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Strut Your Stuff

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s August 18, 2013 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at The manifestations or miracles – big and small – many of you have experienced recently are pieces that held parts of your being in 3D. These pieces you wanted or want to manifest limit your exploration of other dimensions. Allow yourself to manifest those pieces when it’s right for you.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for “Is That All There Is?”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled materials.

Dear Ones,

Maybe you have or have not noted a difference in your daily life. Just know that what you call miracles – big and small – are happening at an extremely rapid rate. Perhaps you think a new cooking timer would be fun – or a car – or home. Yes, all of the items listed are things. It is so for a reason.

Most humans now on earth are intrigued with new earth thoughts and philosophies. Even though their interest is tweaked, they are not yet ready to let go of their current 3D comfort zone – no matter how uncomfortable. Many feel as if they are barely hanging on to a slim tree branch as they view the deep precipice beneath them.

You and others are touting that new earth/New Age means manifesting whatever you want. A delightful thought for those of you who can sense beyond your 3D world or are already enjoying some of the manifesting rewards. But for those who believe what they have is all they can have, new earth philosophies sound childish – certainly not something they can be part of.

Your role in the transition of those afraid to even think about making the leap to new earth is to display your manifesting ability. Perhaps this thought sounds much like the 3D world you are moving beyond. In part it is. But your designation as a new earth role model means more than you internally accepting new earth.

Those of you reading this blog feel comfortable with new earth. You know that you are or will be zipping from dimension to dimension, that you are honing your creation skills both for earthly means and to increase your ability to relate to other parts of the Universes.

If you were still deeply ensconced in Old Age 3D, which of those above objectives would be most believable and enticing? Things and stuff. So you will begin, if you have not already, manifesting large and small things.

If scout masters of the American West had returned to civilization relaying only the difficulties of their trek and neglecting to outline the beauty of the land and the ability to build new lives in new areas, do you think many would have followed them into the vast unknown that was then the West?

So it is for you now. It is time for you to shine your beacon of light. Such is not possible if you continue to worry about finances, relationships, security, homes and the other 3D pieces you contain within a small part of your being as you fly through the heavens in both wake and sleep states.

Let go of those uncomfortable 3D concerns so you can fly through the heavens without the burdens you have carried for so long – that limit your ability to explore.

It is time for those whose interest is just starting to peak to let go of their branch – knowing they will not fall, but instead sprout wings and fly among the heavens as you are now doing.

You have had months – perhaps years – to obtain a strong hold on new earth philosophies. Now it is time for you to practice manifesting – especially 3D type things.

This is not a dictate, but an explanation of the urges you feel, as well as the miracles you are creating. Even bad events or things turn out better than you expected. “All is well” is your new mantra – not last year, last month or even last week – but today. Expect miracles – big and small. Display and talk about those miracles. Not necessarily within the framework of, “I’m a Lightworker” – but, “My life is shifting into joy, would you like to come along?”

If this thought seems as if you are a new earth missionary, do not fret. You can not force another to be a Lightworker or of the light – nor will you want to.

Those beginning to awake understand 3D things and are not yet interested in dimensions, DNA, or any of the non-3D pieces that warm your heart and open you to joy.

Some of you will question this tactic. It is not about bribing or forcing anyone. It is merely you allowing yourself to drop the few 3D fears remaining – such as those relating to money, relationships or society – and allowing others to see what you quickly manifest as a result.

Will you become a millionaire? Maybe. But then, not everyone is interested in money. Maybe you will find the perfect couch at a deeply discounted price so you have both a new couch and the ability to pay your rent. Or maybe, a friend will send a client or new job your way.

Things of 3D are not always about money. It is about finding joy in your 3D life – from a beautiful garden, to a perfect job, to new and loving encounters with your siblings. Things of 3D are more varied than you now believe.

It is time to move beyond your internal growth into a display of external results. A time to accept that you have learned all you need to learn to exhibit 3D results. By doing so, you will be playing your new earth role perfectly.

It is only your Old Age beliefs that you should suffer, be less than and certainly not display your capabilities or things. Those who did so in the Old Age were designated as selfish or “not good” people

For those of you having difficulties realizing this is the next logical step in your transition process, realize that being less than, not allowing others to see your growth and new skill level is to give credence to the Old Age philosophy of, “I must hide who I am so I will not be punished for being a god or goddess.”

Allow yourselves to be. Allow yourselves to manifest in your 3D world. Drop your bag of beliefs that you cannot or will not because others will not understand. It does not matter who or what approves. You are a peacock of joy – and it is time to open your tail feathers to display your beauty. So be it. Amen.

Personal note: Last week my two large 3D concerns manifested into joy. We sold property we thought might never sell and a major relationship piece started moving forward. Strut your stuff! If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe and blog page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Is Your Emotional World in Upheaval?

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s April 15, 2012 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at Many are now leaving earth. Are you mourning deeply – or not at all? “Shoulds” are judgements. Judgement is not part of joy.

Title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for “Are You Crossing Your Joy Bridge?”

Dear Ones,

You are letting go of so many pieces of your Old Age life. Some of you are excited to do so. Others feel as if parts of you are torn from you.

As you move further into this New Age, such shifts will become easier.

Moving into joy requires reviewing all parts of your being – including those no longer right for the new you. But by doing so, you might find yourself releasing pieces you believed were your strength, purpose or joy.

With bittersweet joy, you may be letting go of pieces and people you once thought would be in your current earth life forever.

Or you may find that those pieces or people you thought would leave becoming a loving part of your new life.

It is all very confusing. That which you thought would stay is leaving; and that which you thought would leave is staying. Your emotional world may be in an upheaval you did not anticipate when you accepted your New Age/new earth role.

Maybe you are wishing to return to what was. That is not possible. Like early United States pioneers, you have come too far to turn back and yet not far enough to fully reap the rewards of your new life.

You have many more skills than was true even a few months ago. But those skills do not yet allow you to create the relationships you are starting to crave. Such skills have to be developed.

You are beginning to experience joy through your manifestation skills – discovering that if  you think of an object or activity it soon appears. But you have yet to master the totality of manifestation. Those objects or activities you are now manifesting may be surprising to you, but often forgettable because your manifestations are not “big” enough.

If you could created a two hundred room mansion by merely raising your arm, you would believe in your manifestation powers. Instead, you are creating the environment which will eventually produce a lovely home or finding the dress you have searched for. Not big, “CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!” manifestations. But little synchronicities that are starting to create the life of ease you dream of. A bit like Jack in the Beanstalk’s mother throwing out Jack’s  magic beans because she could not envision the glorious rewards the beanstalk would produce.

Your magic beans are sprouting. And your mature beanstalk will be obvious in the not-to-distant future.

In the meantime, many of your loved ones are leaving earth.

Perhaps you feel that your magic beans hold no joy without that certain someone. Please remember that all entities are on unique paths leading to the same place – but not in the same way or time.

Of course, you pine for loved ones who leave earth – you are human. In truth, the New Age has expanded your humanness by encouraging you to feel more. That is the dichotomy of the pain you feel for loved ones who leave earth before you are comfortable with them doing so.

You are pining to interact physically with loved ones who left the earth plane. Such is not possible. No matter how many dimensional veils lift, your loved one will never again be in the same physical form in this lifetime. You can shift YOUR dimension to interact with them in a format comfortable for both of you – but your loved one cannot return to physical form without a rebirth.

Even though you have an earth body, soon – if it is not already happening – you will “travel” to other dimensions and interact with your loved one in an appropriate meeting place. You have the magic beans. You just have not yet allowed those beans to grow into the beanstalk that will transport you through the dimensional veils.

Your loved ones leave earth when it is correct for them. They do not do so to make you lonely or unable to cope. They continue to be with you in so many ways. You just cannot yet discern their new methods of interacting with you – but you soon will.

Is our discussion comforting for those of you who have recently lost a loved one?  Most likely not. You cry and mourn and thrust your fists to the sky for taking your loved one from you. Not yet understanding that they wanted/needed to leave to fulfill their New Age role.

What if you depended on them for emotional, physical or spiritual assistance and their gift to you is allowing you to know that you no longer need care taking?

Even though pain and fear remain part of your emotional repertoire, both are now painted with less vibrant colors. Joy is the brightest color possible.

Will you grieve for years? Perhaps – but not likely. For as you become accustomed to your loved one’s transition, you will understand the beauty of that person knowing you were capable of  living on earth without them. A bit like wishing your first grade teacher would follow you from grade to grade, only to discover that the information offered by your new teachers is more than your first grade teacher is capable of teaching you.

Does that mean that those of you who have lost a loved one will wake up tomorrow in joy because they have transitioned? No. But you will realize eventually that you are fully capable of living in joy without their physical presence. For trying to hold on to them emotionally is to reduce your learning during this wondrous transition.

Your loved one was not “bad” for you – merely a stepping stone to your glorious New Age being. Yes, you can communicate with them in your sleep and wake states – and you will do so more and more as you expand your New Age skills. But that communication in this lifetime will never again be physical. Nor will you find the need to rely on their wisdom more than your own.

It is perhaps difficult for you to read these words for the entity we are speaking of may have been the love of your life.

Your loved one has released you so you can move forward. In turn, they have released their earth body so they can move forward.

That is not to say you cannot mourn. Mourning is an emotion that is perhaps more colorful now than was true when it was a societal dictate. Cry for months if that feels right. Or go on with your life if that is correct for you. There are no rules for mourning or recovery. There is just you.

Your loved one left because it was time for him or her to do so. Nothing more or less. So be it. Amen.  If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe and blog page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by e-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Are You Crossing Your Joy Bridge?

Channeled for by Brenda Hoffman

Summary of Brenda’s April 9, 2012, 15-minute, free, channeled “Creation Energies” show at Maybe you’re berating yourself for not creating/manifesting fast enough or large enough. You’re learning – just as you learned to read. 

Title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for“Ease is Dropping into Your Creation Lap”

Dear Ones,

Manifestation is the piece of the New Age transition bridge we are outlining for you at this time.

Manifesting is a skill you wish to master, but often find that you are not able to create as you would like.

As was true in your first reading classes, you will not leave this manifestation classroom until you learn how to manifest..or decide not to. Do you remember how frightened you were as a child that you would be the only child who did not learn to read? Do you also remember how often that fear of failure repeated itself when you wanted to learn a new subject or job responsibility? So it is with your manifesting skills.

Manifestation is easier than you realize and will become more so daily. You ARE manifesting – just not at the pace and/or depth you would like.

Most likely, your recent manifestation moments did not register in your being – a friend you were thinking of called; you found a long-lost object; you discovered a better route to a familiar place; or you felt healthier or more joyful than expected. Because none of the aforementioned were life changing, you did not find them memorable. Yet each provided you with unexpected joy.

Others of you have discovered pieces you did not necessarily wish to explore – past memories, former friends and relatives negating your self-confidence, a job loss etc. Even though those pieces may not feel like joy, they too are part of your joy process.

Before you cross the bridge of joy, you must clear your fears. And so you are. Not when you wanted to clear them – for you never want to! But when you needed to and were strong enough to do so – now.

Hiding or ignoring your shadows is not part of the joy process – exploring and accepting them is. The shadows you recently uncovered are part of your path to joy.

Some of you Lightworkers have reviewed the shadows important to you in this lifetime. You are now starting to create your pieces of joy. Others of you are waiting to enter your creation/manifestation stage until you review your related shadows.

Please remember that you develop your lesson plans – we do not. But also know that your higher self would not punish you by exposing you to every shadow corner within your splinters of being – the splinters you are now adding to your human totality.

Your role on earth is as a beacon of light – a Lightworker – for those who wish to follow you into joy.

You cannot be a beacon if you continue to hide the shadow parts related to your transition. So you will find yourself exposing, expressing, accepting and clearing those pieces of your being affecting your Lightworker role.

Perhaps you maliciously killed another human in a former earth life. If you have forgiven yourself – in a previous journey on earth or in this lifetime – there would be no need for your higher self to have you address that fear. But if you have refused to explore the action that haunts you even though your higher self has tried to expose you to the feelings through dreams, friends, books or similar activities, you are preventing yourself from crossing your joy bridge.

All you have done, achieved and attempted are just lessons.

Both your religious institutions and society have placed values on how bad is bad – or good is good. Such values do not apply to your Lightworker role – unless you want them to. If you do, you will want to explore those actions related to good and bad before crossing your joy bridge.

One of our gifts is helping you explore those shadow pieces that deter you from moving across your joy bridge.

Those of you who have successfully explored your shadow pieces are moving across the bridge into creating/manifesting. But if you are manifesting, do not feel as if you are more spiritual than other Lightworkers.

Time is irrelevant in this transition in terms of learning your lessons. All is happening in the blink of an eye. Whatever your current lesson, you will move into your New Age transition role faster than you think possible.

Those manifesting – at any level – are beacons for those Lightworkers moving through their shadows.

Unlike past lives on earth or even the decades before this New Age, moving through your shadows is not a life-long process – you only need as much time as you wish.

Perhaps you wish to stop at this point in your current life on earth. That is fine. You have completed your Lightworker role in this lifetime – introducing the New Age. Others of you wish to move through your shadows quickly so you can manifest. That is also fine – and not only possible, but a promise from us and your higher self that such will occur. Then there are those of you who have looked at your shadows diligently for months or years and are in the manifestation stage – learning to read your first books.

All is right with your world and your life. You are not a slow learner. You are not being held back for some sort of Universal punishment. You are not a bad person.

You are a Lightworker who is creating your life plan daily with the help of your higher self, new splinters and DNA. Allow yourself to accept that. And then allow yourself to accept our heartfelt service to you during this transition.

How can we best help you?

If you and your higher self need to explore your shadows, how can we expedite that for you without “short circuiting” your physical being? If you are learning your manifesting alphabet, how can we expedite that process? If you are manifesting, how can we help you create bigger and better dreams?

We are your genie in a bottle, but you are the bottle. Allow us to help you – that is, after you allow yourself to believe that you are a creation/manifestation god. You are the creator you have waited for.

Your New Age tool kit includes many skills. But you are not now learning other skills, you are in the midst of your creation/manifestation lessons.

Know that you are a star, a Lightworker, a beacon – whatever manifestation segment you now wish to explore. So be it. Amen.    If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe and blog page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by e-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Manifesting is no Longer “Work”

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Special Event – Sunday March 25:

  • Brenda is channeling about the topic “Are You Feeling it Yet?” 3 pm Sunday March 25 – a break-out session of the three-day Greenville Festival of Healing and Spiritual Awareness. A Festival pass – which includes break-out sessions – is $15. For more information, call 864-233-3033.

Summary of Brenda’s March 18, 2012, 15-minute, free, channeled “Creation Energies” show on Because of this week’s earth shift, fearful issues will feel of the Old Age allowing you to create a more joyful life. 

Title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, channeled, weekly blog at ”You Won’t Understand the New Earth Using Yesterday’s Spirituality”

Dear Ones,

Does life not seem a bit lazy and easy? So it is that this week’s energy shift is encouraging you to transition from outer-directed to inner-directed manifestation or creation.

It is as if a peaceful, gentle, easy-going net has dropped over the earth. That which seemed difficult and fearful just a few hours ago no longer seems that important. You are beginning to allow yourself to feel as if all will be easily completed when appropriate.

You are not lazy or irrational. The earth shift this week is encouraging you to be more in tune with the earth and yourself.

Some of you have memories of vacations in which nothing other than catching a nap or reading a good book seemed important. Such is what is happening on earth this week.

For eons, you have created time frames, goals and agendas. All appropriate behavior in an outer-directed society. For indeed, you had to produce some sort of measuring tool to describe to those who anticipated the end-product or participated in the project. You would have not informed other participants that you were building a cathedral somewhere, some time soon, but were not that concerned about how, when, why or where.

Even thought the flexibility to manifest without others has always been available, inner-directed manifestation not appropriate in the Old Age / outer-directed age. You needed to buy land, discuss the project with government officials, find funding and create a blueprint. Without those actions, it was highly unlikely others would have participated in your cathedral dream.

Such is no longer the case. Of course, many of you are reading these words in disbelief. How is it possible to conjure up a cathedral without the help of others?

This difficult outer-directed creation process has been used for eons. Very little could be achieved or even anticipated without the support – financial, physical or emotional – of others.

This week’s energy shifts your perspective from requiring others to participate in your dream, to manifesting within yourself.

As of this week, others are not necessary in your creation process. Even though you may continue to feel for some time that others should be included, you are now creating with those who wish to participate with you.

You no longer need to require or cajole others to help you with your vision. Those who wish to join your creative visions will find you. You can relax in your hammock and create what you wish.

You are of the New Age. You are now creating communities of like-minded people and entities. Not everyone will agree with your philosophies in your new communities, but all will agree to disagree in a similar and loving fashion. Some of you enjoy feisty back and forth negotiations. Others prefer peace and quiet. There is no right nor wrong – merely what is correct for you.

As of this week, your Old Age creation methods no longer apply.

Most of you have had some success using the Old Age manifestation system. Perhaps you generated a thought, then created an artistic piece, visualized, chanted mantras or cleansed yourself. All of which were important elements when you needed to bring others into your creation process.

New Age creation – greatly reinforced with this week’s energy shift – is drawing those people to you who harmonize or vibrate to your creation. You are not pulling or pushing other entities, you are accepting them.

You no longer need to “work” at creation, you merely need to be.

Perhaps this thought is difficult for you to accept for you have trained yourself for eons to generate action plans for your creations.

Think of it as a day in which you are feeling stressed and dreaming of a vacation you cannot afford. Someone walks into your office and offers you a free ticket to the very place you were dreaming of. Think of it as the difference between relaxing in a hammock thinking lovely thoughts, versus setting up action plans and trying to find other interested enough to help you create your dreams.

The New Age is about less not more. Less forcing and more enjoyment of the process and results. Some of you may feel that creating in such a fashion removes the joy of the journey. Your journey has shifted – not been deleted. You continue to move from dream to reality – just in an easier way.

Perhaps you are one of those people who wishes to travel the earth’s oceans in a canoe. Such a journey is possible – with much support from others we might add – but no longer necessary. For you have other forms of transportation that allow you to cross the oceans in hours. Did the airplane change your journey? Yes. But not the joy you have viewing the works of art created hundreds of years ago or visiting the beaches of the world.

Your dreams remain. How you achieve those dreams is shifting this week.

Continue to “work” at you dreams if you want. That is your choice. We merely wish you to know that the word “work” is no longer required in your creation/manifestation process.

Some of you are concerned that the “hammock” method of creation will create chaos in your world. Such a thought is no more true than crossing oceans in airplanes created chaos. Accept this new manifestation process as a joy that allows you to create what you want when you wish on earth.

Sailors on the boats of early explorers, such as Christopher Columbus, did not have the freedom to change their destination once they set sail. Today, you have the freedom to fly to countless destinations and to change those destinations when you wish. Chaos or freedom?

And so it will be for your creations/manifestations. So be it. Amen.

Special Event – April 1, 2012:

  • April 1, Brenda is the A Class Act Sunday Circle speaker/channeler. Sunday Circle presentations are at 11 am at A Class Act in Greenville, SC. Call Jan Posey at 864-233-3033 for more information.    If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs as they are posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe and blog page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by e-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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You Are the Universe – Not a Child of the Universe

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Special Event: Brenda will be the featured guest on Mike Quinsey’s “Connecting the Light” radio show at Friday, December 2nd at 2 pm Pacific Standard Time / 5 pm Eastern Standard Time

Summary of this week’s free, 15-minute, “Creation Energies Channeled by Brenda Hoffman,” show: You have broken out of your shell with the help of the October 28th energy shift and you are traveling to new inner worlds. Unlike the Old Age explorers, you will not discover new physical lands, but new inner worlds.

Title of the November 1, free, channeled, “Brenda’s Blog” at “October 28th Opened Your Portal of Manifestation”

Dear Ones,

This week will be more dramatic than the past two weeks. And each ensuing week will increase the drama. Let us explain.

You are evolving internally at an amazing pace – far outstripping any measurement you created before your current life on earth. Each major energy burst increases your inner skills and physical development exponentially – rather than one energy burst added to another.

Again, not everyone is feeling the shifts. Perhaps they do not wish to be part of the wayshowers path or it is not time for them to “wake up” to their role. It does not matter for we are speaking to those of you who know that something is happening to you and therefore, your community, country and earth. And as the earth shifts, so do the planets, suns, moons and whatever entities are involved throughout the cosmos. This indeed is a major shift.

But let us return to your world, your being. Just as your shift is changing your community of family and friends, so too does the shift of each of your cells, shift your being. It is a very neat package of micro to macro shifts that extend far beyond anything you can yet envision.

Your inner being is shifting physically, including adding strands of DNA, as you pass the markers that indicate your physical being is strong enough to handle the shift. Some of you cannot wait and are asking for upgrades daily. Physically, this is not possible for any of you. You are contained within a physical skeleton or shell that limits the scope and depth of your growth. Hence, the energy bursts.

As enough of you reach the plateau of physical evolution, another energy burst occurs. Please note that we did not state, “As all of you reach the plateau of your physical evolution,” but rather, “as enough of you.” Which is little different from offering an advanced math program in any high school. Not everyone wants to be in the advanced math program, nor does everyone have the math skills to be in that program. Yet, the students in the advanced math program and those who are not, interact fully in other classes and venues. So it shall be for you.

You are not going to be isolated from society. You are going to strengthen and advance your society within the framework you select. Let us explain. Perhaps as a result of being very good in math, you become an engineer. And as an engineer, you create a tool that changes the world for those who need that tool. At the same time, you go to work, have friends in the community and create the world that fits your artistic, emotional and intellectual needs.

So to will it be for those of you who are in the new earth advanced class. You will continue to be part of your community – but the gifts you return to your community and world will help shift the cosmos.

Perhaps you are wondering about the new earth. Is it a physical, spiritual, intellectual or emotional realm? It is all and it is none. For you do not yet have the words to describe what the new earth truly is. Just as those before the automobile was invented, did not necessarily have the words to describe the attributes of an automobile – and thus could not envision an automobile as a common form of transportation.

You are changing the cosmos one cell at a time – but much more rapidly than you know.

So let us return to the October 28th energy burst, the 11/11/11 energy burst and the ensuing bursts that will happen much more frequently than was true even six months ago. You are changing internally and externally. For as your DNA and other parts of your being shift, you interact with others differently and you have new unique skills – key of which is manifestation.

Is manifestation not a skill you have long dreamed of?

Many of you have tapped into manifestation before, but you have done so over a longer time period than is true for you now and in the future.  Some of you dream of a world of peace and harmony. Some of you wish to create a new automobile or suit of clothing. It does not matter what you wish to create. Just know that as you send out your manifestation thoughts, they are linked to the thoughts in the cosmos, to the thoughts of others with similar wishes on earth and to your spirit guides.

But the “middle man” has disappeared. Prior to your wish to explore and expand your inner being, before the New Age, your manifestation process was managed by and moved through your higher being. Even though that remains true in some instances, for the most part, you are creating from your earth being including the new  slivers of you that you have gathered about you. As you become stronger, and therefore more whole in terms of the per cent of the totality of you on earth, your manifestation skills will increase.

And so it is for those of you who have selected the role of wayshower/lightworker/scout master. Apt analogies would be that you have reached an age in which your parents no longer review the attributes of your friends before you spend time with those friends. Or that you select your mate, not your parents.

Many of you view God or your higher self as a parent. Now that you have matured spiritually and physically, it is time for you to create your own world, in your own god-like way. You are no longer a child of the Universe. You are the Universe. So be it. Amen.   If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs as they are posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe to blog page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.


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