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Friendship Loss?

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for LifeTapestry

Summary of Brenda’s December 18, 2020, channeled “Creation Energies” show at During this holiday season, do what you need to do, even if that means performing that which no longer interests you. For this is the last year, you’ll need to perform according to the expectations of others. Some of you moved beyond those expectations, but not all. Allow yourself to function in ways most peaceful for you. You don’t have the energy to fight yourself and/or the world now. 

“Rest” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for LifeTapestry

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

You are discovering you do not react as you have in the past. Another difference you have perhaps yet to note is you are becoming more self-sufficient and courageous. 

Perhaps you are saying, “No,” as others try to have you meet their needs. Perhaps you are not bothering with former niceties. Or perhaps you are no longer interested in areas that used to interest you. It does not matter how you display your independence and courage, for the end-product is the same for all – the freedom to be.

This first holiday season of freedom is likely confusing. For many of you are questioning your former and current actions, as well as the actions of others. You are deciding which, if any, of your holiday traditions hold enough interest for you to continue. At the same time, others are pressuring you to be who you used to be. 

Even though this is not an easy time, you have prepared for years, perhaps decades. Part of you is fighting with yourself, and another part is fighting against the traditions that now mean little to you. So it continues with the December energies encouraging you to be you in all your glory. 

Maybe you are concerned that your friendship pool has become so small you are not completely comfortable with new you. Even though you have become an independent human angel, you maintain the human trait of wishing to interact with others lovingly. Such is not necessarily true for all human angels. But for many of you, friendship has become a concern. 

You will create new interactions with those of like mind and discover new friends in the most unlikely places. But such information does not appease your current feelings of loneliness, of having to start over in the friendship realm. 

We assure you that your friendship or relationship concerns will be circumvented in the coming months. For 2020 was about discovering yourself outside the social milieu. But then, not everyone self-isolated. By continuing their life as it was, those individuals missed some of the freedoms you developed.

That is not to say those not self-isolating are terrible people, merely that they were given a “get-out-of-jail-free” card they opted not to use. Does such a statement mean they are less spiritual than you? No, merely that they have opted for a more difficult road. Even though they helped create the en masse stop that was 2020, they did not take advantage of that stop. 

So it is some of your friends, or former friends are at a different place than those of you utilizing this year of solitude. And because they are at a different place, you likely do not have as much in common. Which is neither good nor bad, just different. A difference that might be difficult for some time as you flit from one interest to another. A bit like deciding at age 12 you are not interested in playing with an 8-year-old. Once you and the 8-year-old are both in your 30s. that age difference will mean little. And so it might be for those who opted not to utilize this year of solitude. They will need to double-task for a bit to catch-up to your freedom base. 

Those who did not take advantage of 2020 will expect you to be who you were, for they are mostly who they were when the year began. Such is neither good nor bad, just how they followed their path. For some of those who did not embrace this year of solitude, it was a badge of honor that they did not. Just as was true for those of you who did. So for much of 2021, it is unlikely you will have much in common. 

That last statement is not written in stone, but instead an observation of probabilities. So it is you will likely mourn what was – just as you might have when you left your childhood interests behind. At the same time, you will look forward to the possibilities of your new life and forge new friendships.

That is not to say you will never interact with those friends who did not use this year of solitude to go within, but instead that it might take a bit of time for those friends to catch-up to you. Or you may never interact with them again, for, by the time they are at a similar place as you, you might have such different interests that your interactions are never the same.

That last thought might seem depressing to many of you, for you value your friendships. But just as you are different, so are your interests and interactions. You are more confident in your being and your direction. So even if friends used this year of solitude similar to what was true for you, you still may be on such different paths as not to intersect again.

Which is no different than many of those persons with whom you attended grammar school. In all likelihood, you now have little in common with them, for your 3D adult path was different than theirs. You have the commonality of your school, but not enough other commonalities to maintain more than a passing relationship. Such did not affect your 3D life, nor your transition. So it will be for you as you move through 2021 and beyond. 

You have evolved beyond expectations – what was and who you were are no longer. So those who are not interested in similar areas or on a different time track may not hold great interest for you. But there will be others who help you sparkle with joy and laughter. You are entering a dramatic new phase of your being. A phase that has never happened en masse on the earth before.

You are new. The earth is new. And your friendships will likely shift as a result. Allow that to be. And allow yourself to know that you will not be alone – if you flow into your new being, instead of stalling the inevitable to maintain friendships that no longer – and may never again – sparkle for you. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Your Gate Has Opened, Run

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s May 1, 2020, channeled “Creation Energies” show at Some of you wear protective gear like gloves and masks. Some of you don’t. There’s no right nor wrong for shoulds are no longer part of your life. Perhaps experiencing COVID-19 is one of your roles in this lifetime. Maybe you wish to exit the earth. Or not. This is a time of following your unique inner-directives as do infants. This is the new world of individual choices.

“You’re Creating the New Earth Manual” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

The future likely seems bleak and unrewarding. As if all of your fears are bundled into an image of sacrifice. That there is little more to look forward to than more sacrifice and fear.

Of course, such is not true. But despite the multitude of channeled prophecies to the contrary, you can only envision that which you have known.

That which you have known will not be again. But what will? That is your fear. For you cannot sense or see anything but despair.

Some sense an urge to move forward with new thoughts and beliefs. But they have not yet permeated the majority of the earth’s population. Such will happen – more rapidly than you can imagine, just as was true for this COVID-19 halt to 3D life. But because all that is happening in your world feels surreal, you do not yet have the energy to move beyond that pain.

You will have the need to do so in the near future. In truth, you will initiate that new belief/thought process in the next few days. For the energies permeating your world now are of future plans instead of former needs. It will be as if a switch has been turned on within you that knows, “Yes, that was uncomfortable but necessary for us to achieve this new life.”

In 3D, shifts of that magnitude required decades of processing. Such is no longer true. For just as this virus seemingly happened in an instant, so too will the world shift from 3D beliefs to beyond what is now known.

In a natural disaster, survival is the initial focus. Then the rebuilding begins. So it will be for you in the next few days. The difference is your need to rebuild will be more rapid than you now imagine, and unlike anything, you experienced in 3D.

You are a new being in a new world. So it is that what was is no more, including your thoughts and beliefs. It is the difference between believing an eclipse is the end of the world to a scientific review of why eclipses occur and when. The difference between fear and knowledge.

In the next few days, you will begin to have inklings of interest areas you have not yet imagined. And this virus downtime will seem perfect for your new thoughts and actions.

Until now, you have basically attempted to fit your 3D world into a new normal. Granted, you might have spent more time with family, friends, or work via your electronics or within your household. Time and energy exchanges that made you feel grateful for this new normal. But throughout this time, you have also been preparing to jump forward with no forward to jump to. Like a racehorse at a starting gate that never opens.

Your nervous energy that has been building for the past few weeks will finally feel appropriate as you discover a new dimension of yourself. A dimension that is about change – your new life in your new world. It will be as if a light switch has been turned on.

Indicators that such is so might include wide emotional swings, sleeplessness, overwhelming fear, and anger. For you are now so filled with the new energy that you are about to burst. Because you do not understand what this new energy is, you are reverting to 3D knowingness. Which is similar to a teenager taking their infant rattle on a date for security.

You are no longer the you of even one month ago. For the recent energies pummeling the earth, have shifted all. Perhaps it will help you envision the change that is starting this week if you think of someone in a deep sleep slowly awakening and not entirely certain if they are dreaming or awake. For even though your awakening will happen in the next few days, you will need to remove the sleep from your eyes before you see your new life.

For now, you see a world of masks and fear. By the end of this week, you will have a glimmer of possibilities that do not include anger and fear. Within a couple of weeks, you will be walking tall in your new being, knowing without a doubt that you are a new being in a new world surrounded by millions of like-minded people.

Such does not mean that all will think and act the same. There will be millions of different thoughts and actions. But your thoughts and actions will feel right, safe, and yes, fun. For this is the new world, and you are a new being in that new world.

Perhaps you wonder how those fully of 3D will respond as you move forward in your new world. We do not wish to promote an us and them barrier in your new world. But those, fully of 3D, will experience a great deal of fear as they realize they no longer have a pulse on the fears of the people. So it is those fully of 3D will remain enmeshed in fear as you move into your joy. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Finding New You

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s October 14, 2016, channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at You’re letting go of pieces you thought important before this transition – and finding amazing parts of new you that include the talents and interests of all your segments. You love yourself enough to act on the desires of new you instead of who you thought you were in 3D. The next Creation Energies will be channeled Friday, October 28, 2016.

Dear Ones,

Many of you are concerned that you do not feel like a different person. That you somehow missed your calling or direction.

Neither is true for your shifts are so rapid as not to be noticeable.

Perhaps that last statement feels as if it is just another carrot to maintain your hopes in something that is not happening – a switch and bait, if you will. For if all that is predicted is occurring, would you not have some sort of AHA sensation indicating how different you have become?

Such is your belief despite something similar having happened in puberty and continues to happen to you without preparation as you mature.

So it is for you once again. You are changing throughout your being – including your physical being – noted only by those who do not interact with you a great deal.

You sound, preceive and sense differently. You are not the you that you were just months ago. But because you are noting and interacting with you daily, you cannot detect the difference.

Allow yourself to shift as your being dictates instead of trying to reshape or recreate you in the way you feel is right for new you. You could no more dictate your eventual height or weight in puberty, than you can dictate who you are becoming now.

Of course, you would prefer that you were the best at whatever you declare is important to you. Just as you wished for a deeper voice or a larger bust in puberty. But the reality is that your inner-being is helping you, the CEO of your totality, create the physical, emotional and spiritual being that is right for new you.

There is no need to pine for a different type of spirituality or skill set. Just as there is no need to pine for a different physical or emotional being. You are who you are supposed to be – whether that be younger, older, taller or shorter than you are now.

Allow your true self to emerge with all the necessary skills and physical, emotional and spiritual skills that entails. Some of you will be more immersed in spiritual healing or endeavors. Other will perform the same level of service through your physical or emotional skills.

Time or frequency travel perhaps seems exciting to you – that is, until you attempt to do so. A bit like many of you were once enamoured of ongoing business travel until you realized how uncomfortable you would be to be running from one airport and hotel room to another.

You are all discovering areas of interest. But not all of those interests are part of your new you focus. Those that are, are falling into place in ways you cannot yet imagine. Those that are not, are within your creative grasp for reasons only you know.

Perhaps you once fell in love with someone not right for you. Yet, you pined, whined and cried for some time after the relationship ended. Only to discover he or she was not right for you once you found the person who was – that it was a learning process.

So it is for you now. You are discovering your true talents and interests. The difference is that you do not have time to experiment with this or that skill or interest.  So you will test a particular interest for a day or two only to discover that interest does not feel right. From, “I want to do that” to “That’s not as exciting as I thought and I want to try something else.”

So it is that the next few weeks will be about playing with potential interests as you hone your interests and skills.

Allow yourself to experiment with new you and you will discover your true being and direction. Curtail your interests and directions and you will continue to wonder who you are.

This is your personal experiment time to discover your true self. Play with it. Test it knowing that you can do no wrong other than trying to put yourself in a box that does not feel right – and as a result, soaring to new you. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s Blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog & Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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