you do not feel comfortable.

We wish to add one small caveat to that last statement. We are not suggesting that you should be cheerful and loving every second of every day or that if you are not, somehow you are not listening correctly. We are instead telling you that you may find a great deal of joy in being angry..or maybe not. Or that your body might need to feel some despair as it moves from the Old Age to the New Age. Only you know for sure what your  being needs.

There are no longer any rules including how you should behave in certain circumstances. Perhaps you need to feel joy at a funeral. Or sadness at a birth. It does not matter what you should feel or how you should act or who others feel you are – it is you. That is, it is you in all your glory if you listen and act on your tool kit of resources.

Ask yourself and ye shall receive – the life you wish to truly live. So be it. Amen.

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Mainstreaming Yogurt or Make Love Not War!

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Today is a day of joy, is it not? Spring has arrived for many of you and joy has returned for most of you. Some of you are perhaps thinking that you are not feeling joy – and such might be the case for your physical being. But your inner being/soul most certainly is.

You may not be aware on a physical level that a giant Universal shift has occurred in the last few days, but such is the case. We have told you baby boomers that you have accepted, and in fact, have been instrumental in introducing the New Age on earth. What occurred most recently is that the majority of people on earth have now embraced the possibility. There is a great deal of difference from the introduction of a new product to general acceptance.

An appropriate example might be yogurt. Forty years ago, very few people were familiar with the term or the food. Of course, those familiar with a variety of cultures might have been knowledgeable about this particular food, but the general population did not conceive of yogurt as a standard lunch or snack treat. Today, no one needs to have yogurt defined.

When we initiated this blog last fall, we told you that the New Age had been introduced, which was similar to stating that yogurt is a new food product that you might like. What has occurred in the last few days is that the New Age has become general information to the inner beings of humans now on earth and therefore, the Universe.

What does such a statement mean in terms of your interactions with others or in the political, religious and economic arenas? Nothing immediately. Yogurt did not because a household product overnight – but “word of mouth” most certainly generated yogurt sales that today are far beyond what anyone would have imagined thirty years ago. And so it is for the New Age.

Humans continue to live in strife. They continue to protest this or that action. They continue to think that candidate or political party is evil. But there is now a message, accepted by the vast majority of humans, who find a greater need for cooperation and love than hate and anger.

What has occurred in the last few days is a dramatic sea change that will impact the earth for the remainder of time.

We and others have told you for some time that your inner voice is your most appropriate and truly only guide. Many of you embraced such messages to the best of your ability, despite chiding from friends and relatives for doing so. Following your inner guidance has become mainstream.

The vast majority of people on earth have now accepted the worth and the necessity of the New Age. By doing so, those now on earth will have a more difficult time overriding their personal New Age messages. Of course, there will be a number at first who are able to do so despite their deeply uncomfortable feelings. But the majority will no longer be able to ignore New Age.

Many of you are perhaps thinking of the current political scene in the United States. The deep divide between the Republicans and the Democrats. Or the seemingly constant terrorist threats around the world. Will either example cease to exist tomorrow? No. But such will happen within a few months. We have told you that the New Age will occur rapidly. And so it will.

Once someone’s soul/inner being accepts a philosophy that impacts the Universe, there is very little needed to move that philosophy forward.

Again, let us give you an example. You baby boomers in the 1960’s and 1970’s wanted love not war. The Vietnam war was raging and technically you had little power given your age and your income levels. Yet, through the resources you had available, you stopped the Vietnam war. Oh not in one day. And often, you felt the effort was futile. Who would listen to a bunch of radical youngsters? Of course, the rest is history.

This New Age shift will happen even more rapidly because it was initiated by the very same baby boomers. Only now you baby boomers are the people in power and have the largest bulk of financial worth in history.

Let us give you a brief overview of what is going to happen in the next few months. Then we will leave you with the thought that it is now time for you to celebrate. Once again, you have completed a very difficult task and you have done so without a shot being fired or any type of revolution other than one enmeshed with love.

You baby boomers are already comfortable with the thought of “make love not war.” Just as was true for you in the 1960’s and 1970’s, you are feeling thoughts that you are not familiar with. Those thoughts are urging you forward to disassemble those institutions and organizations and yes, even political parties that do not seem to “get it.” You are sending e-mails and creating blogs that encourage yourself and others to look at those institutions with new eyes. Just because someone you admire says something, does not mean that statement is your reality any longer. And so it will go. You will be more and more interested in surrounding yourself with like-minded people and institutions. Those people and institutions who do not act on your “love not war” philosophy will fade and fail.

We are not necessarily addressing the war in Iraq or any other conflict. But rather an overall philosophy of negotiation, hope, joy and yes, peace. That is the New Age. This is what you have long dreamed of. And this is what you have now created both within yourself and within the beings of the majority of people on earth.

Even though you may not yet have experienced it directly as of yet, we will tell you that your joy will start bursting forth with or without your current willingness to believe that such is so. Of course, there will yet be upheavals. Of course, there will conflicts for a bit of time. But underneath it all, know without a doubt that the majority of people on earth have accepted the New Age and all that entails.

Follow your inner voice and you will be a participant observer in the paradigm shift that is now occurring. Ignore your inner voice and you will be an observer in the paradigm shift that is now occurring. It will happen. It is happening.

For those of you who prefer an example of what we are discussing, think of the last few weeks as the time in which a major food producer first decided to introduce yogurt as a small product line. And then know, as you do, that within a couple of years, every major food producer will have to have a large yogurt product line to meet the demand. And so it is. Amen.

Ah. Brenda has a question. What if the majority of people had not accepted the New Age in the last few days? Nothing would have changed other than the introduction and acceptance of the New Age would have taken a bit longer in your terms and a few nanoseconds in ours. The New Age has been a given for a few years. Your acceptance was the question which has now been answered.

Go play in the sunshine and rejoice in your concentrated and highly successful implementation of a new world. So be it. Amen.

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You Are Creators of the Highest Magnitude

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Please know that you are rare entities. Not necessarily because you are on earth at this time, but because you are of such an adventuresome nature that you have agreed to help with this New Age Transition. Of course, you are silently nodding in agreement that you are fully aware of that role and are trying to implement it to the best of your ability.

Perhaps helping others to navigate this Transition does not seem that challenging to you. We beg to differ. What you are accomplishing – with a great deal of skill and decorum – is something that has never been attempted on earth before. This thought is not to frighten you, but rather to allow you to understand how magnificent you are.

Please remember the actions and reactions of your youth. The peace movement. The Vietnam War. Drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll. Whether you were instrumental in that shift or a bystander does not matter. We merely wish to point out that shift was minor in comparison to what is occurring now.

Some of you may believe what you are experiencing now is of less importance and less traumatic than was the case of your parents during the Great Depression and World War II. We beg to differ. Granted they suffered physically and they explored issues that had not necessarily been explored previously because of limited international communication systems. But your parents and your grandparents continued the exploration of the physical world that was initiated eons ago.

What you baby boomers are now experiencing is the first and greatest spiritual shift, the shift that marks the beginning of the New Age. Let us be more specific. You baby boomers accepted two major roles in your lifetime. The first was to explore your emotional world. This you have done with a great deal of angst. You have completed the issues on abuse, chemical usage and other emotional hardships that have turned your world upside down. Now you are moving into yet another chapter of exploration – your spiritual realms.

Your parents, grandparents and many previous generations explored the physical realms. They discovered new worlds, climbed the highest mountains, survived the coldest temperatures and achieved a stability that you still cling to. You do not wonder or worry whether there is another piece of land over the horizon. You do wonder or worry about whether you can survive in space. And you are not terribly concerned about the mechanics of flying wherever you wish to in the world. It just is. Your parents and other previous generations completed that piece for you.

But they completed that piece over eons of time. You raced through the emotional elements and stand at the brink of fully exploring your spiritual realms. Yet you wonder what you have achieved in your life. Do you see how silly such concerns are given how much you have accomplished in the first six or seven decades of your life? And yet you are willing to do more. What brave and adventuresome people you baby boomers are!

You do not yet have a perspective of your life on earth. Let us outline what you have accomplished to date and then tell you what your current sense of urgency is all about.

You baby  boomers were the ‘wild children’ of the 60s and 70s. You demanded your freedoms in so many areas – areas your parents were not that concerned about. Yet you berate yourself for not completing what you thought should have been completed in a few years. Granted, there are some emotional freedoms that still need to be reviewed, but it is now acceptable for women to be corporate executives, abuse issues to be discussed and an African-American to hold the highest office possible in the United States.  Such freedoms were your goals in your youth. You did not require generations to complete those goals, you did so in a few decades.

Now you are initiating your spiritual freedoms and you are feeling as if nothing is happening or changing. We beg to differ. Your, and thereby the earth’s,  spiritual shift will happen within years not decades. Your spiritual studies will be expedited in a fashion you cannot even imagine now.

Know without a doubt that you baby boomers are adventuresome and brave. Then know that you have achieved so much in your life – both personally and in terms of group baby boomer thought. Then understand without a doubt that what you have achieved to date will pale in comparison to what you will achieve in the next few years, not decades, not even a decade – but a few short years.

You are going to move the earth into a spiritual arena that could not even be imagined twenty years ago. Your role is much larger than merely accepting that the New Age has arrived. Your role is to shift the earth on its emotional/spiritual axis. We will tell you without a doubt that the emotional work you completed, in such a lovely and efficient manner, is nothing compared to what you will achieve in the next five or so years.

Perhaps it is time for you baby boomers to start singing, “You’ve Only Just Begun.” That last thought is not to frighten you, but to allow you to know the depth and breathe of your skills, interests, resources and abilities.

You baby boomers are truly God’s gift to the future.

Those of you who are the children and grandchildren of the baby boomers are wondering, “What about me? Am I chopped liver?” Not at all. You merely have a different role to play. Baby boomers agreed to ‘set up’ the New Age. You are going to live it. Even though you also have transition aspects to consider, the work your baby boomer parents and grandparents completed allow you the emotional freedoms you take for granted – and of course, the communication systems, like the Internet, you cannot imagine not being part of your life. Baby boomers are the scouts and pioneers. Your generation and your children’s generation will live in those new emotional/spiritual realms created by the baby boomers.

Perhaps you are wondering why the physical realms were explored for eons, the emotional realms for decades and the spiritual realms for a mere few years? As many channelers have noted, time, as you understand it, is collapsing. There is no longer a need to spend generations understanding a concept now that you have the capability to flow between time periods and the physical, emotional and spiritual realms.

You are all now creators of the highest magnitude.  Allow yourself to accept that. Most importantly, allow yourself to live that. So be it. Amen.

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Edgy, Rebellious? Welcome to the New Age!

Dear Ones,

Have you been tired even though there are no specific indicators of why you should be? Have you been edgy, angry – perhaps even rebellious? Welcome to the New Age!

You wonder how we can celebrate your behaviors when you are worried that a few more days of such behaviors might force you to live the remainder of your life in some isolated area where you can no longer offend yourself or others!

You probably are not finding these last few weeks, and particularly last few days,  amusing. Yet, we find your behavior delightful.

You have decades of “rule following” to shed and as predicted you are doing so on a daily basis. Despite our predictions, you never expected to do so in such a raw format. You expected your shedding of societal rules to occur in a gentle fashion that would not be noticed by most people in your life. Instead, you are finding that your rages are happening frequently and often without cause.

Does your behavior remind you of a 2 year old? It should. That is how you are acting. If your dinner is late, you are angry not because you are starving, but because your body is telling you to eat – NOW. If you are tired, you are angry. Not because you are sleep deprived, but because you are not following your bodies indicators. A 2 year old acts in much the same fashion – but you make allowances for such behavior because the child is two.

Allow yourself that same freedom. Think of it as the “terrible 55s” or the” terrible 62s” or whatever age you are. Your anger, your surprising behaviors and your interactions with others are no different from what was true for you when you were two. The only difference is that your society does not allow for such behaviors once you have reached adulthood – or in many cases, once you started school.

You have much to release, just as is true for a 2 year old. Suppose you ignore your inner needs and continue to listen to the dictates of society of how you should behave? Will you cease to exist as a person? No. Will your future be more difficult? Yes.

Perhaps you are familiar with child development stages such as the terrible twos or  the teen’s need to separate from parents or the other milestones that you, as a society, accept as truisms and use to modify your reactions to those particular age groups.

Child development is a relatively new science. Past generations did not make allowances for “childish” behaviors. A child was expected to follow the dictates of that culture whether he was 3 years old or 15 years old. In past cultures, seven years of age was considered the first year of adulthood.

Neither today’s child development principles, nor past principles are right or wrong. Merely different. Today, children are allowed to be children for a longer period than has been the case in most past civilizations. That freedom allows and has allowed most of you to work on issues that were merely dreamed of in past generations. You had the freedom to sleep, eat and play when your body told you that such activities were correct for you. Pre-school age children of previous times often worked in factories. Or were married at the age of four and sent to the home of their bride or groom. Today, such actions would be considered child abuse.

A new science of adult development is being created. Of course, you currently allow for a mid-life crises, pregnancy and the inconsistencies of menopause, but beyond these three factors there is little deviation from the rules for adult behavior.

Your society is accepting and even starting to expect shifts in adult behavior that were not noted or accepted previously. You, as a society, are finally allowing yourself the freedom to be as an adult, just as you allow children the freedom to be.

This is an amazing and confusing time for you and for all adults. You are feeling new feelings – not the least of which is rage – and you are allowing yourself to express those feelings to the surprise of those who expect you to act in a particular fashion because that is how you have acted for your most of your adult life. You are even shocking yourself with your thoughts and behaviors.

Just as is true for many of you who have completed child development research; or have been forced to skip stages such as the “terrible twos” only to have to work through those stages as an adult with a trained professional, it is beyond time for your society to note and allow adult stages that have consequences far beyond current expectations.

The term “teen-ager” was coined in the mid 1900s. Are teens not are expected to act erratically? That was not necessarily the case one hundred years ago. The term “teen-ager” was not even widely used prior to 1940.

Before the creation of child development stages, society expected everyone to behave in a similar fashion throughout childhood – childhood was merely an extension of adulthood.  Once childhood was an accepted phase of life, children were allowed to behave according to their inner being, rather than societal dictates – creating the study of child development. The same is now true for adult development.

So allow yourself to behave in a fashion you did not believe possible a mere few years ago. Listen to your inner being and act on its urges. Just as was true for the study of child development at the beginning of the 20th century, the study of adult development will not be possible until there is a large pool of adults behaving as they wish to behave.

Be yourself. Listen to your inner being and act on those thoughts. You cannot misbehave. You will not destroy yourself or others. You will merely come into your being with all of the joy and glory you wished when you elected to be born in this lifetime. Allow yourself to be and you will help advance various scientific fields. More importantly, allow yourself to be so that you can finally access the joy and fun you have wanted to access. So be it. Amen.

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You Might Not Feel What You Want to Feel on Valentine’s Day

Dear Ones,

Today is a very fun post for us as we are nearing the time of your calendar year that speaks to the heart – Valentine’s Day. Of course, just as is true for your Christmas celebrations, Valentine’s Day is a societal concept designed to generate feelings of love and warmth. That is fine. It does not matter how such feelings are generated, as long as they are generated. What is different about Valentine’s Day 2010 is that it is the first to encompass both societal and Universal feelings.

Is February 14, 2010 different from February 15 or February 12th? Yes and no. Astrologically, such is the case. But the feelings that you generate on the 14th will merely be an extension of those which you have delved into for some time and will continue to do so for the rest of your time on earth.

Many of you are not feeling the warmth that you think that you should given that the New Age has arrived. Perhaps you are miffed at someone. Perhaps your daily activities seem boring. Perhaps your mate feels less than what you want or also feels boring. Do not be concerned. This is a time of massive shifts within individuals and thereby, your society. Do not expect your heart to go pitter-patter at the sight of your mate just because it is Valentine’s Day. But then, do not be surprised if it does.

There are so many shifts now that the unexpected is actually the expected. Do not fret if you do not feel what you want to feel on February 14th. It is merely a day. Nothing more or nothing less.

What is most important is your inner voice. Is your inner voice telling you to leave or exit the relationship? If so, you are with the wrong person. But if your inner being does not generate such feelings, your discomfort, your lack of expected and anticipated warmth toward your mate is merely a short-term feeling generated by the changes in your world and your being –  not an indicator of your true feelings.

When you first met your mate, your energies were joined into a happy and loving twosome that generated joy in both of you. Since then, you have probably moved through many issues together, but have met somewhere in the middle reaffirming your original commitment and joy of being with one another.

This New Age transition is a bit different. Neither of you have the guide-lines provided by your society to tell you if your mate does this, your expected societal reaction should be that. You both had something to push against. For example, if she had an affair you could decide if you would play the wounded mate and continue with the relationship or if you would play the angry spouse who throws her clothes out the window. Both were accepted and expected reactions.

In the New Age, there will be hundreds, thousands of different reactions to the same scenario. And those reactions may change daily. There is no longer anyone to tell you what is the most appropriate reaction. Those of you listening to your inner being will have as many different reactions as there are inner beings.

Do you now understand your feelings of disconnect with your mate and in truth, those around you? You care – you know you care. You continue to have  feelings of love, sadness and joy but yet, there is that disconnect. Almost like the two-year-old who wishes to have that toy and only that toy for five minutes and then completely forgets about it.

You are used to mulling over issues for days, weeks and years. You are used to specific reactions to specific occurences. Now nothing is as it was. You are finding yourself crying one moment, laughing the next and in a rage yet the next. Much like a two-year-old.

Some of you fear that you have reached your second childhood. We joyfully relay that you have. It is with great pleasure that we state that it is time for children, teenagers, young adults, adults and seniors to grasp onto, to return to and to celebrate their childhood. In truth, the New Age can best be described as everyone’s childhood.

Please remember how honest you were with yourself and others as an infant. You cried when you needed something and you laughed when you felt like it. You did not ask if it was appropriate for you to laugh, to cry, to ask questions, to be angry or to be shy. You were just you.

And so it is time once again to be – including re-establishing a new and wonderful relationship with your mate. Perhaps you both have forgotten who you truly are. Perhaps you have never seen the true person that your mate is. That is the joy of this Valentine’s Day and forevermore.

It is time to throw aside the pretenses. It is time to laugh, eat, cry and question when you feel like it. And the same is true for your mate. Do not fear. Some of you may decide that you do not particularly like the true being that your mate is becoming or now is. But the vast majority will fall in love with their mate all over again.

You noted glimmers of their true beingness when you were dating – when the sparkle of joy was there to such an extent that you wanted to shout and scream and laugh with the wonder of the person you were falling in love with. But life intervened so that your sparkle shifted to a dull acceptance, with a bit of sparkle that glittered every now and again.

We are telling you in joy that it is SPARKLE TIME. You and your love will fall in love all over again. Allow yourself and your mate to shift. You will meet in the middle in a dance of joy and a giggle. Happy Valentine’s YEAR..and the remainder of your life on earth. So be it. Amen.

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You Will Not Fail – You Will Not Fall

Dear Ones,

You are exhausted.   In truth, you are beyond exhaustion.

You have learned to love yourself. You no longer aspire to be either a victim or a care taker. You have accepted and expected the New Age. You have done all that you can do. And yet, nothing much has changed in your life.

But there is a difference is there not? You are no longer the passive, gentle soul of yesterday. You are a TIGER! Granted according to Chinese astrology, this is the year of the Tiger. But that is not what we are speaking of. We are referring to your new persona – one that you did not expect when you first became excited about the New Age. You assumed that even though others might shift, your life would continue with just a few adjustments.

You were wrong. You are finding that you become angry much more rapidly. That you are not willing “to carry” anyone who is not willing to help themselves. And that you are impatient with those who are just not “getting” the ramifications of this New Age shift.

Guess what? You have not totally understood the shift either if you are confused by your new stance.  Shifting behavior patterns in mid-stream, as you baby boomers are doing, is not an easy task – it is exhausting. What was is no longer and what will be is not totally clear. A bit like  just after you awake – are you awake or asleep?

We and others have long promised that this transition would be easy. And so it is, but not for the reasons you thought it would be. It is easy to choose to be of the New Age. It is easy to use your new tools and  beliefs. But those elements are only available if you shift your beliefs from pain to pleasure.

You have given much “lip service” to the joys of the New Age, but deep within your physical being you hold on to the fear that such dramatic changes are merely goobbledygook. You want to believe, but you have been disappointed so many times in this current lifetime that you feel the need to hold on to some  semblance of stability – the Old Age. Yet, you want to be part of and a creator of the New Age. Do you not see the strain of such a stance?

Many of you are now crying “foul” – how appropriate for the upcoming Super Bowl competition! Are you of the New Age or are you not? We ask the same questions and have done so on may occasions.

It is time for you to make that leap. It is time to jump to the New Age. You will not fall and you cannot fail. But yet………. there is that little piece of you that is afraid of the unknown, even if joy is the end-product. Where are the scientific studies that prove this? Where is your money? You want us to “show you the money” which is not possible until you take that leap.

You have leaped so often in this life. Even if you have always been rewarded for those leaps, as has been true for Brenda, the fear that you will not be rescued this time lingers. That is the belief you are working on and adjusting to.

You have completed your inner work. The New Age is here. Now you have to accept the New Age and the only way you can do so is to take that leap – a very short leap we might add. We are not speaking of quitting your job and living in the streets for a few years or even a few days. We are merely pointing your need to accept joy as a given.

The fear that we may not have told you the truth is all that is stopping you from entering the world of joy that you dream of, but dare not expect or accept because as you have long learned that anything too good to be true is exactly that.

You do not believe  that you are worthy of your dreams – you have not yet completed enough pain lessons! You have not slept on nails or worn a hair shirt, so how could you possibly expect an ongoing life of joy? And that is an overview of your exhaustion and recent militant stance. You want to live in the New Age, but you do not yet feel that you have suffered enough to do so. And with that thought process, you will never suffer enough.

Your pain is over. If you can accept that concept as your new truth, you will have moved into the New Age. The only way you can accept it is to test it. As you are now doing so on an hour-to-hour basis. You are testing your worthiness by snarling at others, by looking at the world through a grey film and by demanding that the Universe prove to you that the New Age is truly here. It is.

All you have to do to live in the New Age is to believe that the New Age has arrived. There is no need for sleeping on nails. Or antagonizing those around you. Or for jumping off a bridge to see if the Universe catches you and thereby proves that the New Age is a reality. You merely have to accept that you no longer need to live in pain. Stop growling, turn around and accept your sunshine.

Your exhaustion is your need to hold onto to the Old Age at the same time you are trying to accept the New Age. Which is better for me? A question that can be easily answered if you are feeling anger you do not understand. Of course, you will get angry at times in the New Age. But that anger will not be constant as has been true for you and many others in the last few days, anymore than a two-year-old pouts for more than a few moments.

We will close or you have much to review, the most important of which is whether your anger is a part of you that you need to explore to  move out of your past passive demeanor. Or is your anger a cover for your fears about the New Age?

We will tell you that 90% of your anger is based in your unjustified fear of the New Age.  You are  a creator – as you always have  been – and now you create more easily and more rapidly than ever  before. So of course, your last fears about this shift are more directly impacting your life than any of the other fears you have moved through.

Yes, you have worked through your issues. And yes, the New Age is yours to have and explore. Move beyond your fears and grab the hand of the Universe. You will not fail and you will not fall. So be it. Amen.

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Don’t Require Yourself to be “On” All Day Everyday

Dear Everyone,

I don’t know if you have had the similar feelings in the last week or so, but I seem to have reverted to Old Age problem solving techniques and I have had very little interest in channeling or connecting to the spiritual  realms. I suppose we will learn today what that was or is all about….but then again, maybe not. I’m learning to “Go “with the flow.” Now let’s see what my sources have to relay to us today.


Dear Ones,

Brenda has tapped an extremely important piece of information in her analysis of what has happened to her and through her in the last few days. Your movement into the New Age is not going to be a straight line. Please do not expect an observable movement from point A to point B. Your transition is not a mathematical equation, it is your life. And as is true for all life on earth, variables are a daily part of your known reality.

Some of you may berate yourself when you do not feel “in the flow,” or even care that there is a flow. Instead of berating yourself during such instances,  realize the worth of your observation.

You are in the process of  a major transition at the mid-point of your current life and yet you expect it to be as easy and clean as pulling out a new sheet of paper. Of course, there will be times when you are tired of the transition process. Of course, there will be times when others will try to encourage you to return to your Old Age activities. And of course, there will be times when you do not feel like doing anything in the spiritual realms.

Do you remember other major transition in your life – perhaps a death or divorce? Did you not allow yourself to experience grieving, anger and just plain apathy? Why do you suppose this transition is any different? You have lived your entire life with one set of expectations – expectations that are no longer valued. Of course, there is a grieving process. But more to the point for Brenda and many of you, sheer exhaustion.

You cannot expect your physical being to be “on” all day, everyday throughout this transition process. You will need rest stops, as did Brenda in these last few days.

Your Old Age behavior patterns are so deeply ingrained that you will often feel most comfortable reverting to Old Age behavior patterns during this transition. Let us explain. You have read many stories about men or women who marry an alcoholic only to divorce that alcoholic and marry another. Most often, a little research will indicate that such a difficult pattern was developed in early childhood as they observed the addictions of one or both of their parents. Even though marriage to an alcoholic is painful to them, it is familiar and therefore comfortable – in an uncomfortable fashion.

Allow yourself to revert to your familiar behavior patterns when it feels right to do so. That is the function of the phrase, “Go with the Flow.”

In the Old Age, you would have “worked” to combat any behaviors that did not fit the pattern you wished to create. The New Age is not about work, but rather a graceful and fun-loving acceptance of who you are, where you are emotionally and yes, physically.  That is your reality. You created that reality for a reason.

Perhaps you need an emotional rest. That is fine. Perhaps you do not wish to explore this New Age any further. That is fine. Maybe you need to circle back to the Old Age to comfort a family member or friend. Or maybe you just feel like it.

There are no rules in the New Age. And there are no correct behavior patterns.

For you to feel as if you should do or be something other than what you want to be at that very moment, is in fact to say that you do not wish to be part of the New Age.

The New Age is about freedom – for you and for everyone else. Just as you allow others to move in the direction that is correct for them, allow yourself the same. And by doing so, you will return to your New Age dreams, visions and actions much more rapidly than if you try to force yourself into the very same movements you have known throughout the Old Age. You are free, as is the person next to you and as is everyone on earth.

Allow that freedom to include moving at a pace and direction that is correct for your inner being, and you will discover and enter the New Age. Force yourself to be part of the New Age and you will remain in the Old Age.

Ah. What a fun thought – flow and you are free, force yourself and you are in a cage. So be it. Amen.

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