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Enough of Your “Airy-fairy” Thoughts and Fears

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Enough of the “airy-fairy” ¬†or “woo woo” thoughts that most of you have used to describe the New Age shifts. We wish to be extremely direct for we no longer need to be concerned about frightening you. Those of you reading these materials have accepted and now expect the New Age.

Perhaps you have experienced puberty, a pregnancy or menopause. Even though there are  indicators for those transitions, each of you experienced those body shifts in a unique fashion. All of you women did not grow breasts on the same day or at the same rate. Just as the voices of all men did not shift on the same day or even the same year. Some of you women found you could barely function during menopause. Others of you flew through it with a minimum of discomfort. Yet, each of those anticipated life phases generated written materials about how bad a particular transition could and probably would be.

Such is the case for this New Age transition. Some of you will feel and behave in a fashion that is almost counterproductive – yet the shift will occur for you and those around you. Others of you will move through this transition without the drama that is announced daily in various New Age, new earth postings – including ours.

Women had babies before the written word. Menopause has always been a fact of life on earth. Yet until this generation, few people openly discussed either issue. Do you remember your Grandmother taking a few months or years to move through menopause…did she even mention it? The same with pregnancy – even though in the past many more women died in childbirth than is true today. Pregnancy just was and needed to be to perpetuate the human species. And so it is with this transition.

This New Age transition has been put in motion. No one can stop it. Nor can anyone delineate how this transition will affect you or those you love. Let us be more specific. Humankind has inhabited the earth for eons, yet there is not one person who expects their pregnancy, their puberty shifts, their menopause to be exactly the same as their relatives or friends. You easily accept that concept. Yet now that the consciousness of earth is shifting, you fully expect to be given a manual of how it will affect you. There is not such a manual and there never will be.

What we and others channel is merely the parameters of possibilities…there are no givens. We would not even channel these pieces of information if we felt you could move through this transition without fear. Future generations will accept what you are moving into as life. You baby boomers are the only generation born into one set of earth realities and willing to move into another. Of course, you can do it. Of course, you are capable. But just as was true when you first starting menstruating, the reality is a bit frightening.

We are your directors and cheerleaders. You will be fine. You will easily adapt – you are baby boomers after all!

So put aside your concerns and worries. The New Age is happening around you and through you. That fact cannot be altered. So enjoy this ride – a ride no one has ever attempted.

The New Age is happening whether you approach it in fear or wonderment.

If you wish, document your journey – it will make exciting reading for future generations – much like you read with wonderment the bravery of past generations during wars and the exploration of the earth.

Your fear will not change the outcome, nor will it help you adapt to the new you. Let go. The New Age is happening and you are instrumental in that shift. Did you try to stop puberty or did you accept it as part of life on earth? So shall it be now.

Remember how you felt and acted five years ago – compare that to your thoughts of today. You will realize, that just as was true during your transition into adulthood in this lifetime, you may think or act a bit differently, but you are still you. And so it is and so it shall be. So be it. Amen.

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