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Stop Care taking Your Rebuild Group

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s May 15, 2020, channeled “Creation Energies” show at Instead of creating globally, this is a time of self-protection and creation. Many of you are internalizing this global dark night of the soul. Such is no longer your place. Perhaps you would like to return to the safety bubble you used in earlier transition phases. For your current role is to discover who you are, determine your needs, and create or fulfill those needs.

“You in the Raw” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Heartache seems to radiate from your entire being. You likely feel lonely, sad, perhaps even angry for your life should not be like this. Too much of your day revolves around concern about COVID-19 or upset with those who are concerned. This was to be your life of joy and peace. So it will be.

What you are now experiencing is similar to your personal dark night of the soul magnified multiple times by those with whom you are connected. Perhaps you do not understand our last phrase for you assumed your earth connections included family, friends, and co-workers. Such is true. But there is an additional group – your earth rebuild cadre.

It does not matter if you have met the earth rebuild multitudes attached to you via your frequency and role. For you are so closely aligned, you feel their pain.

Your group attachment experiences are a bit like the flu. When you have the flu, your entire being feels tired and listless even though only some parts of your physical body are affected. Such is so because your physical being is one. So it is for the entirety of everything. More importantly, for this message, so it is especially for those in your rebuild group.

Some in your rebuild group will be the leaders, the demonstrators, if you will. But that does not subtract from the input of all who are part of the group.

Because many members of your rebuild group are now in their dark night of the soul, you are experiencing some of their fears and pain.

Perhaps it is time for you to place yourself in a safety bubble. Such is your choice depending on your level of discomfort and your need to create something that is not part of your rebuild group role.

We have long prophesied that once 3D structures are destroyed, you will rebuild with love and joy. So it is you have your personal role, as well as a group rebuild role. For without that group process, the earth rebuild could not happen in your lifetime or many earth lifetimes.

In 3D, each building block was placed by a single generation until the process was complete. You, en masse, were not interested in a longterm rebuild. So it is you decided before birth what you wished to create both personally and globally. Those who wanted to participate in your global rebuild area found your frequency and attached their thoughts and actions to that rebuild.

You are being pulled in at least two directions. Your personal needs and your group rebuild creations. At the same time, many in your rebuild group are just beginning their dark night of the soul. A confusing time. For you have a need to run with new ideas, even though you feel listless, perhaps exhausted.

The energies now pummeling the earth are adding to your confusion. For these new energies are emphasizing love and acceptance, yet, you feel stymied at every turn. Because of COVID-19, you can do this, but not that. Your world seems limited even though this downtime allows you to adjust your inner being to your new world.

You are like a racehorse not allowed to race.

You will achieve all you wish to achieve – both personally and within your rebuild team as soon as your being is ready to do so. For if you race too far ahead of your team, you will lose some of your rebuild interest. And if you delay too long in creating your personal wants and needs, you will lose interest in everything.

So it is we strongly suggest you visualize what you would like to create personally. Your team build is yet to materialize.

Reward yourself with a short run of creativity if you will. Similar to allowing a racehorse an all-out race around the track without other horses. Run free with your personal creations. Knowing you may need to isolate yourself from your team to do so.

For those rebuild team members experiencing their dark night of their soul have little to do with you. They are in a phase you completed long ago. There is no need for you to revert to that phase to placate those members who would like you to carry their burdens.

Carrying the emotional burdens of others stops you from creating your personal dreams. The group rebuild will happen when it is time to do so.

Stop caretaking your rebuild group members.

Focus on your rewards, and you will be in the right place. Focus on the fears of your rebuild team, and you will lose your creative edge and likely, interest.

Enjoy your life. Ignore the COVID-19 fears – not in terms of self-protection, but in the creation of your new life in a new being. Reward yourself. It is past time to do so. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Your Followers are NOT Infants

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s November 1, 2019, channeled “Creation Energies” show at  You’re likely clearing some last pieces of earth or personal caretaking issues. Such is so in preparation for 2020. Even though you don’t believe it is possible, your political, environmental, and personal fears will end as the emerging energies are shifting all. Those following have solutions you can’t yet imagine.  Please Note: The sound quality of this week’s BlogTalk channel isn’t the best because I used a cell phone instead of a landline.

Your Joys are Related to Old 3D Fears is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

You probably feel that all is not well in your world. Even though we have addressed this issue on several occasions, you continue to worry about your future and that of the earth. For indications are that leaders you once held in esteem are not worth the energy to help them maintain their status. And those you once feared are more evident daily.

So it is there is little for you to attach to other than your inner-world for all else seems counter-intuitive, mean, and self-serving. You assumed that at this stage in your transition, you would be encased in a bubble of joy that excluded those who did not agree with your beliefs.

Even though you no longer believe that separation is possible, such is yet to happen.

You completed each difficult transition phase with hopes that joy would be evident with the next step. But you are so worn out now you no longer expect joy, merely more struggles as has been true for earth eons. Your current reality is that your life is not as pleasant, as was true before you initiated your transition. You are noting the underbelly of the earth and its inhabitants without the sunshine you once believed was a requirement.

Surely, you could not suffer as much as you have during this transition, including the loss of family and friends, without a reward. So it is you no longer care if that reward is of 3D or 5D. You merely need some indication that all you achieved is worth a reward.

Instead, you feel lonely, sad, angry, and yes, fearful. What if there are no rewards? What if the remainder of your earth life is to be in this nothingness without highs, joys, or fun? What if you pushed yourself almost beyond endurance to this flat life that is opposite of what we and others prophecized?

Such is not true. But until you receive some indication to the contrary, you are losing faith that anything is changing. So it is you are becoming surly in your inner anger. Anger and angst, directed at yourself. “Why was I such a fool to believe that I changed the world?”

Those of you in a different place – either before reaching this emotional block or after doing so – cannot understand the angst of your spiritual brothers and sisters. For you are cool, calm, and collected, knowing that all is well.  All is well, but extremely difficult to prove if you are experiencing your dark night of the soul or clearing of your final fear dust bunnies.

You forerunners are in the midst of the earth’s sea change from 3D to 5D. Yet, you are sensing or experiencing a more in-depth 3D than you once thought possible. Part of your discomfort is sensing the general upheaval of all earth beings.

Your views are so different from the general population that you have little in common with them, nor do you wish to find commonalities with most outside your circle. Even those within your circle are starting to demand your help – if not, physically, then emotionally. Those followers expect you, caretaker supreme, to help them through their phases. The same phases you struggled through without knowing where those struggles would lead or end.

Of course, you are angry and fearful. For not only are you in void time, making final preparations for 2020, but those followers connected to you, physically or emotionally, want you to carry them across their finish line. So it is, that whenever you sense a sparkle of joy, a follower either within your immediate circle or those you connect with empathically, call out for help with their issues.

So it is you are having difficulties believing there is a finish line.

Both your rest and nurturing time is limited. Exhaustion similar to your experiences during the first years of your child’s life. When your child cried, it was your duty to determine why they were crying, no matter how tired or busy you were. You were on-call 24/7.  You are falling into that same pattern believing you must care for others – even if you merely sense them – 24/7.

Stop caretaking. Stop feeling sorry for followers. Make them pick up their toys (clearing their fears) instead of doing it for them.

Of course, this command seems nasty, given that no one seems to be asking for your help. Need we remind you that you are both a consummate earth caretaker and Universal sensitive? So it is you are likely sensing cries for help more than you are physically experiencing them. You, with your sensory portholes wide open, catch the emotional cries of beings who do not wish to do their transition work.

Transition work is not easy, as you well know. But you completed your work so that those following were capable of completing theirs WITHOUT your assistance. They are not frail infants who must be cared for. Followers are earth adults and Universal beings. They, just as was true for you, want the easiest route possible – which they know you can provide. For you are capable of holding their pain as they explore their new life. But doing so is harming you emotionally and not helping them complete their transition.

Many of those following are looking for helicopter parents like you to pull them through difficult pieces only they can complete. So it is those of you who are overly sensitive are in a quandary for you are natural caretakers.

Both you and those following must leave this enabling path.

You have created the superhighway those following can branch off of. By doing so, you completed the most difficult part of 5D path creation. Stopping to create a unique path for those following reduces the number of 5D forerunners completing their roles.

Stop caretaking – emotionally or physically. You cannot create a reward for yourself if you are enmeshed in the progress of those following.

Nurture yourself knowing those following are no longer infants, but instead middle school children who want you to do their homework, and cook, and clean for them. They want you to do it all.

It is time for you to say, “NO.” A loud NO that needs to reverberate to those surrounding you physically and those leaking into your empathic being because they are frightened.

Just say, “NO.” So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Why is Receiving a Dirty Word?

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s December 28, 2013 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at It’s time to balance your giving and receiving equation. In new earth, you’ll love yourself as much as others. No longer will phrases like, “He’d give you the shirt off his back” be appropriate or even understandable.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for “Merry NEW Holidays to Us”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

We wish to direct your attention to receiving for many of you are not comfortable with that aspect of your being. Perhaps you feel guilty for not giving more during the holiday season to family, friends or charities. As if by spending or giving more all that is not right in your life or someone else’s will be better.

But we venture to guess that few of you feel guilt about not receiving more. The thought of wanting more is what makes you feel guilty.

You have learned to give is divine.

There are few phrases encouraging you to receive. Oh once in awhile, you might read that being thankful for what someone gives you is appropriate. But asking for something is seldom correct in your society – the word selfish is most often used.

Asking for something and truly expecting it to materialize likely ended in childhood when you realized there was no Santa Claus other than yourself.

How many of you spend more than you intend for others during the holidays? Those same thought processes seldom apply to you. Even though you buy items you need or want, most often you do so with thoughts of your budget, if the item is really needed and/or similar filters.

Your media, friends, family and community constantly remind you how “right” giving is – even describing how wonderful you will feel when you do so. And perhaps you do. But receiving does not warrant a similar emphasis in your 3D world.

Giving to others – individuals or organizations – while denying yourself, is the 3D model.

Perhaps such a statement makes you angry for giving does make you joyful. If such is true, this channel is not addressed to you for you have found a source of joy.

But those who give because they should or because of guilt are neither giving nor receiving.

In new earth, all interactions are shared. You receive as well as give. Therefore, learning how to joyfully accept and expect receiving is an extremely important self-contained lesson.

As a child, did you think it was wrong for you to be fed and cared for? At what point in your earth life did receiving become wrong?

AH. Now you are understanding. Giving and not expecting anything in return is a care taker stance.

Did you not care take your children when they were young? But at the same time, did you not expect rewards such as watching your child take their first steps or those little arms wrapped around your neck in love and joy? You and your child experienced a sharing relationship.

But if that same child continues the need to be cared for as an adult despite responding to that care taking with little more than, “Is that all there is?” the relationship is not a sharing relationship. It has become a care taking/victim relationship.

Perhaps you believe you will receive in the future or it is a pay it forward type process. Such is well and good if it is true. But the reality most often is that you are giving or care taking with little expectation of receiving. And at some point, that care taking becomes victimization.

Now you are concerned that we are shifting your thoughts to a selfish mode. So we are.

Selfish is a bad word in your current vocabulary – and giving is a word that is so right. But right for whom? Right for you to give all you have to someone who could create what they need? Right for you to take away their innate powers by constantly showing them you are wiser and better?

Have you asked yourself similar questions before donating your time or money? How do you view the objects of your generosity? As poor them. Or as someone who just needs to be reminded of their powers?

Some of you have adult children or friends living in your home. Is it a sharing relationship or have they reverted to the childlike stance of, “I must be taken care of even if it means you are impoverished for I am the important person in this relationship.”

Please know that, if you have not already experienced it, an emotional shift is occurring.

Perhaps initially it was right for you to care take your adult child or friend. But some how that relationship deteriorated to the point that your life revolves around their needs.

The same has happened with charities and churches. You barely have enough to pay rent, yet you feel guilty when you do not share with those in need.

You are in need now – emotionally and physically.

For you are restructuring your inner-being including learning how to receive. And as you do so, it is likely you will be exposed to feelings of guilt for not giving enough – financial or emotional care taking.

As earth shifts to love, those who wish to remain enmeshed in fear will do whatever it takes to continue a fear-based world. The same is true for care taking. As you remove yourself from a care taking equation, those who were comfortable with or expected your care taking will attempt to return you to that life.

But as you transition to love and joy, you are removing your care taking elements. One of which is, “Giving is divine.”  Your new mantra is, “Sharing is divine.”

Sharing is a joyful win/win situation for all.

Yet those used to being taken care of will fight to maintain those 3D care taking beliefs. A bit like your toddler insisting he needs his bottle after he is capable of drinking from a glass. It is time for you to say, “No” to yourself and others.

Only with sharing will you experience the joy of your relationships. This is new earth. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe and blog page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Grab Your Emotional Star Power

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s December 8, 2013 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at You’re discovering those emotions created by society may be shifting for you. Somewhat like wearing the color red for eons and suddenly discovering that gray looks lovely on you also. You’re melting your box of emotional shoulds and experimenting with new feelings. Feelings society often indicates shouldn’t be in your repertoire.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for “Deep Within, We Want it All”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Even though you portray that which you think you should in the role of god/goddess/Lightworker/star being – you do not feel that role within you.

You have tested your resolve. You have created your perfect world in your mind. Yet, you feel you are a follower – despite all messages that you are a leader.

And as you throw off the new earth titles many bestow on you, you feel less and less worthy of anything other than your 3D life.

You know others are interacting with something outside their 3D beings. But they are the “golden” ones – the exception to the rule. The rest of you are somewhere in the middle of a Bell Curve of mediocrity.

How is it possible you are a god or goddess and do not have money to pay the rent?

You merely feel a continuation of your 3D life with a few new earth sparkles of joy here and there. You wait for the latest channel or workshop to get that joy upper only to lose that sensation the minute you arrive at work or your child breaks something special to you.

Joy is fleeting. 3D is your reality.

We beg to differ. You are shifting. One of the greatest indicators of your shift is your disillusionment with new earth.You believe enough to strive for something even though it seems to elude you.

You are all Lightworkers. But you have heard that so many times that it means little to you as you count your pennies at the grocery store.

Please know that your shift into Lightworker knowingness is happening in the next few days.

It will start with a few renegade emotions. An “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” moment(s) that will present itself in so many ways from, “No,” to “That’s your responsibility,” to “I’m more valuable than that.”

Those thoughts and feelings will squeeze out of your pores in ways you cannot yet conceive of.

We said that you would feel different emotions this holiday season – as if you are outside looking in. The next few days will produce another emotional element that will move you beyond feelings of new earth inadequacies.

Like the first day of a job when you are certain you cannot perform your assigned task and never will – only to realize a few months later that you are completely at ease with tasks that had you in a tailspin your first day.

You have had months and years of your first day new earth emotions. The emotions you explore the next few days are about knowing what you are capable of.

Perhaps you take care of someone emotionally to the extent that you ignore your needs – whether 3D or new earth. You might wake up and say, “You’re capable of taking care of yourself.”

Or you might allow yourself to know your capabilities in both your 3D world and new earth.

For you must feel confident in your 3D world before you discover your true new earth being.

If you feel ‘less than’ in your 3D world, even though you explore other dimensions, you will maintain that inadequacy in your new earth life. Much as someone abused at six years of age needs to review those feelings so powerlessness does not dominate his 3D world.

Feelings of inadequacy – in whatever dimension – reduce your new earth power.

Perhaps you are throwing up your hands in disgust for most Lightworkers have experienced 3D lives – especially this lifetime – that are horrendous in the remembrance. Things you almost do not dare tell others for who would believe you experienced that and now hope for new earth joy.

Please do not panic. You have cleared almost all those memories. It is just that in the next few days you will display related emotions you did not realize were deep within you.

Such is part of this year’s holiday shift – removing the shoulds of society AND knowing the reality of your being.

Your memories of being less than have prevented you from knowing your true being. A bit like Marilyn Monroe, the Hollywood movie star, who never accepted her stardom because of her unresolved childhood pain.

The energies of the next few days give you the freedom to dissolve all that keeps you in 3D even though you have moved beyond 3D in terms of your Lightworker role.

Allow those energies to do their work. Allow unusual or frightening night dreams. Allow yourself to explore relationships knowing that everyone is powerful enough to move in directions correct for them – most specifically, you. Cut the ties of those dependent on you.

Move forward as a bright star, instead of the heavy dust you have tried to be.

The next few days, you will feel emotions you did not know were part of you. And you will relay those feelings to others as you clear your emotional slate. Care taking and victimization will be the first to go.

Allow yourself to be in the next few days and you will sparkle as does a star.

Now you are worried you will offend or lose someone dear to you. If that someone or something is part of your feeling less than a shining star, it is time to let go – emotionally, even physically if that is appropriate.

Does that mean you will leave your job, spouse or community?  Perhaps. But this is an emotional shift, so it is more likely you will speak your truth – and if those you address do not wish to honor that truth, your relationship will change.

You will begin acting like a star even in your 3D world. For you will know deep within you that you have finally kissed the Prince, you, and your new role is beckoning – that of a new earth star. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe and blog page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Angry, Snarly, Sad? YEAH!

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s April 22, 2012 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at recent sadness, anger and fear are not a return to the Old Age. Those feelings are your physical Lightworker being shifting dramatically – birthing itself.

The Creation Energies BlogTalkRadio show contains different material than that channeled for Brenda’s Blog even though both may be on the same or similar topic as is true this week.

Title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for “Is Your Emotional World in Upheaval?”

Dear Ones,

Are you feeling unexpected anger, rage or sadness?  You are birthing the new physical you!

In the past few years, you have experienced several physical shifts – but nothing as comprehensive as has occurred recently. Your internal physical form is shifting from that known by your scientists into a crystalline structure with different connections and abilities.

How will this shift change your physical being? Scientists and the medical world will not necessarily notice the difference in your physical being unless they are also Lightworkers. Do you remember stories of Native Americans not initially seeing European ships landing on American shores because Native American could not conceive of such an eventuality? So it will be for your doctors and scientists.

Even though parts of your physical being might shift a bit, the cellular structure shift we are discussing today will not become common knowledge for several years. The current human interior model required the study of thousands, if not millions, of humans. As is now true for those humans with achromatism (albino), the first Lightworkers will merely be noted as unusual.

Those of you at the forefront of the Lightworkers might be concerned that you will not receive adequate medical care because doctors will not understand the true you. Most doctors will not. But then, as your body shifts you will have less need of medical care.

One of the important tools in your New Age kit is the regeneration of your physical body. Perhaps that concept seems like a fairy tale, yet you fully accept that starfish regenerate parts of themselves.

Please know that your current medical beliefs continue to be a factor in your physical health.

Most of you Lightworkers remain too deeply enmeshed in your current medical model to allow yourself to heal or rebound from physical ailments – even though it is possible.

Today, we are merely reviewing your medical beliefs and informing you that your internal physical being is shifting dramatically.

Your friends and family are not necessarily shifting in the same fashion. This recent physical shift is part of your Lightworker lesson plan – it is not global. So even though you may feel uncomfortable emotionally, those around you may be quite joyful.  Such a difference may make you believe that you are not a Lightworker or you have not accepted the New Age. The opposite is true.

In our Creation Energies radio show this week (, we likened your discomfort to the birthing process.

Perhaps you were extremely excited about re-entering earth in this lifetime – that is, until you were in the birth canal and shortly after birth. Both extremely uncomfortable sensations. In a similar fashion, your mother may have been excited to learn she was pregnant – until labor pains made her wish she had never thought of having a child. The earth birthing process is not a comfortable or even loving process. In a sense, it mirrors the belief patterns of earth – you will find joy after much pain. An interesting thought we will address in future messages!

We return to your emotional state as a result of your internal changes. Please understand that your physical body is trying to reject your physical changes. Your new cellular structures do not feel comfortable to your physical plant – they feel invasive.

Will your physical body reject your new structures? No – for this shift is an important part of your New Age/new earth role. But then, your physical plant will not adjust overnight. Have you ever been inoculated to protect you from an illness such as diphtheria only to become ill for a few hours? Such is the case now. Your body is protecting you and will continue to do so until your totality accepts the new you.

This physical transition is also part of your “learning to love yourself” lesson. Do you not allow yourself to be self-centered, crabby, exhausted, sad and so many other emotions when you have what you label the flu? Yet now that your entire inner-being is shifting, you expect yourself to be sunny and cheerful.

You will know if your recent mood swings are related to your physical shift if you ask yourself if it is so. Only you know. Perhaps you are depressed about other issues. Or perhaps there is a physical ailment that requires medical attention. You have to decide that for yourself. If the thought of taking medication or meeting with a doctor feels right, that is what you need to do. But if you ask yourself why you are moody and you see or sense a laughing bubble or entity, you know that you are merely birthing your new physical being. And as is true after human birth, the related bliss will soon occur.

How are you to explain this moodiness to those who are not experiencing similar shifts? That is your choice. You are a trail blazer. Just as family and friends often did not understand those who opted to live in the wild as they discovered the trails of the “wild west”, so too is it true for you.

Should you try to be more accommodating to help them emotionally? Again, that is your choice. But we will forewarn you that if you become too accommodating, your inner-being will scream for release from that care taking mode.

This physical transition seems convoluted and difficult does it not? Somewhat like pregnant women deciding if they are going to scream and rant during the birthing process or try to quietly accept the pain and fear. It is your choice.

Everyone who wishes to move into the New Age will eventually go through this cellular shift. But then, those who follow will have your loving support doing so.

You are at the forefront of an ongoing wave of physical change. Once your change is complete, you will have more skills than you now think possible. But know that others may not understand your shift for they have not yet experienced it. It is your choice if you wish to dull the pain with medication or denial.

If you are a Lightworker of the first brigade you are experiencing the pains of your new physical birth. How long will these feelings last? That is up to you. Are you nurturing yourself and accepting the shift? Or are you denying or fighting it? Allow yourself to be and it will soon pass.

Embrace the shift and you will sparkle from within. Negate the shift and you will feel dark and heavy for some time. So be it. Amen.  If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe and blog page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by e-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Accept Your Inner-Power – or Not

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of this week’s free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show on Your world is shifting more and more rapidly. Compare  the rate of your personal world shift to receiving mail in the 1800’s versus today’s almost instant worldwide transmission of information via the Internet. 


Dear Ones,

You are transitioning at a much more rapid pace than we expected. But you have adjusted with each new shift so you do not understand how fast you have shifted.

Perhaps you are not part of the protests popping up throughout the world. Perhaps you remain in the life you had before you started this wondrous transition. Your internal shifts have forced and encouraged you to move quickly into your role.

Perhaps some people who were important to you are no longer. Not because they are different, but because you are. You no longer wish to care take them or be a victim of their antics. You have claimed your inner-power.

Only those of you who do not believe you are strong enough to be both a unique individual AND a valued member of society will accept victimization or care taking. Both roles place you in a personal prison.

You accepted victimization by your governments and expected care taking in return. You accepted victimization by your employers and expected financial rewards for doing so. You accepted victimization by your children and expected them to love and care for you in exchange.  Or, you were the care taker and expected those you cared for to reward you as you deemed appropriate.

Sometimes such hopes, beliefs and sacrifices worked – sometimes they did not. But none were generated by your inner-being. All were created by society to fit a particular need. Only a generation ago, most expected to work for one company their entire working lives and receive a generous pension for doing so. Less than one hundred years ago, most benefits you now expect from your governments were created. The concept of a teen-ager was not understood two or three generations ago.

As your structures shifted, so did your sacrifices and expectations. All of which was appropriate in the Old Age of fear. You no longer live in the Old Age. And so your expectations are shifting.

You do not work long hours in the hopes that you will receive a pension at the end of your work life. You no longer believe such pensions exist. You no longer feel the need to care for your adult children at the expense of your life, just because they are not willing to care for themselves. You do not feel the need to support a government that does not care about you.

That is how you are shifting. You are not waking up one day with a protest sign in your hands. But slowly, in your mind, you are awakening to your personal power and needs. Both of which circumvent victimization and care taking.

What is the result of your awakening? You will find yourself in a life that is joyful and fun. End of story. But your transition from fear, victimization and care taking to claiming your personal power is amazing to behold.

You do not necessarily understand your progress – but we do. Compare your transition to learning to read. First you learned your alphabet. You put those letters together to form words. Then you put the words together to create a story. And once you mastered the “See Jane run” stories, you moved on to more advanced books until you were comfortable reading college level materials. You never noted the steps required to read college materials – you just expected to know how to do so once you entered college. The same is true now. You are not fully aware of your progress.

We have told you that you must decide now if you wish to continue with your transition.  You can no longer be upset with your government and pleased that your adult children need care taking. They are the same.

Some of you hope that your transition will shift only certain segments of your life. That is not possible. Once you acknowledge your care taking and victimization roles – whether in the corporate world or your family – you will no longer accept either. That is, unless the fear of losing that piece of your life is more important than claiming your inner-power.

That is what we were speaking of last week. It is time to decide if you wish to stay stuck to the bottom of the vegetable soup pot or to swirl around to find your new world.

You cannot shift one segment of your life and expect other segments to continue as has been true in the past. This is a personal revolution of the greatest magnitude. Just as you are either pregnant or not pregnant, you cannot be of the New Age in one segment of your life. You accept your inner-power or you do not. That is your decision.

Even though you may be concerned about others, it is now at a different level. Instead of feeling the need to care take or be a victim of their actions, you wonder why they continue to live the life they have chosen – one of victimization and care taking. So too is it true for your work world, governments and all structures.

You have moved beyond learning your alphabet to understanding college materials. And you have done so in a matter of months. Phenomenal.

Some of you are fearful of letting go of the need to be a victim or a care taker. That is fine. You are swirling in the pot of vegetable soup if you are questioning your motives and needs. It is those of you who firmly believe you do not need to let go of care taking or victimization in ALL areas of your life who are becoming stuck to the bottom of the pot.

You are moving. You are transitioning. You are swirling. Celebrate your wondrous new thoughts and directions. You are moving into your life of joy. So be it. Amen.

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Free at Last!

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Special Event: Carl O. Helvie, PhD, “Holistic Health Show” on Saturday August 20, 2011 at 3 pm Eastern Time – noon Pacific Time. Dee Wallace (actress in 130 movies including the role of mother in the movie, ET) and Brenda are Dr. Helvie’s guests this week. Brenda channels the last thirty minutes of this one-hour ascension show. 

Overview of this week’s Creation Energies, Brenda’s 15-minute, free, channeled program on Many just shifted from the THOUGHT that victimization and care taking are not appropriate, to the BELIEF that victimization and care taking are no longer appropriate.  


Dear Ones,

Let us begin by acknowledging that many of you are exhausted. These past few weeks have been almost more than you could process physically, but not as much as you would like to process.

You want to know who, what, where and when regarding the ascension/New Age/new earth NOW. But your physical being must process for a few days before the next piece is introduced. So we will review what has occurred on earth to date and then we will project what will happen as soon as you are rested physically.

You have altered your DNA to allow more energy into your being. You have started to “glow” a bit. Not so much that most will notice, but enough so those who have not seen you for a while will wonder why you look so attractive – much like a pregnant woman excited about the new life growing within her. This glow will deepen and expand, as we have noted before, but not today or tomorrow because it is time for you to rest your physical being.

You have also accepted your new earth/New Age tool kit even though most of you have not yet downloaded it. So your wondrous tool kit of surprises continues to be on hold for a bit.

Finally, you are moving through your need for victimization and care taking. When we first introduced you to those topics, you pondered and meditated – but did not necessarily change your behavior. You have since accepted the need to move beyond victimization and care taking in all the forms they have taken in your life.

Perhaps what you have achieved beyond accepting the New Age/new earth as a reality does not seem like much change when you read our words. But we will tell you that you have achieved much more than we – and you before this life on earth – thought possible.

In the next few months, you will move into communities physically, emotionally or mentally that support your new being. You will wish to be around those entities – in whatever form – who have similar belief patterns and interests. As we stated earlier, you will find less need or interest in surrounding yourself with those entities who do not.

How can you separate from your family, friends or co-workers who do not meet your soon-to-be needs for compatibility? Just as you have always done in this lifetime on earth. Many of you started a college degree and found it was not correct for you so you changed life plans. Others  of you moved to homes or communities that were not quite right so you found the opportunities necessary to move. Still others discovered that your mate was not correct so you divorced or left that person. This will be no different. Other than you will now know that you can draw the circumstances to you that will help you create your new community without the fear and pain that was so much a part of your Old Age life.

Those people who do not fit into your new worldview are not bad or evil people. They merely wish to remain in fear and pain longer than you do – or in a different community. Some will return to your community – some will not. There is nothing you can do or say that will shift their decision, just as we could not force you into accepting the New Age/new earth/ascension process.

In the Old Age, free will was discussed but not applied. Your governments, schools, churches, parents and communities told you who and what was a “good” person in their system of control. Because those rules were a group consensus for what was necessary to grow and maintain the institution that created the rules, the rules often changed a bit each generation.

Those of you who were previously enmeshed in the Old Age did not notice that the rules changed to meet the institution’s needs – only that they felt a bit more up-to-date. The changes were accepted as progress, rather than another set of rules you needed to follow in order to be considered a “good and worthwhile” person.

Free will has truly entered your world. It is no longer about what an institution needs, but what you need. How that need is derived has shifted dramatically from thoughts of, “How do I get mine, before everyone takes theirs?” to, “What is my heart, my inner-being directing me to do?”

Listening to your inner-being will direct you to your community. Just as the inner-beings of others will direct those who will be most comfortable in your community to you. Bullying, cajoling, begging, nagging, forcing and threatening will no longer alter the thoughts or directions of anyone who has started their internal New Age/new earth process.

You can only be you. Just as all other entities moving into the New Age internally can only be who they are.

What does such insolence, if you will, mean for your institutions? You are already seeing what will happen to institutions who continue to force you into a little box. No box is now large enough to contain you – or anyone who is listening and acting from their internal messages.

Institutions will begin to project their philosophies and those who feel the need to be part of their philosophy will find them. No longer will institutions force you into roles and activities. Instead you will drive the institutions.

“Free at Last” is such an apt phrase for what is happening to you and your world. So be it. Amen.      If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs as they are posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of the subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Returning to Fear Helps No One

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

This is indeed a convoluted day. What is does not seem correct; and what is not seems as if it should be. Do not despair. Once again you are in a shift – a bit like “Alice in Wonderland” falling down the rabbit hole.

This week is a mirage.  It is designed to ground you and allow you to once again decide the correct path. For those of you experiencing discomfort, we add a thought that will not necessarily make you happy, but will help you understand.

Many of you reading “Brenda’s Blogs” are in a relatively calm state of being. You moved through your greatest fears months or even years ago. Indeed, you are the scout masters and wagon train leaders of this New Age movement.

Yet, so many people you love are experiencing pain and fear. The teacher that you are wishes to help your wagon train members easily move through the difficult pieces they are experiencing. You feel uncomfortable living the ‘good life’ as those around you seem to be falling apart.

Do you need to feel guilty? Not in the least. Those of you having an uncomfortable day or week – even though you have, on the whole, breezed through the multiple shifts in the last few months – have returned to your Old Age care-taking mode.

Of course, you do not wish to learn this on two levels:

  • In the past, you worked diligently, and alone we might add, to clear your major issues. Yet, today you feel as if you are at step one in the clearing process. You are stressed, weary and fearful. Does this pain ever end?
  • Secondly, you thought you cleared your caretaker needs months ago. Yet, you feel as if you are revisiting the issues you so carefully explored in the past.

You are correct on both levels. You no longer need to address caretaker issues. What kind of scout master would you be if you returned to your wagon train with comments like, “It is really scary out there. Would someone please hold my hand as I move through the next mountain pass?”

And what type of role model would you be if you believed you had the strength to move through issues without assistance, but others did not? Is that not similar to the thoughts of missionaries and social service personnel in past generations? The “I am strong, but you are weak so I need to take care of you” thought process that created the victim/power schism that you are moving away from.

Some of you are thinking that your latest trauma is impacting you as much as it is anyone else – that you are the center of the storm and not the observer. Perhaps you are, but that is only so because you have placed yourself in the center of the storm for a reason. Most likely, that reason has more to do with care taking than a need to revisit the pain and trauma you have already moved through.

Allow yourself to breathe. Take a deep breath. Remember how much you have already moved through. And then remember why you needed to move through those issues before others. You are a scout master. You are a wagon train leader.

Address your current issues of concern with your new skills.

Ask yourself why you needed to re-address fear. If your answer is that you have not yet moved through a particular issue, remember how many traumatic issues you have already moved through without assistance. You are strong and capable.

Again, you are strong and capable. But then, so is everyone else. No one needs a shoulder to cry on anymore. They require the image of you having moved through your traumatic issues – with resulting overall  joy and peace. It does others little good to see you falling apart. Nor does it do you any good to do so.

You have the skills, as you have displayed so brilliantly in the past, to move through these most recent and relatively simple tasks, we might add, without much thought or concern. Tap into the New Age you. Stop depending on your Old Age skills to move you through New Age issues. Most importantly, stop care taking others. They are as strong and capable as you.

How do you move through your current issues? How indeed? Open your tool box and find the correct tool for you. Unlike the Old Age, there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution to each dilemma. We cannot tell you what to do. You already know – you have passed through the ‘eye of the storm.’ You are more skilled than we are in this arena.

Just as we cannot tell you how to move through this week’s trauma, you cannot tell someone else how to do so. Do you not remember how you poured through numerous resources including written materials, counselors, friends and support groups to find your way out of your pain a few years ago? Do you not remember how you grabbed a piece from this source; and this and that from another to create a healing that was truly your own?

Allow others that same healing freedom. No one can heal your loved one’s pain for them – anymore than you can make someone stop abusing drugs or alcohol.

At the same time, remember that your self-healing skills are much stronger than they were when you moved through your most deeply entrenched fears. In comparison, what you are experiencing today or this week is minimal. Allow yourself to know that. Then allow yourself to feel the joy you wish to feel; and allow others to find their own healing solutions.

You are not helping others by returning to or remaining in pain, you are merely postponing the inevitable joy of the New Age. Breathe in that joy. Open your new tool kit of healing resources and allow others to do the same. This is not the Age of pain and fear. This is the Age of joy. And as a scout master or wagon train leader, it is your role to explore and experience that joy fully.

It helps no one,  including yourself, to return to Old Age feelings. Your role in this New Age transition is to explore your new tool kit and to display your new skills in joy and pleasure. No more and no less. So be it. Amen.

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