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Where is Your Silver Bullet to Eradicate Fear From Your Life?

Let’s find out what my source would like to relay today:

Yesterday we discussed how easy it is to relieve yourself of fear, and thereby stress. Today we wish to address an issue that many of you have perhaps not yet attuned yourself to. Fear and stress permeate your being. You wake up in the middle of the night concerned or fearful about this and that. During your day, your fear is increased with your daily activities – from worrying about getting to work on time, to how will I pay for the cable bill this month? Even those of you who are retired continue your chain of worry and fear, “What if my retirement funds are reduced?” “What if I become ill now that I am so old?” and on and on.

We told you quite directly yesterday that you no longer need to include fear, and thereby worry and stress, in your repertoire. But those of you who have such finely tuned skills in those fear areas are having extreme difficulties letting go of something you don’t want. Just believing that you no longer need to feel fear is just ‘not working’ for you. You want that silver bullet that will completely eradicate fear from your life…and you want it now!

Eliminating fear from your life will be a process. You did not become fearful overnight – it has been a learning process of eons. Therefore, you won’t eradicate fear overnight either. But we will tell you without a doubt, if you include eradicating fear from your life as one of your creations – so it will be.

Let us explain. You have your New Age software fully installed. It is a work of marvel and it’s most important element for you at this time is that software includes your new creative abilities. Use them. You cannot create too many items. You cannot be too creative. You are the New Age creators. So start creating. And create in multiples. Go ahead – create a new home, a new income stream, a new love – but most importantly for this post, create a life that doesn’t include fear. At least the level of fear you have lived your entire life on earth. Initially creating a new home with your new software will be a bit easier than eradicating your fear – not because it has to be, but because you have not honed your home creation skills to the extent that you have honed your fear skills. Creating a home is a new exercise. Eradicating fear includes a long history of society shoulds and have tos.

So allow yourself to create a life that doesn’t include fear (doesn’t the thought of becoming a ‘fearless wonder’ sound like fun and oh so daring!), but allow yourself to decompress a bit in the process. Your fear creation may result in some fear remaining for a time – but more in the appearance of  a large spiral – it shows its unattractive side fewer and fewer days of your life and for shorter periods of time. Until there is a day, in the not too distant future we will add, that you no longer need, or better yet, want to include fear in your repertoire.

Now some of you are countering that such a ‘smiley face’ life would be a bit unrealistic and almost certainly boring. We beg to differ. Without fear you could and will create what you truly want, instead of what you should want. And the New Age is about creations of joy, not creations of what you think you should have. So be it. Amen.  If you would like to receive my blogs as they are posted, please click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by e-mail – line and complete the subscription by providing your e-mail address.

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Fear is Merely a Habit

Let’s see what my source would like to explore with us today:

Dear Ones,

Fear. That terrible word that continues to haunt many of you in both your wake state and your sleep state. Not that it has to anymore – fear is not part of the New Age.  Even though many of you know that both through your readings and intuitively, fear remains an instrumental portion of your life.

Please remember that you have accepted and expected fear as a daily ‘habit’ for eons – for lifetime after lifetime. A bit like an alcoholic who has a finely tuned alcoholic habit. Many of you might be contemplating what it would be like to live without your habit, but have not yet accepted that there is a cure. A cure that is really very simple. All you need to do to rid yourself of that fear habit  is accept that you no longer need fear in your repertoire.

The New Age does not include or accept fear. Push the delete button on your New Age computer software and it is gone. But then, many of you, including Brenda, need or wish to maintain that feeling for a bit longer. Again, not because you have to, but because it is so comfortable. Fear is like a pair of shoes that you have successfully broken in. They might not be attractive, but they certainly are comfortable. We are telling you that you can easily create a new pair of shoes that are not only equally comfortable, but also beautiful.

So many of you remain fearful that you may say, or do or be the wrong something in so many environments. What if your presentation to the Board of Directors is not perfect? What if you make your child angry? What if you can’t do something you feel you should do? All indicators of your fear. It’s time, actually past time, to wake up every morning thinking, “What fun activities do I have in store for me today?  Or, “How can I create a joyful day?”  Instead of your current thought pattern, “What do I need to do so I won’t do too many things wrong?”

Is the thought of a joyful day – gradually building to a joyful life outrageous? Only if you believe it is. So be it. Amen.  If you would like to receive my blogs as they are posted, please click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by e-mail – line and complete the subscription by providing your e-mail address.

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Dust Off Your Bell Bottomed Blue Jeans – The New Age Has Arrived!

Hello! Welcome to my blog. My intent is to create a blog that will provide you with daily or weekly updates about the current energy shifts and how to create your dreams using your new energy skills. Most, if not all, of my posts will be channeled information.

One of my e-books describes my channeling as the combination of my past lives, current experiences and future lives – all of which are happening at the same time.

My first book, A Glimpse of Your Future, published in 1989 labeled the information I received as ELETH materials. I haven’t really been that curious about a specific entity name since.  If a name is important to any of you, I will certainly try to obtain that information for you.  I just think of my channeling skills as another access point for information – like eyes, ears, feeling, etc. And I firmly believe that everyone on earth has the ability to channel in whatever form is most appropriate for them (some people visualize activities, some smell, etc). I am just most comfortable and have the most fun channeling words – whether those words are written down or verbalized.  Brenda

Now let’s see what information is available for us today:

Dear Ones,

Many of you are extremely tired. Not because you have been carrying heavy loads of dirt or anything of a similar physical nature, but because there are so many personal changes occurring for you right now that you can sometimes barely keep your eyes open. We will tell you that such is to be expected for the next few weeks. For you are working diligently night and day to create the world of your dreams.

Do you remember your dreams as a child? Or as a young adult during the 1960’s and 1970’s? Weren’t you energized by the very thought of the possibilities? Yet now that you are in the last phases (you think) of your current life on earth, you look back with perhaps anger, resignation, fear, pain or one of the thousands of other words you use to describe that you aren’t quite where you wanted to be at this stage in your life. As a young child, did you not dream of being a doctor, school teacher,  fireman or  pilot? As a young adult, did you not dream of a world of peace and love? Perhaps many of you obtained your professional goals – but did those achievements fill the hole in your heart – at least the hole that has opened up recently?

Of course, when you were impassioned about the freedom marches, meeting the person you wished to spend a large part of your life with, the birth of your children or your career path – your adrenalin rush was beyond description. These were your life highlights and for some, continue to be highlights.

But we venture to guess that many of you reading these materials are now looking for something different, something ‘out there’ – for it is has been a very long time since you have felt a burst of energy, of joy. Those portions of your life that your parents told you would give you a life of joy have seemed to dissipate – perhaps your child is living on the streets, perhaps your career ladder has faltered or even stopped. Of course, many of you are energized by the thought of retirement..or at least you were until the recent downturn. Where is your joy in working another ten years or having your adult children depend on your for financial and emotional support?

What happened to your bell bottomed blue jeans and your enthusiasm for the future and for life? Know without a doubt it is returning. You cool hippies you. You are back and you are going to bring the joy and love and happiness you espoused forty years ago to the forefront of your children’s lives and on earth for eons. And we will help you to do so in the most joyful fashion possible.

Sit back. Nurture yourself in the next few weeks, knowing without a doubt that the loving, joyful, caring prankster that you were in the 1960’s and 1970’s is back! And that joyful spirit will be the cornerstone of the New Age. In the last few months, you helped welcome the New Age to earth. After you have rested a bit, we will help you understand how to play in such a lovely new environment. So be it. Amen.   If you would like to receive my blogs as they are posted, please click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by e-mail – line and complete the subscription by providing your e-mail address.

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