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You Created the Blueprint for Our New World

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

5/3/11 “Creation Energies” radio show overview: Let the sunshine in! Allow yourself at least a few minutes outdoors this week so the sun can radiate inner-power energy to you. This week’s free show and archives are available at

Dear Ones,

Let us return to an issue about which you might have a concern. You fear that you are not moving fast enough – that others are able to tap into these new energies and you are not.

You are all unique individuals with unique time frames for opening up to the new energies. We have discussed this issue before – this is not new information. The piece we wish to highlight today is that all of you agreed to play a specific role in this New Age transition.

We discussed that you were trailblazers, pioneers, scout masters – all words that indicate you will be in the forefront of this transition. And so you are. But this transition is not about fireworks and instant gratification.

You are in the midst of a process and within that process you have a specific role – a role you selected before birth. Perhaps an apt analogy would be baking a cake. A cake requires a number of ingredients including eggs, oil, and flour. By themselves, those ingredients do not produce the cake. It is only when those ingredients are combined with heat do they create the structure you label a cake. If any of the ingredients are missing, the cake will look or taste differently than anticipated by the creators of the recipe. So it is for you.

Even though you may be a trailblazer, your role may not be activated until you are combined with other ingredients or individuals. Those ingredients might be a social alteration, interactions with a certain someone, an unexpected climate change or millions of other activities or connections.

All of you reading these materials are chomping at the bit to get started. You know a cake is to be created – you just are not yet certain what ingredient you are in that cake. And by the way, a cake is an apt description for indeed the New Age is about joy and celebration. But let us return to your role.

Those of you reading these materials are NOT slow learners or slow starters. You merely are waiting for your onstage cue. Of course, some of you have created some aspects of your new world through the various exercises we provided. But we must tell you that those creations are merely an introduction to the new world.

Now some of you are upset feeling that you have chanted and visualized as we instructed only to find that those activities were practice sessions and not the creation of your new world. Of course you have to practice. You were not a musical genius the first time you picked up your oboe and attempted to create music. Ah – now you understand.

We have given you the oboe, but you must practice with it before you can perform before or with others. So it is with your new earth, new energies. You have the tools necessary to perform in a large musical group, but not all the skills to do so.

This time is about practice and testing which skills or activities interest you. Perhaps some of you are intrigued by the thought of helping others return to the spirit world, others by experience/time travel, others by the creation of objects and still others, by sharing what you are learning through messages or healing. It does not matter – for all of you have the skills to play your instrument in a loving and harmonious fashion.

But as is true for baking a cake, some of you will be activated before others. Not because you are fast learners or have different skill levels – like the bluebird and redbird groups of your early school days – but because you are creating a new world.

This new world is not being created in a haphazard fashion. There is a central blueprint that all of you participated in creating before birth. Now that you are activating the blueprint, you all want to be first – a bit like putting a cake pan in the oven with no ingredients and expecting to create a cake.

Your role now is to practice your new skills. Review the lessons we have provided if you wish. Or merely tune into your being to sense what activities and processes you need to practice now. For one day you will wake up and know without a doubt that it is now time to fully activate your particular skill.

Will that be in a few days, months or years? Only you know. For you selected your role prior to this lifetime. You agreed to use your skills in a specific fashion – and you will not deviate from that plan no matter how badly you now wish to.

Those of you reading Brenda’s materials will be activating your particular piece sooner than others – but not as soon as you would like.

What will happen to those of you who do not practice? Will you remain part of the orchestra? Of course, for your talents are innate. But you will “fly higher” and have much more fun if you practice. Just as is true for anyone who has ever been part of an orchestra. It is one thing to merely play the notes on the page – and quit another to be able to see the notes with possible variations that would make the musical piece even more lovely. And so it will be for those of you who opt to practice versus those who merely wish to play an instrument.

Those of you reading these materials wonder when you will be fully activated. Much sooner than you realize, but not today. So allow yourself time outdoors this week as described in Brenda’s radio show; attempt to create something you want; allow yourself to not feel responsible for the feelings of others and allow yourself to move through the veils of time and space.

Some of you will be able to practice all of these lessons. While others will have difficulties with some. That does not mean you will not be in the orchestra, merely that you have yet to select the correct instrument for you. So be it. Amen.  

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Create What is Right for You NOW – Not Next Month or Next Year

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Brenda also channels a weekly, 15-minute radio show “Creation Energies” available on her website or at Her blog and radio show contain different channeled messages.

Dear Ones,

Perhaps some of you are wondering when “your ship is coming in.” That phrase has many elements of your Old Age beliefs including you must wait for someone or something to create what you want.

Or you may be concerned that your dreams might shift before or shortly after you create your dream. A bit of, “Do not rush into anything because I might be a different person with different desires tomorrow.” You will be. But that has little or nothing to do with who you are today.

We are tapping into a belief pattern that has followed your creative efforts for eons – wait for someone or something better. For those of you who beg to differ, let us remind you of the times you found a dress, car or home that felt perfect the first time you saw it, yet you forced yourself to take time to think about it before making any emotional or financial committment. Let us also remind you of the times you found the perfect date or mate for the day – perhaps your high school prom – and delayed action just in case someone better appeared.

Maybe you are laughing at yourself – and well you should. For indeed, if the object, item or person is perfect why would you wait until the object, item or person is no longer perfect?

That last thought may seem negative. That is fine. We are merely pointing out your eons of training that taught you to wait for the joy that was certain to be short-lived as some trauma or misstep ruined your joy. Your Old Age belief patterns were designed to curtail joy and increase pain.

Let us return to the example of the perfect dress. Suppose you decided to continue your shopping excursion despite knowing you would return for that dress. And suppose you eventually return for that dress – but only after you have ruined a perfectly beautiful summer day racing from store to store to ensure that your first glimmer of joy was a reality?

We are not telling you to stop price or comparison shopping, we are merely reminding you that your inner voice can do that for you. This is yet another element in your new tool kit. In the Old Age, you expected to race from here to there for the perfect item – including spouses and significant others.

This New Age calls for different methods. If it feels right and bright – do it. Your action, whatever it is, is correct for today – maybe even tomorrow. But you no longer need to base your decisions on, “If I make a mistake, my life is ruined.”

You are shifting so rapidly in all aspects of your being that you can no longer expect that any choice will be right for you tomorrow, much less next month. A terrifying thought is it not? For in the past, your decisions have been based on long-term solutions. “She is my soul mate for life.” “This car will be perfect for the next ten years.” “This suit will help me be noticed within the corporate world.” All logical thoughts last year. All inappropriate thoughts now.

What if the New Age changes mean that no one wears suits anymore? Or that your car will be technically outdated before you drive it off the lot? Or that your mate of today will not necessarily be your mate of tomorrow?

The New Age is about creating what is right for you now – today, this moment. Not what might be correct in a few months or weeks. That is how rapidly you and your Universes are evolving.

Now is your moment. If it feels good in your heart – do it NOW. If it does not feel good in your heart, if it does not make your heart sing – walk on by. It may make your heart sing tomorrow, but tomorrow is not yet here.

As you expand your skills, your Old Age method of shopping for the future in whatever form that takes is no longer appropriate. If it feels right – do it now. Or wait until it feels right. This is an issue of trust that you have long neglected or denied. Trust your inner being. Your inner being has so many more skills than you are aware of including knowing which dress is correct for you at the right price – that is, if you need the dress today. If you are shopping for something to wear next year, we suggest you postpone your decision. Each day you are evolving into the new and lovely being that is the New Age you.

Everything, absolutely everything in your being is shifting. You ccept that computer technology shifts constantly. The IPad you purchased a mere few months ago is already outdated with the new IPad II.

Like computers, you are constantly  being updated as you move further and further into the New Age. Your tool kit is wondrous, just as you are wondrous.

You are changing even more rapidly than any computer technology. On that basis, do not force yourself into objects, relationships or ideas that are forever. For just as you are shifting so are all others in the Universes.

Should you sit around your house afraid to try anything new or different? Quite the contrary. Paint today – in a color that makes you feel joyful. Buy a dress today – which is not necessarily practical, but is oh so cute! And ask that person, who makes you giggle inside, for a date. Maybe the relationship will be forever or just for one day – it does not matter. Your inner being, your unique computer GPS system will continue to direct you to the correct objects, people and activities.

Allow yourself to move beyond the structures established by your society of right and wrong. Most importantly, know that you – and you alone – know what is best for you. And all you have to do is to turn on your inner being and let its light shine on those people, places and things that are right for you now – not tomorrow, not next year – but now. So be it. Amen.

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Lesson 3 – Gather Your Soul Group

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

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Dear Ones,

Let us look at lesson three of your new tool kit.

Some of you may have created your heart’s desire using the skills described in lessons 1 and 2 (former blogs). Some of you may not have. Do not fret. This material is not dated, nor is it necessarily sequential. Some of you may gravitate quickly to one lesson, yet feel unable to use another.

It did not matter if you learned to read the word, “cat” before you understood the word “dog”. Both are words you needed to read your first grade primer. And so it is with these lessons. Some will be easy. Others a bit more difficult. But, all in all, you will learn to use your new tool kit at a pace that is correct for you.

There is no need for special classes. There is no need for you to feel as if you are a slow learner. Each of you is a unique individual with unique learning skills – an area we might add that your current education system does not take into account, hence the number of children daydreaming throughout the school day.  But that is an issue some of you will soon address.

We will digress a bit for you to understand how marvelous and almost unbelievable this New Age shift truly is. Some of you will use your new and enhanced tool kit skills to alter the academic world. Others, political systems. Others, the world of religion. Others, the monetary system. And still others, familial/cultural systems.

The world as you now know it is shifting rapidly – much more rapidly than was true in the 1960’s and 1970’s. That shift is speeding up with every burst of energy you feel. Think of a time machine you enter in 1950 and exit in 2050.

So let us turn to lesson 3 of your new and enhanced tool kit skills. For those of you who think these lessons are extremely elementary, remember you learned what letters sounded like before you could create a word sound. And you needed to use that word sound to haltingly read your first sentence. So it is true for your tool kit. You are learning the elementary pieces that will very soon create the novels of your heart. So let us begin.

Find a relaxing and quiet place to complete this exercise – not that such will be necessary in the future, but most certainly is in your early learning stages. Close your eyes and visualize or sense your dream in whatever way is most right for you. Today, we will just select one dream. Now ask that your spirit/ spirit guide join you in whatever fashion feels most right. Join hands with your spirit/spirit guide either visually or again, in whatever fashion feels right. Then request that all parts of your being from past, future and present lives in whatever environment they exit join you. Note that these parts of your being surround you and your spirit/spirit guide. Again visualize your dream. If you sense or see a bright light streaming from your group, your wish will be fulfilled in the very near future.

If you feel, see or sense that very little light is radiating from your dream, ask your group for their guidance in helping you create a dream that is more right for you at this time. Thank them for their assistance. Then take some time to interact with all parts of your being. In all likelihood, it will feel like a wonderful family reunion. If not, take the time to interact with those who do not feel or seem light and airy. Ask them what they need from you or the totality that is you. Take the time to heal that fear and pain by merely asking your group to help you heal those parts in the easiest and most rapid fashion possible. For until that pain is healed, you will remain in your elementary tool kit stage.

Let us give you an example. Suppose you have entered the first grade knowing it is unlikely that you will ever be fed breakfast before school. Instead of concentrating on the words “cat” and “dog,” you will be thinking about how long until the free school lunch is served.  Or if you are from an abusive household, how long before you are beaten again. Of course, many children in those situations manage to block those issues and become star pupils. But those issues fester until they are addressed at some point in their lives – whether that be at age 6 or sixty.

So it is for you. Take particular note of any heavy or dull spots in your grouping and request the services of all of those in your group – including your spirit/spirit guide to help you heal that part of your being in the easiest and most rapid method possible. Perhaps the healing will occur in your dreams. Perhaps you will “accidentally run into” someone who has bothered you for some time and the two of you will heal your relationship. Perhaps that person or organization will merely no longer be part of your life. All you have to do is ask.

But ask you must – for indeed, anything that is shadowy will detract from your marvelous new skills. And as we have stated on several occasions, your new skills are to be activated as soon as possible. You no longer have twenty or thirty years to whine about the injustices you have suffered. That is not your role on earth at this time. Even though such a role was necessary during the Old Age, it is futile and infantile now.

So gather your group at your earliest convenience – remember to join hands with your spirit/spirit guide. Visualize or sense your dream. Tell your group that it is time to be in all your/their glory – for you are all one. And note any gray or heavy areas in your group. Immediately move to that/those areas and ask for healing assistance from your group. Do it today, tonight or tomorrow. It is time.

After you have asked for help – and perhaps allowed a day or two to pass – repeat the exercise. For indeed, it is time for you to reach your dreams so that those who follow can understand and most importantly, believe that joy is now possible. So be it. Amen.

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Let the Sunshine In!

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

We wish for you to know that joy is not regulated to those big AHAS you now look for to proclaim to yourself and others that you are moving into or have moved into the New Age.

The joy of the New Age is not about streamers and glitter. It is a sense of well-being, an absence of chaos if you will.

You have probably assumed that the New Age would produce a joyful chaos to replace your current chaos. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Chaos is not peaceful and thus it cannot be joy – at least New Age joy. You have so attuned yourself to chaos that you have difficulties understanding how chaos will no longer be part of your life.

Are you not comfortable rushing around with tasks, even joyful tasks, that need to be completed before you can move into your next chaotic adventure? A wedding is touted to be a joyful event. Yet most often, the bride, the groom and their families become enmeshed in thousands of details that produce little other than anger, pain and fear.

Joy is not about racing around completing this task and that task with the hope that the end result will produce joy. Joy, like the New Age, is about moving easily into a place of contentment. More like watching a new puppy play, than fearing that your infant will become ill when exploring a potentially dirty floor.

Perhaps you wondering what we are speaking of for you feel that you are filled with joy throughout your day. We beg to differ. Place start jotting down the times your joy is tinged with fear.

Joy and fear are not compatible – a concept you have accepted intellectually, but most likely not emotionally. Study your actions and your feelings – and you will understand that you do not yet accept the joy of which we are speaking.

This New Age transition is not necessarily easy. You have read in the past few weeks from numerous sources that you are releasing many issues from past and current lives – that you are creating a clean historical slate.

Now you need to start filling that slate with new actions and attributes. Not the least, or the most easy, of which is how to live in and accept joy.  Not the joy tinged with fear, anger and pain you have accepted for eons. But true joy that requires no clarification, no reductions of “just in case” and certainly not joy clouded with thoughts of “when will the other shoe drop?”

Do you suppose a new-born limits her joy of being fed with fears that she better enjoy this meal for it might be her last? Do you suppose that a toddler giggles at your silly antics with fears that she will be abandoned? Of course not. Infants and toddlers experience joy with expectations that joy will continue or that a better joy will be available any time she feel like experiencing it.

It is time to think and act like a child in so many ways. Not the least of which is to experience joy without past fears.

Your joy is no longer limited by what others think, what could happen or memories of past traumas. That part of your life and being is over. Please allow that thought to process for a bit. It is an extremely important concept for you to accept…and expect.

It is time to proclaim to yourself and others that fear is of the past. Walk into the New Age with your head held high and expectations of pure joy, rather than fears of the past. The past is no more.

But then, the future cannot be – at least as we have long proclaimed – if you are unwilling to let go of your fears and allow joy, true joy to permeate your being. Let the sunshine in! So be it. Amen.

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Please Accept Our Gift of Joy

Dear Ones,

Prepare yourself for a new life!

We laugh those of you reading this material begin bracing yourself for the worst. Have you ever heard anyone worry about bracing themselves for the best? Do you see how inundated you have been with pain and fear for eons? You cannot conceive of a change for the better, even though all of you reading this have experienced such changes on several occasions.

But then, those pleasant changes have been greatly outnumbered in your memory by the “heavy hand” that slips in from nowhere to extinguish your joy. “It is better to give than receive.” “Don’t be selfish.” “There are starving people all over the world.” “What right do you have to enjoy life?” “Don’t get a swollen head.” Your joyful feelings are most often surrounded by pain and fear – not because they have to be or even that they “should be” – but because pain and fear have been dominant for eons.

Toss fear and pain aside and move joy to the forefront.  Such a lovely thought feels overwhelming to many of you because you know that you must shift your belief patterns.  You are so enmeshed in day-to-day living that one more “should,” even if the results sound wonderful, feels too cumbersome to think about right now.

Ah. We have a wonderful gift for you from the Universe that you are able to receive whenever you wish to begin expecting joy and peace. Nothing more. But then, nothing less either. When did this gift of joy first become readily available? Perhaps you have been feeling  sensations in the past two weeks that indicated something was shifting, something was different and so it is. The past two weeks have been your adjustment period. Tomorrow is your launch date!

Could you have lived in joy before these past two eclipses? Most definitely. But such would have  been true with more “work” than most of you have energy for at this time. Much has been happening to you and your culture in the last few years – all preparation for the advent of this New Age. Those activities have taken more effort than you ever imagined. The same will not be true for future generations. They were not and will not be born into the same heavy earth gravity that was true for you baby boomers.

You are pioneers of the bravest magnitude. Within your current lifetime, you have shifted rapidly, in Universal terms, from the Old Age to the New Age. And by doing so, you have had to shift your thinking, your relationships and your belief patterns to a greater extent than any other generation to grace the earth for eons. While it is true that there have been monumental shifts in your society throughout history, the people instrumental in those historical moments did not expect to create a new world, they merely wanted to make their current world better.

You, on the other hand, are creating a new world. If you were to jump to 2110, your current behavior patterns would not be understandable to those living on earth at that time. A bit like finding someone who had never interacted with human beings prior to their 25th year. For human  interactions in 2110 will be so different from today as to not be recognizable. ESP, aura readings, intuitive senses, direct and open communication and joy and peace will be easily observable and in use on a minute-to-minute basis by all earth inhabitants. The Internet will be as outmoded as whale oil is today.  But that is neither here nor there. We merely want you to know that a major step in that process has occurred. You can truly expect joy – and more importantly, freedom from pain – for the reminder of your life on earth. And the same is true for each succeeding generation.

The key element of that last phrase is that you can now EXPECT joy.  That is our gift to you. You no longer need to chant, visualize or make elaborate presentations. You merely need to EXPECT to live in joy and so you will. Much like you know that the sun will eventually return even though the sun has been obscured by clouds for days.

Expect joy. That is all that is required. The gift has been given. Please open your gift of  joy and use it with the knowledge that each person on earth received the same gift. You will not take anything from anyone by enjoying life. That is your right and we might add your responsibility, for you are introducing the New Age to earth. We merely provided the expectation of joy via this eclipse adventure to help you do so in the time frame you requested.

As usual, you baby boomers are not that interested in waiting decades or even months for anything – much less the joy you have long prepared yourself and earth for. Allow that joy to stream into your life and your being by merely letting it happen. Expect joy and so it will be for you as well as your children and grandchildren for eons. Accept our gift, not with humbleness, but with the joy that it was intended to bring. You have “worked hard” for eons. Now it is time to play. And so you will.  So be it. Amen.

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