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End Your Chaos Addiction

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

You have been reading about the changes that occurred in the recent energy bursts and are yet to occur in 2010. Is your life that much different from last week? Or do you continue to wait for those AHA sensations to direct you to your next piece of chaos?

We wish to discuss your need for excitement, for danger. Perhaps you have not yet acknowledged to yourself that you are addicted to trauma and chaos. Note your desire for something terrible to happen. Are you not waiting for a hurricane to strike the Gulf so that the oil spill is even more traumatic? Do you not listen to every grisly detail about a mass murder? Why do you feel the need to do so?

Such a need is your chaos addiction in action. How many of you would be content to live in a world without phones, electricity, computers, televisions or any current form of entertainment? What would you do in your free time? Church socials? Sitting around a piano singing songs? Walking? We venture to guess that the majority of you reading these materials would find such entertainment boring within a short time.

You have conditioned yourself to receive information in multiple formats instantaneously. As each new communications tool is introduced, you become more addicted to the chaos it produces. Can you physically do anything about a tsunami that is about to strike Hawaii? Or are you just curious?Do you not find yourself ricocheting from one tragedy to the next – as your media directs you?

The mass media is not causing your chaos addiction – it merely feeds it. With the end result – as is true for any drug – you need more and more. And you need it all now. The Gulf Oil Spill, gun control, the reduction in community services, political power plays, the death of your favorite movie star…. and so it goes day after day.

The media loves feeding your chaos addiction and even increases the information stream to better meet your addiction needs. Do you not find yourself reading the information streaming across the bottom of your television screen as you listen to the latest tidbit? And as you are watching television, is it not common for you to be talking on the phone or working on your computer?

No wonder you have head aches. No wonder you are exhausted at the end of the week. And no wonder you feel as if you are on a “tight lease” that may break at any second.

Granted, the New Age energy shifts are impacting you physically, but not in the fashion you thought. The energy shifts are changing your interests and patterns. Very soon, you will find that your deepest desire is to sit by a brook and contemplate nature. Or watch your child play. Or enjoy trying on new dresses as a friend watches. You will find your life simplified.

Some of you find this difficult to comprehend. Is not the future about new gadgets and forms of communication? Yes. But in a different sense than you are now imagining.

Before automobiles, daily transportation was more complicated and time-consuming. You no longer have to feed your horse, find a stable or brush your horse down after each use. You merely have to grab your car keys and drive until you wish to stop.

Such is what we are speaking of. You are currently in the thralls of chaos, believing that the energy shifts will merely provide more chaos that you will be able to utilize to make your life more complete or comfortable. In truth, you are at the end of your chaos addiction. The energy shifts are to help you simplify your life, not make it more chaotic.

Your addiction to chaos is of the Old Age. The need to obtain “juicy gossip” about this person or that celebrity is merely a display of your need to feel better about yourself at the expense of another. The New Age is about feeling comfortable enough with yourself that you no longer need to compare yourself to another.

We have promised you a comfortable, peaceful life in the New Age. How is that possible when you retain the need to simultaneously watch television, access websites and talk on your cell phone? A peaceful life is not represented by numerous communication systems dangling from your body. Nor does it mean that you must keep track of every part of the world in order to be a well-informed individual. Such thoughts are more about a caretaker role than of a strong individual knowing that others are strong individuals also.

Our last thought may be distressful for many. Have we not touted that all is one and one is all? Yes, but you have adopted this philosophy on the basis of your current world, rather than allowing your energies to move you in the direction that is right for you. Perhaps it is your role to build a medical camp in Haiti. Or maybe Haiti has nothing to do with you, other than moving you off your path.

Simplify is an extremely important word for you right now. Not in terms of throwing away your possessions, but rather that you are not responsible for anyone but you. And for you to use your limited energy during these extensive energy bursts to worry about an issue that has nothing to do with you, is to prolong your movement into the New Age. Does your heart tell you to pray for those on the Gulf coast? Then do so. Does your heart not shift in any way when you hear the latest reports of how terrible the oil spill is, other than to feel a vicarious thrill of “this is bad” excitement? That indicates you are addicted to chaos. Nothing more or less.

Many of you may acknowledge that you are addicted to chaos, but do not know how to circumvent such needs. That is easy. Listen to your heart. Does your heart, your inner being tell you to walk in the sunshine? Do so. Does your heart tell you to play hop scotch with your children or grandchildren? Do so. If you allow your heart, your inner being to lead, your addiction to chaos will be eliminated and your interest in a more simple, but sophisticated life will be enhanced.

Now you wish us to define the phrase,  sophisticated life. You no longer need your cell phone pressed to your ear to communicate with others – you merely need to wish to communicate and they will feel your presence and know your words. You no longer need your media to tell you what to be concerned about, your inner being will direct you accordingly. You no longer need your computer to relay messages instantaneously, your inner voice can do the same.

Perhaps you are now angry. You cannot communicate without words. You do not sense anything. Why not follow the media to find out what is happening? Why indeed?

Listen to your thoughts and then remember how communities initially fought the introduction of the automobile. You have new skills for a specific reason. The New Age is about simplifying your life. Allow your new energies and your inner being to direct you in that fashion.

That is how you will find your inner peace and unique joy. And that is how you will use your New Age tools. Automobiles are an easier system of transportation than horses. Your innate communication skills are more efficient and effective by far than your current media and all your gadgets.

Join the 21st Century and leave your horses behind. Listen to your inner voice and you will have more knowledge in a more peaceful venue. And above all, you will break yourself of your chaos addiction. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. So be it. Amen.

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You Will Not Fail – You Will Not Fall

Dear Ones,

You are exhausted.   In truth, you are beyond exhaustion.

You have learned to love yourself. You no longer aspire to be either a victim or a care taker. You have accepted and expected the New Age. You have done all that you can do. And yet, nothing much has changed in your life.

But there is a difference is there not? You are no longer the passive, gentle soul of yesterday. You are a TIGER! Granted according to Chinese astrology, this is the year of the Tiger. But that is not what we are speaking of. We are referring to your new persona – one that you did not expect when you first became excited about the New Age. You assumed that even though others might shift, your life would continue with just a few adjustments.

You were wrong. You are finding that you become angry much more rapidly. That you are not willing “to carry” anyone who is not willing to help themselves. And that you are impatient with those who are just not “getting” the ramifications of this New Age shift.

Guess what? You have not totally understood the shift either if you are confused by your new stance.  Shifting behavior patterns in mid-stream, as you baby boomers are doing, is not an easy task – it is exhausting. What was is no longer and what will be is not totally clear. A bit like  just after you awake – are you awake or asleep?

We and others have long promised that this transition would be easy. And so it is, but not for the reasons you thought it would be. It is easy to choose to be of the New Age. It is easy to use your new tools and  beliefs. But those elements are only available if you shift your beliefs from pain to pleasure.

You have given much “lip service” to the joys of the New Age, but deep within your physical being you hold on to the fear that such dramatic changes are merely goobbledygook. You want to believe, but you have been disappointed so many times in this current lifetime that you feel the need to hold on to some  semblance of stability – the Old Age. Yet, you want to be part of and a creator of the New Age. Do you not see the strain of such a stance?

Many of you are now crying “foul” – how appropriate for the upcoming Super Bowl competition! Are you of the New Age or are you not? We ask the same questions and have done so on may occasions.

It is time for you to make that leap. It is time to jump to the New Age. You will not fall and you cannot fail. But yet………. there is that little piece of you that is afraid of the unknown, even if joy is the end-product. Where are the scientific studies that prove this? Where is your money? You want us to “show you the money” which is not possible until you take that leap.

You have leaped so often in this life. Even if you have always been rewarded for those leaps, as has been true for Brenda, the fear that you will not be rescued this time lingers. That is the belief you are working on and adjusting to.

You have completed your inner work. The New Age is here. Now you have to accept the New Age and the only way you can do so is to take that leap – a very short leap we might add. We are not speaking of quitting your job and living in the streets for a few years or even a few days. We are merely pointing your need to accept joy as a given.

The fear that we may not have told you the truth is all that is stopping you from entering the world of joy that you dream of, but dare not expect or accept because as you have long learned that anything too good to be true is exactly that.

You do not believe  that you are worthy of your dreams – you have not yet completed enough pain lessons! You have not slept on nails or worn a hair shirt, so how could you possibly expect an ongoing life of joy? And that is an overview of your exhaustion and recent militant stance. You want to live in the New Age, but you do not yet feel that you have suffered enough to do so. And with that thought process, you will never suffer enough.

Your pain is over. If you can accept that concept as your new truth, you will have moved into the New Age. The only way you can accept it is to test it. As you are now doing so on an hour-to-hour basis. You are testing your worthiness by snarling at others, by looking at the world through a grey film and by demanding that the Universe prove to you that the New Age is truly here. It is.

All you have to do to live in the New Age is to believe that the New Age has arrived. There is no need for sleeping on nails. Or antagonizing those around you. Or for jumping off a bridge to see if the Universe catches you and thereby proves that the New Age is a reality. You merely have to accept that you no longer need to live in pain. Stop growling, turn around and accept your sunshine.

Your exhaustion is your need to hold onto to the Old Age at the same time you are trying to accept the New Age. Which is better for me? A question that can be easily answered if you are feeling anger you do not understand. Of course, you will get angry at times in the New Age. But that anger will not be constant as has been true for you and many others in the last few days, anymore than a two-year-old pouts for more than a few moments.

We will close or you have much to review, the most important of which is whether your anger is a part of you that you need to explore to  move out of your past passive demeanor. Or is your anger a cover for your fears about the New Age?

We will tell you that 90% of your anger is based in your unjustified fear of the New Age.  You are  a creator – as you always have  been – and now you create more easily and more rapidly than ever  before. So of course, your last fears about this shift are more directly impacting your life than any of the other fears you have moved through.

Yes, you have worked through your issues. And yes, the New Age is yours to have and explore. Move beyond your fears and grab the hand of the Universe. You will not fail and you will not fall. So be it. Amen.

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What Path Have You Selected and Why?

Dear Ones,

Even though we are not particularly interested in answering individual questions due to the amount of general information that needs to be relayed to those of you who wish to help introduce the New Age, we wish to address a question received today about the energies surrounding October 21.

Each of you may be on a different path and time frame, but all are moving in the same general direction.

Some of you have elected to transport yourself via a smooth highway.

Others have opted for a circuitous route for a number of reasons, not the least of which is your need to clear issues before you step into the New Age.

Or your pain  may be similar to receiving extra credit for lessons you have completed.  If you are part of this group, please know that there is no need to receive extra credit for issues that have to do with pain or anger or any of the unpleasant emotions that seem to be coming your way. You have completed your pain lessons with flying colors!

How are you to determine if your pain is extra credit work for a lesson you have completed or a need to complete a specific lesson before you can move forward? Merely ask yourself what you want and why?

That thought may appear far too simplistic, but  the New Age is about freedom and joy. Neither of which is possible if you depend on others for answers that only you can provide.

For those asking the question today about October 21, your pain and fear were real . We are merely reminding you that you create your own reality – a concept you have forgotten during  eons of society’s proddings to follow the rules necessary to complete the Old Age lessons.

So again, “What was your wish during that period of pain and why?” Was that pain a lesson you needed to complete – which is likely if you feel more free now than you did prior to your days of pain – or was it because you are such an exemplary Old Age student that you wish to obtain an A+ in a class you have already completed?

There is no right answer to our question – that is, we can give no correct answer. It is your life and your lesson. But we wish to add that you no longer need to learn your lessons in pain – the New Age has arrived. Even though you may have elected to take the bumpy road, you can shift to a new path whenever you wish. And that path is the road that leads to joy.

If you believe that you need to look at issues you have ignored in the past and the only way to complete those issues is in pain, we will remind you that such a belief is similar to counting on your fingers during a math test when everyone else is using a calculator. You can certainly count on your fingers, but why would you want to if  a calculator is available?

Do not make your New Age transition more difficult by trying to insert Old Age pain into a joyful process. But then your movement into the New Age will not necessarily be as easy as you would like. The New Age is not the Old Age with a few twists and turns. It is the New Age. You will not be comfortable with pain, as you were in the past. Perhaps you question that thought. We will remind you that the Old Age lesson plans included pain for a reason, just as  New Age lessons are to be in joy for specific reasons.

You have lived in the Old Age for many lifetimes. The Old Age is comfortable, just as might be true for someone married to an alcoholic. We suggest you question your motives when and if you are in the pain mode. Is your pain about moving from a marriage to an alcoholic to dating another alcoholic because it is comfortable?

Or have you neglected to move into joy  because you expect and accept pain, but have not yet allowed yourself to believe that lessons not only can be learned in joy – it is the New Age requirement? So be it. Amen.

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It’s Time to Play with Your Inner Voice, Your Private Compass

Dear Ones,

Let us talk of joy. Now many of you have felt joy over the years. Perhaps you felt joy at the birth of your child. Or a new job. Or a loving relationship. That is well and good. But the joy we are speaking of is different from any of those items we mentioned.

The joy we wish to describe is tied to freedom. Freedom has long been forced aside by your society. Of course, you speak of the freedoms of living in the United States  and the freedom to marry or live with who you want. All true. But also tainted by the fabric of your Old Age society.

In your youth, how often did you dream of a particular career path or community or relationship only to have that joy, that anticipation doused by the rules of your society, your family and your community. Your freedoms were and continue to be ‘colored’ by what society contends is the right path for you.

Please remember the bravery of Henry David Thoreau. His societal role was to manage his father’s lucrative pencil factory. He instead chose a life of contemplation and writing. Those writings influenced millions of people including Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. That is not to say that if you wonder into the woods your musings will alter the world, but rather that you must listen to your heart to determine your correct direction.

How many of you felt somewhat uncomfortable prior to marrying the person you eventually divorced? It was your ‘wake-up call’ to listen to your inner being, rather than financial concerns or the disappointment of those who felt it was the perfect union. How many of you accepted a promotion to a job you did not like as well as the job that allowed you to be promoted?

So many of your daily decisions – and thereby, life – are based on rules and regulations established by others instead of your inner being. The result is not freedom – it is compliance, care taking and victim hood. None of which is congruent with joy.

Joy is the freedom to choose. And freedom is joy. Even though those two statements sound a bit like goobly gook, both are true. You cannot have joy without freedom – freedom is the key to joy.

Your society has established so many rules that it has become extremely difficult for you to find your freedom. Smoke screens of ‘shoulds’ pervade your life. It is time to feel what is right for you, rather than to think what is right for you. Or perhaps even more common to most, to ask someone, anyone what is right for you.  Others can help you with logic, with rules and with ‘shoulds.’ But they certainly cannot feel or hear what your inner being is softly telling you. Nor do they want to, they have their own  inner being directives.

Your inner voice is usually very soft. Especially at this point in your earth’s history. You are not used to hearing that voice – or if you hear that soft, gentle voice – trusting it. After all, do your parents, your friends and your society not know what is best for you?

We are being a bit ‘over the top’ with our assertions. But we want you to start learning to listen to your inner voice. It will take practice. And it will take courage. For your inner voice will not always seem logical or even correct. A bit like, deciding to turn right even though your GPS system is indicating you should turn left. The only way you will learn to trust and utilize this extremely valuable compass that is your inner voice – the compass that will lead you directly to freedom and thereby, joy –  is to play with it a bit.

You expected that we would set up a regimen of dos and do nots – that you would know when you had accessed your freedom by the exercises we provided.  There are no exercises. There are no rules. Freedom is freedom. If you opt not to follow your inner voice, that is your freedom to be.

But if you decide to play with your inner voice, we will laugh along with you as you do one seemingly silly activity after another only to find that you have moved into the joy you are now looking for. So be it. Amen.

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