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Lesson 3 – Gather Your Soul Group

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

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Dear Ones,

Let us look at lesson three of your new tool kit.

Some of you may have created your heart’s desire using the skills described in lessons 1 and 2 (former blogs). Some of you may not have. Do not fret. This material is not dated, nor is it necessarily sequential. Some of you may gravitate quickly to one lesson, yet feel unable to use another.

It did not matter if you learned to read the word, “cat” before you understood the word “dog”. Both are words you needed to read your first grade primer. And so it is with these lessons. Some will be easy. Others a bit more difficult. But, all in all, you will learn to use your new tool kit at a pace that is correct for you.

There is no need for special classes. There is no need for you to feel as if you are a slow learner. Each of you is a unique individual with unique learning skills – an area we might add that your current education system does not take into account, hence the number of children daydreaming throughout the school day.  But that is an issue some of you will soon address.

We will digress a bit for you to understand how marvelous and almost unbelievable this New Age shift truly is. Some of you will use your new and enhanced tool kit skills to alter the academic world. Others, political systems. Others, the world of religion. Others, the monetary system. And still others, familial/cultural systems.

The world as you now know it is shifting rapidly – much more rapidly than was true in the 1960’s and 1970’s. That shift is speeding up with every burst of energy you feel. Think of a time machine you enter in 1950 and exit in 2050.

So let us turn to lesson 3 of your new and enhanced tool kit skills. For those of you who think these lessons are extremely elementary, remember you learned what letters sounded like before you could create a word sound. And you needed to use that word sound to haltingly read your first sentence. So it is true for your tool kit. You are learning the elementary pieces that will very soon create the novels of your heart. So let us begin.

Find a relaxing and quiet place to complete this exercise – not that such will be necessary in the future, but most certainly is in your early learning stages. Close your eyes and visualize or sense your dream in whatever way is most right for you. Today, we will just select one dream. Now ask that your spirit/ spirit guide join you in whatever fashion feels most right. Join hands with your spirit/spirit guide either visually or again, in whatever fashion feels right. Then request that all parts of your being from past, future and present lives in whatever environment they exit join you. Note that these parts of your being surround you and your spirit/spirit guide. Again visualize your dream. If you sense or see a bright light streaming from your group, your wish will be fulfilled in the very near future.

If you feel, see or sense that very little light is radiating from your dream, ask your group for their guidance in helping you create a dream that is more right for you at this time. Thank them for their assistance. Then take some time to interact with all parts of your being. In all likelihood, it will feel like a wonderful family reunion. If not, take the time to interact with those who do not feel or seem light and airy. Ask them what they need from you or the totality that is you. Take the time to heal that fear and pain by merely asking your group to help you heal those parts in the easiest and most rapid fashion possible. For until that pain is healed, you will remain in your elementary tool kit stage.

Let us give you an example. Suppose you have entered the first grade knowing it is unlikely that you will ever be fed breakfast before school. Instead of concentrating on the words “cat” and “dog,” you will be thinking about how long until the free school lunch is served.  Or if you are from an abusive household, how long before you are beaten again. Of course, many children in those situations manage to block those issues and become star pupils. But those issues fester until they are addressed at some point in their lives – whether that be at age 6 or sixty.

So it is for you. Take particular note of any heavy or dull spots in your grouping and request the services of all of those in your group – including your spirit/spirit guide to help you heal that part of your being in the easiest and most rapid method possible. Perhaps the healing will occur in your dreams. Perhaps you will “accidentally run into” someone who has bothered you for some time and the two of you will heal your relationship. Perhaps that person or organization will merely no longer be part of your life. All you have to do is ask.

But ask you must – for indeed, anything that is shadowy will detract from your marvelous new skills. And as we have stated on several occasions, your new skills are to be activated as soon as possible. You no longer have twenty or thirty years to whine about the injustices you have suffered. That is not your role on earth at this time. Even though such a role was necessary during the Old Age, it is futile and infantile now.

So gather your group at your earliest convenience – remember to join hands with your spirit/spirit guide. Visualize or sense your dream. Tell your group that it is time to be in all your/their glory – for you are all one. And note any gray or heavy areas in your group. Immediately move to that/those areas and ask for healing assistance from your group. Do it today, tonight or tomorrow. It is time.

After you have asked for help – and perhaps allowed a day or two to pass – repeat the exercise. For indeed, it is time for you to reach your dreams so that those who follow can understand and most importantly, believe that joy is now possible. So be it. Amen.

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Your Spiritual Growth is Now at a Phenomenal Pace

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

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Dear Ones,

Today is a day of cleansing. You have heard something similar in the past few weeks. But as is usual when we highlight something that appears to repeat what you have already learned, we wish to emphasize this cleansing for a reason.

You have learned that your receptors, your common intake instruments will evolve from the third dimension of reality to the fourth, fifth and perhaps even sixth dimension. Today your cleansing is to prepare you for the fifth dimension. Those of you reading these materials have already moved to or through the fourth dimension. Let us describe the difference dimensions. Then we urge you to rest during this important transition.

Do you remember when your infant first learned to roll over? Were his first attempts to do so not extremely difficult for him, but did he not continue to practice until he had achieved that goal? Then do you remember that same darling infant surprising himself when he learned to crawl? And finally, the look of utter astonishment and pleasure on his little face as he took his first steps?

Your dimensional skill upon entering this earth in this lifetime was the ability to roll over. In the past few months, you have learned to crawl. Today, you are taking your first baby steps unaided. No wonder your tired and a bit out of sorts.

Perhaps many of you, like Brenda, cannot feel or sense anything out of the ordinary – other than exhaustion. That sense of “nothing new here” will soon pass. Your new abilities, just as is true for the infant who learns to walk unaided, are a bit uneven but they exist.

You will note your new skills in a variety of ways. Your ability to read others will be much more finely tuned. And they you – that is, those of your friends and relatives on the same path. Your ability to create will be at a higher and more rapid level. And your understanding of yourself and your world will be much greater.

Will you grow wings and become angelic? Not likely!! But you will automatically place yourself in environments that best meet your new needs. A bit like an infant is amused for a very long time with one rattle, while a six-year-old is not the least bit interested in any rattle.

In essence, you are maturing rapidly in your dimensional abilities.

Will you move beyond the sixth dimension in this lifetime? Perhaps. But we will venture to guess that you will have so much fun exploring the fifth and sixth dimensions in the next few days, months and years that you will not find the need to move beyond those skill sets.

Do not fear that you will no longer be the you that you are now. You will merely be you with more skills. An infant does not become a different person with each new skill set he learns, he just becomes more comfortable in his environment and the exploration of that environment.

Your role is to explore the hidden territories that are you. And once you are comfortable doing that, blending and creating with those people on earth and in heaven who have common interests. That is all the New Age is about – learning new skills and blending with those interested in the same areas.

The New Age is not frightening, merely a time of exploration and jubilation.

You needed to learn how to grasp your rattle and roll – or as Brenda likes to say, “Learn to rattle and roll.” Skills you have worked on for eons and are quite comfortable with. You learned to move about your room/world with some difficulty we might add, by rolling over and over. And you learned to amuse yourself by watching your hand shake up and down listening to that incessant rattle of fear and pain.

You recently learned to crawl in the fourth dimension. Now it is time for your first steps.

Is it possible that you will decide never to crawl and merely start walking? Yes. Or that you will wish to crawl for a very long time? Yes. Or that you will decide to run, skip and jump in this lifetime? Yes. Or is it likely that you will become a skilled gymnast in this lifetime? No – but it is possible.

As you obtained each new skill as an infant, your world expanded both internally and externally. The same is happening to you now. It is as difficult for you to remember how you felt as an infant before you learned to roll over, as it will be tomorrow or the next day how it felt to have the limited spiritual skills you were born with in this lifetime. You are growing spiritually at a phenomenal pace – far more rapidly than you understand. The net result is that you will become the angels on earth you have long discussed and dreamed about.

As you create a new you, you are creating a world of joy. Allow that to be.

Shortly, we will begin helping you explore your new skills. For as is true for any infant, you will soon want to climb the stairs, learn how to run and wish to ride into the sunset on your tricycle.

It is enough for you to know that you are continuously mastering skills that will move you far beyond what you thought was possible even ten years ago – and that you will learn these skills easily and almost effortlessly.

Exhaustion is a side effect that you may be feeling today or for the next few days – but is that any different from your infant daughter as she plops herself on the ground after taking those first five or six exhausting steps? Within a month, she was difficult to monitor as she zoomed from room to room without your help – often to your dismay!

So it will be for you. Today you are exhausted. Tomorrow, next week or next month, you will be zooming about with your new skill sets. One of which is that you will be better able to read/understand the inner workings of others and they you. So be it. Amen.

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New Age Freedoms Will Create Chaos

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

Dear Ones,

Let us address an issue we have not looked at for some time. Many of you know others who are in pain. Perhaps their rage, and therefore, in their mind, the causation  is directed at a candidate, family member, religious group  or co-worker. It does not matter – they need someone to blame for all that is not going well in their life.

Each of you create your own life and invite those actors who are part of your life script into your life. Even though you have accepted that concept,  you might feel as if you are surrounded by those who feel that someone “out there” is responsible for their life and, therefore, their pain.

Many of you have tried to help those in pain understand this concept of self-creation, only to have such thoughts ignored or made fun of. Do not fret. It is not your role to teach others how to live. Your role is to live a life of joy and allow others to know that you are doing so.

Are you to stand on a soapbox proclaiming the rightness of your joy, your life? Are you to teach those who seem a bit slower than you to grasp the concepts of the New Age? No! Doing so would merely repeat the Old Age power role of, “I am right and you are wrong. And since you cannot seem to grasp the rightness of my religion, political party, beliefs, morals or values, I will teach you what is correct.”

All of you are moving at the pace that is correct for you. Each is a thread in the overall tapestry of life. In this New Age, you are a role model, not THE teacher of the correct concepts.

Allow yourself to flow as your inner being directs you. And allow the same freedom for others.

You may be concerned that such freedom will lead to complete chaos. It will.

Does every child learn how to tie their shoes at the same age and in the same way? Is there a correct way to tie shoes – or only that the shoelaces stayed tied when necessary? Some tie their shoes with a double knot. Some learn to tie their shoes in a left-handed fashion, others with big bows and still others with little bows. It does not matter as long as their shoes stay tied. So it is with your need to force others into the joys of the New Age.

In your thought processes, it is silly not to experience the joys of the New Age. Why would anyone opt for a life of pain, anger and fear? Why indeed? Maybe those people need to explore certain issues before moving into the joys of the New Age. Maybe they are afraid of the New Age. Or maybe they never will move into the New Age in this lifetime.

This is the bridge lifetime. Some will remain on the bank looking at the bridge. While those of you reading these materials have either started across the bridge or have crossed over to the opposite bank. Again, it does not matter.

Your life is not dictated by their pain. Anymore than their joy dictates your joy. You are unique individuals choosing the direction you wish to take. The New Age has arrived with all the freedoms that this Age entails.

The Old Age was filled with rigid rules and regulations; the New Age is about freedom.

The first people involved with air travel were envied by some and thought fools by others. Yet in a few years, airline traffic became commonplace. So it is now with the New Age, but on a much larger scale. We are not addressing the freedom to fly in an airplane, we are speaking of shifting all of your thoughts and patterns from what society expects to total freedom.

Some people now on earth will never have the courage to take that large emotional leap. Others of you could not wait and are already enmeshed in the joys of such freedom.

Do not worry about others. Pain may be their key lesson plan for many years They will ignore  or deny any positive thoughts, actions and results. They want to see and feel pain and that is their right. Allow that to be. Your only concern is following your inner being. You are no one’s caretaker, nor are you a victim.

If you doubt that last thought, place yourself in a victim role. You have been moving forward so steadily across the bridge that you have probably not yet tested your resolve, your new being. Oh, you might wobble a bit. You might try on a victim cloak for a few hours or even days, but the victim role is so unlike anything of the New Age that you will soon throw it off…and laugh as you are doing so. For you, there is no longer the enticing drama you used to associate with victim hood.

Care taking is a different story. Your need to make sure that everyone is happy is merely a replay of your Old Age care taking role. Not everyone wants to be happy. Allow them that freedom. And allow yourself to move into joy as rapidly as you wish. You no longer have to live in pain to interact with friends and relatives. Those people who wish to live in joy will find you. Those people who wish to remain in pain will have less and less in common with you.

Your only role is to move as your inner voice suggests. And for those of you following this Blog, that is across the New Age bridge to the other side. You are not a bad or mean person if you cross the bridge before others – you are merely playing the role you created for yourself. And the same is true for those who wish to stay on the bank for a bit longer or throughout this lifetime.

Allow yourself the freedom to be…and the same for others.

The New Age has arrived. Relish your joy and your fun. And allow others to remain on the bank – that is their right and their freedom. So be it. Amen.

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